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  1. AMModels

    End of an era....BBC QT

    I cant watch QT because of the insane prominence they give to right wing commentators. It doesnt help that the lady booking guests/audience has sympathy with the far right and allows it to colour her job.
  2. AMModels

    Canal genealogy help

    Thanks Jeanette, youre a star.
  3. AMModels

    Canal genealogy help

    Hi Jeannie hope you are well, thats the chap, the last wife is Mira Barnes. I wondered if there were any earlier records of him or his parents contained in any other trees you may have?
  4. AMModels

    M.B. Aries

    Do you mind if I share in a local group? Might get an exact location although I think its at Catshill jnctn which is in the background of one of the pics.
  5. AMModels

    Canal genealogy help

    Thanks CP, yes I have the Bates side back to Barlows, finding a boatman on my nans side was a surprise. Granddad worked for Essy for a while, playing on the family name I believe but my nans side was always a bit of a mystery and then to find this link as well...
  6. AMModels

    Canal genealogy help

    Hoping Jeannie sees this one, a Richard Porter, b Basingstoke 1796 d. Weston 1878 listed on a couple of census at Wharves as a boatman, hes my gt gt gt grandfather, different line to the known boatmen in my family. Was his family off the boats or the bank, struggling to find his early years. The other line has raised a query too, James Bates and Susannah along with their kids are recorded in 1891 on two boats at Rounds Wharf Tividale one being Vulcan the other is not clearly legible but looks similar to Linda maybe, wondering who Vulcan was owned by and if there are any records that show it working together with another boat regularly, a long long shot I know but worth asking. Here is the entry or at least the interesting part for me.
  7. AMModels

    M.B. Aries

    Some great images there Grawar, are the first set other than the lock taken around Brownhills on the W&E?
  8. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    Do they load the steel in the coffins? Nothing fires the blood like a road full of wagons with coils in the well and a warehouse already full to the rafters Was standing in Cardiff station a few weeks ago and a train from Llanwern ran through the station with a load of coil, in the olden days much of it headed to Round Oak rail head and the gravel voiced Olwyn.
  9. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    I supplied roughly 100k tonnes of steel pa while working in a stockholders and analysed samples from possibly 25k tk a year using various instruments inc gas spectrometer and both hardness and tensile strength machines. European Steel > UK Steel > other steels based on my experience on a price point basis. This could have changed over the years for the very reasons Cap P says, regs change over time but opinions are formed and as boat buyers tend to be a bit older they may have been formed when the above tests were performed.
  10. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    I would be happy with Dutch too
  11. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    details details, Im a big picture kinda guy.
  12. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    Follow the submarine around and pick up the ones that fall off, save yourself £3k a time
  13. AMModels

    Steel quality and origin

    BS did roll 10mm steel, Corby for one produced lots of it....it wasnt very good but it was definitely, nominally, 10mm. What surprises me about boat builders is they dont use pickled steel, no scale ready to take paint straight from the off, easier to clean should corrosion occur in the building phase.
  14. OK I cant be alone in wanting Monday to come around for the update on this. If we are not told what it is who buried it and why, as well as if you manage to find it, I will be very disappointed.
  15. AMModels

    Narrow Boat plans

    I received the same reply a few years ago when I asked if I could use photos from the archive on my website, he offered the hi res copies free but I explained I would rather use low res and steer people towards the archive should they want hi res copies of any photograph. Have to say it is a very good service to offer them free, even if they cant be sure of the copyright protection,they could just say no hi res copies available for the same reason.

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