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  1. Two obvious ones I can think of Pratts Bridge and one on the Anglesey branch...Middleton iirc.
  2. AMModels

    Laurence Hogg

    Im stunned, I was only thinking a few days ago he'd been quiet and not replied to some messages which was most unlike him. A very strong character he never failed to respond to any query or error he spotted, he was someone whose love and intense knowledge of the canals and the BCN in particular will be sorely missed. Absolutely shocked.
  3. AMModels

    wyrley essington

    If you think about it when built it was probably round a wooden former similar to how they built brick bridges and it was moved along as the culvert was built from one end, replacing a bit in the middle would be impossible using the same method.
  4. AMModels

    wyrley essington

    Great pics again, speaking to some engineers who work on this kind of thing they dont think the replacement will be as easy as just slotting a section of pipe in or redoing the brickwork. Bricking it back up just isnt how they do it these days so it is more likely to be a concrete pipe put in its place but its marrying up the two without creating problems down the line. Theyre interested to see how far back they will excavate in total before they start the actual repair as it were.
  5. AMModels

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    Agreed the suth may be more sith and the combination sith-tay is pronounced in a way that comes only from much practice, theres no real comparable sound in English almost Silthtay but not quite. As cuthound says a lot depends on where the welsh speaker comes from, local mutations in the welsh language exist the same as accents do, someone from one town could tell someone from a nearby town quite easily but someone from further away would think they both had the same accent.
  6. AMModels

    Old Batteries for an Old Boat?

    As a kid I remember the side yard of my nan and grandads garden being full of batteries, about 3ft long by a foot wide black and very heavy, they were always covered with a tarp. Would these be old lorry batteries? There were probably ten or so of them I think they came off Vulcan when she was on dock and never went back on when sold.
  7. AMModels

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Thats nothing, theres an 'oss down there with 8ft legs
  8. AMModels

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    There was talk about 'tides' on the W&E but with boats running the other way empty Im not sure how much of it was apocryphal.
  9. AMModels

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    Ponty Cillit bang and the waters gone?
  10. AMModels

    wyrley essington

    I reckon Basin junction is new CRT speak for Bentley Canal stub
  11. AMModels

    wyrley essington

    Arse and elbow, leaving the advice that the canal through to Walsall is open via wednesfield while also closing wednesfield. We need boaters in CRT who know what it actually means when you close a canal or bridge. Got some questions in with local CRT to see if we are right in our thinking.
  12. AMModels

    wyrley essington

    Does that mean the canal is now closed from Wednesfield? Thats a bigger closure and cuts off the Walsall canal from the north.
  13. AMModels

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Updated blog with more photos from locals. https://oldnblist.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/once-more-unto-the-breach/
  14. Canal has breached at Maghull on the stretch between Stanley Dock and Burscough, no locks so lots of water has been lost and sandbags being dumped in to try and ebb the flow https://oldnblist.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/once-more-unto-the-breach/

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