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  1. 073.1165.8669 Hi Robin, Thanks for your message. I have been touring for the past 6 months and am booked in to moor up for the winter at Whilton Marina, near Daventry. I will stay there on my boat until the beginning of April next year. If you would like to contact me for a chat my WhatsApp is 073.1165.8669. Possibly I might hear from you? Neil.
  2. Thanks Doratheexplorer for forwarding my hello again to a relevant location.
  3. ?️‍? Firstly, sorry for disappearing but I lost all my login information and I have also been busy on Twitter. My Twitter ID is @Neil_Huami so if anyone would like to say hello again it would be great to hear from you. I also plan on posting and chatting again on here very soon. At the moment I am still in Whilton Marina (Northamptonshire) but will be setting out again (hopefully!) on 1st April. I still have my offer open if anyone would like to join me on my travels (just get in touch). I hope that everyone is in good health and not going crazy from being so isolated?
  4. Yes, definitely me! (moored next to my traveling companions "Slow-n-Easy"). I remember saying hello to the guyz from Foxes Afloat from my mooring about 80cm from the tow path as there was quite a substantial concrete ledge under the water. I love their video's, their humor and their their content is always very informative.
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry I disappeared for a while but I have been out cruising. Since departing 29th May I have been to York, Torksey Lock, Lincoln, Ripon, Selby, Newark on Trent, Cowley, Shireoaks, Doncaster, Long Eaton, Nottingham, etc. etc. At the moment I am alone as my traveling companions have gone back home for a few weeks and won't be returning to their boat until the end of August, so I am moored up after moving the boat from the entrance to the Erewash canal to Sawley Marina. Only a few days ago I had 6 new batteries fitted by Malone Electrical who also installed new solar panels for my traveling companions. It certainly was the good answer to my "lack of storage space" and everything is now running 100%. The controller is also fitted with an equalizer to assure that all six batteries get an equal full charge every so often. Kindest regards to everyone who advised me. Have a lovely day, Neil
  6. Thanks for the thumbs up .... I look forward to his reply as I am so close to his location.
  7. On the Erewash now and have sent you a private message. Thanks for replying Neil
  8. I'm thanking everyone for their contributions but I'm now even more confused than I was before I posted my question. The solution... , I have decided to get the professionals in (a marine electrician). I will keep everyone informed how things turn out ... Thanks Neil
  9. Hi WotEver, I read your reply with interest and also discussed it with a friend who seems to know a lot more than me (I'm not the most technical person!). You gave me lots to think about and I am very pleased that you took the time to explain to me. Whatever the outcome, I have decided to buy 5 new batteries as I think this will certainly help, and as a friend explained to me if you have a lot of clothes then you should invest in some good storage. Thanks again for your very comprehensive explanation. Have a great day Neil
  10. Hi Blackrose, An interesting thought. I have someone advising me at the moment and he also mentioned that if he switched it off for a short while it may reset it'self. Thanks for the suggestion Neil
  11. Hi Brian .... From what you say "Your batteries have gone into float before they are charged" then should I get in touch with an electrician or the guy that installed the solar? Thanks for your comments Neil
  12. Hi Dave, Very interesting reading and philosophy. I will certainly take everything on board of your knowledge. I love this site as it has many views and opinions from many people with different levels of knowledge. Thanks for your reply Have a nice day Neil
  13. Hi Kevin, I just checked out that website and it looks very interesting. Thanks for the link Have a lovely day Neil
  14. Hi Rob, Thanks for the reaction. I just took a photo and I seem to have two of these:- Thanks again Neil Hi, and thanks for your reply (amazing that I was on the right track!). Winters I am planning to return to Whilton Marina and will use shoreline most of the time. Thanks, Neil
  15. Hi Everyone, This is a question from someone who is not the most technical person around so if anyone can give me some basics (keep it simple please!) it would be great to hear from you. On a decent weather day my Solar (2 x 175 watt) will show it has filled the batteries by about 2pm. I have 2 x 12-volt leisure batteries. My thinking is that if I ditch these two batteries and buy 5 new 12-volt batteries (I have been told I have space for 5) then the solar (or my engine) can keep working, pumping in power until they are all full, giving me far more reserve storage. Am I thinking this right? (Or not understanding this good?). I have a Victron Inverter (Phoenix Multiplus 12-volt 1600 Va – 70 Amp, and a Smart Solar App that I took these screen shots from. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks, Neil
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