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  1. I know very strange I think it’s ten now But thanks thanks for passing on message
  2. Thanks I’d kind of thought similar , but what about poll tax water rates utility
  3. Thanks buddy appreciate any advice
  4. If anyone reading this could pass a message on for me to Huami. Telling him I can’t messsge at present as new I would be most grateful. thanks
  5. Guys if you see me walking along the canal between locks 69 malkins bank and moston walking my doberman please say hi
  6. Would it be better then if living moorings in a flood area to live on a river barge rather than a canal boat
  7. Hi guys I’m very curious how easy is it to live on board and what kind of costs are hidden that anybody should be aware of ?
  8. Hi buddy I can’t direct message you as I’m a new member so please message me. I look forward to hearing from you
  9. Hi if your ever Cheshire way I’d love to join you in your narrow boat. , if your between malkins bank and mostram let me know.
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