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  1. Yes, definitely me! (moored next to my traveling companions "Slow-n-Easy"). I remember saying hello to the guyz from Foxes Afloat from my mooring about 80cm from the tow path as there was quite a substantial concrete ledge under the water. I love their video's, their humor and their their content is always very informative.
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry I disappeared for a while but I have been out cruising. Since departing 29th May I have been to York, Torksey Lock, Lincoln, Ripon, Selby, Newark on Trent, Cowley, Shireoaks, Doncaster, Long Eaton, Nottingham, etc. etc. At the moment I am alone as my traveling companions have gone back home for a few weeks and won't be returning to their boat until the end of August, so I am moored up after moving the boat from the entrance to the Erewash canal to Sawley Marina. Only a few days ago I had 6 new batteries fitted by Malone Electrical who also installed new solar panels
  3. Thanks for the thumbs up .... I look forward to his reply as I am so close to his location.
  4. On the Erewash now and have sent you a private message. Thanks for replying Neil
  5. I'm thanking everyone for their contributions but I'm now even more confused than I was before I posted my question. The solution... , I have decided to get the professionals in (a marine electrician). I will keep everyone informed how things turn out ... Thanks Neil
  6. Hi WotEver, I read your reply with interest and also discussed it with a friend who seems to know a lot more than me (I'm not the most technical person!). You gave me lots to think about and I am very pleased that you took the time to explain to me. Whatever the outcome, I have decided to buy 5 new batteries as I think this will certainly help, and as a friend explained to me if you have a lot of clothes then you should invest in some good storage. Thanks again for your very comprehensive explanation. Have a great day Neil
  7. Hi Blackrose, An interesting thought. I have someone advising me at the moment and he also mentioned that if he switched it off for a short while it may reset it'self. Thanks for the suggestion Neil
  8. Hi Brian .... From what you say "Your batteries have gone into float before they are charged" then should I get in touch with an electrician or the guy that installed the solar? Thanks for your comments Neil
  9. Hi Dave, Very interesting reading and philosophy. I will certainly take everything on board of your knowledge. I love this site as it has many views and opinions from many people with different levels of knowledge. Thanks for your reply Have a nice day Neil
  10. Hi Kevin, I just checked out that website and it looks very interesting. Thanks for the link Have a lovely day Neil
  11. Hi Rob, Thanks for the reaction. I just took a photo and I seem to have two of these:- Thanks again Neil Hi, and thanks for your reply (amazing that I was on the right track!). Winters I am planning to return to Whilton Marina and will use shoreline most of the time. Thanks, Neil
  12. Hi Everyone, This is a question from someone who is not the most technical person around so if anyone can give me some basics (keep it simple please!) it would be great to hear from you. On a decent weather day my Solar (2 x 175 watt) will show it has filled the batteries by about 2pm. I have 2 x 12-volt leisure batteries. My thinking is that if I ditch these two batteries and buy 5 new 12-volt batteries (I have been told I have space for 5) then the solar (or my engine) can keep working, pumping in power until they are all full, giving me far more reserve storage. A
  13. I just changed my Profile Name from Gayzingalone to huami (Who am I?) the name of my boat.

    Thanks to all the followers who followed me as Gayzingalone and I look forward to hearing from you in the future as huami.


    Still Gay! - Still Cruising! - Still Alone! - Just a new Profile name.


    Love to hear from you,


  14. Retired Gay Guy with 45ft narrow boat seeks male companion to help on short and longer trips. Experience is not necessary, just a helping hand at the locks etc. You have your own sleeping quarters on board and there would be all facilities (WiFi, shower, good food and no costs). Possibly nice for someone who would like to try Narrowboat life before taking the plunge themselves? Or just as a "No Cost" holiday in these financially tight times? Contact me if you would like more details: Neil
  15. WoW! That would be great. So you live in an beautiful location on the canal. I look forward to hearing you shout hello Neil ... Have a lovely day Neil
  16. Thanks Haggis, As I always say "I'm learning as I go along" and I didn't know that (but I do now). As for "damage to your paintwork" .. Ohh I manage that without any help! Anyway, thanks for your constructive comments and I wish you a lovely day. Neil
  17. Hi Doratheeexplorer, WoW! Nice to see you again. Possibly it was a short break in the rain that my traveling companion in the other boat manged to take a quick photo. One thing I did need to leave down was my new Parasol or I might have taken to flight! Have a lovely day Neil
  18. Hi Restlessnomad, Nice to see you again and I'm sure you must also be looking forward to the future after our confinement. Your profile name comes across as someone who just likes to move at your pace and possibly without any specific destination (?) After buying the boat at least I had plenty of time to do all the things I wanted to do before setting off. Have a great day, Neil This photo was taken in the middle of a torrential rain storm on the Trent.
  19. Hi Jen, Your profile picture reminds me of my hair when I look in the mirror. 21 weeks since I had a haircut (but think of the money I have saved!). 34 locks were quite an initiation and then to realize that you have to turn around and do it all again! It certainly is a beautiful stretch of canal and I'm sure once a few boats start moving again the weed problem will get better. Have a great day, Neil
  20. Hi Kevin, Lovely to read your reply and Yes, Yorkshire … where I was born hundreds of years ago in Scarborough. Unfortunately, they haven’t dug a canal to Scarborough yet but who knows? I thought it funny when you said “At the moment there is a problem with Selby lock having silted up, so you might not get out to York” … Hey, I have just swam through millions of litres of slimy green “Ambrosia Creamed Rice pudding” here in the Chesterfield canal. Four times cleaning the propeller in the weed hatch and lots of reverse thrust blow backs to be able to proceed another few meters. It’s am
  21. Hi Rob, You see what I mean! ... People just say "Hi Neil" ... It's amazing! I don't know how they know it's me! I hope you are well and having a great day now that we have been allowed out again.
  22. Hi everyone (again!), It’s me, Neil (the Gay guy!) who registered on here as “Gayzingalone” and then disappeared a while back. The basic reason for my disappearance was a combination of losing my mobile (Yes, of course in the canal!), and the “Lock down” that prevented me trying to get everything sorted. Even little things like getting a replacement SIM card was a case of “Press 1 for this and 2 for that etc, etc. and eventually being disconnected and asked to call back later, and later, and later. After one journey before lock down to the “Narrowboat Pub” at Weedon I returned to Whilton
  23. Well .... Tom from Malone Electrical Solar Services contacted me, we agreed on a fantastic system and it is already installed and working. I am so pleased with everything, the workmanship, the neatness of the installation, the price and (already with very little sun) the rendament. I decided on 2 x 275 watt Polycrystalline panels which should help with my energy needs for me alone. I also mentioned I was looking for a new mobile and a couple of members advised looking at the Samsung A90. Anyway I mentioned this to my boyfriend and he has bought one for me. I haven't got it yet but I will s
  24. Hi everyone. Someone mentioned that I may have disappeared so I apologize for my silence but I'm still here and have been quite busy with many things. I have even managed to register for NHS and a doctor (always handy!). Tomorrow I am having solar fitted on my boat by Tom Malone with thanks for the recommendation to a valued member on here "Dyertribe". I have also been painting (half of the boat) but will have to wait for the other side until I turn the boat around. I also ordered and received a great vinyl letters boat sign with my new name "huami" (lower case lettering) from "Funkymon
  25. Is it possible for someone from admin to move my post to my postings as I seem to have hijacked someone else's post (Sorry!)
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