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  1. Eggs aren't really a vital ingredient in bread making.
  2. A lot of warehouses. They have a link with Morrisons and also stock a lot of Booths products.
  3. suppliers? https://primenow.amazon.co.uk/onboard?forceOnboard=1&sourceUrl=%2Fhome
  4. I know of two people who have died now. Not personally but family of friends.
  5. Food, but from Amazon. I'm a Prime member and I'm in a city which means I can use their Prime Now service. You can only order for the same day or next day and slots appear throughout the day. I make up a virtual basket and then keep looking. Within a couple of hours or so, a slot comes up and I grab it. Last night at 8.30pm I got a slot for the same evening between 10.00pm and midnight. I'm an early bird so was relieved when it arrived at 10.30pm. The choice is a bit limited, and I stupidly ordered tinned potatoes instead of fresh and didn't realise until they'd come. Hence popping out today to buy fresh potatoes.
  6. Our so-called lockdown is nowhere near enough. Many people are treating this as some kind of holiday, and all the police might do is disperse them? It doesn't help that our police service has been so downsized. I can't understand why we can't have a visible armed forced presence either. We are nowhere near the peak of this, and we won't even start to flatten the curve until we take a much clearer and firmer line. The scenes in snowdonia etc last weekend should have proved to the government just how damned stupid our species can be. Hopefully something will be done very soon, or will we have to wait until thousands a day are dying before people wake up?
  7. They're everywhere. Either that or they're just following me.
  8. I think my mistake was to go to a little independant grocery shop. I only needed potatoes and onions. The staff were as bad as the customers. They didn't even take a card so I had to use cash. Luckily I had the right money. I wouldn't have taken change from there. When I arrived there was a group of youngish guys in there and no space for anyone to distance. The guy at the counter had those blue disposable gloves on which I assume made him feel invincible. People are just morons, they don't have the first clue how disease is spread and the politicians need to wake up to just how ill-informed many people are. They're assuming that people just instinctively understand that basics. But then Boris was wandering round hospitals shaking hands with coronavirus patients less than 3 weeks ago and less then week ago he was holding press conferences in packed rooms, so he'll probably have infected hundreds by now, including the CMO and the deputy CMO. This is going to to get a lot lot worse. People simply aren't grasping it at all.
  9. A lot of people could do with being a lot more scared. I just ventured to a shop for the first time in a week. I opted for the nearest grocery shop and was genuinely horrified at what I saw. No wonder cases are rocketing. Makes me not want to go outside at all any more.
  10. Haven't been near a shop for a week. Had 3 deliveries in that time. I could do with going out to a shop though, just to feel normal. I was thinking of popping in to a little co-op nearby but not sure when it will be quietest. Late or early?
  11. local butchers are typically cheaper than supermarkets and the quality is far better. There must be millions of people out there who have no idea of what chicken is supposed to taste like.
  12. So you're saying this is pretty much perfect timing then?
  13. Contagion is a well made and researched film. For a Hollywood film, the accuracy of how it deals with an outbreak of a novel virus outbreak is excellent. it's genuinely scary. Outbreak on the other hand is daft, throwaway trash. Fairly entertaining though, if silly. I've been checking for weeks.
  14. It hasn't been included in Prime. It's only on as a rent or buy.
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