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  1. Frozen Yorkies? No wonder you can't tell the difference between proper chips and air fried chips! Bunch of savages on here!
  2. Are you quite sure it's not knackered batteries. What's the voltage at the batteries when the compressor kicks in? I bow to your superior knowledge of such things.
  3. The flavour of proper chips mainly comes from the fat! Do you have any taste buds?
  4. I don't think you can get solar powered dildos.
  5. My ideal fridge would be a full size undercounter, with an efficient compressor for 12v and the ability to run on gas. Does anyone make such a thing?
  6. Not my experience at all. I had a motorhome with a 3 way electrolux fridge, running off little 3.9kg calor bottles. In hot weather on a week's holiday I had the fridge running pretty much 24/7. It used well under half a bottle in the whole week as I remember. I suspect the one in your camper is faulty.
  7. I'm relatively new to this forum. I joined after Tony was kicked off. Even to me it was obvious, and evidently to her too. Looking at some old threads, the impression is get is that they frequently clashed over tide times etc on the Trent, and more often than not, Tony's far greater experience gave the far more convincing argument. I bought an air fryer. Made chips in it. They were so poor that I wouldn't even call them chips. They come out sort of like sticks of boiled potato with a hardened outer. Sent it back. Well done anything who can put up with that for health reasons. I'd rather have less chips.
  8. Oh yes, very possible. All kinds of things are possible.
  9. If I could give 10 greenies for that, I would. You put it so well!
  10. If what you say is true then she will have heard of it. It's in common usage. When talking with customers/clients/people at work, I don't expect to have to explain what I mean by webinar. Obviously, I had to explain it on here, but CWDF is a special case!
  11. Shame. It usually worked on the IT Crowd too.
  12. Except you pretty much have: "All their training and meetings are on line (as is all her work) so if anybody has heard of the term she will have." I'm now waiting with baited breath for your daughter's approval as to whether I'm just delusional or not. I'm not sure why your daughter is the arbiter of such things, but our is not to reason why.
  13. From wikipedia; "The term "webinar" is a portmanteau of web and seminar, meaning a presentation, lecture, or workshop that is transmitted over the web. The coined term has been attacked for improper construction,[2] since "inar" is not a valid root. Webinar was included on the Lake Superior University 2008 List of Banished Words,[3] but was included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary that same year.[4]"
  14. It came in about 10 years ago I think. It's a useful term for the reasons given. If it weren't useful we wouldn't have the word 'seminar' either. Prior to this, people would turn up expecting a meeting, get something quite different and get cross...
  15. It's easy to tell on this thread, who's of working age and who's not... How about shirt, tie + pyjama bottoms and virtual background. That'll trick em! You really don't want to know what I'm wearing from the waist down when I'm on Zoom/Teams meetings!
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