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  1. Thanks everyone. The forum provides!
  2. Thanks. I didn’t think so either. How about at Etruria?
  3. Quick question. Is there a water point at Westport Lake?
  4. So actually, this is a very rare occurrence for you. So does it bother you then? Sounds like we cruise a similar distance during the year.
  5. I'm not that interested in the genny running after hours. It happens. They turned it off when asked. The problem to me is their attitude. Swearing at another boater who's made a request just isn't on. Of course we only have one side of the story so far. Maybe there was provocation on both sides?
  6. I can't help think that you seem to get shouted at a lot? I have been asked (not shouted) to slow down, but it's incredibly rare. Maybe once in the last 5 years. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. If you hate the Shroppie so much, I have to wonder why you're on it?? I'll be coming down the Shroppie in a few weeks and I'm very much looking forward to spending miles on tickover. So peaceful and a real chance to take in the surroundings and wildlife. Quite often I travel at barely above tickover even when there aren't moored boats. It's lovely. 4 mph is a limit not an ambition. Certainly not. It's FUN!
  8. I'm currently moored on piling on the Ashby. Loads of boats moving and my boat is rocking and clanking because my lines are loose. I do have excuses for this: 1. I'm too lazy to get up and tighten the lines. 2. I quite like the rocking and clanking
  9. Which takes us back to my earlier point that boaters have probably brought this on themselves.
  10. Name and address with no request for any proof. Again in the signing book, addresses may just say "Stoke" or "Birmingham". Thanks for the back up. Hopefully your experience will carry more weight than mine. I knew what you meant but I don't think the law allows for a 100% declaration if the nearest diesel seller is some distance away from your mooring. Can you show otherwise?
  11. The example I'm thinking about sells diesel but has no moorings, so that excuse wouldn't apply.
  12. Some boatyards keep all the details in a big book which they ask you to sign. It's quite easy to see what splits all the lines above on the page are signed for. The one I'm was thinking of showed the clear majority claiming 100% domestic.
  13. Fair point, except I remember hearing boaters saying they'd voted leave specifically to keep red diesel.
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