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  1. What with the covid-driven rush to buy narrowboats, combined with the endless stream of newspaper articles about idylic boat life, the overall numbers of boats on the system seems to be set to continue to rise for some time to come. Surely, eventually some kind of breaking point will come where the canals are just overloaded in too many areas. I can imagine a future where in order to be granted a new licence, you'll need a home mooring, thus placing an upper limit on boats. Those with an existing continuous cruising declaration will be allowed to continue, but no more new ones wi
  2. Maybe. But Tardebigge isn't really too hard. The locks are single width and they work fairly easily. Give me Tardebigge going up over Hatton going down any day. Just allow yourself all day to get through them. Commonly there are volunteers on at Tardebigge anyway, especially at weekends.
  3. According to the ANT website, the river is fully open from monday. The issue is that covid restrictions prevent more than one household being onboard a boat. If I was the OP, I'd buy the boat and spend the time until 17th May getting used to cruising, by going up and down the Gloucester and Sharpness for a few weeks. I can't think of a better canal for a learner. Then get a friend or two to join them for a week or so from the 17th May. In that week you should be easily able to get from Gloucester to the Grand Union via the Avon, the Stratford canal, then onto the Grand Union at Kingswood
  4. Ok so I've had a private message from LadyG going on about 'fit for purpose'. Little does she know I actually worked in Trading Standards for a short while, and if she thinks that a visibly rusty roof on a second hand boat, which has been surveyed, could possibly lead to a successful claim under the consumer rights act due to being not 'fit for purpose', or would be of any interest at all to trading standards, then she's more off-kilter than she seems. In the real world, the OP has no more come back on this boat no matter whether it's privately owned or owned by Whilton. Get a survey done,
  5. I know all this. I'm still not sure what your point is though? A boat like this is commonly owned by someone other than the broker, that's what a broker is. If I were the OP and I liked this boat, I would get a quote for welding a new plate on the roof to repair the rusty patch and then use that to negotiate a lower sale price. All the other stuff about Bills of Sale and who the licence holder is are just likely to cause confusion to the OP. I'd never heard of a Bill of Sale relating to narrowboats until I joined this forum. Whilton are a very well established broker so I doubt very much
  6. Well put! I thought I knew a bit about selling and buying boats (but not enough to advise the OP). Reading through this thread has made my head hurt! Lady G's posts in particular, sound like gobbledegook to me. I feel sorry for Tanmim! She only wanted to know about getting some rust dealt with! It's a perennial problem with forums like this. One simply doesn't know how authoritative others are, from: Experienced professional ---> knowledgable amateur ---> total ignoramus who ought to know when to zip it, but just can't. There are subjects I know a lot about
  7. https://www.watersidemooring.com/407-leighton-buzzard-l1/Vacancies#berth4799
  8. Exponential growth? really? Is that because all the pets are unneutered and are each having litters of 4 more pets?
  9. So you're saying one end of the pump should be dropped into the Dead Sea, with the other end in the canal?
  10. Just use what's there. There's plenty enough water in the canal to float the ship, it just needs shifting around. Just dam off a 0.5km section of canal and start pumping. The more pumps the better. I reckon with unlimited funds you could have the dams in place by this evening and a couple of thousand honda pumps running all night would have it floating by morning. By tomorrow evening the ship could be back under way. What am I missing here?
  11. Put 2 temporary dams across the canal, either side of the ship. Then pump water into the dammed off section until the ship floats. Reposition the boat in the centre of the channel and pump the water back out until the levels match. Remove the dams and off you go. No need for unloading the ship at incredibly high cost.
  12. The red line boundary on the plan should define the boundary so, yes, you would own the arm. But as the arm receives its water from the CRT canal, they would still retain rights over the water. Mooring boats (plural) there could be a problem as it would likely require planning permission and the Conservation Area restrictions could make things tricky. Another interesting question would be: If the red line boundary is correct, and you moored your boat there; would you need a CRT licence?
  13. Looks like you could moor quite a few boats in there, for a decent income return. I suspect there's some kind of snag though which would prevent it. The particulars refer to it being in a Conservation Area and to TPOs which wouldn't help.
  14. Patron of the Lichfield and Hatherton restoration society. Harrison Ford and Callista Flockheart should present the next series.
  15. I imagine they just ran a bit of water down and flushed it out?
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