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  1. gbclive

    Kelvin J2 - Water from No2 cylinder spark plug

    Brilliant - info saved just in case 😏 Thanks BEngo!
  2. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    Personaly I want to reduce file sizes to avoid wasting my limited data allowance when posting from the boat.
  3. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    Okeydoke - just wondered if there was a direct way when posting that was less of a palava 😏 I’ll give one a try.
  4. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    I’ve tried searching as I’m also interested how to post reduced file size photos via my iPad - no success. Has anyone found it please or have any advice? I’m fine when emailing, but I’m stumped when posting to the forum. Wise words Mike! 😏
  5. gbclive


    We came down the flight a few days ago during the early rush at 0900 - I thanked the volockie for opening both locks to clear the queue. Two CRT guys then gave him some grief for not consulting them first - he gave a spirited rebuttal along the lines that they were not there at the time😏
  6. gbclive

    Survey of small diesel engines 1958

    Thanks Mike.
  7. gbclive

    Greasing nipples

    I have one of these but a while back I still managed to snap off a grease nipple whilst trying to separate the gun from it. Probably due to a combination of wrong technique and restricted access. So I purchased a G Coupler attachment - about £20. It makes the job very simple - even for me 😏 Squeezing the trigger releases the coupler from the nipple.
  8. gbclive

    Starter motor ring gear

    True Mike - ours always starts first go, either with the blowlamp or Thermostart. However, up untill this summer, it often started on just one of the two cylinders for a short while - hence the white smoke. Perhaps because we have spent this summer giving it a good workout on the Rivers Nene and Great Ouse, it now starts promptly on both cylinders😊 Back on the canals now, so it will be interesting to see it returns to its old habits.
  9. gbclive

    Starter motor ring gear

    That cracking video puts the short duration white smoke I get when starting our Kelvin into perspective 😏
  10. gbclive

    Rotherthorpe Flight - Northampton Arm Restrictions

    That makes me feel better😏 Climbed the flight last week - I started off OK, then had a couple of close shaves, but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory near the top by using the too much speed with too little skill option🤨 But overall, the apocalyptic weed and reeds in the lower pounds coming up from Northampton was more of a problem for us. I confess that after our experience back in the spring when one of the ‘ornamental’ lift bridges failed due to rot in the balance beams at their pivot points, I was a tad uneasy going back under the remaining ones. It did not help when I noticed long cracks in one of the vertical columns of bridge 5. There is a single yellow mark on the column annotated ‘1’ which may be a crack propagation mark? If so the cracks may have spread since. Of course they are not nessessarily critical from a structural point of view, but I decided to email CRT with some photos just in case there had been some recent deteriation that they were not aware of. The local team are a just a short walk away at Gayton so they are probably keeping an eye on it, but I was told to email the London and South East team who administer the arm. No reply received yet.
  11. gbclive

    Tin storage area under the gunnel

    If you mean in the galley rather than opposite it in the walkway, this is ours after a refit. It works very well for us. Black Prince hire boats have a similar design, which we based ours on. If it helps I could measure up next time we are on the boat in a fortnight’s time.
  12. gbclive

    Marina For Sale, Yours For £11m

    The google earth view is interesting. At the time the image was taken, the pontoons seem very well populated but take up only half of the area. Also a lock to access the river.
  13. Actually Paul, they didn’t come back - at least we did not see them. I think they may have been traumatised by our shenanigans😏
  14. Less sporting though😏
  15. OK - the result of our experiment: EXACTLY as Jennifer reported! (This was after studying the approved technique). I don’t think we were even close to a successful rescue. Plan B onto the pontoon that was about 1/2 the height of our counter also failed. Two pics to prove we (she) tried😏 Our plan C worked with the help of a guy off an adjacent boat. Plan D was for Chris to crawl up a high nettle bank.............and probably a divorce☹️ All this was was sort of funny in the summer, but it’s sobering to think of how this might have played out in winter or spring, perhaps with injuries and without a nearby boat to help. My thoughts now are to obtain an aluminium ladder / boarding plank. I remember someone here using spring clips to snap checkaboard plate to the rungs for use as a plank. Snap off to use as a ladder. I think some sort of feet would be helpful to increase the area, reducing the tendency for the ladder to sink into the mud once loaded with a persons weight. Anyone want to buy our so called “rescue” ladder?🤨

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