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    Pyrford on the Wey over winter - now towards the Fens

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  1. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    You must have been quieter than a very quiet thing - thankyou😊 One or 2 patches, but not as bad as yesterday and plenty of water.
  2. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    That’s us you can see rafted out on the park. Leaving soon towards Stanground - might see you later if you are also heading off?
  3. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    Tried that as well - the MLC supervisor suggested this. No luck for us, but we are not a ‘normal’ sort of boat. The 58’ boat with a modern Lister that towed us clear seemed to make light work it. 😊
  4. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    Hopefully a final update 😏 There was indeed a second stretch of dense weed a mile or so further on (MP - we are heading away from March😉) This was perhaps half way between Floods Ferry Corner, the scene of our first encounter, and the Twenty Foot Drain. We did try MP’s suggested technique (thank you) but I think our small engine simply had insufficient power to chomp up the huge amount of weed and algae, even at “high” power. Also vibration and black smoke discouraged extended use of high power. It was interesting to see the lack of thrust as normally shown by a stream of water and bubbles extending aft in a narrow cone. Today the stream was often sideways as the propeller failed to live up to its name and instead just thrashed the water about in all directions. This time we were rescued by Matt on NB Tinkertoo who kindly towed us about a mile untill we cleared the second “infestation”. From there to Whittlesey was more or less clear of weed, but it was still a bit slow going at times due to lack of water. Contrary to earlier advise from MLC’s, we passed several pumps extracting water for irrigation. Fingers crossed for our final day tomorrow on the ML’s towards Stanground. With all the excitement I forgot to book, so an apologetic call will be made in the morning.
  5. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    Update: Thanks MP - will give it a try😏 the cavery arrived after an hour or so in the form of 2 twin screwed zillian HP weed chompers and their boss in his 4x4. We had managed a few hundred yards quanting. Towed a mile to clear the very worst of it - just passed a NB eastbound - they also had to be rescued this morning, so expecting more trouble ahead☹️
  6. gbclive

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    It was - now it’s a view from the other side, but not much difference I grant you😏
  7. Eastbound on the link route. All was well untill Floods Ferry Corner where the River Nene branches south towards Benwick and we joined the Whittlesey Dyke towards Peterbough. Immediately slowed, then came to a stop. We are a 63’ trad with a 30” draft and an elderly 22HP Kelvin J2. (Actualy less as we can’t get the rated 1000 RPM😏). Cleared a mountain of weed from the prop - crawled 10 yards, then stuck again. I suspect the main issue is the weed and algae, compounded by our draft and power. Some weed boats have been dispatched by the Mid Level Ops Engineer to try and help. Aparently the EA will not allow any water to be supplied from the Nene at the moment. A 26” draft NB, no doubt with more power, managed to creep past with a lot of welly, and continued to make some slow progress. Beer, food and cassettes for a week - it’s not a bad spot to be stuck😊
  8. gbclive

    snipe 2

    We recently had the DVD part of our AVTEX TV/DVD combo seize up 2 years and 11 months into it's 3 year standard warranty. (We have plenty of gritty dust due to the solid fuel stove) I had temporally “mislaid” the receipt and there was going to be a delay in optaining proof of the date of purchase. After advising how to do a full factory reset (unsuccessful) the engineer in Cardiff was happy to do a gross check on the purchase date using the serial number, then organise and pay for a courier to pick up the TV in order to inspect and then replace the DVD drive. So.......not the cheapest, but exemplary customer service. Well chuffed 😊
  9. gbclive

    Trivia question

    Thanks Nigel - I’ll report back on how things pan out. Might be a (another) project for this winter😏
  10. gbclive

    Trivia question

    Thanks very much Nigel - I really appreciate the detailed information and advice 😊 I’m leaning towards the eBay seller as that one is advertised as a “kit”, so hopefully includes springs and washers etc? I’ve emailed to request further info. I’m guessing the other cheaper options that are not described as “kit” are just the nozzle. (I might be assuming too much😏).
  11. gbclive

    Trivia question

  12. gbclive

    Trivia question

    Thanks Nigel, It would be great to have some spares, so I’ll try a couple of companies that you have mentioned before. That’s interesting to know - thanks.
  13. gbclive

    Trivia question

    Thanks Tom.

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