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    Warlingham, Surrey.
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    Kelvin engines

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  1. gbclive

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    I guess his car will be just the same? 🤨
  2. gbclive

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    Thanks Ian. I was introduced whilst fettling a dishwasher and also a Dyson vac and no appliances were hurt during the process😏
  3. gbclive

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    Continuing with the gentle topic drift (sorry Mark), can I throw Torx into the mix?
  4. gbclive

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    Beautiful - but I wouldn’t dare use them in case they got dirty or scratched 😏 And then there is the likely cost☹️
  5. gbclive

    MIFI anyone?

    Seems good value - however, no option to plug in an external antenna?
  6. gbclive

    A genuinely silent generator

    This one also has the advantage of a pure sine wave compared with the OP’s suggestion which has a modified sine wave. Interesting thead 😊
  7. An interesting article in The Telegraph. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/27/britains-forgotten-watermen-remembered-wartime-sacrifice/
  8. gbclive

    “J” oiling wicks

    Just realised I did not report back on these. They were £3.19 for 50 inc postage and worked a treat for me in conjunction with cleaning out the channels in the oiling pot gaskets. They’re about 6.5” long and about 5/32” diameter in their dry and fluffy state. I used half of one in each hole. The oil pots now empty fairly evenly in about 8 - 10 hours. So..... me thinks the job’s a good’n 😊 Thanks for your advice Nigel. BTW, Dick Goble liked the look of them and snaffled a few 😏
  9. gbclive

    Kelvin J2 - Water from No2 cylinder spark plug

    Brilliant - info saved just in case 😏 Thanks BEngo!
  10. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    Personaly I want to reduce file sizes to avoid wasting my limited data allowance when posting from the boat.
  11. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    Okeydoke - just wondered if there was a direct way when posting that was less of a palava 😏 I’ll give one a try.
  12. gbclive

    Help identify this part?

    I’ve tried searching as I’m also interested how to post reduced file size photos via my iPad - no success. Has anyone found it please or have any advice? I’m fine when emailing, but I’m stumped when posting to the forum. Wise words Mike! 😏
  13. gbclive


    We came down the flight a few days ago during the early rush at 0900 - I thanked the volockie for opening both locks to clear the queue. Two CRT guys then gave him some grief for not consulting them first - he gave a spirited rebuttal along the lines that they were not there at the time?
  14. gbclive

    Survey of small diesel engines 1958

    Thanks Mike.
  15. gbclive

    Greasing nipples

    I have one of these but a while back I still managed to snap off a grease nipple whilst trying to separate the gun from it. Probably due to a combination of wrong technique and restricted access. So I purchased a G Coupler attachment - about £20. It makes the job very simple - even for me ? Squeezing the trigger releases the coupler from the nipple.

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