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  1. Sorry, I didn’t know it was your work Nigel - so a bit cheeky of me to publish the photos😏
  2. Thanks for that Nigel - Dick Goble kindly took the old ones in last week, together with with a correctly shaped version as one of my lines was poorly designed from a bleeding point of view. I’m fairly sure that we have planned for new pipes but using the original nuts. Dick was hoping to collect the new versions today, so I should know more shortly.
  3. Short interim update - P F Jones have taken on the job of making up new HP injector lines for my J2. I’ll report the outcome, hopefully next week.
  4. Thought I should report back on my quest for a better propeller for our J2 - can’t believe this was nearly 5 years ago! T. Norris in Middlesex recently did the honours with our original heavy 20” x 16” propeller, reducing the pitch by 3” so now 20” x 13” in accordance with Nigel’s suggestion. (£235 inc VAT and including balancing and polishing). They completed the work in just a few days. So far just 6 days on the T & M, but it feels good, so thanks Nigel (and everyone else)😊 Seems to go well in a slightly more relaxed way and importantly, stops better compared with the modern 19” x 14” that was my first attempt at solving the over propped original. When we next get onto a suitable river I’ll have a go at re-doing this graph which was for the for the 19” x 14”.
  5. Just in case there is anyone here who has not sliced a J cylinder head in half to see what the inside looks like, 😉 Dick Goble turned up to service my injectors a few days ago with one. (There are some trial cuts visible)
  6. Thanks BWM - I'll give them a call if the two Stoke options don't pan out.
  7. Thanks Martyn, it’s good to have a definite solution. I’m in the SE but I’ll try the two Stoke possibilities first as the original pipework is up there, but if that plan does not work out I’ll get in touch. Cheers. Clive.
  8. Thanks Old Son - there is 😊 Incidentally, the problem we have is that Dick’s usual “go to” person or company for similar work is no longer accepting work.
  9. Thanks Alan! (and Boater Sam) It was late at night and I was knackered and and and......... I only saw the Manchester address which is their HQ. Will give them a call today.
  10. Thanks Sam - that’s a good start😊 I’m hoping for something a little closer, but good to have one up my sleeve.
  11. OK, It seems I was pushing my luck with a specific area - so could I ask again please, but this time spread the net far and wide😏 The injectors and original pipes are near Stoke-on-Trent, the boat is at Glascote and I’m down south, but the car is fuelled up and ready! Many thanks, Clive.
  12. Please can anyone recommend a company not too far from Audley in Staffordshire to make up new HP fuel lines for my J2. Dick Goble is kindly cleaning the nozzles, so I can take the opportunity to replace the exising lines which have always leaked and which Dick has advised were rather poorly designed and fabricated. Many thanks. Clive.
  13. gbclive

    Fuel timing

    OK - I think the post you are looking for might be number #10 in this thread titled “Anti-freeze/conditioner for J3”
  14. gbclive

    Fuel timing

    BEngo. (I have archived many of his Kelvin related posts😏) I’ll try and find the post you referred to.
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