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  1. We have the earlier TC3 model of the Webasto Heater Thermo Call TC4 Smart Phone Remote Control. It works well but is expensive. I needed to fit an external aerial as the Webasto is in a trad engine room with only one small porthole. Also needs a cheap SIM card - we use Asda Others will no doubt be along soon with much cheaper options.
  2. gbclive


    On the flip side, 29.5kg v 22kg. Personally, I find the 2000 model quite heavy enough.
  3. gbclive


    Plus the case has been changed to a more angular shape?
  4. gbclive


    Another point in the Kipors favour is that spare parts are reasonably priced compared with the Honda (although some may argue for the legendary Honda reliability😏). Rather than faf around with stripping and servicing a very tatty and leaking Kipor IG2000, I was able to replace the entire carburettor including the stepper motor for just £42, with advice to watch some of the many YouTube videos on servicing the similar EU20i. which made the job very straightforward and it now runs very nicely. Incidentally, using it to charge 3 x 110 LA batteries using a 12v 30A Sterling charger, the Kipor’s smart throttle runs at its lowest RPM for the majority of a typical charge from say 65% SOC. At minimum RPM the noise is MUCH lest intrusive. I once tried it powering a 1KW heating element at the same time - it revved so hard I thought it was going to take off!
  5. Soon after our NB purchase we had the flues “professionally” swept. This included a chain flail driven by a cordless drill. Later we discovered that the lower quarter of the flue was substantially reduced in diameter by a layer of the afore mentioned cement. It had such a smooth and even finish that initially I assumed it was a double skinned flue at the bottom. It took many difficult sessions with a homemade implement resembling a long medieval club to remove most of the offending “concrete”. I think that for many years, the lower section of the flue had escaped whatever cleaning was employed.
  6. OK, a reassuring update😊. It’s been confirmed on the Kelvin owners Facebook group, that Seaward Engineering are still trading. The owner of the J3 for sale on Apolloduck had stated they had stopped trading but he has now retracted that statement.
  7. Someone from the Kelvin Owner Facebook page spoke to Andy about two weeks ago, and he was well, with no suggestion at that time of closing down.
  8. Thanks for the information - I hope Andy and John are both OK. Would it be OK for me to repost this on the Kelvin Owners Facebook Page?
  9. My gadget for this week - something like this: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Leifheit-Bolero-Thermal-Insulated-Plastic/dp/B0030BITR2/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Leifheit%2BBolero%2BThermal%2BInsulated%2BVacuum%2BJug%2BPlastic%2BBlack%2B1%2BLitre&qid=1602596393&sr=8-2&th=1 A large thermos jug - key features: ▪️Glass vacuum tube, NOT stainless innards, as I’ve found those lacking when it came to the key feature of keeping the coffee hot, even when pre-heated. ▪️Lever (not pump) action lid - can be poured with one mittened hand. Beware, the majority of stainless jugs seem to have stainless innards or are expensive. Needs to mention glass.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I used to do that too, but now I have an isolator between the panels and the controller😏
  12. Thanks Pete. Interestingly, I can’t see any mention on CRT’s Notices and stoppages page?
  13. This vlog which was posted today, increased my appreciation of how quickly things can go wrong, and the dilemma that can exist if lock keepers take control but fail to communicate or act in a safe way.
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