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  1. That’s interesting. I can see how suspending the ladder forward of the swim would provide a deeper amount of hull below the water to help stop the ladder swinging away from you. In this case better not to climb sideways. My failed experiment was from the aft deck so above the swim.
  2. So probably not that relevant to those of us who regrettably are no longer in the flush of youth, and also likely to be handicapped by the significant weight of wet clothes and in my case a tad higher BMI😏 And perhaps compounded by an injury.
  3. Oh yes it does - have you tried it yourself? Last summer we gave it a try and found the ladder still swung away causing most of the victims weight to be taken by the arms. After much effort by my wife, I had to get help from a fellow boater to help haul her out of the R. Nene😏 Still working on a solution, but I believe that a proper ladder is the only practical option if trying to get back onto the boat. The rope ladder worked OK against the river bank (hanging from a mooring pin) as the bank prevented ones feet from swinging away from under you. We also used the rope ladder in a real MOB rescue from a canal - even that was touch and go due to the victim being exhausted by the time we got involved.
  4. It’s from this great YouTube Channel where the History Guy tells stories about history that he feels should not be forgotten. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sEmXUuWIFlxRIFBRV6VXQ
  5. Found this webcam of the lock - have to watch a short advert first. No action at the moment. https://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/gloucester-docks
  6. Looked on eBay, but nil stock☹️ However this version would be a worthy addition to Marks collection. Definitely enough bling combined with some very nice engineering.
  7. Thank you Jess - you have exposed yet another serious flaw in my education😏 I now fully understand this very useful scientific principe. “The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer (say a nice hot cup of tea) were well understood. It is said, by the Guide, that such generators were often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess's undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left, in accordance with the theory of indeterminacy”.
  8. Here is a mini one to expand your collection Mark: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Sale-Discovery-Toys-Low-Temperature-Stirling-Engine-Model-Educational-Toy-Gift-For-Kid-Children-Adult/32820839604.html About £18 quid including free 20-40 day airmail delivery from China😏 (and you may be offered a $3 discount for your first order!) This promotional YouTube video includes it (skip to 4:45) and suggests it will run when placed on top of a suitable hot beverage. Probably tat, but might be cheap enough for a punt? Usual disclaimers.
  9. Yet again an important gap in my knowledge has been exposed - thank you Mark and Jonesthenuke. I was aware and have experienced the Hydrogen situation from a tired lead acid battery - a CO detector triggering was the first indication something was seriously wrong, confirmed by a very hot battery. However I was ignorent about the horrors of hydrogen sulfide. So I did some homework and came across this... https://inuksuksafety.ca/safety-charging-vehicle-battery-h2s-near/ “The main effects of short-term and long-term hydrogen sulfide exposure in laboratory animals are nasal and lung irritation and damage and effects on the brain. These effects are consistent with effects seen in people exposed to hydrogen sulfide
  10. Just a point to consider re PPrune. PPrune is inhabited by the full spectrum of aviation enthusiasts - everything from wannabes to test pilots and everything in between. It takes time and experience to work out who knows what they are talking about, who thinks they know what they are talking about and those who are simply wind up merchants. Does that sound vaguely familiar😏 it’s mainly just opinions and speculation. Also that forum thread was from about four years ago and the whole drone thing has moved on sumwhat since then.
  11. We had a difficult to diagnose rain leak from the back cabin roof surrounding the slide area. Turned out to be most likely due to the slide rails being made of wood, with a different expansion rate to the steel cabin top. Over the years, this and deterioration of the sealant allowed rain to seep under the timber rails, probably via the two small drainage channels that prevented rain from pooling between the rails. Water then found its way down the rail fixing holes into the back cabin. Sarah at Glascote advised replacing the wooden rails with steel ones - this has been done recently, but has not yet been tested - but I’m quietly confident 😏
  12. Back in the day (70’s) the Air Scouts had a couple of economy versions of these - gyrogliders which had no engines. They were two seat versions but similar to this one. The idea was to use a long towrope to hang off the back of a Landrover or similar. Having strapped in a victim, the instructor stood up under the rotor and spun it up by hand as fast as he could, then quickly sat down and strapped himself in whilst signalling to the tow car to set off down the runway just fast enough for the airflow to increase rotor speed untill it sounded about right (thwack thwack). A further signal was then made to increase speed and liftoff ocured shortly after. Great fun and very easy to fly whilst attached to the car, but less so if one was foolish enough to pull the cable release. In light winds we could stay up for hours by flying a figure of eight utilising two cross runways and the connecting portions of the perimeter track. This technique was a bit tricky and did result in a couple of “prangs” but miraculously nobody was hurt 😏
  13. Another boating in the 60’s short film - this a more general one by the BBC.
  14. I’m a welding virgin, but keen to give it a try using YouTube videos for training😏 What could possibly go wrong! After watching this review and being amazed at the low price, I’m probably going to order one from Bangood. Just £87 delivered in 4-9 business days! Thats unless someone here who actually knows what’s what’s about welding thinks it’s a bad idea? https://m.banggood.com/Portable-MINI-IGBT-ZX7-200-Full-Copper-Core-DC-Inverter-200A-ARC-Welding-Machine-p-1224224.html?gmcCountry=GB&currency=GBP&createTmp=1&cur_warehouse=CN&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_union&utm_content=2zou&utm_campaign=ssc-gb-en-all&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxIPNybz63gIVCc53Ch2Awg_IEAQYASABEgJ5PfD_BwE
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