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  1. If tilting solar panels fitted, adjust low, flat and tight?
  2. gbclive

    J2 engine

    On our J2 I find the aft, port side crankcase door gives the easiest access, but be carful not to damage the oil test cock. A Lidl oil suction pump makes quick work extracting most of the oil, then finish mopping out the last dregs from the sump with some lint free rag. Used engine oil is toxic, so be sure to use suitable gloves for protection. Don't overfill when topping back up. I was recommended to use Morris Golden Film SAE 30 classic motor oil - needs to be a low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricant (Other oils are available). Have you got a copy of “The Running and Repairing of Model J”?
  3. WaterNav Update - just spoke to Alex at RCR and the latest info is that the task of recoding the app to run on the latest version of IOS hase been out sourced to a contractor and she is still hopeful of a resolution by the spring.
  4. A couple of other points to consider. It may well end up in the cut😏 Phones are surprisingly slippery and thus easy to drop and either break or drown. So perhaps avoid spending too much on it and get a shock resistant frame. Many smart phones these days can’t easily have their battery replaced, so become obsolete sooner than those that can.
  5. I spoke to RCR this afternoon, however Alexander was not at work today, so I was promised a call back when she next is.
  6. Will do. It’s on my to-do list for January, to contact Alexander for an update on her progress. Watch this space?
  7. Top tip? Read each and every reply you get carefully, then try to answer each and every question that is asked. Progress will then be made efficiently Failure to do this inevitably results in some inappropriate advice and eventually some frustration. Good luck?
  8. Thanks Nigel. The packing is actually sold as stern gland packing, so I reasoned it would normally have to cope with grease. I also searched on line for any mention of either cotton flax or PTFE being incompatible with grease, but found none. But I like a belt and braces approach to these things, so I’ll test an off cut over night as you suggest. Incidentally, I proceeded as you have suggested and found that with just one ring, quite a lot of pressure and gentle wriggling was needed to ease the ram past that ring. The PTFE feels very slightly tacky rather than slippery, which surprised me. Based on that I held back from installing the ram a second time past both rings, as I thought it needed some grease, but wanted to check first. Cheers.
  9. Update. Unfortunately, James Walker could not spare the resources to give me any advise (which I sort of get), but referred me to their online compression packing charts and a couple of their dealers, however 8m was the minimum order. So I bought a meter of cotton flax packing with Teflon (PTFE) lubricant off eBay for £12. Two 10mm rings skive cut and fitted (all there is room for). So a further questions please: Is it best to add some stern gland grease to help ease the ram into place and also to minimise initial wear? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, the static is about 7’ so about 17’ total should be OK. I’m going to mention that minimising further wear is a priority. I’ll report back with their recommendation.
  11. Great information - thank you. So probably go for cotton with PTFE. Re contacting Walker, they will probably need the materials of the body, gland and ram - bronze or brass (in addition to the chrome)? Also pressure involved - low, but care to hazard a guess?? Sorry for so many questions!
  12. Thanks Nigel, I’ve decided to keep things simple and revert to two rings of 3/8 or 10mm packing, renewing them as required. You mentioned woven packing rings, but looking at the Walkers website, I was a bit overwhelmed by the huge and varied range on offer. After some further googling, I believe Graphite is best avoided as It may cause galvanic corrosion? So that seems to leave PTFE, glass fibre, cotton or flax for the basic thread. And then a choice of PTFE, or PTFE and mineral oil for the lubrication. Any thoughts on what would be best, or indeed which, if any, to avoid. Sorry if I’m over thinking this?
  13. Update: By following BEngo’s advice carefully, the dismantling was straight forward once the ram was persuaded downwards a few more mm by reappropriating my bamboo fuel measuring stick? It turned out that the hyd seal has been supplemented by a single ring of packing above it. As previously mentioned, a mod prior to my ownership has restricted the number of rings of packing that can be fitted whilst still leaving enough thread for the gland to engage with the pump body. Visually, there seems to be significant wear to the chromed ram, with two distinct areas seen. The coarser lower 1/3 being swept by just by the lower lip of the hyd seal and the more polished upper 2/3 swept by ether both seals or just the packing. Surprisingly, the deepest measurable wear depth is just below the top line at about 0.1mm (0.2 off the diameter) compared to the nominal 44mm diameter just above this line. The wear is somewhat less in the lowest segments, so it seems that the lip of the hyd seal has caused the most scratching and the packing has caused the highest wear. Of course, this ignores the depth of the scratches and lateral forces from the pump rod. Three slight ridges can be felt; however the wear has not exceeded the thickness of the chrome plating. If necessary, I’m now happy to service the pump each year, so I’m considering ditching the hyd. seal and reverting to the previous option of two packing rings. I’d be grateful for any suggestions or observations; however I would prefer to avoid an alternative type of pump. Thanks.
  14. Probably my favourite YouTube channel of all time? There seems to be a consensus that he has a very good knowledge across many engineering disciplines. (And a very broad vocabulary!)
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