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  1. Probably my favourite YouTube channel of all time😊 There seems to be a consensus that he has a very good knowledge across many engineering disciplines. (And a very broad vocabulary!)
  2. Thanks again, you have certainly given me some ideas to think about. Incidentally, when I googled Graco here in the UK I initially found a company that manufactures baby strollers😏 Persevering I found https://www.graco.com/gb/en.html - I’m guessing that’s the company you are referring to? My spare seals are on the boat - I’ll take a closer look at them on my next visit, perhaps next week.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion - definitely thinking outside the box😏 Unfortunately, my practical skills would probably stretched a tad too far. Once I manage to get the pump dismantled I’ll have a better idea of the problem. I guess It’s possible that the chrome plating may have played a part in the deterioration? I’ll update the post with what I find.
  4. The satellite detail as you zoom in is useful, but I find it’s missing a lot of the WaterNav functions For instance: it lacks the easy distance measuring (to see how long that walk is to the pub😏). As you say, It think it needs WiFi or data for some functions, were as WaterNav was designed to work fully off line. You can’t add your own notes. I find some of the fonts too small and cluttered to read easily. I’ve been using it just recently but I don’t find it as useful as WaterNav was before it’s meltdown. But to be fair, it is free and it still works with IOS 13😏
  5. Funny you should ask - finally some progress today😏 I never did get the promised call back from Paul Nixon , but it turns out that he was the wrong person anyway! (It’s possible that he is dealing with the Android version). Alexander is now the go-to person at RCR, specifically for the Apple version of WaterNav. She explained that the update to IOS V13 totally broke the Apple version of the app and a complete redesign is necessary. The intent is to complete this work in time for next season, so spring 2020. In the mean time, Alex suggested that if I had access to an Android device, I could download for free the beta version. I made a few suggestions: ▪️Ability to transfer personal notes etc from the old version to the new. ▪️Communicate the situation to existing users. ▪️Monitor and acknowledge feedback from users, as I had never received any and indeed AFAIK none of my feedback was ever implemented (including such things such as a Lock that was missing😏). I got a sense that the IT dept at RCR is fully stretched at the moment, as their website is also needing an upgrade and there is a problem with their email system, which might explain my experience of not receiving any replies. However today’s conversation gave me some hope that given adequate resourcing, there is someone there with the intent to publish a new IOS version. I’ll seek updates from time to time over the winter and will report back on progress.
  6. Thanks, that’s very helpful to know. I guess it ties in with the advise from the respected Kelvin engineer who did the work a few years ago, to squirt a little oil around the piston before each use. I have done that, but as the leak rate increased, I would think it got flushed out rather quickly. I’ll do some detective work.
  7. Ta. That makes good sense .
  8. As always, thank you Nigel for the detailed instructions. I will sit down and transfer them to a sketched diagram as my mind works best with pictures and that should highlight any confusion on my part😏 Hope to escape back to the boat next week for a few days😊
  9. The gland of my J2 water pump has for some reason previously been modified, resulting in insufficient space to fit enough packing. This, combined with a worn piston, had resulted in excess leakage. So a few years ago the piston was turned down to remove the wear groove, then chrome plated back to the correct size and a hydraulic seal used in place of packing. Initially this worked quite well, but over the last 1000 hours or so of use, the leakage has gradually returned. So now It’s time for me to replace the hydraulic seal in the hope that it and not chromed piston degradation is causing the excessive leakage🤔 I’m not an engineer, so I’d be very grateful for any advise on extracting the piston from the cylinder to enable inspection and replacement of the hydraulic seal, of which I have several spares. My best guess is to wind the locking nut fully down, then screw the pump rod lower end into the upper end as far as it will go, in the hope that this is enough for the piston to clear the gland. If not, then I guess I’ll need to remove the top bearing bolts. Any advise, including potential pitfalls, hints and tips would be much appreciated. In particular, is it safe to rely on the top bearing to resist the torque when dealing with the lock nut? Thanks.
  10. A short interim update - after about 3 weeks, RCR have finally arranged for the current person responsible for WaterNav to phone me back next Monday. Watch this space, but suggest you don’t hold your breath😏 (Unfortunately, this is not the original developer).
  11. For the same reason they happen on a Friday evening😏 Sorry, that’s not helpful is it? Good luck though.
  12. Thanks Arthur - I did speak to their boss lady earlier this year to point out that after reporting many errors and offering suggestions to improve the app. I had not received a single reply or acknowledgement. Further, not one of the errors had subsequently been corrected. At the end of the call I was left with a distinct feeling that I had been weeing into the wind🤨 So I’m not holding out much hope, but would love to be proved wrong.
  13. Thanks for that WJM. A full on day today, so I did not get a chance to contact RCR, but I will........... promise😏
  14. Thanks for the info WotEver - of course I still have the problem using 13.1.2☹️
  15. Thanks Peter - useful to know It’s not just me😏
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