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  1. We fitted our rigid panels 5 years ago on the common type of bracket that allows a limited tilt. They have been a huge success story for us, but if I were to do the job again, I would use this clever system to enable a much greater degree of tilt. I’d be happy to trade the slight increase in time needed to set up and take down against the extra efficiency that would be achieved.
  2. gbclive

    Sumburgh Fog Horn

    I thought I had watched all of the Kelvin flavoured YouTube’s, however this short one had somehow evaded me. It helped quell my withdrawal symptoms for a few minutes😏
  3. Thank you - by far the most informative and useful article I have read.
  4. Nope - this is more your style😊 (Thanks again Dave, hopefully we’ll be able take it to its proper home on the boat soon).
  5. A while back, after breaking off a grease nipple, I purchased one of these - a G.Coupler. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0133NDH6E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Easy and quick to use and it’s especially useful where tight access limits tilting the coupler to one side in order to unlock from the nipple.
  6. Some more info here from an earlier thread - in short, good for 2 years but would then need changing.
  7. Does anyone know if FPP3 masks with exhaust valves only filter during inhalation. ie do they only provide some protection to the wearer? I’ve Googled this but have not found the answer.
  8. gbclive

    Modern Oils

    Thanks Mike and thanks Alan. Classic Oils it is then😊
  9. gbclive

    Modern Oils

    I’ve just ordered a 25L can of Morris Classic Golden Film SAE 30 for £110.86 inc VAT and free delivery, direct from Morris Lubricants. (Their online quoted prices are without VAT). For me it was the most convenient option.
  10. Thanks - that makes sense. I might have over tightened it as it’s as tight as I could comfortably do it using two steel pins. This was to try and stop the thread from weeping, rather than the ram, so I’ll back it of a tad, then adjust after its bedded in. Thanks.
  11. Update: Other jobs on the coolant system now complete, so today I topped up and bled the engine coolant, then turned the engine over by hand to see the initial result of reverting to two rings of conventional packing after the experiment of using a composite seal made of a hydraulic seal + a single ring of conventional packing. (No room for 3 rings due to an earlier modification). So far no weep between the ram and the gland, but a slight weep up the thread between the gland and the body. Would it be beneficial to use something like Boss White Pipe Jointing Compound on the bronze thread? Thanks.
  12. If tilting solar panels fitted, adjust low, flat and tight?
  13. gbclive

    J2 engine

    On our J2 I find the aft, port side crankcase door gives the easiest access, but be carful not to damage the oil test cock. A Lidl oil suction pump makes quick work extracting most of the oil, then finish mopping out the last dregs from the sump with some lint free rag. Used engine oil is toxic, so be sure to use suitable gloves for protection. Don't overfill when topping back up. I was recommended to use Morris Golden Film SAE 30 classic motor oil - needs to be a low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricant (Other oils are available). Have you got a copy of “The Running and Repairing of Model J”?
  14. WaterNav Update - just spoke to Alex at RCR and the latest info is that the task of recoding the app to run on the latest version of IOS hase been out sourced to a contractor and she is still hopeful of a resolution by the spring.
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