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  1. I tried to explain this point really carefully way back in #31. As you know, he has been been asked many times, but there seems to be some sort of block on the specific point of supplying a voltage reading during startup. It’s as if the OP thinks he understands perfectly that this is not the problem, so ignores it repeatedly, thus preventing it being eliminated as a possible issue😏 The solar factor has further complicated this. Of course I may well be speaking out my rear end (but in this case perhaps not?)
  2. Can I just chip in here?😏 Tony and others need you to give a voltage reading specifically taken during the start cycle whilst the plug is energised, so as to see the worst case including voltage drop due the high current (amps) being drawn. This is his exact request: Incidentally, is yours a marine version or one originally designed for use in cars and lorries? They each have different voltage envelopes unless modified.
  3. I forgot to add that with help from several of the Honda generator service videos, I’ve just replaced the carburettor on a very old Kipor Generator that we inherited with the boat and kept for emergency only use. It ran very poorly and leaked petrol, so totally unusable. Cleaning jets etc seemed like a lot of faffing about, so £42 inc vat delivered in 2 days for a new carburettor complete with stepper motor and new fuel lines and thanks to YouTube, the newley acquired confidence to have a go. Once the new carb primed, it started easily and now runs beautifully with no leaks😊 Tank and carburettor now drained and genny stowed away, hopefully to remain forever dormant😏
  4. Ditto - diagnosed then changed the water solenoid valve in our 15 year old home washing machine, with the help of a couple of YouTube videos)😊 About £50 delivered but delayed cost of a new machine (and contributing to landfill with at least some parts of it).
  5. gbclive


    Sorry to hear that Mark. Last week a neighbour had the catalytic converter cut out during the night from her fairly old and undesirable car.
  6. I believe this short 1952 Shell film was only uploaded to YouTube this summer. At 15:23 there is a familiar looking injector pump. (I know - I should get out more!😏)
  7. Care to share? You’re not wrong - they are like hens teeth😏
  8. Just a thought - have you added weight up high, say on top of the boat? This will tend to reduce the stability. To have the most stabilising effect, ballast needs to be as low as possible, preferably on the base plate. Another vote for this. Have you checked under the floor at various points to check it is dry? Any water would reduce stability.
  9. Thanks Mike - sorry, I missed that part of the thread.
  10. We left our boat temporally (😏) at Furness Vale Marina a few weeks ago and hope to rescue it next week by heading back down the Macclesfield. With a draft of 31”, should I be concerned about CRT’s ability to maintain levels for a week or so once the stop planks at bridge 29 have been removed? Is Toddbrook the only supply? There has been talk of the feeder being damaged and of course there is a dwindling amount of water in the reservoir. Thanks.
  11. Thanks - originally the panel trim was narrow and dark brown. Craig, who is the forman at RW Davis, suggested machining rebated oak capping trim to fit over the original and this was treated with Blackfriars Danish Oil. Obviously not a cheep job, but definitely helped transform the interior. Photo for comparison. Very much personal choice😏 The ceiling is gloss cream for good reflectivity and works well for us. However, the galley cupboards are eggshell cream (Insides gloss white). Sides above the gunwale are eggshell magnolia. T&G sides below gunwale are darkish eggshell maroon. The new floor was a darker hardwood treated with Rustins Floor Oil. Incidentally, cream rather than pure white is a traditional choice for classic lumpy water boats.
  12. gbclive


    Could you please provide more info on why you purchased these fittings and for what purpose. ie what is their purpose on your boat, assuming they are for your boat? The better the information, the easier it will be for you to get some useful advice and perhaps some suggestions for some more suitable fittings. Photographs are often very useful to help explain things clearly.
  13. Yep - about four years ago we decided to paint over the sides above gunwale level and ceiling which were both originally darkly scumbled and no issues have occurred so far Incidentally, very pleased with the much lighter cabin that resulted. Personally I feel that a contrasting colour is needed against large areas of magnolia / cream. In our case, a dark maroon for the T & G below the gunwale.
  14. This might be not be relevant, but I have a version of the CAV BPE2B pump fitted to our 1948 Kelvin J2 The capacity of the oil sump is just a tad over 25ml, measured with a medical syringe during regular replacement - probably every 50H or so when the dipstick indicates higher than max due to dilution by fuel. Obviously a 3 cylinder pump could have a higher capacity, but even so, nearly half a litre seems very high by comparison, even with a lot of dilution. Perhaps yours is not a CAV BPE pump as quoted by the OP? Or maybe the installation in a Lister is radically different? The most likely explanation is that in my case, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing😏
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