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  1. Actually, under the planning tab you can set the following using imperial or metric: Boat length (feet😞 Boat width (feet😞 Boat height (feet😞 Boat draught (feet😞 (Ignore the strange smileys, nowt to do with me, they just appeared when I copied the above from the web page, and editing them out does not work on my iPad).
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Used some cheap emergency (space) blankets as solar reflective window film. (Heath Robinson would have been proud of me😏). Of course nothing beats mooring in the shade of a large tree, so this is for when that option is not available and for when under way. I proved the concept worked well last summer at home, so I’ve temporarily lined our boats windows with this same cheap as chips film. Bramble - 10 Large Multi-Purpose Insulated Foil Emergency Blankets - 210x160cm for £9.99 from Amazon (sorry - other suppliers are available😏). On the plus side the perceived reduction in heat is quite noticeable. There are a few downsides though… On dull days the effect is akin to wearing dark glasses inside, so rather gloomy. Also it is a bit of a faff cutting to size and temporally attaching to each window with masking tape. At home I’ve treated each of the south facing bedrooms and cut separate panels for the opening windows. However, on the boat we normally remove the hopper glass for ventilation, so only about 2/3 of each window has been treated. The effect will obviously be less, but I feel it’s still been worth the effort. A single pack was more than enough for the boat + selected windows at home. I’ve no idea how big any compromise is by using my cheap method compared with purpose made solar film, but it works well enough for me for some temporary relief during this heatwave. Incidentally, the fold lines make it easier to cut the panels square.
  4. Two blokes leaning on their shovels this morning? Me thinks it’s going to take a while!
  5. Welcome - some cleverer peeps will be along shortly.
  6. We’ve been with Saga for 7 years, but no claim. Just been advised by them that due to some sort of kerfuffle with Lloyds they are no longer going to do boat insurance. So I’m interested in this thread as come my renewal in November I’ll need another option.
  7. I saved this comment by Detling some time ago: My Tracer sometimes sticks at a panel voltage of 14.5 in the morning as the sun rises, I normally check when I get up, and as I have a switch in the panel feed I can disconnect the panels for a few seconds and things then work fine. It is a known issue but Tracer haven't changed their tracking software for years despite knowing the issue. It works for me on both my Tracer MPPT and Sterling chargers.
  8. I purchased the following shower components from Wesley 7 years ago, in order to rebuild Duke’s shower: 1790 X 795 BIFOLD SHOWER DOOR 800 X 700 SHOWER TRAY 3 WALL SHOWER KIT WHITE PVC THERMOSTATIC SHOWER MIXER All items still good, so well pleased. Obviously, only as good as the installation - ours was part of a much larger project by an experienced boat yard. A general point to consider - our bifold doors face towards the bow. The usual bow high trim is enough to cause the hinged doors not to remain fully closed whilst in use, with the V of the hinge tending to end up displaced 3 or 4 inches inwards over the tray. Solved by the use of a suitable stainless clip over the top frame. The installation was done with a level base plate on the hard, so this slight issue was not noticed until back in the water and after re-ballasting. Longitudinal trim also needs to be considered when installing the tray for correct drainage once afloat.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. We have the earlier TC3 model of the Webasto Heater Thermo Call TC4 Smart Phone Remote Control. It works well but is expensive. I needed to fit an external aerial as the Webasto is in a trad engine room with only one small porthole. Also needs a cheap SIM card - we use Asda Others will no doubt be along soon with much cheaper options.
  13. gbclive


    On the flip side, 29.5kg v 22kg. Personally, I find the 2000 model quite heavy enough.
  14. gbclive


    Plus the case has been changed to a more angular shape?
  15. gbclive


    Another point in the Kipors favour is that spare parts are reasonably priced compared with the Honda (although some may argue for the legendary Honda reliability?). Rather than faf around with stripping and servicing a very tatty and leaking Kipor IG2000, I was able to replace the entire carburettor including the stepper motor for just £42, with advice to watch some of the many YouTube videos on servicing the similar EU20i. which made the job very straightforward and it now runs very nicely. Incidentally, using it to charge 3 x 110 LA batteries using a 12v 30A Sterling charger, the Kipor’s smart throttle runs at its lowest RPM for the majority of a typical charge from say 65% SOC. At minimum RPM the noise is MUCH lest intrusive. I once tried it powering a 1KW heating element at the same time - it revved so hard I thought it was going to take off!
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