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  1. 02085682779 is the landline number I used last time,.
  2. This is the way we have gone, very large 240v Lieberhh A++ fridge, and a 1200w dedicated PSW inverter. Heard the inverter fan for the first time last week when it was 32C outside. I am however looking at replacing with a 3kw PSW to run the Belling oven/hob too, the Belling Grill doesnt like the MSW flow and the ignition spark tries to keep going forever.
  3. Ah, Kebs have the weekend off as well nowadays....
  4. Gayton already service quite a few share boats which gives you lots of options.
  5. Well done on your third publication Andy, doesnt seem long since you turned up in trainers in January for a cruise on Lady Grey....
  6. No fault of anybody other than the owner and scribe of above winge. A composting toilet is supposed to make compost, not be dumped in bins or chucked down Elsans. Perhaps a thread is needed.
  7. Wd40 only pushes water away, take some lithium grease or summat......grease maintenance has probably been outsourced to laid off Fountains strimmer operators...
  8. Islip was squealing like a pig when we came through both ways. Apparently the EA have 4 sets of spares of both gearboxes and motors, but this year there have already been 6 breakdowns so are applying for more funding for more spares.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Willow has one window in brushed chrome, all the rest in gold.😊
  11. Luckily for us, we came through before it broke, didnt seem to be a problem the other day. I feel sorry for the crews of Black Swan(Gayton share boat), last weeks crew were supposed to get to Peterborough and changeover Friday for the next crew to bring her back. Because of Wadenhoe closure, they did top half, returned and changed over at Stoke Bruerne. This weeks crew will be beyond Irthlingborough at the moment..
  12. If you live on board, yes, if you dont liveaboard, it doesnt matter.
  13. 17 times on one of our 24 hour BCN challenges a few years ago, we were running out of roof space on the way down the Bradley Arm..
  14. Good to know, I shall email in the week.
  15. Well, Gardners need some support too....😉
  16. Well it does explain where all those stolen alloy wheels will end up...
  17. Although on the Nene they also like geese and cormorants....
  18. We stayed well within the limits on the Nene....
  19. "As this was completely unexpected, we didnt fix the lock paddles like we should have done, have arranged towpath works unpopular places like we shouldnt have done, and 17 mile fishing competitions which was a daft idea(but not my office so I cant take blame for that one).
  20. We were meeting friends in Bugbrooke yesterday, but opposite the wharf was far too busy with boats and people/dogs, so we carried on through the cutting and moored round the corner near Heyford Fields marina. One of the Weedon hire boats came past just as we were leaving the boat, a lovely gentle tickover. Round the corner from behind them came a private boat at daft speed, not slowing much as they passed moored boats. As we walked under the bridge into the cutting, the private boat at full speed attempted to pass the hire boat. He went left of them, hit the Bugbrooke reef and bounced off into the side of the hire boat with a very loud crash.....then carried on passing as though nothing had happened. They exited the cutting and then crashed into the Wharf pub mooring, tying up. All the crew were male, late 60's, early 70's and a bunch of pillocks, the hire boat continued on it's way. Daft thing is, they stayed on the back of the boat for 20 minutes before going to the pub. So, this Aqualine is the boat to look out for. Yes, its a name and shame.
  21. Cant use boats without a separate risk assesment, enviromental study and a large slice of ingenuity peppered with common sense.
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