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  1. My side hatches are precisely 1cm too narrow to get the washing machine out through it.
  2. Are you sure that they haven't just filled the canal in and used that orange gravel stuff to increase cycle speeds.
  3. Buying a licence only allows you to keep your vessel on CRT waters, it does not necessarily allow you to reside there.
  4. Obviously luckily for me I have not watched the latest canal blog "Killer Canals with Kris" where he invites his fellow moorers round for a cup of tannic acid and homebaked rubber fenders.
  5. He's busy writing his 5th magazine article for the people who missed his first 4.
  6. Are you pretty sure or are you just guessing. Whatever you use, should be allowed to work, dry out fully and then be coated over with tank blacking/ epoxy/ or other coating so it is never going to be in contact with tannic acid in it's original format. But dont mind us, keep plugging away.
  7. I love seeing a hire boat when I am coming towards locks, generally lots of crew, I can help them learn and speed progress for both boats.
  8. I have just realised that the temperatures in that table are Fahrenheit not Celsius so you are entirely correct!! You will set the battery bank aH to 210 .
  9. That's not quite what you said in your OP and Daily Mail style headline
  10. Sealed probably wont have a high enough bulk /float charging voltage for the AGM battery, you may have to set the charging voltages manually if this is possible.
  11. Yes , the controller instructions will tell you how to program it for AGM charging
  12. Because boat builders are not necessarily fitting the boats out, have no idea where the stove(if indeed one is to be fitted at all) is going to go or which stove and flue size might be used.
  13. You show me which chandlery stocks Vactan and I might believe the rest of your grumpy gumph. Theres some absolute noodles on YouTube, you've found another.
  14. I was going to use Southerns rails but they never arrived.
  15. Could I just say that the new member seems to have seen a new stove at Crick last year and doesn't need motorbike history ......yet
  16. When Pete Hill used to get his boats ready for the customers, they turned up and said, the boat is listing. He always said, get your stuff on board and then see how it sits. It rarely needed more than 2 52lb weights to make the boat sit straight.
  17. Here goes,..... .death of the hire boat industry.... , all boats to be electric powered and have to have overnight charging points at designated Visitor Moorings, black, grey water tanks as standard. At least 5 signs warning of alcohol consumption and a breathalyser sensor linked to the start button, which must be blown into on an hourly basis to keep the hyper drive running. Maximum 6 hours a day cruising range in line with the CRT lock closures standards, no movement after 5pm as this is when CRT people who actually know anything stop answering phones.
  18. The buildings opposite look a bit too well established to disappear that easily.
  19. matty40s

    Petter PJ3W

    That will explain all the hosepipes when you came past last year!! Good luck with it, I'm sure Tim will do the steelwork proud.
  20. Get a couple of 52lb weights, old stuff is better......and get your other half to sit on the higher side of the boat.
  21. Fill the water tank first. Then move some of the ballast from the engine bay to the front....same side.
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