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  1. Ruining its maintenance plan for the next owners...
  2. They are joining the Creme Anglais of boaters. ..
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Perhaps they renamed the firm as well as the boats...
  5. This is the reason that these switches are not offered fornwebasto, mikuni and eberbastard units. First of all you will soon after start to get swathes of white smoke on startup process, then eventually, it will become so clogged up, it will not run.
  6. There are far worse leaks and breaches at otter locations on the network to sort. 🦦
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. The debris from that 1st hole was washing into the lock below, so looks like the pea gravel in a wheelbarrow fix wasnt quite expansive enough. It make me quite glad I'm on a long pound, at least I can go back and forth without risking a lock until it breaches somewhere.
  9. Aye, but it would take a new approach, preventative maintenance!!
  10. Ah, we moored near the lovely beast for the Winter at Bishops Meadow in 2016/7, I think it sold on again that year.
  11. Stoke Bruerne assisted passage today had 4 vollies sat around chatting, only one boat through whilst we were there,John on Northern Lights. The bottom towpath side gate is chained back, propped shut and has a large block under the balance beam end to help stop it slipping. The top beam on the top lock will not be actioned until it falls apart....which could be very soon.....
  12. If you are planning the Harecastle/Stoke route, make sure you are aware of the very limited opening times in the Winter, and book well ahead.
  13. I dont know, I've done that canal a few times and nobody ever told me I wasnt allowed.
  14. It would be interesting for someone like PD1964 to find out which YouTube vlogger everyone is copying has installed this system recently.... 😀
  15. Thankyou, I shall pass the compliment on.
  16. Until you posted that, I never realised my rails were an inch shorter at the bottom than the top, but I've only lived on here since 2008. New curtains run up by my lovely Kathy one Sunday a few weeks ago. Total cost for 4 coach style windows with linings about £50
  17. matty40s


    Grant Schnapps! has taken reversing out of the new HGV drivers test
  18. Or whack the front up and rip it off in the first tunnel....😉 Not saying this ever happened of course
  19. MELLOR also doesnt state how much power the blower unit (2nd optional.....meaning the first is pretty much needed) require.
  20. Possibly because the canal leisure operators including the large hire fleets have come up with the best system since getting going in the 1970's, ..calorifier..it works, deals with supply from several methods, stove back boiler can be added to that in the winter, a solar powered 12v immersion van be added for the Summer.... The solutions are all out there if you search, rather than try a system that would not be suitable for 99% of boaters. By all means come back and sell me a fully tested and commercially successful unit once your idea is adopted by lots of satisfied boaters.
  21. Theres a program I've been told about that you might like on TV David, The Only Way Is Essex, dont think there are any proper canals there though....the River Stort manages to fend it off most of the way(save Roydon marina which is full of tatties anyway), and the Lea seems to be unsure of how to stay out.
  22. Ok, in summer, I have to run my eber dw5 for hot water if I decide not to cruise for that day. I dont have my radiators on, never have in 14 years of owning this boat. You dont know what your webby does, havnt run it. But you want to change it for a new unit piped in a wonderful new imaginative way that doesnt appear in any Eber or Webby installation guidance. Good luck, I'm out.
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