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  1. Indeed, I chatted with your daughter and son-in-law at Calcutt top lock as we were waiting to enter and go down and they told me they were heading towards The Folly.
  2. Just walked back there after our lunch stop, still there at 4pm in the same place with a large Armco gap to the next boat. Still someone onboard, going by the door being ajar, but whether it will move again anytime soon remains to be seen. Probably not if it has no working rudder. I can confirm it is wheel steering, not tiller. It's no problem gettingat past it as long as there's no-one coming the other way. But there often is.
  3. Progress update for the one at Bridge 104 and pointing towards Braunston 10 days ago. At 12.45 pm today, 21/9/19, we came around the bend just before bridge 102 heading from Braunston to Napton. The boat we were following had just pulled over to the side, which I then also did, as did the two boats behind me (it's been busy here this morning!). The reason was a widebeam was just about to come through the bridge going in the Braunston direction. My first thought was concern that it might get stuck as, from a distance, it looked tight. I then thought I'm going to be waiting a while for it, and the boats queuing behind it, to come through and past the narrow boat moored about, I guess, 100 foot from the bridge, Braunston side. But no! Immediately after getting through the bridge, bow-hauled, it then pulled over and moored at the very start of the Armco despite the fact that there was probably another 50 to 60 foot of Armco to the moored narrow boat. I heard, 2nd hand, that it has "lost its rudder". Even if that is true (I have no reason to doubt it) it doesn't excuse mooring it up immediately after the bridge and not another 50 or 60 foot along. It's very busy along here today, being a warm sunny Saturday, and there will no doubt be quite a few hire boats (Napton, Black Prince, Calcutt, Union Canal Carriers) going through that bridge this afternoon. Narrow stretch of canal either side of the bridge for some distance plus quite a breeze (making hovering a challenge) plus said widebeam right by the bridge should make for some fun there this afternoon, assuming it wasn't just a very brief stop. Here's a photo, although it probably doesn't really do it justice. My excuse is that I was a bit busy steering at the time! Oh yes, there were another 3 boats approaching the bridge from the Napton direction when I came through plus numerous others heading that way during our next half mile or so.
  4. Good news. Presumably you're back on board and happy to be so after a summer on land. Are you on the move yet?
  5. I passed that shed on my way back to the marina last Friday. As someone else said, it is moored right at the start of the armco. This means that much more armco was visible to the steerer as he/she arrived. Every single inch of that Armco would have been better than the bit that was chosen and some of it much better as there are a couple of "lay-by" bits where the canal is significantly wider. I could only conclude that it was no accident that the steerer chose the most unsuitable bit (of one of the busiest canals in the country) to moor, indeed it would have been a challenge to find anywhere more unsuitable, so it was left there with the intention of making it as difficult as possible for as many narrowboats as possible. Someone intentionally being a bit of a git? (perhaps in retaliation against this and similar threads)
  6. I also spoke to someone on some old boat called Sickle, or it may have been Flamingo, when it went passed me moored somewhere South of Milton Keynes early last year. He didn't ignore me either.
  7. Me too. And I also wave indiscriminately, or say hello, or even both, depending how the mood takes me. Unless, of course, I know their view on Br***t differs from mine. Then all bets are off. Not true! I was kidding there as well.
  8. I'm not a historic boat owner although my boat is nearly 20 years old whilst my car is a mere 14 years old so my boat feels pretty historic to me. I'm reading this thread anyway, despite not being a wannabe historic owner. I can't say I've noticed any difference in the likelihood of a greeting or not between historic and non-historic boats. I recently waved at someone on a historic boat, one called Reginald I believe, and he waved back.
  9. Seconded! I think it is somewhere earlier in this thread that I mentioned that I was told by my surveyor that the Numax leisure batteries were flat and needed replacing. I decided to see how they went for a while after using the boat's C-Tec multi stage charger to give them a good charge. They lasted another 18 months! You might not be so lucky but you never know. It's worth a try.
  10. I was at Hillmorton top lock Tuesday this week when two of the three Calcutt "Royal Navy" boats (Emma and Andrew) arrived. Both boats had several children on them and they raised the paddles at the bottom of both locks once both boats were in. One of the children then let go of the windlass which promptly span and did indeed fly off. It didn't go very far but it was far enough to hit the lad (not necessarily in the face) had he not already stepped back very quickly as it started to spin.
  11. Unless I'm expecting their call it still gets ignored. They always leave a message and I then ring back if necessary.
  12. Ha ha. Not only that though but dragged up by a new member's 1st post which includes a link to a supplier. Possibly perfectly innocent but it does make you wonder. Well it did me anyway. Oh, I see it's just disappeared so it seems I was right to wonder.
  13. For the home phone, when I needed a new triple handset system a few years ago I bought one with a built in voicemail system. With this we no longer answer the phone until the caller has started to leave a message, at which point we either accept the wanted call or ignore the unwanted call. It is much less disruptive from the beginning but over time (and quite quickly) the number of unwanted calls has reduced significantly. With the mobile I am now starting to ignore calls from withheld numbers or numbers I don't recognise, unless I'm expecting such a call. If it's important they normally leave a message. I'm hoping that in time the number of "I understand you've been in an accident?" 'robot' calls I get will reduce. I have played along with them in the past to waste the time of the real human it eventually goes through to but I'm bored with that now and it probably just encourages more such calls anyway.
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