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  1. I don't remember noticing the road noise but do remember the railway noise. I don't mind hearing and seeing the trains by day. We've mainly stopped there for lunch but only once overnight. Overnight goods trains are less fun but they didn't keep us awake and they wouldn't put me off stopping in this otherwise quiet spot, especially if the timing fitted nicely into our itinerary Could well be so. It perhaps suggests they would like to do as the EA do but there are so many grumpy old fogeys (like me) on the canals that they took the easy option.
  2. I just checked the CRT equivalent and that has metres in column 1 then feet & inches in column 2.
  3. Not here though, see table 1. Just been looking at this as we plan to head down to Oxford and onto the river soon. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/river-thames-boat-registration-charges/river-thames-boat-registration-and-other-charges-1-january-2022-to-31-december-2022
  4. Perhaps not daft at all if that's what it is, as I suspect it would be as going backwards, rather than offering a choice, would be daft. Even then I suspect many businesses would think having to display two sets of weights is going to increase their costs and it would therefore be unwelcome. Maybe even daft at a time when costs are already rising dramatically. Anyway, this is starting to look like a topic/digression more suited to the political forum and there's no way I'm going over to that poisonous cesspit. So I'm out.
  5. Yes but that may well be because road distance is a good example of where we have not switched to metric. I think human height is probably similar. If you're talking about the weight of meat or fruit and veg I doubt there are many youngsters who would think in terms of pounds and ounces but I bet quite a few oldies do but they are gradually dying out. Even so, Boris seems to have suggested bringing pounds and ounces back which seems daft to me. You can change website and apps and smart speakers to use the old-fashioned and illogical method for temperature. Doesn't work so well with TV or radio though. The other problem with stopping at the Braunston Turn water point is that there's a risk Mr Miles Away will come along and try and barge his way through a gap that is several inches (or centimetres!) narrower than his unsuitable (for that canal) boat.
  6. I was 15 when decimal currency came in and much older when other aspects of metrication came in. Like most people, I suspect, I use metric for some things and imperial for others. I'm happy to continue like that. Although I wouldn't put it past them I hope this government don't force us to go back to measurement systems that are probably alien to most of the population now, albeit less so to us old fogeys. If we had to go all in with one or the other I would hope it was metric. It might not be the British way but it's a lot easier when you get used to it and is much more consistent and logical. Temperature is a good example of where I have switched over to thinking entirely in metric terms. It just seems to make so much more sense. And if you listen to, or watch, weather forecasts it's what they use as well. Unless you're watching something American of course.
  7. Is that the England where athletes race over distances measured in metres? I still tend to think in terms of yards rather than metres but I'm not sure my grandchildren do. I could be wrong though.
  8. My main concern with the lengthy no mooring section is that if you want to moor in Ansty, perhaps to spend money in the pub or the club, but find the moorings before the bridge are full (which I have) then you are stuffed despite there being a long stretch of towpath that would appear to be good for mooring but for the signs.
  9. Oops, corrected it now. I've never used that one but I'm pretty sure I've seen signs for it. I have used the one at Ansty, it's very close to The Ansty Club and immediately before (when heading towards Coventry) that lovely stretch of "No mooring" towpat h (grrr).
  10. re Hawkesbury Junction, there is also a water point on the right immediately before the lock. There is also one at Stretton Stop, on the left I think, just after the swing bridge. Also one at Ansty, on the left just beyond the bridge after the visitor moorings. And another on the left by The Barley Mow pub just before Newbold tunnel. I have used most, but not all, of the water points on the OP's route but I don't recall any of them being especially slow.
  11. Yes, commonly used with that meaning these days. It seems clear bin bags, as per railway stations, have been a thing for many years for the reason stated. I'm still not sure clear bin bags that are easily available to the general public are a thing though. Maybe they are and I've just never spotted them when buying my pedal bin liners. We often use charity bags (or free bin bags as we call them) for our rubbish and our recycling as someone stuffs at least one through our letter box pretty much every day of the week. It's reasonably easy to see what's in them but not like it would be in a fully transparent bag.
  12. Bin bags are obviously a thing. Clear bags are obviously a thing. I don't think I've come across clear bin bags so possibly they are not really a thing? I loved the West Wing, probably my favourite ever TV series, watched it 4 times. Why mention that? Because, it seems, that was where "is that really a thing" came about and it is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. https://qz.com/1015662/post-truth-woke-and-a-new-definition-for-thing-the-latest-updates-to-the-oxford-english-dictionary/
  13. I wish they would clarify this issue. Both our own recycling bin and the one at the marina (two different councils) require recycling stuff to be loose. Because of this I have been assuming we should put it in the CRT bins loose though that does risk contamination. I would assume anything bagged would be treated as rubbish. Even in white bin bags it isn't always possible to tell that they only contain recyclables. Even if clear bags were used (are clear bin bags a thing?) it might be difficult to tell if they contain a lot of stuff. I think I'll stick with loose until I hear something that suggests otherwise.
  14. @RebeccaM I don't mind taking our recycling home (or back to the marina now that they have recently added a recycling bin) but where the sorting of Biffa bins comes in handy, now that I know about it, is for other people's stuff that we collect. For the last few years my wife has taken to using a pond net to fish as much stuff as possible out of the canal as we pootle along. Much of this is bottles and cans and previously we had to either take it back to the marina or put it in with our rubbish. Now we know about the sorting we are happy to put it loose into the red Biffa bins.
  15. I was thinking similar. Fair enough if it's just a separate dining room but to not want drinkers at a table in a pub seems a bit un-pub-like.
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