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  1. Me too. First paragraph of an email from CRT today... "I am contacting you because Canal & River Trust records show that your boat has been in London recently, and we are doing our best to ensure that we reach everyone in the boating community who could be affected by the update in this email." When I was last on my boat for the day, Tuesday last week, it was in a marina in Warwickshire. In my 5 years of ownership the nearest I have come to being in London is down the GU as far as Marsworth a few years ago and, the following year, down the Thames as far as Teddington. Either someone has stolen my boat from the marina and taken it to London in the last 10 days or the CRT system has issues. I wonder which is more likely?
  2. That happened to me too and I haven't had any since (or before). The difference was... it was in 1975. i sometimes wonder if it's got any better during the 45 years elapsed since then. Perhaps I was just unlucky and my one and only KFC came from a shithole branch (Turnpike Lane).
  3. Adding to this... It isn't offered free to over 60s (at least in England, don't know about elsewhere). I'm over 60 and have been paying for it in Tesco. This winter I will get it free for the first time as I will reach the age of 65 during the flu season even though I will still be 64 at the time I receive the jab. As far as I'm aware I will be able to get it free in Tesco if I didn't want to go to the GP for any reason. Various medical conditions, including diabetes, also entitle people to get it free. I have been paying for it for many years, it's only about £10 in Tesco pharmacies and probably availab!e for similar amounts at any pharmacy. To me it seems well worth paying that amount to cut down on the risk of catching a disease that would probably make me feel like death warmed up for a week. It also makes it less likely that I will bring it home to my wife who would be at far more risk. She gets the flu jab for medical reasons but it's not a 100% guarantee of protection.
  4. Went to the boat Monday for the first time since mid March. All seemed fine, engine started fine, went for an 80 minute lock-free cruise between Calcutt and Stockton locks. encountered one moving boat coming the other way plus one followed me half way before it moored up. Mrs Lily Rose is classed as extremely vulnerable and chose to stay at home. With the benefit of hindsight she now regrets it as I had a lovely and safe day. It was the best return journey ever on really quiet roads and the marina (no liveaboard boats apart from the three staff) was as quiet as a mid-week day in January. I next plan to go in late June (rules permitting), just after the boat is due to be blacked, but I daresay things will be much much busier by then.
  5. Fascinating, scary and reassuring all at the same time though the latter two depend on your own circumstances. It's now had almost 14 million views. Worth reading some of his other articles as well. For example https://www.erinbromage.com/post/as-promised-something-helpful-shopping https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-air-is-not-infected https://www.erinbromage.com/post/how-do-we-kill-sars-cov2-on-surfaces https://www.erinbromage.com/post/i-m-an-essential-employee-how-can-i-keep-safe-at-work-and-not-bring-the-virus-home-to-my-family
  6. Maybe (just guessing) that the flexible ones get snapped up quicker due to cheaper price. Or maybe they are concentrating efforts on the slots that people are willing to pay a premium for and the priority slots for the vulnerable. They are supposed to be increasing from 1m to 1.2m weekly slots over the next few weeks, most of those will probably be priority slots.
  7. My experience of last night was that step 3 is not needed. I had two items put into my basket earlier in the day and did not add any more after getting a slot. I checked out with just those two items and will update it nearer the time as it's 3 weeks away at the moment.
  8. Ha ha. I should have said fewer 😀 I just had a message from someone in South London telling there are currently loads of fixed one hour slots available but no flexible slots. I checked my area and saw loads of fixed and loads of priority slots for weeks 1 and 2 of the 3 weeks showing. Told my daughter (also in a vulnerable situation) in a different area (Swindon store) and she saw the the same and managed to book one for the 9th. When you reserve a Tesco slot it is reserved to give you 2 hours to checkout. With Iceland it's 1 hour.
  9. I think it varies massively depending on where you are. It's certainly not like that round these parts. I'm assuming you're still up in Yorkshire so I suspect it's because there are less piss takers there than there are darn sarf.
  10. I haven't done online food shopping for years as I felt doing it in store was quicker. Avoiding queues probably isn't too difficult at the moment either using either Google and the store you're going to or the new Crowdlessapp ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-52446658 ). What's not so easy is avoiding the customers and staff in the store, even at quieter times, who aren't too bothered about ignoring one way systems, social distancing etc. Before my wife received her "very vulnerable" letter recently I was prepared to risk it. Now I'm not, unless I have no choice. I'd never forgive myself If she got C19, which would very likely put her in hospital if not worse, as this would almost certainly be due to my trip to the supermarket. I see that the latest Martyn Lewis newsletter has just publicised the best times to book slots and mentions the midnight queue for Tesco. Fair enough, no complaints, but the reach of his newsletter makes the midnight lottery even less likely to be successful from now on. Yes but even if they are not then shielding of the very vulnerable person is less likely to be successful if a less vulnerable member of the household goes to a higher risk area and potentially brings it back into the house.
  11. That's why I considered not staying up last night but thought I'd chance it one more time as I hadn't seen anything during the day despite trying about 20 times. As far as I could recall, everything I'd seen from Tesco said they were releasing more slots randomly (varying by store) during the day but did not say they had stopped releasing slots at midnight altogether. Maybe they have reduced the number at midnight. The queue screen still appeared before midnight and when I saw that I felt more confident there would be some slots released, it was then just a question of being lucky enough to see them, quick enough to get one and hoping that their systems would hold up long enough to checkout.
  12. Thanks Jen and commiserations. I know from my miss a couple of weeks ago how frustrating it is. It was even worse for my daughter (also vulnerable) last week. She stayed up until midnight, despite being extremely tired after another day looking after 4 kids on her own, got a slot and tried repeatedly to checkout unsuccessfully before succumbing to sleep at 1.45am. It turned out Tesco's system crashed for several hours, presumably due to demand. She is one of the two vulnerable people I'm trying to help out from my shopping which is why I need to do it weekly if I can get a slot. When she does manage to get a slot her 80 item limit is not really enough to provide food for a family of five for very long. For my household of 3, including one very vulnerable, the 80 items limit is fine for a week (even with helping others out) but it's not enough to last a fortnight even for just the three of us. I thought system problems might be happening again last night when I got the spinny thing for a while followed by an error message. Fortunately after pressing the ok button it recovered and I checked out with 2 items in my basket. I'll fill it properly nearer the time. Hope you have better luck tonight.
  13. Because I can't manage with once a fortnight. I wish I could but I've tried it and couldn't. And that's before including some items to help out someone else who is in need. And buying to donate to the food bank. And taking into account the 80 item limit imposed by Tesco. Not everyone's circumstances are the same.
  14. I won the midnight lottery again! 3:1 up now. Hope you were successful Jen?
  15. So far I'm 2:1 up on the Tesco midnight lottery game. I'm going to try it one more time tonight in the hope that they are still releasing *some* slots at that time. Hopefully I'll go 3:1 up but if it goes to 2:2 I'm out. Do they exist? I'm only aware of Shopping Slot but that doesn't book a slot for you, it just means you can check several supermarkets at the same time. So far it hasn't been of any use to me as it only ever found Iceland slots.
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