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  1. I'm planning to visit there for some Braunston Bangers at the end of next week so I'll give the eggs a try as well
  2. I hard-boiled 6 yesterday, 2 days before their best before date. 5 lay on the bottom, one stood up but did not float. There was no difference in taste although the large air bubble in the standy-uppy one caused the shell to crack enough for about 20% of the egg to ooze out before it solidified enough to heal itself. I do miss the eggs from my own chickens, always in the "very large" category and always with disproportionately large deep orange yolks. I don't miss the crap all over the garden though. Unfortunately the local wood pigeons are doing their best to cover the manure shortfall.
  3. I prefer them to be a little less fresh when making fried egg sandwiches as the white spreads out more and thus fills the sandwich better (if using supermarket bread, matters less with the smaller slices of homemade bread). Oh, and thanks for the silicone kneading bag tip, I ordered one for £3.99 on EBay yesterday and look forward to trying it out. Unfortunately I may have to wait a while as it is forecast to arrive at the end of next week, just after we head off to the boat next Wednesday.
  4. They are almost always in boxes of 6 or 12 but there are a few brands that sell in 10s. Me too. Again, I can't say I've ever noticed whether this visible sign of freshness loss happens faster in or out of the fridge.
  5. The conclusion I came to as a back-yard chicken owner for several years was that it didn't make any significant/noticeable difference whether I stored eggs for several weeks in the fridge, in a cupboard or out in the open. In my experience it really didn't matter, if one option was better than the other then the difference was so marginal as to be insignificant. Ever since, whether at home or on the boat, I now just store eggs where there is space. This is particularly useful on the boat as sometimes I have more free space in the fridge and at other times I have more space elsewhere. Today, for example (at home), I did my main shop of the week and bought two boxes of 10 eggs. One box has gone into the fridge where there was room for one but not two. The other just sits on the countertop but not in the way, although two probably would have been. I don't expect I will notice any difference between them. I have never had any eggs go off and I have never had eggs tainted by the smell from an uncovered onion/curry/whatever. Probably because I don't tend to leave such things uncovered.
  6. Until I bought my boat 3 years ago I kept chickens in the back garden for a few years. A surplus of eggs often gave me storage probles, not helped by all the conflicting advice. I ended up keeping some eggs out of the fridge and some in the fridge. I never had any eggs go off, whether in or out of the fridge, even when they were 3 or 4 weeks old. They were always nicer than shop-bought ones. I could easily tell the difference between shop-bought eggs and eggs from my hens. On the other hand, I could never tell the difference between those kept in the fridge and those kept out. Regarding shops not selling eggs from a fridge I don't think this is an indicator that they are any better kept out of the fridge. It's probably more to do with the fact that keeping something in an expensive-to-run fridge when you don't HAVE to makes less sense than keeping them on a shelf, particularly if you expect to sell them reasonably quickly. The shop can then use the fridge space for something else that really does need to be kept cold.
  7. Lily Rose

    March of the Widebeams

    It is, but it's below the locks, not on the summit. Different kettle of fish. I believe, not having been as far as the next lock north of Foxton, that from there to Leicester and beyond the locks are wide ones.
  8. Lily Rose

    Canal trip choice

    True. I wasn't suggesting doing so, just making a point (badly) about that trip option being more than enough in terms of permissible cruising hours.
  9. Lily Rose

    Canal trip choice

    In 2011 we hired from Springwood Haven (hire base has since moved into Coventry basin), just north of Nuneaton, for a week. Although the Ashby itself wasn't enough for a full week, after doing the full length of the Ashby we also went up to Atherstone and back (still no locks) then down to Hawkesbury Junction. After a very worthwhile visit to The Greyhound we went through the (extremely shallow/easy) lock, the first one we ever did, and headed down the Oxford canal. We did not have enough time left to get all the way to Rugby but, had we done so, it would still have been lock-free apart from the very quick and easy one by the afore-mentioned, and not to be missed, Greyhound pub. i would therefore disagree that this option would be too short for a week. However, in the unlikely event that it was (given the relatively short days in October), you just need to go through the easy Hillmorton flight at Rugby and you have, I would say, at least another 2 full days of lock-free cruising to do for the return trip from Hillmorton to the winding hole near The Folly pub (again not to be missed) at the bottom of the Napton flight. If you had time you could also stop at Braunston (more pubs!). i haven't checked on https://canalplan.org.uk/cgi-bin/canal.cgi myself but I reckon that if you (for example) put in Stoke Golding (Ashby Boats hire base) as the start and end points, and put in Atherstone and Napton winding holes as intermediate points, you will get a trip with a total of just 8 locks but so many hours that you would need to cruise at night to manage it. Even just putting Atherstone (winding hole above locks) and the winding hole below Hillmorton locks in as intermediates would probably give you at least enough hours to fill a week and with only two (quick/easy) locks.
  10. Lily Rose

    March of the Widebeams

    Thanks Tim, I'm glad it wasn't just me that thought this was stupidly and inconsiderately moored in a completely inappropriate place.
  11. Lily Rose

    March of the Widebeams

    There is/was ample space to pass but only if no-one is coming the other way round the nearby blind bend. There is a winding hole just before The Folly, as well as a smaller one by the old Bridge Inn, but I don't think it could get that far. There are a pair of bridges just south of the Napton hire base, as well as at least one more further on, some or all of which I recall as being too narrow for a widebeam, though I could be misremembering.
  12. Lily Rose

    March of the Widebeams

    This was a couple of weeks ago so it may have been moved by now. Returning up the Oxford South from our recent Thames trip we passed this beauty thoughtfully parked near a bend, and near overhanging offside vegetation, between the entrance to Napton Marina and Napton Junction. Must have been causing fun and games at busy times such as when the Napton and Black Prince boats set out. As far as I know it would not have been able to go any further south, nor have anywhere to turn, so presumably it will have to, or would have had to, reverse back round the bend to the junction.
  13. Lily Rose

    Odd enquiry

    Very pleased to read this... I'm usually dressed like a scarecrow whilst boating and feel a bit self-conscious when I meet others who are dressed less scruffily than me (i.e. most people). Now I will just consider myself to be a real boater, albeit only part-time.
  14. Lily Rose

    Thrupp - any good?

    That would explain why the car park was empty first thing in the morning! I probably saw the gate but paid no attention to it and now don't even remember it.
  15. Lily Rose

    Know any good castles?

    No-one has mentioned this so far (I think), so I will... the high cost of entry into Warwick Castle (and a number of other places, including, for example, Blenheim Palace) can be mitigated, or even eliminated, by the use of Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Assuming you shop there of course! Not as good as it used to be but still possible to convert £1 of vouchers in to £3 off the entry price. It's why I save mine up. https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/warwick-castle-admission/UK-009801.prd

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