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  1. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Many thanks for that Alan. We've just had lunch at Cosgrove and will set off soon. Before we do I'll make a note of your suggestions ready for later.
  2. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Yesterday (Friday) we did Blisworth tunnel in the morning with no other boats moving in either direction. Very wet in there! We stopped for lunch in Stoke Bruerne, plus beer in the Boat, plus a visit to a gift shop. After 3pm we set off to do all 7 locks and then moored for the night on the VMs below the bottom lock. Today we aim to do about 4 to 4.5 hours which should take us to, but not all the way through, Milton Keynes. Probably somewhere near Linford Wharf / Gifford Park, give or take a mile or two. Being newbies to this canal I'm not sure if there are any spots best avoided in Milton Keynes or where the best (quiet) overnight mooring places are. Shops (or pubs) are NOT needed at this point in time. Can anyone advise please?
  3. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    We did 5.5 hours today (though Canalplan suggested it should have only taken 4.5 until I changed the default speed for broad canals from 3.25mph to 2.5mph) which took us to about a mile or 2 past Bugbrooke. We saw nb Old Friends moored at Stowe Hill but I'm not sure if I saw Matty or not as I don't know what he looks like. I did spot one very good-looking chap but he didn't wave so either it was not Matty or he didn't notice us as he was so busy doing something to a boat. Hopefully we'll clear Stoke Bruerne locks tomorrow and then I'll have a think about whether or not I feel like pushing on as far as Marsworth as per earlier advice, or taking it a bit easier as I'm normally inclined to do.
  4. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    I'll keep the Aylesbury arm up my sleeve as a possible incentive to repeat the trip sometime in the future, hopefully with more flexible dates. Thanks for the stoppage warning, although I was aware as I got the CRT email a day or two ago. I definitely don't want to get caught the wrong side of that so I will be keeping it in mind when deciding where to turn. No decision on that yet, it will depend on how far we get over the next 3 or 4 days. I'm hoping for Marsworth but only if it feels do-able without rushing. If not, it too will have to keep for another day.
  5. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Ok, it looks like I may have to do slightly longer days from tomorrow to get to Slapton with time left to do another 8 locks each way to Marsworth and back. Then I'll have to resist the temptation to do Aylesbury. Gotta draw the line somewhere, need to keep the hours down to a level where boating feels like fun rather than a chore, and also we have a date in the diary where must be back home to do a road trip down to the west country. Anyway, I take the point - I need to extend this trip to Marsworth. Please don't start telling me why I should go further than that!
  6. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Frayed knot. I was hoping to put people off but after seeing those photos I expect it'll be rammed all the time now.
  7. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Thanks. I was planning to turn at Slapton but perhaps I'll go on a bit further depending on when we get to that point. I like short days, especially on the way back so we can spend more time at places we liked the look of.
  8. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Er... I was kidding!
  9. Lily Rose

    Borrowing and anchor

    My boat, bought 3 years ago, came with an anchor but no chain or rope. For 2 years we didn't go near a river but last summer we decided to give the Thames a go so I got properly kitted out even though it was possibly a one-off. I'm glad I did. We loved it so much that we're going back this summer and next year I may try other rivers. The Nene, Soar or Trent maybe.
  10. Lily Rose

    New Waitrose almost on the Oxford

    Doesn't work then. I think Waitrose are expensive. I am riff raff. Yet I do sgo in there for a bit of shopping (now and again).
  11. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    We've moored there a few times before. But only because we had to, we didn't really want to as it wasn't very nice. Absolutely horrible. I really wouldn't advise anyone to moor there. Ever. Today was a bit of a contrast. Lots of boats on the move, including lots queuing to go up Braunston locks. All those I spoke to were on their way to Crick. All apart from one chap who was told, fortunately just before he went into the bottom lock, that "no, that is not the way to Oxford - not unless you want to go the long way". Narrow escape! (he had, not the name of the boat). We moored for the night just before Norton Junction as 6 broad locks (and a wonky tunnel) was enough for one day. From tomorrow it will all be new territory for us as we went North the one and only previous time through Norton Junction.
  12. I've just discovered how lovely evening cruising can be. Who knew? We got to the boat yesterday afternoon for a leisurely jaunt from Napton down to Leighton Buzzard (a new route for us) over the next 2.5 weeks and would normally leave the marina on day 2. However, the weather was gorgeous so I thought we'd get everything ready as quickly as possible. Over 3 hours later (!) we set off, planning to moor up for the night somewhere before Braunston. By the time we were ready to go it was nearly 6pm. We are normally tied up by 4pm, as I don't fancy looking for a mooring when most have already been taken, but there's plenty to choose from along this stretch so off we went. We left the marina and were going into Calcutt bottom lock at exactly 6pm. After the locks we had a nice sedate cruise in constant sunshine until 8pm along what I believe is one of the busiest stretches of canal on the network. We did not see a single moving boat. Wonderful! Plenty of boats moored up but also plenty of spaces all the way along, including near bridge 100 where we stopped.
  13. Lily Rose

    New Waitrose almost on the Oxford

    I had quite a number of cans of Adnams Ghost Ship on't boat last summer when it was on a good offer and it didn't bother me in the slightest that it was tinned. Admittedly it was not as good as draught bigger in a pub in Southwold but it was still recogizably, and very enjoyably, Adnams. And I can't easily get mebote to Southwold.
  14. Lily Rose

    New Waitrose almost on the Oxford

    Sort of agree... draught (cask) is far and away the best, but a bit impractical on the boat, and tins are better than nothing (though that depends on what's in them). Bottles are a good compromise, but surely not only with a sediment? I remember Guinness having a sediment years ago, maybe it still does? And I remember Worthington White Shield. Are there any other bottle-conditioned beers easily available?
  15. Lily Rose

    What a depressing read!

    Until about 6 months ago I was a frequent visitor to that site but it was getting me down so much I was starting to wonder why I should stick with boating. So I gave it up. NBW that is, not boating. Feeling much better about being a boat owner now and haven't looked at NBW since.

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