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  1. My stern gland greaser was clearly installed by someone using those instructions. Use of the greaser requires moving a step/box out of the way, removing two engine cover boards, opening a small door and then crawling forward slightly on hands and knees. Miss out any of these and the greaser remains out of reach by just a few inches. Perhaps I should have grown longer arms. I think there must have been similar instructions used for the installation of the weed hatch.
  2. Just to be clear, BEING young was not the alternative to GETTING old that I had in mind! But I think you knew that and were just being mischievous.
  3. Oops! Methinks you should go to Specsavers. Then have another read of post #1. ☺
  4. Yes, indeed. I note from the HS2 map that it runs next to the canal at one point and will (I am expecting) spoil one of my favourite mooring spots. I have given up hope of the project not proceeding, heading down from Napton to Fenny a couple of weeks ago we noticed there is already preparatory work underway.
  5. Exactly the reasons why I would probably be a volockie on the Thames by now if I hadn't bought a boat soon after I retired.
  6. Also, the Oxford South (much as I love it, and I'm on it now) is not exactly immune to this with the Oxford to Birmingham line running close by in many places and the M40 running nearby and criss-crossing the canal in a number of places.
  7. This morning's weather is the reason I did 5 1/2 hours yesterday, rather than the usual 3, otherwise I would have been caught by the stoppage. The forecast (and rain radar) suggests this afternoon will be quite a bit better so I expect a lot of boats will be on the move after sitting out the morning rain. That's my plan for the day anyway
  8. We bought our boat 4 years ago in the Napton area and did all the available local routes bar one in the first 3 years. We put off doing the southern GU until Easter last year, partly because of the wide locks, partly because I didn't think it would be that great. In the event we were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it (we did Braunston to Marsworth Junction). The fat boats caused us no problems, the scenery was good ( although not as good as the Oxford summit), there were tons of places to moor (far better than the Oxford for mooring choices), the canal seemed wider and deeper (probably cos it is), the canal through Milton Keynes was not bad on the whole and pretty good in places. I don't recall anywhere being particularly bad for rubbish, we saw far worse in Nuneaton and Leamington Spa. We enjoyed it enough to not want to wait another 3 years before we do it again.
  9. Might work for the twin bottom gates, which is what the stoppage refers to, but some of the top gates, especially the one at the top lock, were difficult to open even with the balance beam in place.
  10. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/15271-claydon-flight-locks-17-21 Closed as of 7pm today due to a broken balance beam. We came up the Claydon flight this afternoon . It wasn't me, I promise! This is the closest we've come so far to getting caught by a stoppage, no doubt it will happen before long.
  11. Yes, a small one in the marina office. Perhaps Tim is taking over the business from the current owners and expanding the marina chandlers. Or giving up the current one in order to have Wharf House pay him to be on his site. I'm still perplexed as to why "Wharf House Narrowboats" made one post on the subject which failed to clarify things and then vanished with no further comment.
  12. I seem to recall further back in this thread that the owner came on here to post a message saying they were not retiring but that the lady who runs the shop was. It was not made clear whether or not the shop was closing. Given that this person had only one post to their name maybe it was a hoax. Bit of a pointless effort if so, which makes me think it wasn't. Update - post #44, hasn't posted again since.
  13. I think that might be a different boat. The boat at Calcutt is named Andrew, not THE Andrew. We definitely saw Trafalgar in Banbury, we definitely saw Emma in the area, possibly in Banbury and my wife is pretty sure she saw Andrew as well but not 100% on that. They still had the same paint scheme.
  14. I didn't know the three navy boats had been sold off. That might explain why I can no longer find the website for them. At least one of the (ex?) navy boats that passed us at Banbury looked like it had the usual loud and all-male crew we've come to expect on those boats. Perhaps they are still being managed by Calcutt on behalf of a new private owner and for the same purpose i.e. all male booze cruise holidays.
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