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  1. Industrial oil spill on the River Lea - help please

    Excellent work! And so quick. Here comes the summer.
  2. Industrial oil spill on the River Lea - help please

    Signed. I had to sign this once I'd seen that it had already been signed by Feargal Sharkey (note: I would have signed it anyway) and found out that it was indeed him and not just some namesake. The mention of the great man's name has necessitated the appropriate instruction to Alexa. Great stuff!
  3. CRT Licensing Review final report

    Just been reading this. The headline summary doesn't quantify it but the detail says the prompt payment discount of 10% will reduce to 5% from April 2019 and half of that will be dependent on the payment method. Also supplements of 10% for wider boats and 20% for very wide (over 10 and a half foot I tnink) phased in over 5 years.
  4. recipes

    If your cassero!e dish can take direct heat (we were lucky as a cast iron one was left on the boat by the seller - because I told him to leave it) you can bring the contents to the boil on the hob and then transfer it to the top of the multi-fuel stove to slow cook for the remainder of the day. I like to bung in some pulses as well for extra cheap protein and other goodness. Dried ones are cheaper if you have time to cook them properly (borlotti beans are good, no need to soak overnight), tinned will do otherwise. Aldi tinned kidney beans are well cheap.
  5. recipes

    This is what Google was made for! Try this or similar... https://www.bing.com/search?q=easy+to+cook+recipes+uk&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=easy+to+cook+recipes+uk&sc=0-23&sk=&cvid=33F4B17A2A8B45119E275D32B20C1026 Also, to save money, you could do worse than check out Jack Monroe... https://cookingonabootstrap.com Plenty of other similar websites are also available.
  6. Big news! Canal freezes over.

    I think you can safely assume you are correct. I'm not on the boat at the moment but have been on it many times when the temperature dropped to 0 or -1 overnight (so a lot less cold than now) in Warwickshire and both the marina and the canal were covered in ice in the morning. I would think the ice is a fair bit thicker now (if my garden pond is anything to go by) than I've seen it at any time during my three winters as a boat owner though.
  7. Big news! Canal freezes over.

    Sort of my point really. The sea freezing is news (even if it is only a harbour rather than the open sea), a canal freezing rather less so. Many of us will have seen frozen canals and/or marinas multiple times every winter, though admittedly not in Devon.
  8. Big news! Canal freezes over.

    BBC News are bringing us the big stories about the current weather. Apparently a canal has frozen over! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-43202018. (see the 12.57 item)
  9. The Bridge at Napton

    It does seem weird. It suggests that lots of boaters want to moor near a pub that's still in business but not actually visit said pub. Or perhaps they do but only relatively briefly so that at any given moment most boaters are not in the pub but have been for a time or will be before they set off again.
  10. Any recommended canal guide book

    Agreed. In my opinion Pearson's make for a more interesting read but Nicholson's are better when on the move due to North always being at the top of the page and because they stay open better due to the ring binding.
  11. The Bridge at Napton

    And yet the odd thing is that since the pub closed down it has been much easier to get a space here, at least on the occasions we've been past or stopped. Every cloud has a silver lining (unless it was just coincidence).
  12. Any recommended canal guide book

    I'm led to believe that some people prefer Pearson's to Nicholson's. Takes all sorts I suppose.
  13. Could this jumps start my engine?

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DLRGY8A/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought this one in September 2016 (£50 all-in at the time) after Mr RCR told me, after the annual engine inspection, that I could do with a new starter battery even though it was still starting first time every time. I declined, as I don't much like replacing stuff that still works, and bought one of these (belt) and a set of jump leads (braces) and decided to see how much longer the battery would go on for. As at the start of December 2017 (the last time I was on the boat) it was still starting first time every time so I haven't had to resort to the belt or braces yet. At least not for the boat. When I'm not on the boat I keep the jump starter in the boot of the car as its battery, although only 3 years old, is failing... probably due to less frequent use and shorter journeys since I retired about the time the battery was replaced. After Christmas, and a few cold days and nights of lack of use, the engine failed to start with the voltmeter reading 11.9. I hooked up the DBPower and it started fine (12 year old 1.5 litre Ford diesel engine). I hope it would start my boat engine (17 year old 35 BHP Barrus Shire/Yanmar without glow plugs), if it's ever needed but unless/until the situation arises I can't be sure. However, as it started my car last week I am more confident than I was.
  14. After reading the above I'm now starting to wonder if it was Homefire Ovals I tried! I still think it was though. Whatever it was, it was recommended to my by fuel boat Dusty as being "similar to Supertherm" as they were not selling that. I'm all the more likely to try Homefire Ovals again. If I still don't get on with it I'll just have to assume that it doesn't agree with Becton Bunnies (or at least my Becton Bunny).
  15. That sounds pretty much how I would describe a typical night/morning for my stove (Becton Bunny). But with Supertherm! The same procedure with Homefire Ovals resulted in the fire going out overnight. The 2nd night I opened the bottom vent a bit but got the same result. I will probably give it another go at some point if only to confirm that it's not the fuel for me.