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  1. Lily Rose

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Looks like he's joined the forum. New members (!) always welcome. Or are they?
  2. Lily Rose

    Winter. Cruising. Where?

    We did Norton Junction down to the start of the Aylesbury arm, for the first time, earlier this year. We liked it! Milton Keynes by canal was much better than I expected. If it's new to you I'd say it's well worth a go. Edit.. I normally mark M in my guide for potential future mooring spots. I gave up on the GU South as there were so many.
  3. Lily Rose

    12 Volt TV

    And the wife presumably?
  4. Lily Rose

    12 Volt TV

    Well I've never bought three camels (not yet anyway) so I guess it must. A (or eh?)
  5. Lily Rose

    12 Volt TV

    Here's the perfect way to keep an eye on it (in case you weren't aware of it!). I have used it on numerous occasions to avoid overpaying when a price is high and also picked up several short-lived bargains. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com It works like this... 1. Copy the URL of an Amazon item into the Camels' search bar. 2. Check the price history graph to establish whether the current price looks high or low compared to the average. 3. If you want to buy at a lower price (hopefully) in the future enter a tracking amount and then sit back and hope an email comes before too long. 4. If it does, snap it up! The price may not last long.
  6. Lily Rose

    Southern Oxford Summit.

    Indeed so and this was surely never the real cause of the drop. A 12 inch (or whatever) drop in a 2 mile pound could never have been accounted for by the builders, there must be/have been something else. It's now getting on for a month since I came through that pound. Does anyone know what it's like now?
  7. Lily Rose

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    Hampton Court update... 5 minutes ago I was about to set off when along came a Park Ranger van. Checking boats I thought, but odd if it's DE running it so I spoke to him. He was replacing signs that had been torn down and confirmed that DE are running it and that they do the checks. His view was that the palace should take it back and that this was being considered but following a recent meeting DE have been given one more chance.
  8. Lily Rose

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    I spoke to someone on a white boat as they were leaving this afternoon, having been here 24 hours. She said someone did come round checking boats this morning. Didn't say who they were. This is consistent with what the gin palace skipper told me this morning. He was also of the opinion that the EA favour DE over TVM as the former check and enforce whilst the latter don't/can't. True or not, I have no idea. He also said the lack of information and the confusion/overlap was a shambles (I expect we all agree on that!) and even the lockeepers don't know what's going on. Edit to add... It would be interesting to have the view of the palace. Even more interesting would be knowing what the EA are intending to do given that, as far as I can tell, most or all of the DE Moorings are listed on both the TVM and DE websites.
  9. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    You must have as "open water" (whatever your definition) is about as common as hens teeth on a canal. Someone will possibly point out rare exceptions. And no, you don't leave gates open, you close all gates and all paddles. Again, someone may point out some rare exceptions but I haven't encountered any yet. I'm still trying to figure out whether you are a genuine newbie with much to learn or are a wind-up merchant!
  10. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Let me know when you find this open water on the GU (as per your original post). I must have missed it on my trip!
  11. Lily Rose

    Assistance required!

    Just to clarify, I was not suggesting Weills Disease can only be caught whilst attempting to remove stuff wrapped around the prop. However, it is one potential risk that it would not be necessary to expose yourself to (and with a high risk of getting a cut that increases the risk of disease) if it wasn't for filthy fly-tipping scummy bastards. I would also like to make it clear, should it be necessary, that I don't believe litter pickers on dual carriageway and motorways are the only people who risk their lives at the roadside. However, they are risking their lives doing a job that would not even be needed if it was not for thoughtless/ignorant high speed litterbugs.
  12. Lily Rose

    Assistance required!

    This tale of mattress woe, and anything else in the water that could potentially cause someone to lose their life to Weills Disease as a result of trying to remove it, just goes to reinforce my belief that people who throw stuff into rivers and canals, or leave it on the towpath to probably end up in the water , are absolute scumbags (a much stronger word is probably even more appropriate) with no consideration for anyone else. This also applies to people who throw rubbish out of their cars. I recently passed some litter pickers by the side of a dual carriageway, literally risking their lives to pick up rubbish that similar scumbags in cars etc could not be bothered to keep hold of until they got to their destination and a bin. Bastards!
  13. Lily Rose

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    Update... Thursday night, moored at Stevens Eyot, just past Kingston railway bridge. TVM-managed, 1st night free then 2 nights at £5 each if required. Friday night, moored on bollards at Teddington. Lots of space when we arrived before lunch, full up, and with a couple of breasted up boats, by early evening. 24 hours only according to the lockkeeper. Overnight is £7 for boats up to 12 metres (39 feet?). We are 45 foot so it was £9.50. Today/tonight we are moored just upstream from Kingston bridge on the Hampton Court Park side. This is being managed by DE (Distric Enforcement), as is the one just below Hampton Court bridge. It is free for 24 hours then subsequent 24 hour periods, up to a maximum of a further four periods, are £8 each for boats up to 60 feet but £16 for longer boats. If you don't register you get a penalty notice for £100 and this goes up by £100 each day until it is paid. The signs are very clear about this and I was told by a gin palace boater that it is patrolled and enforced. He also told me you have to phone as website registering won't work. I believed this as I had also read this on the forum. However, registering by phone was unsatisfactory due to menu options and only an answering machine rather than a human being answering the call. So I tried online and it worked. I didn't think it would as the button to "Book Now" (I think it was labelled), near the top of the page, just took me back to the list of moorings. Second time around I ignored this as I had spotted a button labelled something like Book and Pay Now, much further down the page. This one works and takes you to a Parkonomy page where you login (or register) and then register your arrival. I promptly received an invoice for £0.00 which was marked PAID.
  14. Lily Rose

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    It's 4mph on canals, 8kph (5mph) on the Thames but slower than that if you are causing a breaking wash. Getting caught speeding is really not the point! More to the point is the damage caused to the bank and also the annoyance, and potentially harm, caused to other people and their moored boats. People who intentionally speed on inland waterways are just as inconsiderate as, for example, people who leave litter (anywhere, near a waterway or elsewhere) or throw stuff in the river or canal.
  15. Lily Rose

    Good stopping places and pubs

    If you do decide to do the 6 Braunston Locks plus tunnel and overnight at Norton Junction then you should walk the short distance to the top (first) lock of the Buckby flight to visit the New Inn pub. We had fabulous fish and chips in there a few months ago and it was only £9.99. Also worth a short walk towards the next lock to visit the little canalside shop.

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