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  1. Blimey, it must have been bad if it was was worse than drinking lager. We were in the marina yesterday having the BSS inspection done (all was good, yippee!), so not far away from Little Itchy, but I don't recall thinking it was too hot for good old British ale.
  2. You should see us then, we're normally at opposite ends of the boat!
  3. I spotted a widebeam moored at Braunston yesterday evening but it looked well lived in, not brand new. Not the same boat.
  4. That happened to me two years ago. We arrived at the marina in February for one of our monthly winter visits and I could hear the alarm going off as I walked up from the car and then noticed the rotten eggs smell as I got nearer. I replaced the leisure batteries (which I knew we're on borrowed time), added a second CO alarm (at pillow height near the bed) and have since never left the battery charger switched on whilst not on the boat. We do have 200W of solar which keeps the leisure batteries topped up throughout the winter. I also remove the batteries from both smoke alarms and both CO alarms when we go home as it would be very annoying if anyone happened to be on either of the neighbouring boats when an alarm started its low battery warning beeping. On the other hand, if an alarm sounded in anger it is highly unlikely anyone would be near enough to hear it in time (or at all) as our marina is sparsely populated, to say the least, most of the time. No-one was around when my CO alarm sounded.
  5. Agreed. I can relate to this. For the last 7 years or so I've been doing a brisk walk of about 30 minutes most days when I'm not on the boat. The app Runkeeper tracks these for me and I can see that most of my walks tend to be between 3.3 and 3.5mph. At that pace it is virtually unheard of for me to get overtaken by anyone and I normally overtake everyone I encounter walking in the same direction. I very much doubt I have ever seen a narrowboat going so fast on a canal that I wouldn't be able to overtake it at my normal brisk walking pace. I have intentionally done 4mph walks (definitely faster than anything I've ever seen on a canal*) but after the first 15 minutes or so I find it difficult to keep up that pace without getting a bit out of breath. I don't try to do my normal brisk walking pace on a grassy towpath though, that's much tougher and potentially more dangerous than on a pavement or road. Runkeeper normally tracks me at 2 to 2.5mph when I'm walking fairly briskly along a towpath. Even at that speed I'm normally as fast as, or faster than, most boats I encounter. * I'm not saying that it never happens, only that I don't think I've ever seen it, even with boats that look to me to be getting a bit of a move on.
  6. I do it as well (i.e. reducing, reusing, recycling) but increasingly feel like I'm pissing in the wind, especially when I read something like this BBC article which contributes to the depressing thought that it's probably already too late, and if not it will be by the time enough of the human race have started to do enough about it. Can't help thinking we're already screwed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48827490 I'll still keep doing it though, if only for the reason that it helps me feel that I'm reducing my own personal contribution to the problem. Also no air travel. And (Tim might not like this!) eating a bit more plant-based food and a bit less meat, particularly beef and lamb as these are apparently significantly worse than, say, pork and chicken. One example on this subject... http://www.greeneatz.com/foods-carbon-footprint.html I'm still going to eat Pig Place products as an occasional treat though - at least it's pork rather than beef.
  7. Yes, read that. I still wondered if, once the coolant started circulating all the way round the system, there might still be bits of egg that hadn't already got stuck somewhere which might then move to somewhere undesirable.
  8. I love eggs, wouldn't want to waste any unless I was sure it would work. Isn't there a danger of bits of scrambled egg finding their way into places where they might cause another problem?
  9. I am! Good luck with the rest of trip Martyn, hope it holds out until you get to the destination boatyard.
  10. Don't go suggesting to Sara that she should put her prices up Tim!
  11. Correct, Oxford Sandy and Black, not Gloucester Old Spot. I think. No doubt Tim will correct me if I've mis-remembered.
  12. All that proves is that there are at least two strange blokes on the forum 😄 I'm a bit worried that next time I get pork chops from TPP I may also start to think they just a little bit too piggy! You should try the sausages though, when you get the chance. I'd be surprised if you said the same about them.
  13. No Martyn, you're just strange 😄 What does it taste like when it doesn't taste like pig? I think you said you hadn't tried the meat from TPP? I wonder what you'd think their chops taste like, they definitely have a stronger flavour, in a very good way. Once they put lamb on the menu shouldn't it be TP&LP? Or just TPLP.
  14. When we got home from the boat on Sunday Sharon had a pork chop from Braunston Butchers. Her verdict, unsurprisingly, was that it was a lot nicer than those from the supermarket but definitely NOT as nice as the rare breed chops from The Pig Place. I'm really going to have to pull my finger out and make a detour to TPP on our way to or from the boat soon.
  15. Had I known what you were up to when I was out walking I wouldn't have felt so bad! The upside of my walk was that I popped into Budgens on the way back and found they had 454g packs of Porky Whites back in stock, currently on offer for £1.89. OK, they may not be as fantastic as The Pig Place sausages but they are a damn good bargain and I reckon they give Braunston Bangers a run for their money and (I think) less than half the price.
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