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  1. Walkers have a choice, presumably liveaboard boaters don't.
  2. Arguably they have, given that boaters pay c.£1k licence fee a year (plus mooring fees in many cases) to the towpath owner CRT whilst walkers pay nothing. In any case, walking past boats (which CRT have asked people not to do) is not the only issue. Most towpaths are nowhere near wide enough for two walkers to pass each other with two metres between them so people out for their daily exercise owe it to themselves, as well as others, to avoid being in such a situation. That's before you even get on to the issue of all the other people further down the chain of infection who could be hospitalised or even die if towpath walkers pick up or pass on the virus due to ignoring the clear government instruction to maintain 2 metre distance.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-52047540 Can't say I'm very impressed with CRT's response to this issue. I'm glad not to be stuck on a boat on the towpath side at the moment and sympathise with those who are. Yes, people need exercise (I know I do) but surely at least as important is being able to maintain the 2 metre distance. I am now avoiding urban footpaths and sticking to pavements for that reason.
  4. Wouldn't disagree with that but I think I'm scared enough already. My daily walk now starts at 7AM or so and I stick to routes where I can keep 2 metres away from the very few other people I encounter (just one in a mile and a half this morning). I'm glad I'm at home for this, not sure I'd want to be walking along the towpath at the moment. Or moored there. I went to Tesco Extra just after 7AM on Wednesday hoping, but not expecting, it to be quiet. It was, the quietest I've ever seen it other than the one time, years ago when they started 24hr opening, I went in the middle of the night just to see what it was like. I hope word doesn't spread too far that at 7AM it is quiet and (reasonably) well stocked. Or at least it was the one time I've been so far.
  5. Must watch that then. Just what I need, something to make me even more scared! 😷
  6. I went to Tesco Extra earlier this week to attempt my weekly shopping for the first time since panic buying went really mad. In addition to the stuff I needed I was also able to buy some stuff I did not need such as toilet rolls, pasta, tinned tomatoes, peas and beans, soap plus a few other previously hard to find items (note: before accusing me of needless panic buying... I took them all to the food bank this morning). It was all very different to the experience in Tesco Southam on Wednesday last week. Although there were plenty of toilet rolls this time there were also quite a few gaps on the shelf. It was also very quiet. Maybe I was lucky. Maybe it was because it was 7.30AM. Or maybe things have calmed down a bit, at least for a while?
  7. This is an extract from an email British Gas have sent me at least 3 times including one in the last 24 hours. "So for now, we can only help with prepay meter issues or emergencies (e.g. no heating or hot water). " So as far as they are concerned lack of heating or hot water is an emergency. I think the round trip distance can be justified by the need for a hard-to-find specialist to do the job. As for the safety aspect, that can only be down to you really. However, I would have thought that if she is currently well (obviously that's not a guarantee), disinfects the area before you arrive, stays in a separate room while you're there and you take all the usual precautions it should be pretty low risk. British Gas seem to be willing to attend even if they know the customer has COVID-19 but they will take precautions. more stuff here. https://www.britishgas.co.uk/covid19 Incredible luck! If I were you I'd buy a lottery ticket as well.
  8. Just in case anyone was thinking of taking Jennifer's good advice, please note it's What, not Just. i.e. https://what3words.com
  9. Only this 2 pager so far, maybe more clarification will follow tomorrow. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/full-guidance-on-staying-at-home-and-away-from-others
  10. Also Ventnor and Kings Bromley so it clearly is all of them. I'm glad I managed a few days on the boat, including a two day cruise, last week. I had been in two minds about going but had a feeling it might be the last chance for a while. Didn't expect it would happen quite so quickly though.
  11. I received that email at 11.20 It didn't mention services but given this bit, "The safety of our customers and our staff is our primary concern." I suspect they are now closed to all but their liveaboard customers.
  12. I could think of several things I regret doing, including putting £10k into Woodford Income. There is something I regret NOT doing even more and that is not moving it back out when it was worth £13k or even at any point before it was frozen. Bloody Neil Woodford!
  13. I haven't posted on here for ages but as I have moored at Ventnor since buying my boat nearly 5 years ago, and as it may well be me that Ray and Nightwatch referred to above, I thought I should chip in. I have no experience of Calcutt, other than passing by dozens of times over the years, so I can't compare the two. However I can say that we have been very happy at Ventnor and can't imagine we would ever want to moor anywhere else in the area. The staff are great and very helpful. Sheridan has been working there for more years than we have been moored there so probably knows all there is to know about the marina and the area. He is also a good laugh and a top bloke. The layout is really good with all pontoons being single boat length (unlike Wigrams) and in very good condition. The view North from Sunrise basin is lovely and with no nearby roads or railways it is normally very peaceful. There are numerous small car parking areas dotted around. These are very close to the pontoons but as the boats are at a higher level than the roadway the car parks tend not to be visible from the boats. There has never been any suggestion that we stay too long on-board in the marina and I reckon there would only ever be an issue if there were clear signs that someone was actually using their boat as a liveaboard. If you don't want to live aboard, but like to be able to have peaceful breaks on the boat away from home without leaving the marina, then the fact that there are no liveaboards, apart from staff, is a big advantage. Apart from in the depths of winter, when you usually feel like you have the place to yourself, there are usually enough people around to be able to easily find someone to chat with but rarely so many that the place feels busy, particularly on weekdays. I do occasionally wish we didn't have to go up the Calcutt flight for just a day or two out on the cut between Napton and Braunston but that would also be the case for Calcutt marina. For us, the advantages offered by Ventnor, compared with Wigrams for example, more than compensate for the slight disadvantage of not being positioned on the long Napton to Hillmorton pound.
  14. Ditto (more of less) Sea Dog's post. I have a Kidde near the stove and a Fire Angel in the bedroom (or vice-versa), both with displays, and open the stove in the morning to let the door cool down before cleaning and empty the tray while it is doing so. I always riddle and/or poke around with a poker AFTER emptying the tray and closing the door and then riddle/poke again but leave that ash in the pan for at least another hour or two before emptying it out. That seems to reduce the amount of CO given off as both alarms continue to read zero throughout. I know they work though as I have seen both register small amounts of CO in other situations and also sound the alarm when one of our batteries went into rotten egg mode as it died.
  15. 726 now so over 50 have been added since the OP. I'll have a look when I get home at the weekend but it will have to be good to get me to subscribe. I already subscribe to about two dozen (most, but not all, being canal-related) but Cruising The Cut is now the only one I try to keep up to date with.
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