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  1. Moored at Atherstone April and may for 8 days in total above and below the top lock no drama ,good pubs and sound locals
  2. At tardebege heading up need fuel & ,it's that time, coal . anyone know if there is a coalboat in the vicinity much prefer to support them if I can as a CC I see them as an essential part of life on board . 👍
  3. Sat at the bottom of tardebege arrived yesterday no one on moorings and only one boat passed all afternoon. Same this morning no boats What's going on fourth time here and only time we have had choice of mooring usually squeezed on . Gonna go up sat let's hope it's busier with my luck all 30 locks will be set against 😝
  4. Hi thanks for the advice contacted the hire company supplied pics and details usual response no liability hirers deny it's . Insurance next feel I have given hire company ever chance to be reasonable No hire boat company names but they are at the south junction/start of the shroppie and at a village on the hill 😛 totally disinterested .
  5. I am trying to contact Christine on NBwater under bridge who witnessed a collision at market Drayton between a hire boat and my boat NB Annie Cariad on the 16th Aug . If anyone can help or if Christine is on the forum evanswhaleym@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Is there anyone offering a mobile WiFi advice and Installation service I am baffled by what's available V what I really need .
  7. Moored above lock 13 at audlem watching three CRT engineers replace one small anti slip mat on one side of a lock gate . Needed three engineers ,one van,one work boat and a piece of anti slip. Blocked lock with work boat ,had tea , fitted antislp (badly) at the busiest part of day only kept 5boats waiting. Love to see there utilisation figures . Planning and project management ... What a joke . 4hours plus for a 15minute job .Want to know what our money goes on ... Look no further 😭
  8. Shroppie fly is and never was a traditional boaters pub its an old warehouse mid 70s conversion poorly done and badly run for years . Let it die and become flats !
  9. Heard the pubs are all closed in audlem surely not !! Anyone know more
  10. Rising sun stourport best cobs ever great beer too and it's on canal . Best butchers top of high st Stephen Snape .Best chip shop next door to Rising Sun . Best Chinese Cannan York st . Currently in Chester enroute to Warwick via Stourport 😎
  11. Heard on the vine Tillergraph mags ceased publication Any one else ?
  12. Moveing towards Chester and elsemere port what's the best place to moor at the port ?
  13. Thing is it's not an original iconic canal pub that dates back to ,.........it was made in the late 70s there is little connect to the canals at all exterior or interior !
  14. Just come through don't go the food was grim according to fellow moorers pub on main st good
  15. Just come through Nantwich and could moor on the embankment at more than one spot what's happened had the enforcement team done it's job,have people learned to read signs and understand what 48hour mooring is,no hire boats either has the world ended with the queen's jubilee!!!
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