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  1. "From there the entrance to the Manchester, Bolton & Bury new basin via the new locks can be reached." I doubt the new neighbours will want that to happen, the restoration of the Middlewood Locks was to increase the value of the site nothing more. It was a done deal any guess who got done? K http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=3611
  2. As far as I know they broker hulls built elsewhere and they do fit outs to whatever level you spec. You'd probably be buying a Reeves or a Tyler Wilson boat fitted out by them. Like I say that's the situation as far as I've been told. K
  3. http://kingslock.co.uk/twin-wall-flue-kit-for-morso-12-offset/p3251 £477.88 not a bargain but £150 less than Midland. K
  4. Me, I have a Bridgewater licence, I have prossies on tap, cocaine at ever water point and if I break down a team of unicorns tows me home, tow paths are gold plated and ever Local Authority and lottery fund money pays for it, what's not to like. And I can buy a day, week or monthly licence from CaRT or whole year for £169 (last I did a couple of years back) for a 30 foot narrowboat and it still make a profit and as Chis says is well maintained. Peel have working the system down to a fine art, perhaps CaRT could take some lessons. No axe to grind with CaRT I still have the old licence plates under the bed but if you can't make profits like Peel then you're doing something wrong. K
  5. 2015 figures from Companies House give a gross profit of £691,007 and an operating profit of £381,155, I'm not sure where the myth that the Bridgewater isn't profitable comes from. I'd call a gross profit of nearly £700k on a turnover of £1,147,027 amazingly profitable, that's about 2/3 of the turnover Is profit and about 25% operating profit, I wish I owned a piece of that. K
  6. Just got this, any widebeams can't get past between 8am & 5.30pm, narrowboats with caution and presumably only one at a time so there may be a queue. K CANAL RESTRICTION BARFOOT AQUEDUCT MONDAY 23rd MAY TO FRIDAY 27th MAY 2016 INCLUSIVE Notice is hereby given that due to essential repairs to BARFOOT (MERSEY) AQUEDUCT. The Bridgewater Canal will be restricted while works are undertaken. THE CANAL WILL BE RESTRICTED IN WIDTH BETWEEN 8.00am & 5.30pm THE CANAL WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR NARROW BOATS TO NAVIGATE PAST VERY SLOWLY AND WITH EXTREME CAUTION. WIDE BEAM BOATS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PASS DURING THESE TIMES. THE TOWPATH WILL REMAIN OPEN To maintain safety, Boaters, pedestrians & cyclists traveling between Dane Road Bridge & The Watch House are asked to be vigilant and obey signs and instructions in the immediate vicinity of the works. The Company regrets any inconvenience that these necessary works may cause.
  7. The OP clearly says he's heading north so onto the Bridgewater, there are I think 6 rings which means 6 boats can moor using a centreline or 5 if you share the rings, most of the time everyone seems to take 2 rings each so only 3 boats can moor up. You can drive down the towpath at the southern end (on the left in the picture), I know I've done it delivering blacking to the dry dock, what I didn't enjoy was reversing back up to the road. Southbound (off the Bridgewater on to the T&M) there are 2 rings (buried in the grass) and one bollard as far as I've ever found, as said by the books sale box, however, the ground is soft enough to use pins unlike the south side where it's concrete hence the issue about rings. K
  8. There's an explanation and a benefits calculator on the link below, treat your boat as if it was a house and don't have a "spare" bedroom. K https://www.gov.uk/housing-benefit/overview
  9. My opinion only but: "How come the Bridgewater and the MSC didn't get nationalised with the rest of the canals in 1948 and end up as CRT waters today?" When nationalisation too place the Manchester Ship Canal Company and the Bridgewater Canal were under the control of Manchester Council, so in effect already owned by the government so it wasn't necessary to nationalise them, subsequently Manchester Council sold them back in to private ownership. "I also suspect Peel Holdings sees their ownership of the Bridgewater Canal as a liability rather than an asset as I can't see the license fees covering the cost of maintaining it." With over a thousand boats registered on 40 miles of canal, with as said no locks to maintain and they all have to have a home mooring I suspect otherwise, peel Holdings is a business, nothing makes a loss. !I will ask again, is there a right of navigation on the Bridgwater like on the river Thames or can they say, No you can't come on our waters?" It's a privately owned piece of waterway, then they can do as they like. If I park on Aldi's car park it's 90 minutes maximum or get a fine, many supermarkets do the same, their land, their rules, it's private property follow the rules or pay up. I'm not defending the BCC, as it happens it's where I've been boating for well over 40 years, I started as a sea scout at the boathouse in Worsley, but it is a privately owned piece of property and it's entirely up to them how that handle it. C&RT is a charity funded by the public and the users, if the public purse wants to subsidise my boating then the government can sent a cheque to Peel Holdings in the Trafford Centre, I'm sure they'll be more than happy. I do think it's madness that C&RT haven't addressed the issue as it's a vital part of their network in the north west so the rules on returns should be clarified and the harassment stopped. Last bit, someone commented on C&RT boats moored after Preston Brook being off the Bridgewater, as far as I'm aware the Bridgewater arm goes to the tunnel on the north side of the tunnel, I believe the (late and much lamented) member of this forum, Tim Leech told me that the ownership of the tunnel changed from BCC to BW after the collapse when BW did the repairs in return from the ownership. Anyone who knows where Tim lived will see how I took this as gospel. K
  10. Here's where we discussed it previously. K http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?s=f9b757f4b5892b80ac2a7a323af31fa8&showtopic=76652
  11. Is this collar the bit you need? As it's sold as a spare are you sure it's welded in. K http://www.aradastovesandspares.com/category_list.php?brand=VIL&brandname=Villager Stove Spares&stovetype=M&category=MS
  12. So it's not because they were refused planning permission to build a horse racing course/rock concert venue on the site, neither is it anything to do with the refusal to build 600 houses just down the road in Monton (with a marina) or is it that if the horses are off the menu (or in the lasagne) then maybe build houses, but below the level of the canal I guess that in over 250 years(since the Bridgewater was built) something might go wrong but could you sell uninsurable houses? That side the canal did breech there about 30/40 years ago, it was nearly abandoned and the whole area flooded but that's years before it became the local tip and they build up the land levels a bit. Look at a map of Salford and you'll see why such a massive piece on land so close to the middle of Manchester is basically open countryside. K
  13. There's a Little Boat Co for sale on the link below, frankly £30k for a 27foot boat with a petrol outboard seems like a whole lot of money to me. Interestingly it says "She is in as new condition and having been commissioned by the current owner in 2015 and not used since", I bet the build cost means that even at £30k they'll be losing a lot of money. K http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/feature.phtml?id=454962
  14. According to the ingredients listed: Fray Bentos 'Classic' Steak and Kidney Pie 425g Ingredients: Water, Puff Pastry (27%) (Wheatflour (with Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Margarine (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Water, Salt, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids)), Water, Salt), Beef (12%), Pork Kidney (9%), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Modified Maize Starch, Wheatflour (with Calcium Carbonate, Iron Niacin, Thiamin), Salt, Spices, Yeast Extract, Flavouring, Tomato Paste, Barley Malt Extract, Beef Extract, Chicory Extract, Sugar, Colour (Plain Caramel), Tomatoes, Garlic, Sunflower Oil. So a total of 21% meat in a 425g product so about 86grams of meat per can. What I don't understand is why they cost anything up to £2.50 in some supermarkets but only cost a quid in the pound shop. K
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