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  1. as much as a very, very big ball of string
  2. I wasn't going to argue with them that continuously pootling around a stretch forty locks from a ghost mooring wasn't against T&Cs somehow and would certainly be outside the spirit. That was why my movements away and back towards it over four months were what I'd see as the bare minimum, two miles or so every fortnight, in a direction of travel. I just hope that the clarified T&Cs aren't used as a blunt instrument that penalises those weekend cruisers with a home mooring who by their very pattern of use don't put great strain on the infrastructure.
  3. OP's situation sounds like the way I've mostly gone boating for the last fifteen years, and not had any problems. Up until a few years ago parents had a narrowboat in a marina. I'd often take it out on my own round the year, only a few miles along the canal and moor up for four or five days. Then take it back and go home for a bit. Always the same handful of favourite spots near a couple of the villages. One winter I had to stay with it for three weeks out on the towpath stranded on the end of a line of winter moorings with alternator/engine problem, only half a mile from home base
  4. If anyone tells you that it's minus forty, you don't need to ask if that's celsius or fahrenheit. They're both the same, mad cold! I watch a lot of youtube wild camping, shelters etc in Canada and Alaska and a temperature of minus four degrees doesn't sound too bad until you convert it into celsius and realise how far below freezing it is (-20).
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. CO detectors will trigger in minutes with high concentrations but won't go off for hours with a very low and less dangerous level. If you left it near the exhaust long enough it should go off https://www.kidde.com/home-safety/en/us/support/help-center/browse-articles/articles/what_are_the_carbon_monoxide_levels_that_will_sound_the_alarm_.html
  8. I'm guessing that the OP means leisure boat as opposed to residential. A Buckingham is plenty big enough in the cabin for one or two people to spend a week aboard. They are close to 20' but cavernous inside compared to a 20' Shetland or Norman, much more like a Dawncraft 22 space wise. If the OP can only get to go out for the day, it will be life restrictions at play, not boaty ones. Personally, I wouldn't want to be moored in a short pound between locks for exactly those reasons. Even with a good open stretch, time away from the home mooring can be very limited when you can only manage a few
  9. Keep an eye on CaRT's mooring site if you don't want facilities. £835/yr for 23' on the nearby Ashby canal. You can set an alert for your chosen locations when moorings become vacant. You will always find the same problem I have though with a small GRP cruiser on CaRT moorings, you can end up paying for a lot of space you won't use. https://www.watersidemooring.com/314-sutton-cheney-wharf-l1/Vacancies
  10. How much it can leak? The one at the turn into Bugsworth seems to have leaked onto the path beneath for as many years as can remember.
  11. You'll occasionally see someone post to award a 'virtual greenie' to a mod, where the mod's comment is liked but mods can't be bribed with real greenies, smiles etc! Reactions can be for anything from an amusing play on words to comprehensive technical advice.
  12. I know of at least one leisure moorings marina (coastal) that had a similar thing. They called it 'intensive usage' or something similar. Essentially it was for anyone staying at the marina more than 150 nights/yr iirc. Was per person rather than boat size and quite reasonable cost at the time (five or six years ago). Similar thing for post forwarding, not a reg'd address and a recognition that although you may live on the boat you did not have a residential mooring so should take the boat out of the marina or stay away for a number of nights/yr. Rather a grey area, certainly not residentia
  13. And both the Welsh and Derbyshire ones are nowhere near Denby Dale, near Huddersfield. My UK geography is so naff I once nearly bought a boat on ebay hundreds of miles away in Penryn, getting it confused with Penrith, just up the M6.
  14. fully agree, blue or red, they've all been at it back to forever.
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