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  1. I'm a little flabbergasted at the quoted £10k per recovery. When our sailing club crane in/out we get a big crane with the capacity at long reach to lift boats far heavier than a car. It and a couple of guys are with us from about 7am to 3pm and we pay north of a grand. Members do the ropework and ground prep etc but does the extra manpower, risk assessments, pickup truck, storage etc really all add up to the nearly nine thousand extra. I can imagine recovery being more complex in remote locations but the one shown in Alan's original post looks relatively good access.
  2. 🤣 that made me chuckle. Going to have to nick that as a) less crude than the lady of the night's underwear and b) more recent than the Assyrian empire.
  3. BilgePump

    dead ipad

    Another vote for ^^^^^ wot Rob said Just last week old Android phone stopped charging. Battery life is poor now but just stopped charging completely. It was the charger USB lead that had failed
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. From the three parallel running threads it seems that the poster in France has purchased the boat Me n Thee that Wayne (known as W+T to us now but also olly+molly the OP of this thread) purchased back in 2009. Wayne confirmed that the boat had gone to France after he sold it. As the boat was never registered in France and we are now in post-Brexit days and there is no build paperwork, no original bill of sale/VAT receipt etc I fear that this could be a tricky/expensive exercise. Do Creighton's have build plates on them, hull numbers or year of build marked on them somewhere? Don't know but a lot of GRP boats from that era did and it would be the first thing to look for to get started on formally confirming its age and details of dimensions etc. for French authorities.
  8. Never met your father but from your previous posts he sounds to have been a true gentleman and passionate about the canals. Sending my condolences to you, Ade and the wider family.
  9. A couple that I learnt many moons ago for climbing but come in handy around boats are the Double Fisherman's (a type of bend) and the Alpine Butterfly. The latter is dead quick to tie and is useful where you may want a three way pull on the rope without the knot trying to pull its insides out.
  10. Aren't there usually at least a few dozen jobs on the 'still needs doing' list on a boat. Cleaning, painting, fixing, modifying or making. Must be enough of those to keep boredom at bay for a while.
  11. I found it worked well using Tony's stern pulling line plus bow guide line technique, on stretches of our local canal, but imagine on more congested waters it would be a pain because of all the moored boats and whatnot on the tops of them. Size of the boat being hauled when coming up to moored boats isn't the issue, it's getting past them. It's good that you've already got the aux bracket fitted. If you ever do have a problem with the main outboard, when away from the marina, you can beg/borrow/buy a little one to go on there to get back home without first having to remove the Honda which comes in around the 50kg mark.
  12. Did that with a 60' steel boat a few years ago. Hard work but possible for even a short arse like me. A small GRP boat is like pulling a shopping trolley. Easy peasy.
  13. The fact that it doesn't have a spare outboard on it suggests that your main Honda 20 should prove to be pretty reliable. Agree that there's no need to carry a spare motor on the canals where you can drift or pole yourself into the side.
  14. My mate made a coffee table top with shells in it. They were all ones he'd found locally and it was great putting down your brew and looking at them all. Each one was just blue tacked onto the base and gaps filled with some beach sand. He could undo the glass top and change round the display when he got bored.
  15. Oh, well that's easy if you're doing the weekend course. The full instructions are written on those bamboo stems over there. Chew them and a zenlike knowledge of lithium systems will be yours.
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