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  1. Elderly couple of walkers having a rest at water point last week when went to fill buckby jokingly asked if it was a gin pump. Sounds like that would have been right up Mr.Finch's street. No fan of gin but sherry's about as palatable as Cinzano, not at all.
  2. Or four months ago, 'No toilet rolls left in this van overnight'.
  3. Well, that's one project you've got on your hands. Congratulations. I saw it online and had in my eBay watch list out of interest but in Goole was too far away for it to be viable for me at present. Think you have the basis of a good boat there and made a sound buy. I had a 20' Buckingham briefly and regret getting rid of it, and a member on here turned a 20' complete project into a brand new boat. You may have your work cut out but the 25' is a well regarded boat, so certainly worth putting in the effort. It's in the water, you've got an engine, bin bags and elbow grease, and from next weekend can camp out on it while you get on with a list of jobs that you can guarantee will only get longer. Have fun and fire away with any questions you may have.
  4. Some of my peers from uni will have been in teaching for 20-25yrs now and it's only because of their dedication, passion and patience that they are still there. Ain't for those mythical long holidays or that they are showered with respect. I still love my degree subject (English) but I could never have gone into teaching. Actual tutoring in small groups is one thing but today's classroom seems more about crowd control and teaching staff being employees of a corporate entity.
  5. No worries. All we are doing is calling the file from YouTube's servers. We're not copying any actual video onto the CWDF servers, just copying and posting the URL (web address) of each vid.
  6. To post a YouTube video, click 'Share' (next to thumbs up and down), choose 'Copy Link'. Then you can just hold down and paste the link into a post here and it will show the clickable vid
  7. Lots of great covers to choose from but going for this one. CCR original is a favourite, yet somehow Tina can ramp up the energy to 11. And it's about the river!
  8. That's a cracking boat and glory is you can easily slip it and tow to places that would take ages to get to by water. The amount of space you could get in a 15' coastal boat is a fraction. I have a Sunspot trailer sailer on estuary/inshore, a dirt cheap dinghy with lid, https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunspot_15 Nothing like the cabin space. and on the canal a Shetland 19 which came from coastal waters but still just as cramped in the cabin as the 15' sailboat. You'll have a lot of fun with that boat on the canal, and sounds like you already have. They are also a cult boat, so not knowing what you paid, having got one of the finer examples, you should have a good investment, so it's understandable you want to insure fully comp. For the trailer, guessing you would need a few quotes for one custom built to original spec. Unlike most other boats the hull and trailer are matched by design. Putting one on a non-specific one would diminish appeal and value.
  9. Welcome to the forum Bill and no need to worry about spelling. We do love pics though and a good project brought back to life. What sort of boat is it?
  10. Absolutely! Welcome to the forum jon.h. Caracruisers are brilliant things with cavernous space for such a small boat but they are totally unsuitable for the coast. Fantastic for the canal, where you will get a lot of enjoyment and safely learn some boating basics. If you then fancy the coast, it's second boat time!
  11. Are you thinking of that awful design thing with a big outboard on the back they were claiming ecoelectric? Wondered how fugly and impractical it really is. This boat being talked about here was originally listed at £870k by accident, then £87k for a fairly vanilla, modern NB with extras.
  12. Spent yesterday at the boat because knew weather was going to be rubbish at weekend. Small GRP boat, cockpit all still tarped up from lockdown, even with the Houdini hatch and door open the tiny cabin was sweltering. Why haven't I removed the tarp yet? Well, watching shenanigans in Bournemouth, not convinced we won't have the brakes put on again, will take it off next weekend when can stay over and have a pootle.
  13. When got to Aldi, guy in there shopping. About 50, black, tie dyed rainbow top with Bob Marley print and a blue 'Love the NHS' bandana facecovering, Fedora and shades. Now that was one cool dude.
  14. Athy, sometimes I 😁. I meant it smelt like his birthday party. You know waccy baccy
  15. Even the lower Rochdale looks lovely today. Long route to Aldi. New (ish) lock gates needing some use. At least the younger ones have a good bench for a Bob Marley birthday rollup.
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