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  1. If anyone walks into those not too visible ropes and mooring spikes, well, shinning one hurts. He isn't moored responsibly. His actions are dangerous. The distancing is person to person, not the front of my property and expecting people to walk in the road. CRT explicitly said not to block the towpath. This moron appears arrogant, entitled and a bad advert for the boating community
  2. Living alone means a BBQ for 1 doesn't hold the same attraction. Easier to ding a curry and sit outside with it and a nice glass of wine by a small fire. Think after two weeks of no booze, I'm cracking open a bottle this weekend. As for camping out, at home, nothing wrong with that. Bet there'll be a lot of kids and big kids doing the same.
  3. Just said out loud, with nobody around, "Now that's a car". Very, very nice. Lockdown day whatever, 11? Among other things, more gardening then walked to Aldi, queue of about 40 outside, most social distancing apart from the mum behind me who kept coming up too close. Her daughter about 6 was swinging on the trolley in the queue, pushing it around, eating sweets, rubbing her face. Then her mum tells her she's not sitting in the trolley when they go in because the seat might be dirty. Errm, think it's a bit late for worrying about the cleanliness of the trolley at that stage. All polite and properly distancing inside. Walking back, a friend was on his way walking down there for his family shop so we had a chat at 10 feet or so for 10 mins. With his three year old at home, I got the impression that doing over 50 hours a week at the distribution depot is suiting him quite well. As I've not been working this week, tomorrow, I'll get to go out in the car to pick up the heaviest shopping and then go and drop off my parents' bags of it all. Come back, more gardening and plenty of jobs on the house to do. No more driving or main shop 'til after Easter. It's not cabin fever yet Jim, but it's bloomin' frustrating. Any other time, I would have been crawling up the walls, any excuse to get out and about. This though is different from anything we've experienced, maybe easier to cope with the lockdown, putting personal frustrations in context, seeing the magnitude of the threat and the steps that can be taken by everyone to reduce it. Whoever thought that a key way to protect public health and the NHS would be along the lines of "You can be a hero too by going nowhere, doing nothing, spending nowt. Save lives, stay home for a while." I'm sure we've all seen the weather and what a lovely day Sunday would be for boating. Gaaaaargh.
  4. What would around £100 each thrown at the million plus NHS workers for PPE equipment have looked like if bought when this thing kicked off? Well, to Joe Public retail customer, Toolstation for example sold Face visor / shield ~£7 each Blue gloves ~£8 for 100 FFP 2 masks ~£10 for 10 or FFP3 masks ~£20 for 10 Disposable coveralls aren't expensive, nor are boots I suspect that throwing a hundred million quid at the NHS's inadequate stocks of PPE equipment right at the start of this would have been helpful. If the virus had turned out to be nowhere near as dangerous as feared by some and petered out, well the stocks would still there. It's not like a hundred million quids worth of lettuces. I'm also with people like MtB and AdE in that I just can't see how masks, if used responsibly, can't be helpful as another part of the strategy for the public aswell as health workers. If you tell me dust in the air is dangerous, I need to wear a suitable mask. If you tell me the person next to me could be sneezing a killer, then surely wearing a mask isn't going to make the situation more dangerous?
  5. So it's now 50k dead and a million infections worldwide. It hits young and old, well and infirm. Yet to some it's still a conspiracy, a hoax, 'just the flu'. FFS, do some not realise that without any measures this could result in 10+ million deaths globally, you know double digit millions like the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic.
  6. And in a twist of fate it seems that David Cameron (another PPE grad), his PPE tutor at Oxford has just died after contracting the virus I do think it mad that most cabinet and juniors have zero qualifications for the posts they hold, and are shuffled relentlessly. All too dangerous with every department led by someone driven by an unwavering economic ideology rather than any passion for or experience of the actual field. In days gone by the career civil servants would have been those proferring advice in a moderating fashion but contemporary 'special advisers' are a different ball game altogether and are often more extreme in their outlook than the government's stated policies. I hope the people remember Cummings and his beliefs and the role they may have played in this scandalous shambles of a response to the threat posed by this virus and the needs of the health service.
  7. Bizarrely enough was sorting some cupboards in the workroom this morn and (re)found my gran's old WW2 gas mask still in its box shoved on one shelf. I'd completely forgotten it was in there. Just where you'd expect to find it, alongside the Arcoy dovetailer, which I've used only ever so slightly more than never.
  8. 569 sadly added since yesterday, now up to 2921 hospital deaths (previous day was 563 to 2352) For many like Eddie Large, they would have been ill already, his family say he was admitted with heart failure and contracted coronavirus in hospital, but I think we would rather those who were already on borrowed time got to pass away peacefully rather than desperately gasping for air in their final days.
  9. I think most major fixed line broadband providers have lifted their data caps in recent days and mobile operators are doing things. The comments may refer to the unlimited data bit and so if you have a wireless router at home then yep unlimited internet connection via wi-fi. Not free though, users will still pay their standard subscription, and since so many will already be on unlimited data plans at home it's a bit of a soundbite that won't cost the providers much at all. This was the article I saw about it earlier in week https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52091359
  10. Our local authority is on a 3 week bin cycle (1.general non recyclable, 2. glass+tins, 3. cardboard) with green waste each week. Now with COVID 19, tips are shut and they have abandoned the 3 week cycle altogether. For the time being will be just the grey general bin collection each week and to put everything in it. This hasn't been communicated properly though so people have been diligently putting out their cardboard and green bins today when they won't be collected. I only found out because someone told someone who told my dad who told me. Checking on the council's website confirmed it but I imagine many households through no fault of their own will begin to have significant amounts of rubbish piling up. And if you find yourself short on a bag at the checkout, well they're quite stretchy and could hold a few pounds of spuds!
  11. Hell's bells. That's a big ask. It would take forever to knit a Landy! The Toylander looks a fun lockdown project that some little one(s) will really appreciate.
  12. Not for someone like me Mike. This Toshiba was a £150 Argos 14 day return. Half price but unused and with 12 month warranty. Has done me 4 years so far. When I next have a spare garnd I'll get another and put £850 into the boat fund 😉 As for Bizzard, like everyone else says if it's the same mainboard and the RAM chips the same, it's a simple swap with no need to mess around with the operating system.
  13. If, and that's a big IF, as we don't know for sure, the OP is talking about CaRT's waters THEN, for CaRT, some very, very basic boats do not need to have been tested and a BSS exemption can be applied for when buying a licence. These types of boats are outlined on the PDF form and summarised previously. However regarding the OP's question about a 'a tiny bit of basic wiring' - this would I imagine constitute an electrical system and so necessitate a BSS examination report to get a licence for CaRT's waters. IF the boat is not exempt for CaRT's waters, then the test is the test and all present applicable systems and things like fire prevention & CO detectors are examined. Some things like number of extinguishers and ventilation area depend on the size of the boat and things like output of gas appliances. Then you have the required/advised aspect aswell. Not all boats will have all systems, obviously, and like an MOT it only applies as seen on the day, hence why I noted that if I did add any electrical system to my boat I would really need to get it examined again. Not trying to teach gran to suck eggs, just don't want to be talking at cross purposes when I'm only posting in relation to exemptions for the trust's waterways.
  14. Precisely. I'm quoting CaRT, Alan quoting the BSS site. My boat requires a BSS examination for CaRT's waters where it currently is If I moved it to my members-owned boat club mooring up a tidal creek, it wouldn't need one (although club rules obviously still require 3rd party insurance)
  15. I was writing about the current reasons CaRT will accept for a boat not requiring a BSS test What I wrote was based on the exemption application form linked above and linked from https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/buy-your-boat-licence/boat-safety-scheme I stated that a boat with a cabin with any elec/gas/fuel systems or engine of any kind needs a test for CaRT waters Open boats are only exempt if unpowered or by an outboard engine, provided they have no other systems (electrical, gas, fuel, waste discharge) Not sure how this is at odds with the linked form Alan for heaven's sake after the words you highlight are the words 'a cabin'. If it's an open boat you won't have a cabin
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