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  1. Rather sloppy reporting, no surprise! An old safety launch from a sailing club it may be, but by no means is it a sailing boat. Is that just the hub, lost a wheel perhaps? A bit of a Dell Quay dory traffic story
  2. Our sailing club has been steadily getting going since the 29th March, as an outdoor sports venue. Just a single toilet open with clubhouse and shower closed. People turning up more and more to do jobs on boats but everyone is really waiting for Monday when you can stay over on the boats and sail over a few tides. I imagine hire fleets, caravan/camp sites and cottages are all the same. Massive pent up demand. What are everyone's bets on the traffic in the Lake District/Devon/Norfolk etc tourist hotspots?
  3. This is the same old scam of hijacked account @Hudds Lad and myself were talking about in thread below, page 3 Looks as though they have thrown the same hundreds of listings up on yet another account, this time at £1.12, was £1.14 on the drop of them last time. Using same recent reg'd domain name rather than some random gmail account. As for the sales text and email being the final picture, this will be to avoid ad being pulled. Legit ads shouldn't show phone number or email etc in the body or pics, but easier for it to be picked up in the description. You're not supposed to send it by
  4. I imagine that it puts a whole new twist on 'move a mile every 14 days' when it takes that long to cover the distance. And probably as much use as a feather anchor at stopping it. But if that, a pole, a rope and a broken inboard diesel are all you've got then at least on a sheltered narrow canal it should be possible to get the boat moved the bare minimum.
  5. Can't argue with the muddy ditch description.vOne bit of silver lining about starting at the bottom again with a tiny GRP cruiser after years of a leisure narrowboat on that stretch is that the 19' GRP's draft is negligible and it can turn anywhere, so it's easier to cover the miles without repeated grounding, and if all else fails it's small enough to pull out up the slipway on a trailer.
  6. It's a lovely part of the canal network all the way down and beyond. We used to go down and up Bosley usually twice a year when I was a kid on holidays. It would be a real pain though for me to have a boat stranded south of Rode Heath for a prolonged period of time nowadays, just because it's further away from home. My first CaRT mooring was in Nantwich but I just shuffled Whaley to Bosley for six months until a suitable one came up on the upper Macc. An hour in each direction to the boat is okay but any more and it starts getting difficult to just pop to it and still have a productive day in
  7. I do love the stretch above Bosley and Marple locks and barely every go down them but it would be nice to feel that I could if I wanted and be confident of getting back up again before lockdown #37
  8. Plenty of bikes in the Rochdale down here, they're just not floating.
  9. Have you ever tried getting four swans to do the same thing? Neither have I. Value my arms!
  10. £25 for one hour for one person? If you want to exercise you legs and look slightly ridiculous at the same time, our local park lake will rent you a swan shaped pedallo for an hour for the same price and you can get four in it.
  11. Yep, that Norman has been popping up for a good while. If only it were real! A couple of weeks ago there was a drop of pages worth of boats off a Sheffield located account, all with openng bid of £1.14 or £1.41 iirc. That didn't help matters at all.
  12. The whole market for boats is manic this year. It seems to be at all levels you look at. Prices are significantly higher and boats selling instantly. I phoned up a Welsh brokerage about a few small sailing boats I'd seen on AD last month, from around the £2k to £4k mark. All but one had been sold, some unseen due to restrictions. I was considering doing the same on the £2k boat still left. It was a bit of a hidden gem but additional costs to get it retrieved and transported made it a no-go. That same boat could well have taken time to get little over a grand two years ago. The boat
  13. You're right in that's what it will end up with but to me it's just crying out to be filled with boat projects, trailers and some old Land Rovers dropping oil onto it! We can all dream.
  14. I think the building is pretty naff looking but look at that courtyard. Just think how many boat projects you could fit in there.
  15. I've got a long rope. At least bowhauling isn't propelling
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