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  1. They all looked fantastic. Went up yesterday to see them. Great pics you got.
  2. It was a few years before I was thrown out into this world but without a doubt I believe it happened. At one launch (Sputnik or Vostok) Grechko iirc had his lunchtiume sausages in the bag with the trajectory calculations. It was that much of a wing and a prayer (see the very good Cosmonauts on BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04lcxms/cosmonauts-how-russia-won-the-space-race). (edited to add, it was Sputnik (14 mins into the documentary) The Americans had to have a first for something so set on the moon. An amazing, and amazingly expensive feat, but keeping thousands of engineers to the same script if it had been faked may have been even harder. Then the Americans kinda lost the plot playing golf on the moon for a few years as the Russians, again with tin foil and faith, started pushing the boundaries of man's endurance in space and actually living up there for extended periods of time.
  3. Ditto. Hadn't realised it had already enjoyed the hospitality of so many boats and crews.
  4. Another good choice. Vikings are good boats. I've got far more faith that you'll enjoy your boat than some who stretch their finances to buy rustbucket narrowboats needing thousands of pounds worth of work. Have fun!
  5. The CRT guy on the bike has done some serious miles up and down today. Bizarrely enough chatting with the other guy we realised that we used to moor near each other and had had a few chats in the Navigation at Bugsworth.
  6. The issue is nothing to do with waiting for a BSS. The issue is that the system does not recognise the short term licence numbers that they give out if your boat has an index number.
  7. because I wanted to get in the water asap and have self certified it's safe (you can do this for up to 56 days). This is not a big narrowboat, it's a small cabin cruiser with outboard, no gas or electrics. They offer the option, I pay for it, why the fuc* should I have to then try to prove I have bought something that they offer but their left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing? The short term licence, self certed is tied to the index number (an index number thay made me get before I got the short term licence) but their systems flag boats with no long term licence. I am waiting for the BSS examiner next week and then can go long term but the system is broken. Don't even asdk me about watersidemoorings.com 14 minutes I'm booked in for. You are talking to me as though I'm, a freeloader. It is £32 per week for short term licence for a 19 foot boat. That is one and a half times the price of a 60' narrowboat on yearly. Do you think I'm such an idiot I won't be on a long term as soon as the BSS comes through?
  8. Lack of water, simple as, seems to be the prime problem but they did also seem to have a lot of crud in the water. There was a CRT guy cycled past me at Failsworth basin about 1.30 to let more water down and he said they were about an hour behind on their way up. Found the boats at the New Crown, lock 69 about 3pm. Left there about 5 where I was chatting with the crew from Hazel for a while still waiting to get into 69.
  9. Not fit for purpose. Currently cruising on a short term licence while I get a BSS cert. Got a threatening email today about fines and removal as they say it isn't licensed! Eh? At the bottom of the email is a paragraph that says if the boat is licensed on a short term licence I have to phone them up to sort it out. WTF? The short term licence and the dates it is valid are in the windows on both sides of the boat. While I am out on the cut they expect me to beg them to acknowledge I have paid. Utterly useless as an organisation.
  10. Swiss number plate CH. Confederartion Helvetica. The Swiss friends I've known have pronounced Helvetia like your middle ground.
  11. Cheers Alan, just saw this after I left the house. Been down Newton Heath 'pub' lock 69 and it seems a real struggle for them getting through.
  12. When will the next convoy leave Manchester? I'm going to go up to Hebden Bridge next weekend but I live near the Rochdale canal and would love to see some of them on their way up there.
  13. Don't know whether this video has been mentioned before. 30 minutes British Waterways Heritage film from 1978 with plenty of footage of the hire boat 'Water Topaz'. At this time we just had a little cuddy boat on a trailer but I remember us later on hiring a 56' NB 'Sigurd' in about 1986 from Viking Afloat in Worcester.
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