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  1. The Failsworth Aldi and Newton Heath Lidl are yards from the canal for anyone going up/down the Rochdale.
  2. Exactly, use a cheap smartphone as a hotspot router. You set password and then can use laptop, tablet, toaster via WiFi
  3. Zen are a really good company if fixed line is necessary. They've been in the ISP and server lease business for over 20yrs, based in Rochdale.
  4. unlimited tethering and no contract with O2 budget brand, giffgaff for £25/mo
  5. I imagine these are to stop the entitled, not enough to do, boaters from reporting people who have a concession. One guy in 60s I know has a 3wk stay on 14 days and range of 20 miles with no locks. He does it and is a nice guy living aboard. Heard shiny leisure boaters moaning about his boat overstaying. Why didn't they just ask if he was okay?
  6. They were down to the last one in Aldi here yesterday. You have to love the stuff with red price labels. Got some axle stands for a fiver and two fuel cans for three squid recently. Often markdowns on power tools too and they are usually bargain cheap to start with.
  7. Been posted here before but I think more than a few of us love the centre aisles.
  8. I think the default is set to 2.5mph which was about right for a long narrowboat on a shallow narrow canal and in no hurry but in a little GRP boat 3.5 to 4 is more accurate. Then again I would factor in longer times at locks for being single handed. All these preferences are customisable down to setting speeds on different types of waterways. (Click 'Preferences', then the 'Speeds' tab). As OP notes, it is a great site and it will be accurate if a user goes at the speeds they set. If the timings are out it is the boater who has under/over estimated their speed.
  9. The new member says his engine works. The advert says 'an easy fix'
  10. On the other thread, a new member seems to have got himself back on the cut with a Highbridge for half the price of this one. ETA: boats, cheap and decent are out there. If anyone wanted to get on the canal this would have been a bargain. £840 for a Mayland with 15hp Mariner outboard. FFS, the engine is worth the money on its own https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mayland-cabin-cruiser-powered-by-a-Mariner-15hp-outboard-engine/392630437697
  11. Neither of these are valid points. If your tank is fine, great. Even if it,s not, flexible liner would be cheaper, surely,, and platinum dearer than stainless steel. As for shotblasting, I just don't understand how that preference can be used as a bargaining point
  12. Chancers' chants may include The layout's all wrong. We'd need to change it all (and why is that the vendor's fault?) It's at the wrong end of the country (it's a boat, it moves) It's not been overplated (thank feck it hasn't needed it) It;s too dark and needs decorating (it's called quality panelling and not the London look) and on, and on. Spmeome will come along and engage you in serious dialogue about your boat and a price acceptable to you both.
  13. Dawncraft centre cockpits look lovely, but if it's sitting on the hard will it float? If i remember correctly, there are hardwood keels and rubbing strips under the waterline. Bolted through the hull. Be confident in those before setting off on any major travels. ETA: this example looks as though it was always designed for an outboard
  14. If anyone else had proposed this project, it would be easy to snipe about the practicalities. As it's you, this is going to be awesome.
  15. Very true when it's just a few holes. I picked up three Stanley Continental 748A drills over the years for four or five pounds each. They are twin geared. In the low gear I've easily drilled 3 and 4mm holes through the steel susperstructure of a boat to put hooks on the outside to hold open the rear doors. Quick and easy enough.
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