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  1. Try the Lancaster Canal, with a trip down to Glasson Dock. The whole trip can be done within the week.
  2. Trento

    Eye Spy

    Termination notice from Hutch...??
  3. Sorry I must have confused you with the two sentences.. I'm asking for your interpretation . So I can better understand your posts..
  4. Can you please clarify the difference between an Accusation and Statement.? Just so I will know how to read your posts.
  5. This is not to do with wether it was a good joke or not. (Pay attention at the back!) This topic is to do with removal without notification of members posts. At my age and time of life, I do not take kindly to being censored without notification, just who are theses monitors and what yardstick to they judge posts by? I don't know about many people on this site, but I assume most have some humour, if anyone can show me where and what was offensive in Antony's post when viewed as a JOKE. then I'll apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  6. Antony post a great joke about his girlfriend ? Lady G took exception to humour. And now the post and subsequent comments have been "lost/deleted" Can the site owner please explain why and what this censorship hopes to achieve??? After all....I payed to come in.. Trento ?
  7. Excellent.... I've made a note of where you all are..???
  8. OK having lived there in the 70's. He's forgiven. Merry Christmas
  9. And if I may, one more example........coal tar soap.!!!! For generations folks on this fair isle have been washing their bodies and clothes with genuine Coal Tar soap. The EU without consultation banned the sale and use of CTS. Wrights the producers of CTS have to perfume their product with coal tar essence..!??? Best we leave before they ban leather shoe laces... Merry Christmas ???
  10. Dr Bob.. Please let us know what advice you need on "canal boating stuff". I feel sure others on here will be able and pleased to help. Merry Christmas ??
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