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  1. Trento

    Time to go

    My marina's pump out station is on the main canal, about 700 mtrs from the marina entrance on the offside. Given that I have only a holding tank unit in the boat, soon, I will need to leave my berth and go to the pump out station. I understand that the Coronavirus is not an airborne virus, onpassing is by contact, clothes, hair, body fluids etc etc.. I'm single crew, so no trouble with self isolating, but....After I've used the PS and cleaned down the hose and handles, I have a further 1.5 mile trip to the nearest winding hole. A total of approx 4.5 miles round trip from the Marina berth. I presume this is acceptable and in compliance with Boris's directives.. Q. If after using the PO, I missed the first winding hole and turn at the next available, this gives a round trip of approx 10-11 miles...If this is acceptable.and why should it not be.? . Then why not take a weekend cruise, ..and still be in compliance.. As indeed Lady G is suggesting. Different canals, different reasons, but same principle.
  2. Trento

    Time to go

    Well named " boilerman" 😜🤣
  3. Trento

    Time to go

    I've had my flue for over three years......it's stainless.
  4. Just a heads up on "wind power and turbines".. We all know that they consume a shed load of grid power just to turn the rotor bringing the blades up to speed from stop. in some cases and in some conditions they consume more power per day than they generate.
  5. Oh !!!!' I must have missed that.... Most impressive.
  6. Which means what !!!!????
  7. "and no effort made by ANY candidate to engage with me." And you are ???
  8. Trento

    Webasto problem

    In post 9, you say. "and took the pipe off connecting to the pump on the webasto." Did any water come out ??? If not your system could be empty.
  9. They are very reasonable and co-operative when you call them, despite some of the views expressed on here from time to time. That
  10. Do people need to be told this ?????? Oh and don't drink the water...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. We have a permanent cross bed in the rear cabin. There is no acces to the engine room therefore no diesel or oil smells either.!! We have a large opening hatch in the cabin and a its only 3 steps to the side hatch. We sleep rather well...
  13. Try the Lancaster Canal, with a trip down to Glasson Dock. The whole trip can be done within the week.
  14. Trento

    Eye Spy

    Termination notice from Hutch...??
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