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  1. That worried me for a bit - I too was concerned about the reddish appearance. I checked other photos and the engine bilge is separate and quite dry so I think it is due to rust (or sloppy maintenance?), probably not been cleaned out for ~12 years or more.
  2. Well seems like a degree of bargaining chip, but not necessarily as far as engine mounts without closer inspection. If we ever get to a running trial, I guess that will be the time to tell (pre-survey). Thanks for the opinions - all useful knowledge.
  3. I was just going by Tony's diagram and wondering about engine mounts with regards to pre-survey price negotiation, but if it's pretty normal, I should stop worrying.. Thanks
  4. The engine is on rubber mounts. The rest of the driveline:
  5. Hello experts, Having been lurking and learning from the years of expertise pumped into these forums and having read the many posts on stern glands and Tony's course notes, I'm have a concern that a candidate boat purchase may have more problems than I anticipated. Armed with camera, we've been poking around boats and building on that knowledge getting closer to determining what boat will work for us and what sort of compromises we feel acceptable. Having looked at my many photos on returning home, I wondered what conclusions can be drawn from the following photo. I'm unsure of the usage and maintenance routine of this boat, but get the impression it has been somewhat neglected or not loved (as opposed to those boats we've seen that are totally neglected and unloved). I assumed a certain amount of water and grease was normal, but having seen Tony's diagram of wear and alignment issues, wondered what can be gleaned from this photo with grease splatter on the bilge wall and (when zoomed in) what looks like a fair space above the prop are potentially serious problems? I expect you'll say it's difficult to tell and ask whether I could feel play in it etc. - No unfortunately I didn't get my hands on it or see it running and it's not local so I can't check, but would welcome off the cuff opinions. Regards /G
  6. Oh, now look what you've done! Maybe a good idea for a new thread... innovative touring cycle storage solutions
  7. I believe mooring locations are few and hard to come by, so that might be one challenge. Appropriately, here is an relevant current thread... Having done Stourport -Severn - Avon to Stratford I ashamedly confess to foolishly having done too little research of river cruising and had too little knowledge or experience of potential emergencies we faced. However conditions were benign and the boat reliable so ignorance was bliss as they say. It's only since lurking here I've realised what I should have known and been prepared for.
  8. Psychalist

    Tower PC

    Or a Raspberry Pi - even lower power and adequate for light surfing, word processing, watching TV, controlling things etc.
  9. Another interesting tid-bit one doesn't glean from photos i.e. the reason for raised seating. Something to be said from being there and sitting in a boat, positions of windows, hatches etc. As for a wardrobe, in something where space is a premium, I surprised they are so common. I'm happy to fold my clothes, though I'm yet to find a boat with hanging space for cycles, which I'm more reluctant to fold.
  10. Fly Navy, your tone is somewhat inflammatory. I trust Matty's judgement any day over yours, especially when the example boat you provide sold in April 2018. Hardly just missed is it? There is a lot of junk out there, and with respectful posts, you will get lots of help sifting through it from knowledgeable people on here.
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