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  1. I use to know a chap who had both dress and work clogs. His were made in Waterfoot, and (on-topic), they were not cold in winter.
  2. And proper (red opposed to white stitching) Lancashire clogs too?
  3. M for mystery. She knows you all like a bit of cat and mouse.
  4. Psychalist


  5. No, I meant the one at the marina .
  6. Not sure anywhere in that range is reasonably priced. In order, Foxhangers, Caen Hill, Hilperton, Bradford-on-Avon, Brassknocker Basin (Coal Canal) or in-line (limited). For links search on along on Google maps. Some appear sheltered, others windy. I know availability has been hard to come by, though Brassknocker has been advertising recently and Caen Hill is large enough to have a regular turnover. I also know the pub at Bradford-on-Avon is expensive for lime and soda! /G
  7. I'm not sure if it's true, but I think more private boats being offered for sale at the moment and many realistically priced. This appears to be giving brokers a reality check, especially some that tend to over-value boats. Having said that, there's will always be the oddity that makes one think - when what appears an overpriced boat sells quickly just proving it is just what people are willing to pay - often down to taste - one man's meat and all that. I feel generally most years demand/supply varies by season where, in early spring there is pent up demand. By this time of year, it fades to a more realistic approach - but perhaps more so this year?
  8. A foot would be unusual but obviously depends on your boat. More usual 3-4in, perhaps a tad more. It doesn't go anywhere as it will tend to flow towards the stern and stop at the engine room bulkhead. You need access to the sub-floor to mop it up - unless your boat has a cabin bilge pump, which most narrowboats don't have as standard. Access would be via an access hatch in the floor, which you might need to cut yourself.
  9. I suspect given some of the reductions needed to garner interest, the room for negotiation has got a significantly larger but some sellers are in denial having their boats on the market for 12 months or more. I image that is frustrating some for whom the cash is what's left to top up a pension.
  10. Is it me or has the market for second-hand narrowboats got a bit soft of late? I'm pretty sure looking at the duck (UK, all boats page, left-hand-side) for the last couple of years, the number of boats for sale was 600-700, yet this year it has steadily risen IIRC by about 400 since March and currently stands at over 1,100. This includes some under offer and sold but it does seem to be reflected in prices too, with many more in the £30-40k range and quite a few being reduced in price as they're not selling. Whilst I'm sure much relates to confidence in the economy, Brexit etc. maybe the state of the waterways (with 75,000 defects) is also having an effect. Just an observation. /G
  11. I suspect he'll have time to try the fine Moorhouses and Reedley Hallows before it does. In terms of inconvenience, available beer choice may ameliorate his situation. /G
  12. Your reachable walk options really start near Garstang. Grize Dale is a nice valley getting you onto the Bleasedale Moors. Wharton Crag from Tewitfield is another good option. Further afield Farleton Fell and Kirkby Lonsdale depending on transport. Extended walking area takes in Silverdale and Arnside - plenty of options there + a train ride to Grange, a few more. The rest of the Fylde coast is rather flat so depending on your tastes, potentially less interesting. A side trip to Glasson gets you some coastal walks and a bus from Lancaster to Heysham offers a visit to a nuclear power station or more interesting, a walk around Sunderland point. If you have two wheels, there is a lovely cycle way up the coast from Glasson and the Guild Wheel at Preston. Add a trip round the jail and county court in Lancaster and a trip to Carnforth station (steam locos), adds potentially 7-10 days to your cruising and browsing time (~1 week? according to canalplan at a leisurely pace}. Still doable in 17 days but, hopefully some options for your research. Enjoy. /G
  13. According to https://wbstillrockin.blogspot.com/2019/05/finding-mooring-and-sunken-boat.html the owner did some maintenance in the weed hatch whilst in the lock. You need to scroll down a fair way. Rather sad to see it under water again. /G
  14. Certainly plenty of Roe deer in east Lancashire. Over the years we see more an more. Apart from seeing the odd one foraging on our road, and eating our daffs, on the hill opposite between us and the canal, I counted around 80 last year so herds appear to be getting larger. Building escape ramps for them on the L&L round here doesn't appear to be necessary due to the natural decay of the system is creating them anyway. /G
  15. If the assertion that it has previously transited the lock, rather than coming from Reading, could the answer be difference in pound level or ballast rather than the lock repair?
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