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  1. We would fit a 2.5kw wall unit which will do most bedrooms ,if we can fit unit to outside wall normally looking at £1200 plus vat comes with wifi so control unit from phone ...as for running cost 50p per night but how much is a good night sleep worth ?
  2. As a Air Conditioning contractor, we just turn on AC and bang lovely and cool ....hope this helps lol
  3. Any info on above company , cant seem to find anything !
  4. We got a victron multiplus which works great ,so we got a Digital multi controller to connect to the multiplus but this does not seem to work is there any setting you need to change in the multiplus ??
  5. So if your numbers come up on the lotto and money was no object who would you employ to build your dream boat and fit out company ? As we love the tug boat style its got to be Brinklow boat service to build the boat and fit a vintage engine but not sure yet on fit out company !
  6. So as long as they dont sleep on the boat all ok ....we out tomorrow just take a tent ...so we dont sleep on the boat ...or stay up all night !!
  7. So how many Mad rebels out there going to stay on there boat this weekend ???
  8. Boom we out tomorrow then just not out out
  9. So Marinas back open so we can go back to see our boats and no overnight stays till 12/4 but can you go out for the day on our boats ?
  10. Can you go out on the boat then ?just not stay on the boat
  11. Having our boat painted in may and was thinking of having new windows made ,so whats the normal turn around time to giving order and having windows made ?
  12. MMMMMM got boat booked in with Northwich Dry Dock for blacking and full paint in may
  13. As title says when do you think Anderton boat lift will be back open for boat traffic ?
  14. Looking to run in feed for tunnel light ,so can you run 12v through gas locker to feed tunnel light ?
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