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  1. Hi all, Thank you very, VERY much in advance of your comments. Can we please have your thoughts on this boat? with a view to buying. As me & the wife are complete newbies, so appreciate all your comments. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.com/boat/coles-morton-35-tug/631854
  2. Its green energy ....you need 1kw to run compressor
  3. All modern AC units run with inverter to power the compressor so no high amp draw on start up ....if they can build Pyramids sure we can get a AC unit to work lol
  4. Sorry should have said unit would only run when engine is running not off battery also 2.5kw a/c unit would be drawing 4/5 amps and would make unit water cooled so no hot air blowing on anyone .... Would make the unit water-cooled so no hot air blowing on anyone
  5. We are looking at getting our first boat ,but as im a Air conditioning eng would like to fit a/c in the boat so would need 5/6 amps to run a 2.5kw unit ....so can this been done. ? just looking for pitfalls for doing this ..cheers
  6. Loving the feedback , we would only be using the boat for short breaks.....
  7. Hi all, Newbie here looking to buy my first canal boat. Would be grateful if I could pick your knowledgable brains and see what you think of this boat. Any advice or comments would be gratefully received! https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-tugs/600921
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