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  1. Got a LPW3 at moment but love the sound of the slow chug chug engines ,anyone swapped there engine for the classic sound ?
  2. Anyone fitted theses solar panels and if so what you think ? Cheers
  3. Now thats the way to do it .....cheers for pic
  4. That looks quite good .....would give the boat recessed panels look...
  5. Would love to see pics of the bolt in type .....never thought of that
  6. So has any one changed there windows to portholes ,and if so any pics of before and after job was done ..
  7. OK so best to go with solid panels .... Thanks for all the input !
  8. So we can have semi flexible panels and solid panels pro and cons for both ....but has any one fitted both at once on a boat .?...best of both worlds ...
  9. Got a lorry head light from eBay in the end ..thanks for all the info ..cheers
  10. Duck-n-dive we not got boat yet ,but have you email and will send over pics of what we got regards elec Cheers jaime
  11. Just got our first boat and looking to have the electrics updated , Looking to have elec control panel updated, inverter, charger and solar panels, so looking for local eng /comany we based in Runcorn marina . Cheers
  12. Going to keep roof light grey ,just sides of boat going black ...
  13. Looking to paint our boat at the moment its a light grey but going to change it to black, so looking to use craft master paint so do we rub paint work down then undercoat then topcoat ?? cheers for all input !
  14. Looking to fit a vintage looking head light to boat ,so where's best place to buy one ...cheers
  15. Hi all, Thank you very, VERY much in advance of your comments. Can we please have your thoughts on this boat? with a view to buying. As me & the wife are complete newbies, so appreciate all your comments. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.com/boat/coles-morton-35-tug/631854
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