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  1. Doh! Sorry Yes senior moment - us going down on the ebb him pushing against it. His problem as it was a left turn.
  2. I've never had a problem overtaking or being overtaken on the Trent. Did have a cruiser skipper shake his fist as he passed by last year. Him on the flood and us on the ebb on a tricky corner but he could have waited as he was coming against the flow and anyway there was enough channel to share otherwise he would have been on the bottom.
  3. I once passed one like that in Leamington Spa and the 'steerer' shouted at me to slow down
  4. I was hoping he would announce his forthcoming resignation. My goldfish will apply for the job, it's not a hard act to follow.
  5. Doubtful it's a programming error but I wonder if your name was mistakenly entered into the 'boat name' field by CRT. You can check on the website after signing in. https://licensing.canalrivertrust.org.uk/Boat
  6. That I think is because one of the anti-vandal locks isn't working. Probably won't fix it but they might put a blue sign there saying "Better with water"
  7. Looks pretty normal for a boat of that age. Our boat club has it's own dry dock so I get to see lots of baseplates. Apart from one very old Norton Canes boat which has steel looking like it was when built, every boat I see looks like that. Midnight had pitting up to 4mm which took me awhile to weld. The basepate was sandblasted and two packed. That was ten years ago and there hasn't been any further deterioration. Survey next year when it's twenty years old.
  8. We came up Rothersthorpe last Monday, never saw another boat going up or down. Many locks were full so maybe someone in front or they leak full.
  9. The Pocklington is very shallow and always weeded up on summer. Might be okay just now but it is very slow going from the lock to the first swingbridge. Unless things have changed, the channel connecting the river with the canal has a bit of a dogleg and longer narrowboats usually need a shunt or two. Don't try to cut the corner it's very shallower on the right bank heading to the lock.
  10. No but many years ago the crew of 'President' came up as I was preparing a lock and claimed to be a working boat with priority rights. Then again just a few years ago a real working boat came up behind as I filled a lock and although the crew didn't ask I waved them through.
  11. I had a lot of trouble getting my Anglian Pass in 2021. I had to apply online but EA said they would ring for the payment. Two weeks and several emails still no call. When we arrived at Bottisham lock. I rang the Cam Conservators and explained so they allowed us onto the river. The EA called several weeks after we left but I paid anyway as I had promised the Cam people I would do so. Apply early!!!
  12. It's easy really. Don't take the piss and you'll be fine. People like George are world champion piss takers and they usually end up in the same 'boat' - see what I did there 😆
  13. I did introduce the word 'scumbag' a few posts ago but nobody seemed to take offence at that one.
  14. Excuse me Arthur but that was the original name of Agatha Christie's novel if it offends you - tough!
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