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  1. The idea that the waterways can be self-funding is plain daft. With all that infrastructure to maintain it's a non-starter. Even significant increases in license fees would just result in less boats - less money. Although maybe more continuous moorers which CaRT would love as they don't put strain on the system. Any audit of CaRT will show they have been so successful in attracting visitors to the canal that it's currently impossible to move on some tow-paths for the shear volume of joggers, walkers, cyclists etc. 450,000,000 my arse! And anyway none of those groups contribute exce
  2. I think they now blame everything on vandalism so they no longer need the KPI's.
  3. I did some on my other boat by cutting circles with a hole saw then welding in flush and grinding smooth. I only welded the external side as they were well above the waterline.
  4. We want the grant extended, it's Mr Parry' employment that shouldn't be extended.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Malcolm built some very fine boats. I met him years ago in York and looked after his boat whilst he returned home for a hospital appointment. He was one of the nicest fellows you could meet. RIP Malcolm
  6. I think I may put in a bid for this contract. I'm putting a team of auditors together I'm going to ask Victor from NBW, Alan Richards from the Floater and Tony Dunkley to look at CaRT's performance in the legal aspects and welfare. Anyone wishing to join us should be equally impartial and preferably not a cyclist.
  7. Hi Jim this is one of the very few reports of successful use of Keelblack I've heard. Several boat club members tried it without success so they are now using the Ballistic 2-pack. Too early to report back I'm afraid. As the club has it's own Dry Dock we tend to go in annually or every 2 years max. I have my doubts about 2-pack without sand-blasting but TBH using any 2-pack on top of bitumen must be better than or at least equal to using just normal blacking.
  8. I've done many of those locks single-handed and usually stand on the roof with the centre rope looped around a slider or around a bollard if no sliders. I don't think my ropes are particularly long. My centre rope is the longest at about 27ft (half 57ft less 2ft to avoid the prop)
  9. Is that at Blacktoft or can you turn onto the Trent and anchor near the training wall?
  10. They intend to but are still having problems with the coffer dam
  11. My mate Big Jimmy who took the photo says he is in pest control mode. He has been trying to escape from Yorkshire since last October, stopped by 1/ The culvert repair at Manchester on the Rochdale 2/ The bridge with the 3" of loose rendering on the Rochdale 3/ Varous stoppages on the Huddersfield 4/ Covid 5/ The silting up of Brookfoot corner which was cleared yesterday 6/ Today - Mr Someone who now has a very short life expectancy I think Yorkshire wants to keep Big Jimmy.
  12. Just heard someone has drained the canal from at least Elland down to Brookfoot.
  13. I hope it all works out for those of you at Goole but suspect ABP won't go out of their way to help. Sharing with a small ship is probably your best bet. Going via Trent Falls it is a bit of a white knuckle ride when it's windy. I've only done it in the opposite direction but there should be plenty of boaters on here who can give advice based on first hand experience. I believe the idea is to go down on the tide and beach on the sands opposite the junction light on the Lincolnshire side. Then wait for the incoming tide. If CaRT don't offer passage through Pollington to Sykehouse I will be comi
  14. I'm beginning to suspect Lord Maffi of Oxford isn't going to be on your Christmas card list this year
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