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  1. Hired from Claymore (just north of Preston Brook tunnel) several times before getting a boat. The two most popular routes from there where Llangollen and the Cheshire ring. No wonder the poor souls are struggling. CRT should be ashamed over their failures at Marple and Middlewich.
  2. According to the RYA legal information, you are on shaky ground moving the boat but it seems clear that the landowner could go down the lien route. It's not clear but as you have rented it maybe you could too. I suggest you delete that post to cover yourself and speak to a legal bod. On the other hand Mr Smelly did make a good point.
  3. No surprise to me. From my experience at Ripon marina, I could write a book on the incompetence of those lightweights at BWML Hull.
  4. Up until a few years ago CRT logged my home mooring as a private marina in Dewsbury some 5 or 6 miles away. When I pointed this out to them they said it's because they didn't have the boat club as a location and they changed it to Calder Navigation. Yesterday when I checked they now have my home mooring as the boat club so they must have done some updating recently.
  5. Another CRT system not fit for purpose! A member of our club had similar email yesterday. He's been back since October but has been in dry dock for 3 weeks and then moored for 14 days nearby while he carried out some work. Technically he has not been on his 'Home Mooring' for awhile but never more than 10 feet away from the end of Club moorings. Surely CRT can't change your status to 'No Home Mooring' just because you aren't always on your stated mooring. Many members go off from Easter until October.
  6. We have a fuel polishing kit at the boat club. Members are charged £30 inc 1 filter. The last batch of filters we bought were £21 each. If fuel is really dirty (black) we suggest siphoning the bottom of the tank first. £583.70 is very excessive IMO.
  7. One of the best pubs on the system!
  8. Thanks for your suggestions. My mate managed to find a company that will repair at reasonable cost - Cox Automotive at Atherstone.
  9. A live-aboard colleague desperately needs a starter motor for his Lister TL3A Lucas CAV DE1855 Part No. 21320F621 Can anyone help?
  10. Two weeks? Depends if you want a leisurely cruise or just do the whole canal. I have cruised the L&L too many time to remember how many, but usually it's on the way out or back to somewhere else so we do long days. We did Liverpool to Leeds in 7 days but that was at the end of our 3 week holiday and needed to get back to base. There are around 30 swing bridges between Gargrave and Leeds and you do find the occasional heavy one. After heavy rain gravel and mud gets washed onto the bridge plate so sometimes just a sweep with your foot clears it. The locks are usually not an issue once you get the hang of the ground paddles - no problem when sharing. Like all Pennine canals it's spectacular and there's many places to stop along the way. A one-way would be ideal if you can get it. A great alternative is Sowerby Bridge on the Calder / Rochdale to Barnoldswick either way round.
  11. "The morons went past far too fast, bow wave nearly a foot high, and it seems to have sucked the staples out of a tarp that was covering a leaky patch. " Morons indeed and I do feel sorry for the owner but come on, hardly credible to blame a speeding boat for sinking in this case.
  12. Yes but you may need a whole new zip - there's an awning company in Cleckheaton if you're in the vicinity. I imagine many other companies around the country do same. Had mine replaced a few years ago quite inexpensive.
  13. Stayed at Thrupp last year on the way to Oxford. We approached with a little bit of apprehension after hearing stories of gestspo like bc members but pleasantly surprised. Quite a few moorings, friendly bc members and residential boaters. The boat pub was ok but didn't have any blond hoppy beers.
  14. No I don't do twit stuff I just got fed up of receiving stoppage notices so decided to do a count on the day. I could say great minds think alike but my mind isn't that great.
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