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  1. Just let those negative waves go over your head. Twice I have failed to pull a stranded boat backwards and both times it became obvious that a/ there was no control over the directioin and b/ the pulling power wasn't as strong as when, on both occasions I turned round and successfully completed the job - safely!
  2. Haven't I been saying that, but Mr Parry doesn't seem to see it. No extra funding is coming from any colour government so it's think outside the box time. Just like you did there. Hmmmm @IanD for C&RT CEO campaign? C&RT (management) are completely unfit for purpose - time for a change at the top. Someone to bang heads will do.
  3. Then instead of asking for more money maybe they would do better asking to be released from the KPIs which require Facebook sponsored ads, fun runs, fishing courses, art works, walks etc. The EA look after many waterways but don't seem to need to promote leisure use and judging from the highly accurate C&RT visitor numbers plently of people already think it's 'better by water'. Looks like 54% of boaters would like it 'better on water'
  4. Wearing a life-jacket is not scary at all
  5. It's a bit like wearing a crash helmet. You don't need one until you need one. The Ribble is similar to the lower Trent, wide and often very windy. When coming back leave the sea lock and just go down on tickover. When you reach the Ribble the boats that left on full power will be behind you. 😄
  6. We are experienced, we've done the Rochdale many times 😝
  7. Being like "tough little whippets" from Yorkshire we want to do the Curly Wurly. Been thinking about it for years now realised we best get it done before it's too late. 😕
  8. It is but we can only escape for a few days a year. Getting back is usually a problem too. Don't go there the Rochdale summit wolves eat boaters from darn surf.
  9. We've had to close navigation at Perry Barr lock flight on the Tame Valley Canal. A beam has snapped off at the connection with the headpost on one of the gates at Lock 2, meaning this lock is completely out of action until it can be fixed. The reactive response team are going out to assess the damage and determine what repair can be attempted. We'll provide a further update as soon as we receive one. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/28596/perry-barr-lock-flight-tame-valley-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices So we escaped from Yorkshire by the skin of our teeth (electrical issue at Keadby lock). Then found out about a likely delay on the T&M. Now this. Hoping the rapid response team can bodge this one too, otherwise our current plan is up the chute. What's the betting Yorkshire will be closed when we go back. 🙄
  10. Yes I know that's why I hoping to find out the real story from someone there
  11. https://narrowboatworld.com/15411-chaos-on-he-trent-mersey-canal We are heading that way later this week so if anyone is in that area please let me know what's going on. I haven'y had any notices.
  12. I suspect there may be some cancellations in August.
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