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  1. Received a stoppage notice re lock 31 sounds serious as the notice asked any boaters considering transiting that stretch contact them. I did but the call centre knew nothing further and asked me for contact details. Is anyone on here at Gargrave who could give us an on the spot assessment of the situation?
  2. Notice this morning from CRT re Sandon lock "A stoppage is required to carry our repairs to a number of copers."
  3. Please, please, please and pretty please choose the Rochdale Canal summit for the next one!
  4. I agree with standard stock signs on the towpath saying 'No Mooring Winding Hole' but this one is a custom expensive job. By condoning such a waste of valuable resources when locks nearby have only one working paddle. Didn't that lot once fight British Waterways over navigation now what do they do?
  5. I imagine the wide bit gives them all the clues they need
  6. If you read the words at the bottom it says in partnership with the IWA. No wonder that group are losing support.
  7. This is the ultimate pith take by Parry & Co. Boaters don't need a sign to spot a winding hole, fishermen, walker, joggers and that oh so important user group cyclists don't give a toss. How much did this cost considering design, printing, manufacture, erection and materials. Meanwhile nearby Llangollen locks have broken paddles with yellow bags or tape covering them. (I suspect the bags cost more than the repairs would). Anymore useless wastes of money (apart from Mr Parry) please post.
  8. Thank you again. I have a fine mesh bag but as we are still cruising I will try to get some activated carbon charcoal at an aquatic store. We will be visiting Chester shortly there seems to be one near the canal.
  9. Good news indeed. My 5 month old Microvent is already failing. That's nearly £10 per month! Thank you for sharing.
  10. Would be happy to take Mr Parry for a trip along the Calder then over the Rochdale or Huddersfield - ohh!
  11. If they are steam engines there's diesel in the water
  12. If that isn't a wind-up they wouldn't get a any payment from me and I would be asking for my deposit back.
  13. Been out since May and only seen one speeding boater *new hirer didn't know) and just a handful of maybe a little too fast. Tying the boat with a spring line definitely helps so maybe I just don't notice or care anymore.
  14. Thanks I'll get on the case on Monday This looks promising they have same listed - thank you
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