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  1. Midnight

    Oh dear

    On the Calder Navigation they are locked in the open position or the swinging side is removed. CRT blame cyclists but they make no attempt to re-lock them. The one at Sowerby Bridge could be managed by the volleys at Tuel but I suspect it won't be.
  2. Not I but one of my colleagues has been trying to escape the Calder Navigation since August to meet up with his mates on the Ashby Canal - no chance!
  3. A fair few winter stoppages on the Pennine Waterways, then again we won't notice 'cos there's plenty of all year round stoppages to keep us locked in.
  4. Nail on head! I met a fella at Ripon last year boasting about his 'all electric' boat covered in solar panels. When asked how many hours travel he gets he answered about five - not even enough to get down to York from Ripon. So I asked what he did when the batteries run down and he said "start the generator to charge them". All electric boat hmmmmm!
  5. The York Rescue Boat is a godsend. I've witnessed it retrieving a run-away narrowboat in a flood and helping stranded boaters in the middle of the night. Most of their work is persuading pissed teenagers not to jump in the river. These community services should be encouraged as long as they don't assume powers they have no right to have.
  6. Looks likely to be another lengthy closure. " 12/10/2020 13:58 Our engineers have confirmed that the underside of the bridge is unstable. The bridge is not owned by Canal & River Trust, but to ensure the safety of our customers, navigation between Lock 36 and Lock 45 on the Rochdale Canal will remain closed until the bridge is repaired. An update will be provided by Friday, 16 October.
  7. The wolves on Rochdale summit ate Michael🙏
  8. We used to have a (winter) stoppages season, now we have a stoppages season from Jan - Dec
  9. Is Victor from NBW loosing the plot? In a recent article he blames CaRT for hire boats sinking in locks by getting caught up on the cill. (Victor: Will CaRT ever act on cill sinkings?). Now there's none more than I who think CaRT management are f*&!ing w@&^%ers not fit for purpose, but blaming CaRT for this is way off target. If it's hire boats that's the issue then it's surely down to the hire companies to make hirers aware of the danger and should take newbies through at least one lock to demonstrate the procedure - up or down they could point out the cill and other hazards. I know some do but back when we hired not one hire company every showed us how to work a lock Notices like "Keep forward of the cill" are pretty clear if you know what a cill is and I'm sure I've seen signs with graphics showing a boat hung up on the cill.
  10. Gave the forum users some entertainment though BTW is your boat licensed - just asking for a friend 😅😅
  11. So I posted on their Facebook page suggesting their action was a bit OTT. He responded by suggesting Bingley should be closed down. After I replied suggesting they may find many of the Northern canals a bit too stressful they removed my posts. The thread is filled with sympathisers and they obviously don't tolerate being challenged. Now he has responded to another snowflake with this tosh, "as far as I’m concerned gross negligence on behalf of the CRT... that lock is going to kill someone." Experienced boaters??? Wait 'til they get to Wigan Flight. Can't wait for their video when they do the Rochdale, Calder & Huddersfield.
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