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  1. Sometimes it's better not to ask especially when you are only looking for a positive answer. Clearly the no fishing signs are not aimed at boaters fishing off their boats but plenty of others will complain just because there's a sign saying "No fishing". You could argue it should read "No fishing from the towpath". I would do it and justify why when some arrogant dodo challenges you, but then you can challenge arrogant dodo as to why they are in your space. anyway.
  2. It's what happens when the theorists, consultants and managers take over from the lads with shovels and barrows. Who by-the-way did a decent job that lasted a few hundred years despite not understanding the science of soil mechanics.
  3. Sorry to hear that. It's certainly not the Club policy but regrettably we do seem to have a few members as described.
  4. Looks like the top lock is unscathed. The bottom lock looks relatively intact too. So makes me wonder why 12 months? The spoil in the pound belongs back on the river bank and a channel through the spoil below could be dredged reasonably quickly allowing restricted passage while they rebuild the by-wash. I wonder how long it took the lads with shovels and wheel barrows to build it in the first place?
  5. Sounds to me like very little or no change. I doubt they will set up a claw-back scheme seems an expensive option for just a relatively few boaters.
  6. fixed changed to orange - cheers that's the first test.
  7. I recently found out about the Environment Agency's development of Flood Warning Systems https://environment.data.gov.uk/flood-monitoring/doc/reference?fbclid=IwAR0g4Doyup9xwHOMaa2Ct9mYACc-t-PqoX9EzugaD2BASIdPc0_2Yda7IJ0#individual-station I'm just a lightweight developer but using the above I managed to create a flood warning system local to our boat club. I'm still working on it but some may find it useful and adapt it to their own river areas. It's in Javascript so the essential code is visible in source view. http://www.southpennineboatclub.co.uk/flood-monitoring/ The page monitors Ledgard Bridge Station which is closest to the Club. The top left panel show latest data with previous levels / times in the panel below. The bottom row shows if the river is rising or falling and a colour code is based on the approximate indicator board at the river lock adjacent to the club. The right panel shows the levels of selected upstream measure stations with rise & fall indicator and colour coded to the orange level stripe (Low lying land may flood) shown on the EA's flood information graphs The lower right hand panel displays the Club's flood procedure triggered by levels that require a response by the club flood team. My code is a bit clunky but if anyone is interested maybe we could set up a group to look at developing this further than I can go alone.
  8. Shame you didn't have a boom there's a few boaters along the cut unhappy that their bottom blacking is dissolving
  9. Oops I have been told CaRT dragged it in to take it away but it sank and now there's a huge diesel slick in the cut. Surely not!
  10. If this is the boat I'm thinking it is the shell looks in pretty good condition. It's not licensed and it's been looted but worth salvaging. Not sure of the legal position, but could probably be refloated with a winch from the opposite bank. Good luck
  11. They are there to tell 'wor ladz' when the pubs are open red = closed green = 'howay man areya ganning doon the pub'
  12. The lock chambers, gates and walls seem to be reasonably intact. It's getting the water course dredged, the by-wash areas rebuilt and some resilience to prevent further flood damage that's going to be the bigger problem. Maybe possible to get restricted passage sooner than they are predicting. (where's the praying hands emoji when you need it?)
  13. It's not the burning of heather that's the problem it's the ripping out of trees, hedges and shrubs, the construction of drainage channels creating access roads for all shooting party vehicles and clearing tributaries of willows and sedges. That's what contributes to the rapid rise in levels lower down the river systems. I live in the moors and when burning takes place, it is in small patches just a small proportion of the moorland. Somebody in authority, please join the dots up.
  14. I think in this case dredging would have achieved very little. Figure of Three locks are so named because the adjacent River Calder winds past the locks on a path resembling the figure 3. Where it meets the river bank of the final loop is at an acute angle and just yards away from the towpath which gets washed away regularly. CaRT have been fighting a continuous battle, using dolomite and rubble to refill the scouring each time. The flood of February 9 reached new record heights in the vicinity and clearly washed out a huge portion of river bank allowing the raging flood to get across to the non-towpath side of the locks and scour away the by-washes. Not easy to think of a long term solution and it's possible the work required to either straighten out the river or build a resilient wash wall would not be CaRT's responsibility.
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