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  1. Quite so if the law can't be overridden then why worry about ticking a box and accepting T&C's that aren't set in law. It doesn't matter to me because I have never given BW or C&RT any concern over my cruising pattern. When I needed an extra day on a two-day mooring I rang them and they were most accommodating offering more extra days than I needed.
  2. We did Foxton and Watford a few weeks ago. There were only a handful of boats at Foxton so apart from one miserable volley ("I volunteered for maintenance not lock duties") all went well. Us doing our own lock-wheeling and the vollies assisting the two single handed boats behind. Watford was reasonably well managed 6 up and 6 down. The lady volley (ex-boater) was very friendly and knowledgeable. Then there was 'Herr Flick' volley shouting orders at the bottom gates to the waiting boats. There was quite a few so I suspect some didn't get up that day. Herr Flick's attitude probably didn't help c
  3. I wasn't intending to be helpful just pointing out if you stick within the spirit of the guidance there's nothing of concern in the new T&Cs.
  4. I think those who stick to the rules don't worry too much about the new T&Cs
  5. 57ft but if I get another boat it will be 55ft - less stressful in shorter locks and probably no noticeable loss inside.
  6. A few years ago I weighed in three of those big, big batteries. The scrap man said "that's £90" "£90??" I asked "Yes that's all you're getting" says he "Blinkin eck! (or words to that effect)", says I. "That's brilliant, get yourself and the lads in the office a drink on me"
  7. I must add we have been on the River Nene for a week and the standard of the EA locks is far better than we are used to. All paddles easy to wind, only one or two heavy gates, no self-openers or closers, all electrics working . One was slow but had a notice to say it had been fitted with a temporary motor rather than closing it. "How lucky are we to have this fantastic river system"
  8. included in "etc" Oh some good news Shirley Drawbridge has been fixed and quite quickly too.
  9. Are we talking a canal in the UK? I didn't realise there was one without any problems. Try the Rochdale, Leeds & Liverpool, the Huddersfield, the Calder, the Aire & Calder, Selby, Ripon, the North Stratford etc and let me know how you get on I am hoping to get back to our home mooring later this year. On the plus side for just £9.75 you can get to see photos of the canal now and if you are an admirer of blue signs you may spot one or a hundred on your travels.
  10. Happened to me I pulled the main fuse out and put it back again no further issues. Also check the battery switch mine is easy to accidently switch off.
  11. Mr Passmore is in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that will work. C&RT have encouraged cycling but now we see electric bikes going even faster. Which planet are Parry & Co on?
  12. Oh thanks good info will do same. I was thinking of leaving the boat at St Neots or Huntingdon for a few days home leave. Any recommendations for marinas / moorings?
  13. At Gayton Junction. The original plan was to go to London but with covid still around we will be turning left tomorrow and heading for @Athy country and onto the Great Ouse for awhile.
  14. I got one too but I don't think my policy number changes unless I change insurance company
  15. 29 swing bridges between Leeds and Skipton - you need a bike electric or otherwise.
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