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  1. Lake? Luxury mate! We lived in a bramble bush with a Woolworth's biscuit tin for a bed.........................
  2. I think Lady G would have to pull them out of the canal long before they walked into her sticks
  3. If I remember correctly BW closed the towpath at Braunston (probably elsewhere too) when foot and mouth was killing cows. Seems the pandemic killing people isn't as high on the agenda.
  4. Eeeeek! You can beat me, rub me down with sandpaper and pour boiling oil over my parts but please, please don't make me join Thunderboat - I'm scared.
  5. Hey Dude (see what I did there folks) The good folk of Canalworld Forum are very protective of the waterways and on the odd occasion may sound a little brusque. There is an alternative and very friendly boating forum where I'm sure you will be afforded an appropriate welcome. Google 'Thunderboat Forum'.
  6. Doesn't move very far or very often. Usually seen on 2 day visitor moorings for weeks if not months.
  7. Not read the WW feature but years ago I knew a chap from the black country who told me he often spent school holidays helping his uncle on the run between London & Birmingham. He said the horses were treated a lot better than the boatmen and if you gave a horse back that had a sweat on you got fined.
  8. Well my gasts have never been to flabbered for aged - get in!
  9. What do I need to text to get rid of a Chief Executive?
  10. Please help save aging boaters from beer famine by sending £3 to my bank account.
  11. A notable post on another Facebook page is this pic of Pollington taken on 23rd Dec by David Armitage. Anyone still think bank staff are a waste of money?
  12. I find them mostly very boring but I did like the one by Robbie Dodah when he did the tidal Ouse but only because Fred the lockie asked if we would pen out in front of him and we got two seconds of fame. The one with those two dipsticks that think Bingley 5-rise should be shut down was mildly interesting if just to see how stupid they really are.
  13. Yes fine and dandy ho, ho , ho but "you intend to refuse to sign the T&C declaration" as Arthur asked?
  14. I have read his stuff too and even been on the receiving end of his cutting wit. I also think he would benefit from understanding the meaning of the phrase "life's too short". None-the-less when it comes to knowledge and experience of the commercial waterways he is king and I have a lot of respect for that. If I ever get to meet him I will offer to buy him a beer but expect the glass to be cracked over my head as a parting gift. The world needs the likes of Tony Dunkley if only to stir the pot now and again.
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