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  1. That's what was going through my mind at the time. 😜 I just love the keyboard experts. When in that situation theory doesn't necessarily match reality. Beats the shit out of walking along the gunwhale 🤣
  2. When on my friends boat on the ebb I walked along the roof brought the anchor to the stern and dropped it in. There are a lot of sharp bends below Cawood so the alternative would have seen us in the willows on the outside of such a bend. With the flow against the side pushing the boat against the lower branches its likely the boat would list and take in water. That's what happened to another friend who had the same issue with a large underwater branch stopping his engine and was smashed against Selby road bridge. Fortunately the tide rose enough to eventually turn the boat backwards and upright through the offside arch just as the fire brigade were climbing down to rescue him and his crew. I've also accompanied yet another mate up the Ouse when a branch stopped the engine. Fortunately that time we were on the long straight above Turn Head so had time to clear the prop before the anchor was deployed. I think I've done that stretch about 30 times and had two incidents and know of at least two more. To suggest going up there is such low risk that an anchor isn't required doesn't stack up. In my experience there's a 1 in 15 chance of a problem with debris.
  3. I hear lots of comments about boat price reductions in Autumn and I suspect that may be the case in the past. However if home owners are forced out of bricks and mortar by high interest rates many will surely look to downsize into statics and boats so I wouldnt expect to see significant reductions in the future. We are both retired/ semi-retired on moderate pensions but dont feel the need to sell up. BTW I was told that boats built by Pinders offer more than the usual headroom - hope that helps.
  4. No insults coming however are you saying you would be happy to take your new boat up to York without an anchor? Have you ever been on a tidal river?
  5. Oh I see you have changed your stance a little from: "......... I think it shows is that a narrowboat (or wideboat...) that spends most of its time on the UK canals and ventures out onto rivers some of the time doesn't *need* an anchor as a safety measure in case of emergencies, it's just a pointless waste of space and money and a trip hazard." Anyone going onto a tidal (or strong current) river without an anchor is taking an big risk.
  6. I was rather expecting official updates via the stoppage notices even if it is bad news. It looks likely the comments from last night's meeting is all we are getting. The meeting was in your vicinity so the info was from the horse's mouth so to speak.
  7. Second hand info but I've been told that at a CRT meeting last night it was suggested the only Pennine canal likely to open anytime soon would be the Rochdale but no guarantees. Thought not likely the L&L will open this year and although all pounds on the HNC are full the reservoirs are too low to provide any room for optimism.
  8. "Keeping the waterways open to navigation for more than 35,000 boaters is a key priority for the Trust" ...... however we failed miserably, particularly in the north. Perhaps he didn't buy that
  9. Yes but you obviously don't. Although naturally, being a superior being, you think you do.
  10. I wouldn't worry. IanD is such a clever-sod, know-all he will never have any problems at all.
  11. You are always right IanD so I suggest when you get your nice shiny new boat don't bother with an anchor and try a few trips up and down the tidal Ouse and tidal Trent. Keep an eye out for floating debris on the way. You probably will be okay but possibly you will encounter a problem with aforementioned debris when you do, you will likely need an anchor. I suggest in your case you will only need third party insurance too.
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