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  1. Yes, it's variable. But not an uncommon phenomenon on narrow locks. I'll give you on the T&M it can be severe, but it's not uncommon.
  2. Is this phenomenon not fairly common on narrow locks throughout the system?
  3. An admission. I hang my head in shame, but sometimes... We, for speed and efficacy, sometimes microwave our bacon. A cardinal sin I know, but with good bacon on a cold morn, with HP sauce, it's still yum.
  4. Butter dilutes the brown sauce, so no for me. I also like the rind on. Ali on the other hand is a butter on girl, no rind and deffo no brown sauce! Sometimes wonder if we are compatible...
  5. Calling Matty... Would you, or someone you know be interested? 😁🍻
  6. Last year we headed towards the northwest initially, Chester and the Llangollen. As the Middlewich branch was closed, we expected the Shroppie to be busy. It was far from it. Going down Audlem, we passed ner a boat. The Golly was steady, but by no means busy, same towards Chester. Returning down the Shroppie, only passed one boat on the Audlem flight. Our travels later took us down the Severn to sharpness, back up the Avon and Stratford and ultimately down onto the Thames via the Oxford. It was very quiet throughout. Due to circumstances, this year, we have only travelled the Leicester ring. Once again, moving boats have been noticeably absent. People seem to be living on boats, rather than using them for navigation.
  7. Whilst the condition of our paintwork is generally good, in a few places, it needs some remedial work. Specifically, the hinges on both side hatches, same on the gas locker, plus the rear deck. Ideally, we would like this done under cover and somewhere not too distant from our base in Crick.Circumstances mean we will not cruise very much this year, so an ideal time to get the work done. On the scale of things, not a massive job, so that most painters will probably not be interested and this may limit us locally. So. If anyone can make any reccomendations, it would be much appreciated.
  8. Is not Bizzard local to that general area? On second thoughts, scrub that. Might add a dimension of eccentricity that will only confuse. 😛
  9. We also have a Meaco, a great bit of kit. Tend not to use it over winter though, as we leave the boat well ventilated, with all cupboard and drawers open. In the spring, we close the boat down, add a little heat and set the Meaco. Works for us as an all porthole boat.
  10. I totally agree with this viewpoint. Only called them out once in eight years of membership. They were prompt, the problem quickly resolved and we were on our way again. Bit like buying a sofa from DfS. Never had a problem with them personally, but reviews are awful.
  11. Brace yourselves. We live in the catchment area of the upper Soar. It is persisting it down with some tremendous thunderstorms as I type.
  12. Many a true word. Try policing them! Went to a pub fight in Crowle one new years eve. Two brothers had been squaring up, when a bloke stood up( not the assumed father) and said "leave my lad alone" There was then, a riot! 😛
  13. Having lived on the Isle of Axeholme for a good few years, I have become somewhat paranoid about river levels. We were surrounded by water, both rivers and drainage dykes. The first thing I checked on moving house, was the flood risk. People used to laugh...
  14. We moored twixt Dunchurch and Braunston last weekend, in rural isolation, almost. We sat out the rain on Saturday , then had an early (for us) start on Sunday morn. We shot up Braunston locks, through the tunnel and onto the Leicester line, arriving below Watford at 1220. To be told then, that "you may not get up today", with three boats ahead of us, raises the hackles from the outset. For once, we had a schedule, Ali had to get home for ... Work!
  15. One would hope that after the recent deluges, the restrictions could be eased a tad. Less pressure on all and a more relaxed passage.
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