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  1. Notice on the Wharf house narrowboats Facebook site today. It states the chandlers will close at the end of the month and big discounts to be had on existing stock.
  2. And more on the way!
  3. A sense of entitlement and rudeness is certainly not confined to Hobby historic boats. But when one encounters such behaviour from the crew of one, it is more tiresome due to one's expectations. Last year on the Shroppie, having left Norbury heading south, we saw a boat ahead of us rise in the water. Then an ex working boat appeared at full tilt. His bow wave hit us before he came fully into view. The boat ahead was tossed around like a cork, then it was our turn. The steerer maintained his speed, with his back to us, oblivious to the chaos he was causing, to say nothing of the breaking wash. Simply rude. But more disappointing given the nature of the boat.
  4. johnmck


    Thus far, very reminiscent of the "Summer" of 2012. Set off with locks on restrictions. Decided to go north as more chance of a drop of the wet stuff. Never stopped raining for the rest of the summer!
  5. We arrived at the bottom lock around 3pm yesterday. By the time Ali located the locky, it was a little later! But, they let us up, in heavy rain and even hailstones. We exited the top lock bang on 4pm. Always find the crew at Watford very amenable and professional. Makes Foxton look a shambles...
  6. A screen to prevent sucking unwanted items into your tube is essential. We learned this through experience when one of those pipe fenders people hang from the hand rail, was sucked into ours. It had obviously snapped off, leaving the eye attached to the rope. This went into the tube and destroyed the prop. We did have a screen in place at the time, but the gaps were too large. This has now been modified.
  7. And me! Johnmck. 🍻
  8. Yep agree. But if you are new to the boating life, a little caution in your use of electrical items, is no bad thing. Got to learn to walk before you can run and all that. 😎
  9. I must admit to being more than a tad cautious with our battery bank. We have a 12v fridge and freezer and are all led as far as lighting. But electric kettles and Alis hair dryer, or the washing machine, are not run unless the travelpower is on. We are on our ninth year with our bank of agm's.
  10. Really, this will not hurt Mr Biscuits, trust me!😱
  11. I am almost full term... By the look of me! 🤡
  12. Give us a knock and have a chat. Not too early (or Twerley as they say in my neck of the woods) 🤣
  13. Recognised the bote. Nice to meet in person. Tinternet can be so impersonal.
  14. Congratulations in advance. We battled the weather, beat the lock restrictions and arrived ahead of schedule. I have consulted every weather app and tomorrow, after a false start, will shine on your special day. All the very best to you both.🍻🎎🥂
  15. Just remember nashworth, you are not alone! Near on Nine years down the line of boat ownership, electrickery on boats still confuses the hell out of me. We have a Smartguage. It does help as it gives a general idea of state of charge in an easily readable format for a numpty like me. Just remember, what you take out, you have to replace. It takes longer to put it back in! Only use 240v appliances when on shoreline, or depending on your set up, when the engine and or travelpower is on. I freak out if we go below 70% state of charge. This is somewhat anal, but our battery bank is now into it's ninth year. I would say, four hours charge a day, is the well balanced way. Others will disagree.
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