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  1. We have the same set up. Admittedly, we don't watch a lot of TV, but it works fine in most places... But not Crick, were we moor. But there again, neither does telephony. Try changing location and returning.
  2. Its doable... But the grief you will cause/receive will not make the trip in any way enjoyable. The triple ssi between Debdale and Saddington, is CRT speak for overgrown and narrow.
  3. Love ours. As Matty says, no carrying coal or wood and once lit, you can run it indefinitely. Bit of an art getting used to managing it, but once you have it, a doddle.
  4. Ours works fine. It's an Alde heat exchanger. Reverse a couple of valves, switch over the pump from webasto to engine and voila, hot radiators from the engine. But... We don't use it as much as we should!
  5. Passed the new marina today. Looking good. Great natural planting around the periphery. (According to swmbo).
  6. Well, coming from the leek branch gives you a better perspective. Plenty of room. Did it easily, slowly and no use of the thruster required. This canal is hard work though. Very overgrown and almost impossible to judge the hard edges. Now I know why we haven't been back since 2011.
  7. Ahem... Don't know if I should admit this, but we have a "Girly button". 😨🙈
  8. We are only a tad over 58ft, so will give it a go.🙈
  9. We are on the Caldon at the moment. Whilst moving boats are few, a trip down the Leek branch found the moorings at the end, rammed. So we are back near Hazelhurst junction, intending to do a right on hitting the main line and down the locks. The turn looks a little tight. Anyone negotiated this junction recently and know the maximum length? Or do I just head for the winding hole and make life easier.
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TOOL-KIT-MINI-25PC-Contents/dp/B07B9W1R1L For sheer go to first kit, this beats all. Always to hand, does the job and the first one was bought for me by dad....
  11. Tonight, it's the turn of the Webasto. Toasty, hot water, but a bit of a battery drain. We find that whilst the Refleks warms the boat wonderfully, it makes for a very arid atmosphere. But, we don't do cold, so needs must.😁
  12. We inherited the Hive when we bought our current home. Got to say, I am impressed. Controls the heating, a few lights and a motion sensor. All controlled via an app. Thinking of adding a couple of cameras to the system as well.
  13. I think its uber quiet. Left Crick last weekend and now at Stone. At no point have we had to queue and even negotiated both Crick and Braunston tunnels without meeting another boat. It will be different next week though. Coz the Silvertops all leave their moorings/marinas.
  14. August. Last night we put the central heating on, but uses electrickery. Tonight, the Refleks stove is on! Ok, we are a bit nesh, but it has been chill today towards Stone. In fact, Stone cold!
  15. We descended on the 23rd. Arrived at the top lock... And went straight down. No queue. Only one lock of each pair open though, due to a fault with one of the middle locks.
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