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  1. You won't get freesat with a moonraker, it receives terrestrial channels like freeview.
  2. We have had an Omnimax aerial for the last ten years. It's on a magnetic base, so easy to bung on the cratch board at the end of a days cruising. (Metal plate affixed to facilitate) and then remove the next day. I cannot see any advantage to the moonraker. It's fixed for a start, which personally I would not want. I recently replaced the cable to the Omnimax, which has vastly improved reception.
  3. Notice Alert Oxford Canal Location: Wide-beam boat movement between Dunchurch Pools Marina to Braunston, North Oxford Canal Starts At: Bridge 81, Borstal Bridge Ends At: Bridge 93/94, Braunston Junction Monday 14 June 2021 06:00 until Monday 14 June 2021 11:00 Type: Advice Reason: Information Original message: There is a planned wide-beam boat journey on the North Oxford Canal from Dunchurch Pools Marina to Braunston in the morning on Monday 14th June 2021. We kindly remind boating customers to be aware of a wide-beam boat and take extra care whilst navig
  4. That was exactly our understanding. We paid in advance for 12 months mooring, the contract between us ending at the last day of this month. When we informed them we were leaving, they invoked the three month notice clause. Whilst it is now sorted, it was a salutary lesson.
  5. Same here. We ran for over a year using ours, before it died. Turned out that the inline fuse was not connected, so we had not been charging the battery. They are handy for the occasional blip, but more so to aid reversing. Yes, we could live without it. But it has its uses.
  6. Cheers. Let our experience be a salutary lesson. Read the small print.
  7. Result! Ali appealed to the top of the Castle and they saw reason. No exit fee, so we are off to pastures new at months end. Chuffed.
  8. The conditions state, "90 days written notice of the termination of a mooring contract is always required" We took this to mean termination within the contract period, but they are stating that this applies beyond this?
  9. We previously only had a winter mooring at this marina, but circumstances changed. We moved house and then my partners "Winter" job, extended, then came the pandemic. Ali works within the NHS and has been and will be for the forseeable future, working from home. Her role is loosely the training of international doctors. This now involves online training and necessities a good internet access. But, building work at home delayed due to Covid, will start in June. We will have to move out temporarily. No problem, we can move onto the boat and Ali can work from there. But she can't, as the in
  10. For us, a marina is a secure parking slot, normally over winter. But circumstances change, then add a pandemic! But we have been somewhat naive. To me, a twelve month contract lasts... 12 months? So, as our contract with the marina expires at the end of this month, we assumed that we could either leave upon expiry, or renew. Appears not. The small print states one must give three months notice. So check your car park ticket for conditions.
  11. And Who mentioned dumping waste from composting loos in CRT bins? Oops. Twas me! 🤗
  12. We have the same set up. Admittedly, we don't watch a lot of TV, but it works fine in most places... But not Crick, were we moor. But there again, neither does telephony. Try changing location and returning.
  13. Its doable... But the grief you will cause/receive will not make the trip in any way enjoyable. The triple ssi between Debdale and Saddington, is CRT speak for overgrown and narrow.
  14. Love ours. As Matty says, no carrying coal or wood and once lit, you can run it indefinitely. Bit of an art getting used to managing it, but once you have it, a doddle.
  15. Ours works fine. It's an Alde heat exchanger. Reverse a couple of valves, switch over the pump from webasto to engine and voila, hot radiators from the engine. But... We don't use it as much as we should!
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