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  1. Christleton is fine, never had any problems with yoofs when moored there. Pleasant walk into the city via the towpath, and a good bus service, even more so if you walk down to the nearby park and ride.
  2. Quite agree. Even more so when you look at bridge 6a and the none towpath side abutment to the bottom gates of lock 2. Both are slowly moving down towards the A5, the cracks in the brickwork now highlighted with measurements.
  3. It is just below , but in reality, same void. Sorry about the carp photo. Nipped off the boat to take it as passing up the staircase today.
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PXbTrhTjQKjuGk4F7 Meanwhile on the Leicester line... An extended closure of Watford locks looks extremely likely.
  5. We love to Soar, likewise the run through Leicester, although challenging at times, mostly weather related. Having done the north Oxford and Coventry to death, for us, coming down the Leicester line beats it hands down. Do visit Market Harborough and Welford. But take care of river levels, stoppages and restrictions. Most of all, which ever way, enjoy.
  6. We have a maxview omnimax. Replaced the connecting cable after eight or so years and that has improved reception. Saying that, it works over 90% of the time for us. When it doesn't, no TV, no big deal. Always available on catch up. Most of the programmes we want to watch are on the terrestrial channels anyway. Not getting a signal the odd time is no problem. Just get the kindle out and enjoy the peace and quiet and tonight, the drum of rain on the roof!
  7. That start up sounds exactly like mine. Winds itself up like a jet engine, the ticking of the pump accelerates and it maintains this for ten minutes or so, then winds down to a steady rumble. Done this for the last ten years, so for us, the normal start up regime.
  8. We are heading south towards Cropredy at the moment. Original plan was to wind above Somerton deep before heading home.
  9. Apologies. It's a video and takes a few minutes to load up!
  10. Sounds like the closure at Yelvertoft in November should give them plenty of time for investigation.
  11. Thank you for that. It just intrigued me whilst passing.
  12. And having passed under bridge 34, heading north, one expects the next bridge to be 35. But it's not, its 36. So, what happened to bridge 35? A Google fail on this one.
  13. Personally, I would never sever my land base. But... Watching an Otter working through the offside reeds, under a still moonlit sky, takes a lot of beating.(just now) But I am an insomniac. I despair at the number of people selling up their bricks and mortar, for a supposed idyll on water.. it is a much more hands on way of life and can be hard when the sun don't shine. I do get the want and vision, but the reality is oft way off the rose tinted mark. Think long and hard before making the move. Remember, power level, water and bogs do not overly concern a land dweller, but are immense to a boater.
  14. A further email re cost. I can now confirm the fuel price increase, our new price will be .92p per litre for heating, the propulsion or split will remain the same at .49p per litre.
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