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  1. It really all goes to show that journalists have no moral compass. To publically spout about bullying and rude behaviour, then give the best illustration of the same, really does take the biscuit. I can be a surly bar steward. But only when faced with blatant stupidity by people who proclaim they know better. We all make mistakes on occasion, yes even owners! You apologise, move on. But this chap did not get it wrong . His action was deliberate . He is a journalist, the self proclaimed voice of canal and river etiquette, then used his public platform to justify himself, denigrating the other party. That I find unforgivable.
  2. Ten years or so ago, just before our boat was in build, I was all for a hybrid system. Even consulted Fischer Panda. The costs did not stack up , nor did the technology available. I would love an all electric boat. But again, the technology and infrastructure negates this option. How do you cruise, produce heating and hot water in the depths of winter Peterboat? I suspect you do not and there be the problem. Yes, you can bridge hop in the summer months, but the rest of the year? Hybrid systems provided a good feel alternative, but not a solution. And they cost...
  3. Since we last saw this behemoth ten days or so ago , just onto the South Oxford, it has reversed and is now heading towards Braunston. The canal is wider, but it still illustrates just how unsuitable these craft are for most British canals, even those deigned to be wide.
  4. Webasto on tonight to take the chill off pre slumber. Not yet cold enough to fire up the Refleks though.
  5. I used that dense self adhesive foam sheeting. Cut to size, remove the backing and apply. No more condensation and has lasted several years now.
  6. According to CRT, the beast has moved on. Bet it's not far though, but at least off the narrow canal, hopefully.
  7. I have also mentioned this one in my email to CRT.
  8. Reported to CRT. I have nothing against broad craft, on suitable navigation... But they are spreading onto narrow canals and as in this instance , impeding navigation.
  9. Just a bit further along past Wigrams turn and on the South Oxford, we came across this monstrosity. We had already squeezed past the shed Ditchcrawler photographed.
  10. Yes, it's variable. But not an uncommon phenomenon on narrow locks. I'll give you on the T&M it can be severe, but it's not uncommon.
  11. Is this phenomenon not fairly common on narrow locks throughout the system?
  12. An admission. I hang my head in shame, but sometimes... We, for speed and efficacy, sometimes microwave our bacon. A cardinal sin I know, but with good bacon on a cold morn, with HP sauce, it's still yum.
  13. Butter dilutes the brown sauce, so no for me. I also like the rind on. Ali on the other hand is a butter on girl, no rind and deffo no brown sauce! Sometimes wonder if we are compatible...
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