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  1. My Surecal 55 litre calorifier has one. See drain cock at lowest point in in the pic.
  2. Snaygill Boats: https://uk.businessesforsale.com/uk/boat-yard-with-moorings-and-facilities-yorkshire-for-sale-1.aspx
  3. Thanks. That should have been made clearer in the update.
  4. According to the latest Boater’s Update it is not a legal requirement but it is a requirement under the licence terms and conditions. I have pasted the paragraph below from the Boaters’ Update. The British Waterways Act 1971 requires a boat’s name and index to be displayed ‘conspicuously’ and the boat licence terms and conditions specify the details are displayed on both sides of the boats, easily visible. We are starting a new process to address non-displaying boats on the waterway, which could result in enforcement action, so please make sure you’re displaying your boat details correctly and speak to fellow boaters that might not be.
  5. Was it delivered to Kildwick?
  6. RAP

    Oh no not again

    Why don’t you walk or cruise up to Kildwick and take a look, it’s not far from the Silsden Woodend moorings. The winding hole is very close to the swing bridge, about 300 metres before the bridge. As others have said, including me, it’s a good place for vehicular access and deliveries. The road is decent albeit narrow, two cars can pass.
  7. RAP

    Oh no not again

    There is a winding hole at Kildwick where there is also vehicular access next to the canal by Warehouse swing bridge.
  8. Do not use white spirits to thin the paint, this in itself can contribute to streaking. Too much Owatrol will also do the same - DAMHIK! If using Craftmaster paints then you really should use their thinning agent, especially if you want to maintain a wet edge during application.
  9. I use Owatrol. If you don’t want brush marks then this is the product to use (see pic below). About 10% is usually sufficient. It is also an excellent rust inhibitor when used neat on cleaned up / wire brushed rust.
  10. Of course! CRT have tested all mobile providers and all provide excellent signal coverage within the tunnel - NOT!
  11. Just emptied my rather full cassette after a period of six months. Yes, I know I should have emptied it when it was full. No odour in the past six months when visiting the boat, and it emptied easily, in a liquified state. Quite impressed. Oh, and I use Elsan Blue.
  12. I had something similar on my JP3. Eventually, traced the source of the problem to the OEM twin fuel filter assembly. It was leaking air into the fuel system. I bypassed the OEM fuel filter with a modern day fuel filter and the problem disappeared. Of course, any assembly or fuel pipe joint can leak air into the system over time. Hope this helps and provides some things for you to check.
  13. Any chance you can produce a video? Would be great to hear it running, just to quell those reservations that it is really super quiet. TIA.
  14. RAP


    It’s an impressive product, both as a rust treatment and paint aid. I have produced fantastic paint coverage ( glossy and mirror finishes super smooth ) with its ability to retain that wet edge when painting with difficult oil based paints. As a rust treatment I have not seen any rust develop in the 14 years since I first started using the product.
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