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  1. I made my own puller and used this to pull my liners out. Key ingredients were a chunk of machined steel to snugly fit the base of the liner (within its cutouts) and a long scaffold bar to get a decent purchase. All items were of significant size /strength to cope with pulling liners that had been it situ for at least 50-60 years. The circular items are flanges. Here’s my puller in action.
  2. In my back cabin and engine room I used Dulux trade undercoat coloured to 15868 or 66YY80322, which is a pale yellow, with Polyvine medium oak scumble and varnished with Screwfix’s finest No Nonsense yacht varnish. Here’s an example of the results.
  3. We locked up and down Gargrave in late August and I was concerned that some of bulging stones would soon need attention. They may have been like this for many years but given this was my most recent usage of this lock since the late nineties they caught my attention.
  4. I recall this boat moored at Cowley in the early to mid 90s and owned by someone, IIRC, called Neil. It was and still is a rather smart boat.
  5. Another vote for the Midland Chandlers version of the Epping/Classic. The top plate is very thin and prone to cracking if you let it get too hot.
  6. RAP

    Royal visit

    Looks like the chair didn’t get the dress code memo…
  7. CRT need to get a grip here. There are too many MLATs - moored like a tw*t - across the system abusing the rules.
  8. The keel cooling tank outlet looks to be a small bore. The rest is incomplete because it’s still in build.
  9. Stick your flexi panels to something like this: https://www.roofingsuperstore.co.uk/product/corotherm-10mm-clear-twinwall-polycarbonate-roof-sheet.html This will provide sufficient air gap, reduce surface temperature and prolong the life of your panels.
  10. Not near enough to neighbours to hear theirs or to easily engage with them to do so, I am somewhat remote. I have no experience of these units but am contemplating the Evo.
  11. From a sound perspective it was useful to learn that it’s quite noisy. It would by useful to see and hear the same unit, or the new Evo, running in a boat.
  12. Have you looked Ebac washing machines? Not sure of their quality and efficiency but they do have separate hot and cold water supplies.
  13. That would be really useful. Thanks.
  14. Hey WillD, If that’s an Epping stove then let me know if you’re selling. I’m looking for an Epping stove, or similar, for my back cabin. Thanks, RAP
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