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  1. RAP

    Central heating webasto

    I assume you have checked the fuse?
  2. RAP

    Central heating webasto

    Is it possible to ask the previous owner, or failing that, trace the wires?
  3. RAP

    JP3 running speed

    I got my injectors and fuel pump serviced in Leeds. There’s another in Shipley, Bradford, but there will be others closer to you. It’s just a case of seeking them out, and finding those who can still service with the skills to cope with the old stuff.
  4. RAP

    JP3 running speed

    Again, steamraiser2 offers good and solid advice. The servicing of my injectors and pump was the last item on the long road to getting my old and worn out engine into a satisfactory running condition. What I lacked along this journey was others to compare my experiences with. I queried things on here, spoke to experts in the industry but it would have been great to have simply shared my trials and tribulations with other JP owners. To this day I still don’t know any other JP owners. It has been an expensive process but please do make some basic and cost free checks before shelling out. For me, the decisions were easy once I had made these basic checks coupled with the knowledge that my engine was quite knackered.
  5. RAP

    JP3 running speed

    I echo steamraiser2’s advice, had fitted their spring and cam, ensured free and lubricated movement of the governing gear, but I state again, that it wasn’t until I had the injectors serviced and the pump calibrated I achieved a smooth and beautifully running JP3. I should also state that I fully overhauled the engine prior to that which included crank regrind, remetalled shells, new liners, piston rings etc. I compare the servicing of the injectors and fuel pump to that of any old vehicle engine that uses spark plugs and contacts, replace with new and your engine is more likely to thank you for it.
  6. RAP

    JP3 running speed

    My 74 year old industrial JP3 had governing issues at low revs until I had the injectors serviced and the fuel pump calibrated. Ticks over at a steady 290 rpm and a decent cruising speed is achieved at 500 rpm with a 1:1 gearbox.
  7. I use yatch varnish from Toolstation, thinned with about 10% white spirits. It soaks in nicely, quick and easy to apply with a decent sized brush and provides comfort that the backing and edges are suitably protected and sealed.
  8. RAP

    Cleaning narrowboat

    Canal water. Have done for the last 25 years.
  9. RAP

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    I expect you’ve realised that I am being provocative, but my point is we shouldn’t have to search this out. Their work should be made freely available, they are our elected reps.
  10. RAP

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Thanks, but is this 1out of 4?
  11. RAP

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Boaters’ group? What about the four CRT reps - never hear from them!
  12. RAP

    Floor - To seal or not to seal ?

    Yes, always seal. Expect the unexpected!
  13. RAP

    David Blagrove

    Is it this one?
  14. RAP

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Here’s a couple of interesting engines on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/National-static-diesel-engine-and-generator-vintage-equipment/323084276387?hash=item4b3952d2a3:g:jcQAAOSwXt5aieUz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1945-Lister-JP3-Diesel-Engine-Full-Working-Order-2800-Hours-Recorded/273061269555?hash=item3f93b85033:g:0SkAAOSw-PFafIvs Enjoy! RAP
  15. RAP

    Swing bridges on the L&L

    The objective of the video was to demonstrate how a single handed boater could operate the bridge with minimal physical activity. You will note that there is no running or jumping around the structure or any agile manoeuvres. It was a demonstration for mixed age and physical ability. Upon closing the bridge the operator untied the boat from the bridge and retrieved it by pulling from the towpath rather than take a precarious shortcut from the offside. The structure on that side coupled with the vegetation is not particularly inviting. The video was submitted to a planning inquiry to help stop the 440 houses that are now to be built on the adjacent green fields. The bridge will be replaced with a fully automatic two lane swing bridge twice the size of the current bridge, it being the primary access road to and from the new housing estate. The new bridge will have the usual 'brand new teething troubles' and in time will become as reliable as the others in CRT or council ownership. CRT has moved the controls to the towpath side and have done so to most of the electrically operated swing bridges in their ownership. The council owned swing bridges retain their offside controls.

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