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  1. I have a bright headlight that is remote controlled, up, down, left and right. I always turn the light to the right if meeting an oncoming boat. It is great for boating at night as you can shine it round corners.
  2. And don't forget when anodes are welded on, I know a well known surveyor who welded on anodes for a favour for someone and burst the bag inside. Owner didn't find out until the next time he filled up with water.
  3. Well I emailed for a passage on Tuesday night at 20:20, got a reply at 20:28 booking me for 10:00. turned up at 7:30, tunnel keeper said a bloke had lost his cat at Longport park at southend and had changed his booking 3 times, still didn't turn up so let us all in 1 and 1/2 hours early. Absolute result,
  4. Proper windlasses, proper paddle gear and no ladders, proper boating.
  5. I have brass at the rear and stainless at the front, the brass are coming off asap as I am fed up with polishing.
  6. George Page on Grenville and Jack Tolley near the end.
  7. it's a Barry Hawkins built in 2004, completed in 2006 with a 4 pot Gardner
  8. I went past your boat the other day, is that a new tank on the bank wrapped up or is it the old one removed?, I have seen integral tank removed that had to have new plate welded into hull side as it was so badly corroded. I am coming that way later in the week so will slow down and see how you are getting on.
  9. The pipe that is fitted to the weed hatch should actually be a feed take off from the water cooled exhaust system on a Vetus engine, this is just a bad way of trying to get some lubrication to the stern gear. If you look in a Vetus engine / sterngear catalogue it shows you an exploded view.
  10. I only paid £400:00 for Chiswick in 1965, certainly not going that high to buy it back.
  11. Nothing has made me change my mind about having a Isolating Transformer, boat is 41 years old, all hull 10mm thick with no signs of any trouble.
  12. Not Darwen, its Humber owned by Tim and Lindy Wood Also Derwent is at WH& Heward
  13. Isolating transformer for me every time, cheaper than a new hull.
  14. 63.9 per litre at Wheaton Aston.
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