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  1. J R ALSOP


    My heater a D4SWC has a filter insert inside the pipe union fitting where it goes onto the fuel pump under the top cover.
  2. J R ALSOP

    Gas prices

    I got two bottles at Eturia last year, £19:00 each. only to boats, tradesman in van pays full price.
  3. J R ALSOP

    Banbury Bikes

    A fair bit of work for a bricky to do there, they could always look for the old ones!
  4. J R ALSOP

    Manchester house boat row.

    Stick it on the main line and then see what happens.
  5. I think that with all these new odd shaped boats that are appearing on our canals there is a opportunity for a new "I Spy" book of canal boats.
  6. J R ALSOP

    Banbury pound water level

    I thought I had the only one in existence, had it for twenty years, it still makes me laugh.
  7. J R ALSOP

    Boat For London Liveaboard £18,000

    Worth it for the Bush engine, a DV36.
  8. J R ALSOP

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Just spent 15 days on Thames, only paid overnight mooring at Teddington Lock (Got a extra day for that), and £5 at Lechlade, rest was all free.
  9. J R ALSOP

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    In Goring 300yds below lock on right hand side it said to put £10:00 in envelope and put it in letterbox which was attached to a large fenced off house, it said all monies went to charity. The site previously ( I thought) was a EA site.
  10. J R ALSOP

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Well I stopped at Tescos in Reading this morning at 0900, only two boats there a f/glass wide beam with a middle aged couple who could not make head nor tails of the the signs, lots of bits had been scratched off, so the left straight away, the other boat was just leaving having spent the night there, he thought as I have spent £80 in Tescos that was enough outlay. By which time Mr's A had returned after a 'sprint" shop and we left. It is a nice new jetty with plenty of length and rings.
  11. J R ALSOP

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    Probably be cheaper to reinstall the lock off the Runcorn & Weston, might give the powers to be the nudge to reopen Runcorn locks.
  12. J R ALSOP

    Thames Lock - Limehouse Cut

    Remember seeing it in 1964, but never saw it being used. had a day out from Brentford when I worked for Willow Wren.
  13. J R ALSOP

    wyrley essington

    Live in Hope, die in Castleton. Or where do flies go into the winter, through Dukinfield to Hyde.
  14. J R ALSOP

    scaffold board flooring

    I have seen a few where they have been put through a planner and look good.
  15. J R ALSOP

    Misaligned engine

    I think you are referring to a R&D isolating coupling, which a really for isolating stray current. Having said that there is a few" thou' of tolerance in it.

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