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    Hemel Hempstead, when not on boat

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    Marine Engineer (Retired) Boat Safety Examiner
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    Grand Union Hertfordshire & Coventry Canal Warwickshire
  1. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Petition

    I have signed, been a BSS examiner and boater for over 65 years I have experience of not having one.
  2. BCN Toll Islands

    I'd give a million pounds to have stood alongside that toll keeper for a week.
  3. LED TV Fault - Replace or Repair?

    Bit late on this one but I think they forgot to remove the Bar Code!
  4. Known canal bottlenecks where, when, why

    Armitage Tunnel it was, Armitage Tunnel it will always be, The Plum Pudding is a pub.
  5. Stuck in Cheshire looking for ideas.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of bow hauling, you want to try it with 28tons in the boat, better than going to the gym.
  6. Very many congratulations, your last few days was along the canals of my childhood, i'm glad you enjoyed them as I have all my life.
  7. Railings for Marple aqueduct - whats next?

    The only use I can see is they would be handy to tie your boat up to when having a lunch stop.
  8. Must steer well clear of Stoke Hammond then.
  9. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    Probably float Derek, saw Yarmouth aground in the "Riser" pound yesterday, back end about 5" out the water.
  10. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    Are you sure you don't mean Ledgend narrowboats, or as we used to call them "Leg end" as they were as straight as a leg. Built down the Southern Grand Union and most had Dutch Barge style windows.
  11. Eberspacher Hydronic

    Phone Nic at TWMarine Furness Vale 01663745757
  12. The Big Freeze of 1963

    I remember it well, was working for Peter Froud, lets have a bit more of it, sort a few out.
  13. Plane Under Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

    I was once told a spitfire flew under the suspension bridge over the river Dee in Chester.
  14. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    I would have been too embarrassed to start the topic, things like that are better kept to yourself and then when someone has a similar problem, say, I remember once a dodgy terminal connection caused me a similar problem.
  15. Mushroom vents

    Being a boat safety examiner i can tell you people use socks, bra's, T shirts, bar towels and all other things to stuff into them.