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  1. I used a large 'O" ring, been there 40 years, no problem.
  2. Can you remove it please, how do I contact MartynG?
  3. MartynG, can you give me a ring please.
  4. We had a suspension email on 27th March, suspending all examinations till further notice.
  5. Being a boat safety examiner myself I am still waiting for the go-ahead to restart the examination process. The BSS office as of 1.30pm today (Tuesday) could not tell me when we could restart. So I wonder who this examiner would be when he wasn't supposed to be doing them. I suppose the post could be fake news.
  6. I have lived in Hemel Hempstead for the last 20 years, before that in Berkhamsted on my boat when I worked at Bridgewater Boats. But I come from Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire
  7. I went to a show in Marple I think it was in the 70's,
  8. Nice to see my boat in the background through someone else's camera lens
  9. This is a boat built by Baker in 1976, with a BMC 1.5 its boat safety ran out in Sept. 2019. I will try and find further information.
  10. Without wanting to upset too many people the initials on the issued paperwork say BSSER- which for those who don't know are short for Boat Safety Scheme Examination Report, not a "pass certificate". And the people who say the boat should have a bubble tester are not Gas Safe Registered to do a soundness test on a "liveaboard, residential" boat. It is not a requirement to have one, but if one is fitted ( in the gas locker) a non Gas Safe examiner can do a soundness test on a "live aboard, residential boat.
  11. Glad I got my this years boating in this morning from Grendon back to Alvecote.😢
  12. A BSS examination is nothing to do with insurance companies, it is purely for the navigation authorities.
  13. Glad all Over went past me in The Boat pub Berkhamsted on Saturday afternoon heading north.
  14. I can't wait for the video. Elsan Blue rules.
  15. Don't have a picture but down the Stourbridge Locks I once got a poof round the prop (I think that's how you spell it}
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