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  1. That "vent pipe" is meant to take water from a water-cooled manifold, and to be forced out through the outboard bearing.
  2. Talking to a wide beam owner today, he has the boat 2 1/2 years, he has had enough, selling it to buy a narrowboat so he can go cruising.
  3. Sorry about that, I should have known better as I have done 2 BSS examinations on her.
  4. Anne is now lived on in Oxford on the canal agenda 21 [I think that was what they are called] moorings above Jerico. She is still unpowered.
  5. Saw one of day boats at Harefield Marina for sale on Saturday.
  6. It was moored in an earlier life at the end of Lisson Grove moorings in London.
  7. I was was told off a few years ago for going along breasted up with another powered narrow boat, I was told you only move another boat by towing it astern.
  8. I have done Runcorn Locks, like you say, bet not many of us.
  9. That would have been the Robin Hood on the A54 Buxton Rd
  10. Hatton for me in the early 60's before the trees and scrub took over
  11. The best solution is fit a splash washer below the counter and use lots of grease ( not many people realise there is a grease nipple) and fill the void at the top with a good finger gull of grease to stop water collecting on the top of the bearing.
  12. My heater a D4SWC has a filter insert inside the pipe union fitting where it goes onto the fuel pump under the top cover.
  13. I got two bottles at Eturia last year, £19:00 each. only to boats, tradesman in van pays full price.
  14. A fair bit of work for a bricky to do there, they could always look for the old ones!
  15. Stick it on the main line and then see what happens.
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