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  1. I am up there now, been here for a couple of days, The Red Lion has had a make over, very clean and tidy, friendly staff and good food, six boats have turned up here but only one spent the night. Every boat turning in here kept very close to the bank none ventured into the flash. I went about 1/4 mile in with three other boats very slow with pole prodders at the bow, wouldn't want to do it on my own. Yesterday a guy in a inflatable dinghy came back after a couple of hours and said that is was not deep, he ran aground a few times. I was told the deepest water is on the port side near to the bank.
  2. I would drop it in at Sutton Stop when its quite.
  3. Unfortunately I am a Historic Captain
  4. Just had a great two weeks from Alvecote Marina to Ellesmere Port HNBC Easter gathering had a nice chat with Mr Parry, then onto Manchester Ship Canal to Marsh lock then up to Northwich for a short break. Weather was great throughout until just now, a April shower as I am waiting for the good lady to cook diner, got a wind and sun tan looks as if I have been abroad.
  5. I saw in the mid 1960's a traction engine at Beeston on the way to Chester called "Cock of The North" it looked out of control ( to me anyway) going hell for leather.
  6. The thing that I always remember is C&RT, BWB and British Transport Commission are / were Navigation Authorities and NOT Housing Associations.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. It was moored at the Dunstable and District Boat Club for a long time, there is another moored in St Pancras Basin.
  10. Gentle breeze and sunshine here in Hemel Hempstead
  11. Might have a lock but look on Google Earth and see all the house boats for neighbours
  12. Our youth club hired a boat from Deans at Christleton(Chester) in about 1957, plywood cruiser, Stuart Turner petrol engine and Elsan which used a Creosote deodorant which we were told to empty over the back ( but not in a lock) I never drank water in Nantwich or Crewe ever since. Mr Dean owned the little wooden cabin on the side of one of the Meres at Ellesmere and if you were rushing, you got told off as he knew when you left the yard. Happy days.
  13. The modern day equivalent of a Springer
  14. Wish you had let me know you were taking picture, I would have tidied up a bit. No its not a ex-working boat but I built it 42years ago, I named it Comet after the small Woolwich Comet I worked for Willow Wren in 1964/5.
  15. Just as an aside, why is it called the Suez Canal and not the Suez Channel as it is connected directly to the sea either end?
  16. That would be Bill of N/b Janus not sure when he passed away, He and his wife Shiela had a fish and chip shop in Matlock.
  17. What about the cruising club at Acton Bridge, lots of cruisers there
  18. Charles Hadfield wrote the Foreword in my book Working Boats published by David & Charles in 1988, they got taken over by I think Readers Digest, they are now back in a reformed management buyout but not in Newton Abbot.
  19. I thought they were for tying your fenders onto.
  20. Never mind the hire boats, my first day out on holiday and i'm 12th in the queue.
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