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  1. Used to be standard practice to get through bridge holes.
  2. There is a pathe video somewhere of a boat being towed through London at an amazing speed.
  3. That's interesting. Quite a number of the picture there are from Malcolm Braine. I wonder how they got them.
  4. Excellent. Goodness no - I need someone else to blame next time it blows up!
  5. Well that's really rather nice. Does she fancy doing that one I have abandoned at yours for me? (I dread to think what your storage charges are going to be after all these years! ) P.S Refleks now fixed - I put it down to dodgy installation rather than operator error
  6. That was added for stemming day boats/hoppers I'm told.
  7. 1978 would work out perfectly with my estimated date of the photograph. ETA - I'm gong to make an educated guess based on other pics of the same trip and say it was taken around Christmas 1978.
  8. Thanks Laurence. I thought someone would know. Not sure when the picture was taken but I would guess late 70s.
  9. Yes that's my understanding too. I saw her about 4 years ago and the owners showed me over her.
  10. I keep mine in an IKEA bookcase - is that sacrilege?!
  11. Might not look as smart, but it's in better condition. It's not actually that bad. Needs a couple of patches and a couple of bits of trim replacing but it's pretty sound. Unfortunately it had previously been repainted and no-one had bothered to strip it back; there were large paintwork bubbles. It looked pretty, but was doing more harm than good.
  12. Where the the same size for 9 and 15 horse? What boat is it for?
  13. I started to type a long reply about where and why my enthusiasm in the cut has waned recently (having spent my whole life involved with canals and old boats in particular) but decided not to bother. The long and the short of it is - yes a lot of my enthusiasm is disappearing and I am currently reviewing my future involvement. Some of the previous posts have highlighted reasons why.
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