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  1. I wasn't convinced that I could see Plover as the name as the first and final two letters were rather blurred, so Clover makes much more sense from what you say. Someone on Vie Fluviale suggested he had 40 tons on, but that is impossible and obviously he had no great knowledge of narrow boats. My experience is mostly of Grand Union boats rather than Joshers but I suggested it would more likely be about 25 tons, and also commented that he looked quite top heavy. I guess he wasn't expecting anyone to roar past making big waves. If anyone has a better knowledge of the actual weight I'd be interes
  2. This photo was just published on Vie Fluviale, basically a French waterway site. It is said to be on the Lea, and if I'm reading the name correctly it is possibly Plover. I can't see anyone's name to credit the photo to, so apologies there. He's pretty well loaded, but I am too long away from UK canals to know who it is or even to know if it is current. Does anyone have info? Tam
  3. Is it worth noting films The Bargee and Painted Boats as a sub-set. Also Idle Women, the BBC TV film held by BFI. They all have some interesting footage. Tam
  4. Had to resort to that two or three times, even once when we were loaded. Easiest on GU wide locks of course - luckily we were going the right way as there was nowhere we could swing. Barbed wire is a most evil stuff to deal with. With a hand-start motor like our JP you can often get serious stuff off if you can get the hook of the shaft into it and put the engine in (reverse) gear, put the decompressor on and turn it over with the starting handle.
  5. As you have clarified that you actually are talking of a traditional narrowboat in the style of an ex-working boat, and Ray and others have supplied pictures of working boatmen sitting on the side of the hatch. .... there is no way that any 'passenger' could be sat like that with the steerer stood at the tiller. Tam
  6. I guess that might be possible Alan, but I've not seen it mentioned and certainly not as a proven fact. Tam
  7. I've even been allowed to add off-list things that take my fancy now - though I do then get the occasional "What on earth made you get that!". One thing that would be useful would be for some sort of badge, like e.g. an old car tax or CRT licence sticker, to show if and when a person had been inoculated. At least some of those being called out on this thread may come into that category and not causing hazard as claimed. Tam
  8. That's what Di and I used to do until Di decided I could be trusted to pick up the right brand and size of things and I got promoted. Tam
  9. We did look at that but could never get a delivery slot. Also we like food - the idea of someone stuffing things in a box, choosing what you will have if they don't have exactly what you asked for, not being able to look at the vegetables and selecting exactly what we want - anathema to self-indulgent foodies like me and Di. 🥂🍽️
  10. We have both had the virus, been tested and found to have antibodies, and now even had a jab. We shop together in a supermarket which opens at 0700 hrs. We each have an individual shopping list, our own trolley, and with our own cards can even check out separately. This means means we are only in there roughly half as long as one of us would be, and other couples may be have a similar modus operandi. It was beginning to get busier as more people started shopping early and were bringing their children with them, but the latest lockdown may (hopefully - to be selfish) have changed th
  11. Congratulations - you've certainly done a lot of work. I reckon it would benefit from having ballast added at about where the back end of the hold would be. That would get the stern down so the counter is in the water and supported more to stop it hogging further. Tam
  12. Kerala is our most favourite Indian cuisine - conveniently our local Kerala restaurant is doing home deliveries during the lockdown. Some operators now offer holiday cruises with on-board chef on upgraded versions of those kettuvallam boats - we've often considered it but just never gotten round to it. Tam
  13. I wrote rather tongue in cheek (to keep it out of the way of the keyboard). However if they are making their Vlog on board and seeking money for it on the internet the CRT item does rather suggest that they might come into the definition of Roving Trader 🤷‍♂️ Tam
  14. So if their boat is used for work does it have a commercial licence, relevant safety gear and suitable insurance? From the earlier description of the scuppers or whatever they called their well deck drains I suspect their boat does not comply with commercial vessel standards. Do they have certification as commercial skippers - a commercial boatman's certificate? 😁 Tam
  15. .... and virtually no lines of moored boats. There were also quite a few lengthsmen and even the occasional lock keeper. Once they disappeared there were only the faceless wonders at Watford HQ to talk to about problems. Tam
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