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  1. That was then (and is now), but won't be the same if this Wrecksit thing goes ahead. It will be 90 days in any 6 months, with the 6 month period starting from the date you first enter France (or the Schengen area anywhere) so you can't even do 180 consecutive days in 12 months. Tam
  2. And a link to Stillearning's post: www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/11/switzerland-court-overturns-referendum-as-voters-were-poorly-informed?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1vyOOEpQyj4Nc_buMAisG266OlCC9q4j-XWys2CdTgOVgmTT_uO9CTMvU#Echobox=1554996155 Tam
  3. Pity really - I get posts as eMail and it was worth reading. I can understand the sentiment though Tam
  4. Exactly. Another of the busy-body Euro Bureaucratic regulations you keep warning us about.
  5. Had "Remain" won the referendum vote, the "leavers" would have had no change in their lives - they would have simply continued as they were and any feelings of dissatisfaction that were largely unexpressed to that point would have continued largely unexpressed. However the way it is "Remainers" lose the philosophical position of a co-operative Union we believe in, but in more practical terms we also lose all the benefits presently available to us by that Union and gain a whole wadge of associated problems instead - of course we are angry at this goddamawful mess we've been put in, and of course we will do whatever we can to reverse it.
  6. In truth I don't - I've had no conversation with any and was only influenced by reports I read. The basically peaceful gilets jaunes protests are fundamentally left wing, but my response was mainly concerned with the claim that there are unreported riots going on all over France. The extremes of both sides are equally as bad as each other. Tam
  7. OK I'll retract the 'quitters' - though we do still have to put up with remoaners apparently. I do however think that leaving the EU rather than sticking with it and improving things from within does rather merit the term.
  8. Sorry to disappoint but we are not French residents, merely enjoying the freedom of movement we currently have and which will be taken from us the instant UK leaves the Union. On our boat we are not even uniquely in France as we can wander across into Belgium, Holland, Germany with no restriction. However our principal address, business and tax affairs etc are all in the UK.
  9. What an unpleasant post that is. Lived there most of my life, and still have business there. Pay my taxes there and always have - what's your problem? So we now spend much of our time in France - so what? Son who was a serving marine for 18 years - I reckon he did quite a bit in the firing line for the country, and subsequently works 'abroad' as there are no jobs with his skill set in the UK. I guess he'd have to watch his back in the UK now. You really do come over as a little englander, with the emphasis on little. Happens we don't want to live permanently in France, but the xenophobic attitudes let loose by the referendum make England far from the fantastic country you so obviously enjoy. Tam
  10. I wonder if there will have to be a further version which leaves out "and Northern Ireland". Their concerns have only had vague "we'll talk about it later" promises, and we know what any promises made recently are worth.
  11. There are indeed Gilets Jaunes groups on many main roads throughout France, protesting predominantly about the levels of taxation. Riots? A small handfull of extreme right bigots and thugs who've grabbed the opportunity to make as much trouble as they can in cities.
  12. I would have to agree that the ardent leavers (quitters?) won the vote in the referendum, albeit that the referendum was seriously flawed, and there is little point in playing silly buggers with the numbers. I've not heard anything concrete about what they think they have won though. On the other hand if it does go ahead I (writing presently from France) will immediately lose the freedom of movement I currently enjoy. So will our two sons, neither of whome even got a vote. One was a serving marine for 18 years and subsequently works abroad (but with intentions to ultimately return to the UK); the other runs a yacht repair business in Spain and has a second home in the UK - also with intention to return at some point. The last 2 Tory manifestos included the promise to remove the rule that UK nationals living outside of the UK for more than 15 years have no vote. A Bill was introduced as a Private Bill, which means it has a very limited amount of time for debate; what do you know - it was talked out of time (filibustered) by Tory ERG member Philip Davies, so the 1,000,000+ people involved will still have no say in decisions directly involving them. Tam
  13. That is the clearest and most accurate statement of the absolute disaster concerning wrecksit I've read recently
  14. Well those were the figures you quoted just now. I think you probably meant 17410742, not 14410742, but you do have to have a certain degree of accuracy once you start throwing numbers about in support of your argument.
  15. You beat me to it Ian. It is said that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, but Alan seems to have a different number of fingers he uses to do his counting on. I can't even get 1,269,501 as the difference between 16,141,241 and 14,410,742.
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