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  1. That was exactly the proposal in the 1995 Act at the Bill stage. A handful of people objected at the Committee stage on the basis that there were some owners who cruised steadily around the system and who therefore had no need of a permanent base. BW Solicitor Jeremy Duffey was so terrified that the Bill might be lost and he cobbled together the idea of the 'continuous cruiser', more or less overnight. We told him that he was making a rod for his own back as he didn't come with any definition of what that might mean, but he said they'd sort that out later! The rest is history, as they say.
  2. It's almost impossible from the report to understand what exactly was happening, but seemingly there was a woman with 3 children having lessons in one or more kayaks. There were 2 instructors, but presumable the children, one of them just 5 years old, were alone in the boats, and mother was watching from the towpath. All that and no-one saw a boat approaching, and the only way to avert a possible collision was for one of the instructor to leap into the canal. That is a very poorly run school to my mind. When we were a RYA school we had to submit an accident report for any such incident - I won
  3. I'm not familiar with the Trent, but one significant thing on the Thames is the variety of craft you share locks with, many of them eminently crushable. 🛶 ⛵ 🚤 Tam
  4. Ditchcrawler has put a "Look at Life" film on which does include shots of Boulters and Molesey locks to give an idea of the difference in scale of Thames locks for LadyG's information: Tam
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Not deep, but they are large in comparison with most canals and you can get quite a bit of turbulence at times. The problem then is not particularly to your vessel, but the lock can be full of assorted grp cruisers, canoes, skiffs, rowing boats etc, and it is these latter things that are best avoided to prevent crushing them. People get cross then. Tam
  7. I'd certainly not want to be messing about like that at each lock - if it's busy you might not even be able to moor readily to do it. On the non-tidal Thames, particularly in summer with very little flow, I'd just dispense with the anchor. On the other hand though 30m of line is a bit ridiculous for lock work - 30' is probably more sensible. Tam
  8. In case that causes confusion it is properly called the Richmond half-tide lock - at about 2hrs either side of high tide you just continue through the bridge on the river, but otherwise the half-tide barrier will be lowered and you must use the lock (on the Richmond side of the river). Tam
  9. The only thing I take issue with in your post is your phrase "bits of an old and outdated Act". I assume this is reference to various "Canal Enabling Acts", and if that is the case I would note that they are far from irrelevant. It must be remembered that BW and now CRT are not companies in any normal sense of the word. They and the individual Canal Companies from which they derived were established by Acts of Parliament, and these set out the terms under which the companies were empowered to dig their canal and as quid pro quo set various limits on their operation. BWB attempted in the Bill p
  10. What is your objection to Tony's actions? Is because you believe they are unlikely to be successful in the way he carries them out, or is it because you think he should not be arguing at all? Tam
  11. I think it is far too shapely to be a French-built pleasure craft, but I don't recognise it as one built by Delta. To my mind his are among the best, but they don't have such sheer on the hull. Pipers do, but the fore end is very different. This one has a kind of double lift at the bow - there's the first bit where the top strake rises and 'Le Renard' is written, and then it has additional bulwarks too. It would be easier if I could look at the craft itself, but from the photo I suspect it was a working craft of some nature. One thing that does argue against though is the position and type of
  12. I'd go along with your last sentence to a large degree; we had a legal battle with the London Dock Labour Board about carrying cargo on the Thames and although we won our Court case the dockers still refused to load our boat - at that point we decided we could not become 'martyrs to the cause' and looked for work elsewhere. But that did not in anyway mean LDLB action was legal - just that we had to earn a living. Similarly if Tony is convinced of the legality of his postition, good on him. We knew him in the 60s and he was a pretty cantankerous fellow back then, but that does not mean his posi
  13. It is sometimes even more fuzzy than that. Some 20 or so years ago when BW took what is now referred to as 'the end of gardens mooring case' to law it was only at a low level court, and the Judge made his decision explicitly on the basis that BW needed the money rather than any niceties of the law. We attended with renowned Birmingham Solicitor Nick Grazebrook and he was certain that the decision would be rejected on appeal, but who was going to appeal? IWA already had a more important case under way, and had no funds to spare. For any individual riperian house owner to go to court it woud ent
  14. I don't think so Athy - far too sophisticated a shape, and quite a nice sheer. The French penichette hire boats are reasonable decent looking, but everything else I've seen is rather monstrous. Tam
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