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  1. Where was that? We had a mooring site at the Bulls Bridge end of the Paddington Arm back then and had a couple of converted R. Lea size lighters there which were OK on G.U. locks and they never had any problems with getting a licence. In fact until mid/late 60s BW still towed them at least as far as the timber yard at Uxbridge using their narrow guage tractors. Tam
  2. I don't recall measuring the beam of "Progress" - I certainly don't have record of it to hand and generally quote it as 12' 3" which differs from both measurments here - however it was certainly 74' long. We took it to Braunston on several occasions and to Sampson Road lock (the first 7' one) once, and had no particular problems except at a bridge in Leamington with a tight arch Co-incidentally we also fetched up with "Arthur" via 2 or 3 other owners including Richard Branson, removing its conversion and giving it back the name "Mersey". Tam
  3. That'll be an interesting one for the insurers - is it known of the owner was on board at the time? I'd expect them to wiggle out of any liability if he wasn't. Tam
  4. But you do need a decent line as in Brian's photo, not a bit of twisted parcel twine. Also an adequate size eye on it. Tam
  5. I was interested to read in yesterday's Times that BBC have had to postpone their proposed episode of Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Ronnie Wood as his family proved to be too complicated and they need a lot more time to research it properly. The report does mention his parents Elizabeth and Arthur and their boats Orient and Antelope. The programme should make interesting viewing if they ever get it together. Tam
  6. With your tag boasting of being a little englander, should you really be saying they are both in the UK? Do you really want to have anything to do with countries that are United? I guess you mean in your heart that they're both in England - you're presumably happy enough to ditch Northern Ireland in order to get the Wrecksit you want anyway..
  7. As I understand it Farage has never been in attendance often enough to have any impact anyway. He obviously saw it as an easy way to get a good income (and pension) with no great effort. And there, of course, is one thing that could be done to improve the EU - to tighten up their bureaucratic procedures so this cannot happen so readily. We can only do that however by remaining as a member.
  8. I'm not sure why that would be. OK, my comment maybe shows I am prone to a lot of '..isms', but 4 out of 8 candidates have names suggesting that they are probably 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from non-EU countries. I'm fine with that, but it surprised me that such people might have views sufficiently aligned to those of Farage that they would put themselves forward as MEPs on his platform.
  9. We'll be away on the day allocated for the vote and just received our postal voting forms. Our region has 8 candidates representing the Brexit Party, and four of these, including the one at the top who is virtually certain to be elected, have names that are about as non-British (indeed, as from non-EU countries) as one could imagine. Intriguing. Tam
  10. A common expression of an inept person is that he cannot even run a p!ss up in a brewery. I'd give Nigel credit for that, and even for heading a group of like-minded extremists. But anything where the benefit is for anyone other than himself I'd have to pass on. I don't think Nigel and democracy sit well in the same sentence - he's just a self-serving xenophobic rabble rouser. Tam
  11. Voting in elections for EU candidates uses the d'Hondt system of proportional representation, which will not give the results we are used to from the 'first past the post' we use for MPs. The remain vote will probably suffer from this rather more than the leave vote, as there are so many varieties of 'remain' and each group has too many differences in other aspects of their policy that they are not linking up to form just one 'remain' candidate. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/european-elections/european_elections/the_voting_system.html Farage is cleverly using this as a de facto 2nd referendum, and with the 'remain' vote split on other policies he will quite possibly achieve his aim. But at the end of the day the election is for EU representatives, not UK MPs. This is no reason for remainers to stand by and watch it happen though, and we will have to do the best we can. Tam
  12. Giving maximum dimensions of 4m and stating that the boat is the cause of the problem was a bit cheeky, to sa the least. I'd guess that was the reason the notice was withdrawn once more sensible eyes had seen it. I'd hope so, anyway. Tam
  13. I'd hate to see what the babies of the nicotine stained man frog would look like - they might come with one wing on their extreme right and the ability to change colour at will like a chamelion. Tam
  14. This link might help re borrowing money to buy a residential boat: https://www.specialistmtgonline.co.uk/news/can-get-mortgage-houseboat/ Tam
  15. A Marine Morgage means that the vessel itself is held as security against default of repayment, rather than any other asset you might have. If you are able to get a Mortgage on that basis I'm sure any lender would require the vessel to be on the full Part 1 Register, as that does offer proof of ownership and the mortgage details will be recorded on the official registration documents. You can get SSR registry simply by paying your £35 and saying "Scout's honour - it's my boat". Full Part 1 Registry is rather more long winded and involves having the ship officially measured by a Surveyor apart from anything else.
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