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  1. Strewth!!!! Am I glad we don't live in the Toll House now, overlooked by that monstrous construction. At least the trees I planted have done well for themselves - they were only meant as a hedge. Tam I've just gone back and looked at the photo again - it's really rather depressing. We even managed to get some sort of protected status for the 3 cottages there in the local plan.😧
  2. Tam & Di

    Oh dear

    As well as being fairly deaf I don't feel obliged to walk in a steady straight line - I might just daydream and wander to one side. Nor if I'm carrying a bag of shopping do I feel obliged to keep it tight to my side rather than let it swing about. I'd far rather a cyclist rang their bell (always assuming they even have one) than to clip me or my bag. Tam
  3. Why the hell don't you stop gloating. Grow up - as you keep saying, you won - get over it. As it happens there has been no way of knowing what the effects will be for a whole raft of issues over the past 5 and a half years or even now with a couple of months to go. A lot of people will lose freedoms and ways of life they have enjoyed and you won't - be happy. Tam
  4. In 25 years we never once had to show any papers, and as a training vessel we were very high profile and we also travelled widely. I have a commercial skipper's licence and the only time I showed that was once as proof of identity in a shop. However boat checks are getting more common than they used to be, and Brexit is bound to mean UK flagged boats will get looked at more than they have in the past. We have heard of boats being effectively arrested - forced to tie up until some omission of equipment or paperwork was rectified. Another thing is your route takes you into regions where rules are more rigidly applied. A quick list is registration documents for the ship and proof of payment of VAT, Ship's VHF licence and operator's certificate, appropriate helmsman's certificate, insurance. Fire extinguishers must be CE marked and require a test certificate - annually in France but less frequent elsewhere. Size matters, and vessels over 20m now have to have a safety certificate showing compliance with standards known as ES-TRIN. You may find my site useful http://www.bargehandling.com/Bargehandling.com/BARGE_HANDLING_BLOG/Archive.html and I'd recommend joining the Dutch Barge Association (DBA), particularly for the Knowledge Base. Even daily life will change radically from 1st January, and you find up-to-date information there on e.g. mobile phones and banking which will cease to be as simple as they have been. Tam
  5. A properly designed stern for a motor vessel will have a finely tapered stern allowing water to pass cleanly from the sides. A swim-ended stern like yours means that water is mostly getting to the prop from under the vessel as you note, which gives problems in a shallow canal. It does also add to the likelihood of crud getting drawn up into the blades. There is very little you can do about that though, as you have what you have - you have to get adept at raking the blades with a long shaft. Tam
  6. Certainly the swim ended stern doesn't allow water to flow cleanly to the prop - there's going to be quite a bit of turbulence and drag.
  7. 3mm does seem extraordinarily thin for the hull plate of something built (presumably) for dredging and maintenance operations. L&L shortboats were built like that using high-tensile steel in the 60s to increase the carrying capacity, but I doubt that would be much of a consideration for a maintenance craft. There is quite a lot of flakey rust just above the chine too - that needs close attention I suspect. Is it just for a houseboat now? Tam p.s. only seen your pictures after I posted - I see you are motorising it. Are you certain it is iron? 😀
  8. I'd bet that is correct. It gives a good clue to the date it was built too. GORB records doubtless still exist somewhere with whichever authority took over their responsibiities. Job done I reckon. Tam
  9. And it comes from where? What region? What water authority? I assume you've asked of GORB. (x x River Board?) and researched the Registered Number 165183. Gissus a clue. Tam
  10. If it is 43' long that must be for some particular reason; it's a strange length but nothing comes immediately to mind, and the rather cruder boat alongside looks to be even shorter. Tam
  11. Some points I notice immediately are that although it seems to have watertight sections fore and aft it is not hoppered - the sides are vulnerable to any grab. It has very odd collection of bollards either end. It has a transom stern (assuming that the far end is rather more rounded) and no apparent rudder or provision for a tiller. It is a mixture of welded and rivetted construction as mentioned, and has a slight angled chine. It has possibly been lengthened or shortened at some point - something slightly strange happens where the chequer plate side decks meet the stern section - there's a butt joint in the coaming too. It seems to be somewhere that maintenance craft are laid up, but it would give a clue to know where it is and the size. I'm not sure that Today is going to be a Good Day, but I can only hope. I'll give it some thought. Tam p.s. my typing overlapped with Tacet's points, which are similar to what I noted.
  12. It could be improved with an icon of a dog and saying "toilet"
  13. Perhaps they only had "a"s in their box - I'd have gone 78, 78a, 78b, then 78c if necessary 😃 Tam
  14. and 'allo to you too dearie Tam
  15. This day 2015, still on the Marne-Saône canal. There had been a mini tempest which had cut a 30-40m wide swathe through the trees near St Dizier, leaving those to the side apparently completely untouched. Tam
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