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  1. Tam & Di

    March of the Widebeams

    Off topic, but that's a great photo of Progress before BW ruined it by cutting the decks to get a crane in. I've not seen it before. Tam
  2. Tam & Di

    Whither the weather?

    I don't know if this link has appeared before, but it gives an interesting view of all the storms raging over Europe: www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/foudre-direct.php?x=8763.56&y=5788.03&zoom=0.9 I'm not sure that the link worked, but this one seems to: http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/foudre-direct.php?x=384&y=384&zoom=0
  3. Tam & Di


    I don't know who "we" are, but they are wrong. There are lots of places where the landowner's property extends to the water's edge and where CRT do not own a ransom strip
  4. Tam & Di

    Rescue Hero Saman Gunan thank you

    But it is reported that one section is too tight for the divers too keep their air bottles attached, so "walking" would seem to be a little ambiguous. A very adventurous trip for the youngsters, but given that the rainy season was fast approaching it maybe lacked a little forethought.
  5. Tam & Di

    Flying a Kite, or Any ornithologists out there?

    Our village used to be a village of frog catchers, and I'm sure the birds joined in the fun, but these were much too high and not swooping down at all.
  6. We have a hovel in S. Burgundy on the junction of the river Saone and a smaller tributory, and about 1800hrs yesterday there were some 40 - 50 Kites gently milling around above us. (I'm fairly sure that's what they were, probably red kites). I have never seen more than one or two in the same area and certainly not such an enormous number. They were quite high, and slowly went even higher where we needed the glasses to see them properly and then back down a bit, and were there for at least an hour. We've not had any amount of mosquitoes or other little flying pests so far this year, but I did wonder if there was a swarm of something up at that height - it had been about 30 degrees during the day and was still pretty hot. They weren't particularly swooping about, just gently "swirling". It is an area where we do get birds pausing during migration, and last Autumn we had spectalular murmurations of starlings that occured every evening for a week or more. Late June's not the right time though. Has anyone any idea what was going on? Tam
  7. Tam & Di

    Boat name: Punning assistance required.

    In the 70s Nick Grey bought Redshank and Greenshank from Leslie Morton of Willow Wren and for a while worked them with his partner Corinna Brown doing retail coal trade. So they obviously had the names Brown and Grey on the name panel - all together quite a colour palette. Your Mason and Smith are pretty good too if you can use that in some way instead of the first names - perhaps you could call it Builders 😀
  8. Tam & Di

    Large Woolwich

    And this is exactly what causes the "surfing" wave that throws you through the bridge'ole when you knock the throttle back abruptly - the engine'ole will be just about coming into the bridge when you do it as Alan etc say as it would be too early otherwise. There can be interesting results when you try to overtake too. We were with a single motor, loaded on the N. Oxford, and a small cruiser was trying to overtake. I would generally be helpful if possible, but I was coming to a bridge and he really did need to wait till we were through it. But he kept a-coming - until his bow got about level with the engine'ole door. Whereupon he just got sucked over and glued to me. I decided to let him see the folly of his ways and just kept on until I was a boat length from the bridge, when I did ease off a little so he came unstuck. Once throught the bridge I waved him by, but told him to go by steady or the same thing would happen again. I suspect it was time for clean underpants the next time he stopped.
  9. Tam & Di

    Sign writing

    I can see why you'd use stick-on letters, as I guess your boat would be pretty pricey to have written. The name "Blue Rinse" is a fairly standard number of letters, but to have as your home base "Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get" is a lot of writing. I assume you have a long cabin to put that on.
  10. Tam & Di

    Deep locks

    How does she feel about lock 2 at Rechicourt le Château on the Marne au Rhin canal? I've not got a photo to hand but it's 15.38m - there was a 15m hire boat in with us last time through, and they said they hoped there was another way back to the base that avoided it 😀 Tam
  11. Tam & Di

    Asking a mod to do something “helpful”

    But presumably you could write an answer to it on that thread which says it is "arguable" and that you've started a new thread called "it" where it is duscussed more fully?
  12. Tam & Di

    M.B. Aries

    And you would know well, of course 😀
  13. Tam & Di

    M.B. Aries

    I'd not come across that information before, but I did something similar with some of our boats - certainly Towcester and Bude - in the Jubilee year 1977. I changed to red panels on blue with a cream dividing line (white just didn't work very well), and union flags on the oblong block at the top of the stands. Great minds, and all that ......... Actually I suppose it is a bit corny looking back on it now, but they did look good at the time. Tam
  14. Tam & Di

    Large Woolwich

    A better way is to run hard to a bridge and just as you enter it you then knock back the throttle hard. The little wave that was following you catches up with you and lifts the arse end up and (generally) over any crud. This mostly works even when you are loaded and if you have a butty you will see the tow line hardly dip at all, whereas otherwise it will slack off and do its best to wrap itself round the blades. I like blades as large as practical and to be slightly over-bladed. You might not have as much acceleration but you can stop on a sixpence. This means you can go into locks without a lot of faffing about - it's probably OK if you are pleasure boating but otherwise you just want to pass locks as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  15. Tam & Di

    Large Woolwich

    Was there any particular reason for the question? Why Woolwich-built boats rather than Northwich ones? (I've always preferred Northwich boats myself. )

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