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  1. Probably a good reason to sort it out now then, so the surviving partner doesn't have the hassle when they are even less able to handle it. Tam
  2. When we ran a barge handling school people arrived the evening before the course and we ate together to get to know each other a bit. One guy got quite excited when I said we had a Gardner 6LW on Friesland and said he had one too. He went on quite extensively about it. Next day, when it got to be his turn to steer for a bit, he was a disaster about to happen, and I couldn't understand all this talk about his 6LW. It turned out that it was in his shed - he had no boat and had never been on a boat. His fantasy had somehow taken him as far as buying the engine, and now it had taken him to learning how to steer a barge - but that was it. A far as I know it never did go any further, and judging by his steering ability at the end of the course that was probably just as well. Tam
  3. I've tried without success to make sense of this question. Do you mean you are having a board painted and lettered that you will attach in some manner to the cabin side (of some boat you presumably don't have yet)? Tam
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  9. You don't say what style of Dutch barge it is, only that it is 40'. Motorised ex-sailing craft like aaks or tjalks are generally more problematic than something designed as a motor vessel, but my biggest reservation is having a wheelhouse with the only access at the stern rather than each side. It does mean access to gear and throttle controls is difficult when you are working the lines, which might make single handed boating slightly more awkward than it could be. Tam
  10. We spent some time with them back in the early 70s. We were en route to Bath with Towcester and Bude for an "alternative festival" with a load of defunct penny-in-the-slot machines we'd bought. Bude had spread and could not go down the 30/12 so we left it with them until we came back, and I'm fairly sure June told us she did their painting. Tam
  11. 🇪🇺 'Blue Flagging/Boarding' is an extremely useful manoeuvre to carry out at times, but it is only relevant to areas where the CEVNI rules apply, which do not include the UK 🇪🇺 Tam
  12. I cannot imagine making plans for something 6 years ahead. I do think you must hire a boat and see at first hand right now in the immediate future. Even that won't give a proper insight, as hire boats are only fitted for short-term use rather than permanent life on board - you would not want to spend many nights in sub-zero temperatures tied to a snow covered towpath on one for example. However it would at least give you the proper questions you need to ask about the life Tam
  13. There is no one way of living on a boat, but from what is said so far you appear to be looking simply at moving on to a static boat. This would almost certainly have to be somewhere with planning consent for residential use, probably in a marina. If you are looking instead at the other extreme - moving your boat regularly - that is something altogether different, and known as being a continuous cruiser. You will find a lot of (conflicting) information here about that, but I think that would be very difficult to go into with two post-schoolage children, and in a foreign land. That also introduces potential difficulties if you need absolutely reliable internet for your work. The in-between position is of course to have a regular base but make voyages from time to time. For all the above there is also the choice of vessel - remember that the UK canal system is not a unified system but has locks and bridges which impose differing limits on the maximum size of craft you can have according to your desired location - the most elementary being a beam of 7' or 14' (you will be back in imperial measurements too), though there are plenty of rivers where you can enlarge your expectations. Tam
  14. It does to the next boater if he is travelling in the opposite direction. Having passed you on his approach to the lock and with no-one in front of him he could reasonably expect the lock to be in his favour, but it won't be. Tam
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