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  4. Sally has made it clear she claims no responsibility for diverting people's rainwater whatever compound was squeezed over her...
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  6. Looks as if it has lain unoccupied for some time. Hence the absence of internal photos; also explains the closed curtains in outside views.
  7. I've had good results from Brave browser on fickle sites: https://brave.com/download/
  8. I wonder how fast it goes on the road when its wheels are lowered?
  9. It was exactly my feeling, and while countries such as Russia and Canada have tight regulation on electromagnetic fields from power lines, the UK effectively gives housing developers a free hand. Interesting that you have worked in the industry. I've been in electronics for a lot of my life, but I guess the biggest risk would come from what WW calls VDUs. Sitting 1m from a massive Samsung CRT for hours can't have helped my chances. Again, like you, lucky so far. I was a G8 for a while, never did much with it, but was a regular member at my local radio club. I cringe now when I recall operators leaning over the exposed innards of 400W linear amplifiers, the glow of the valves reflected on their face as they tweaked the coil pack!
  10. I moved my bed to site it away from a fridge sited just 2m through a partition wall in a previous dwelling. A couple of friends turned down a flat with storage heaters in the child's bedroom. The data linking adult suicide prevalence and childhood cancers with EMF intensity is particularly troubling.
  11. I think this may be the issue you are referring to. Photocopied and sent to many friends at the time: Download a copy here: https://worldradiohistory.com/UK/Wireless-World/90s/Wireless-World-1990-02.pdf
  12. I see in the end credits there is a Daily Boatman as well as a Daily Prop Hand credited. Would that second job involve retrieving chucked sleeping bags and festival tent flysheets from the weedhatch, given the boating location on Regent's Canal?
  13. When you pay through PayPal the cost is automatically converted into your own currency. I've bought stuff priced in Aussie, Canadian and Yankee dollars, converted to pounds in the bill I see. Currency converter (you'll pay more through PayPal, who are thieving scoundrels) Added: your CC company will convert currencies on the fly as well
  14. My seller is cheaper than the one you found - free postage, and I can verify pretty speedy delivery. I agree, cigar lighter connectors are best avoided. https://www.ebay.com/itm/272828633524 Spent this afternoon soldering tails onto a couple of these, coincidentally. The plastic used in the dielectric is not thermoplastic, which removes another lurking doubt I had about about them. I've had more than a few cheapie items - switches, mainly - which when exposed to the heat from the soldering iron, turn to putty with terminals collapsing sideways out of alignment. (Before you ask, I worked in the electronic industry so a soldering iron feels as natural in my hand as a screwdriver!). But with these, both the plug and socket spills tinned nicely and remained rock solid. The waterproof boot on the socket scrunched up perfectly around the cable exit and with a rubber O-ring included around the front of the insert, I'd reckon it will be pretty reliable for connecting outside. A couple of tips for newbies soldering plugs and sockets - always mate them before you apply any heat. That way, the pins are more likely to stay in alignment, even if the material they are set in melts slightly. Also, keep a pair of needle-nosed pliers nearby, and once you are sure the joint is nice and "wet", remove the tip of the iron and briefly clamp your pliers to the metal of the pin to sink any heat away.
  15. So it can be done, providing you have a partner who's a builder and sixty grand to throw at the conversion. Electric drive, too. He's not the messiah. He's just a very pricey little boat.
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