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  1. The Asch Conformity Experiments show the importance of questioning what others seem to be agreeing is an acceptable practice. Without the 10% of those who refuse to conform, society would be ruled by those with the loudest voices and deepest pockets. Oh, wait a minute... 🤔
  2. Was closed, but now it's open. However it is likely to be closed later this year (mainline, not sure about the Leek branch) for up to six months for maintenance. Ask local moorers in the Holly Bush pub about the great crested newt habitat recently discovered nearby and which is likely to delay construction work on a bridge.
  3. To think that all those banks of controls were used to steer one inflatable pig.
  4. As I said on another thread, branches of Ryman and many local libraries will print out a PDF you take in on a thumb drive. It's really one of the least demanding hurdles of liveaboard life.
  5. I'm sure the non-Bluetooth Blue charger is all most people need. However, the app does allow you access to advanced settings and to create individual battery profiles with charging voltages and times. You need to tap through a couple of "Are you sure you want to modify the recommended settings?" warning screens, but it does allow more than the front panel presets. I wonder if all this discussion of the intricacies of the Blue Smart charger has driven away the OP? They've not returned since their first post 🤔
  6. "If it ain't broke... the next round of updates will brick it"
  7. I'd think the former. Three independently regulated outputs sharing a common power supply. I've built a (AA, C and D cell) charger with independent outputs myself. Power transistors, zeners and a few capacitors are cheap if you have a chip with the ability to sense three voltages and currents. And I assume Victron are able to commission their own chips.
  8. It raises the bar, enough to halt most of them. It's usually pretty easy to identify the rubbish posts on here and chances are they give up when called out.
  9. To stop a spammer signing up and firing off DMs to everyone on the members list. The (now deceased) Lonely Planet travel forum was one place that was abused to ludicrous levels. ETA: @The Happy Nomad got in first!
  10. Whether mounted in vertical or horizontal orientation you'll end up having to fiddle the final tightening of the screw in the slot which is positioned where the mains cable emerges. A right angled screwdriver comes in handy. A clear example of the case designers not speaking to the internal layout designers 🙄
  11. I wonder whether it's that simple, bit since I have only one output on my Blue Smart I can't check. Perhaps someone with the 3 output version could test theirs. If you were connecting starter and domestic batteries in parallel (which you would be simply taking their outputs from a busbar), then the starter would be permanently wired to the domestic bank. Both alternators connected together, starter motor current taken from all batteries... I can't see that being a design feature.
  12. Which 'it' are you referring to here? ETA, thanks for clarifying with your edit, @jonathanA The Victron Blue Smart charger can be adjusted to charge either lead acid, AGM, or lithium through a Bluetooth interface. Individual charging voltages can be tweaked the same way. Ooh, I love quizzes! Float is what your boat should do better than your motorhome, although I've seen the Victron charger installed in each. Technically, storage mode reduces the voltage for a long-term charge to minmise the risk of gassing or plate damage.
  13. I use this charger on my 3 x 110 Ah bank. It has the advantage over the one you are looking at of having a 'storage' charge mode which will be suitable for being connected to shore power for extended periods. Never had any issue with it over a year of use, although nearly all of that time it's been as a generator charger using 230 v from a petrol genset. This is the single output version, a three output one will charge your starter battery and one other independently. At a higher cost of course.
  14. Weather is not climate. What you cite is anecdotal. The plural of anecdote is not data. Scientific methods show the climate is changing. If you lived somewhere such as Bangladesh or The Maldives, you'd not be arguing, Canute-like, against rising sea levels. You'd be living the nightmare right now.
  15. I'm sure you're a likeable enough chap in real life, but your bad attitude points are ticking up like a taxi meter. Let's see... 1 advice please is in your topic heading. When advice is offered you criticise the respondent; 2 Foxes Afloat. Not very widely respected on this forum, especially on technical matters, though there are numerous other good reasons; 3 taunting those who replied earlier to tell you your dent filling method isn't going to work ( it isn't, by the way) because you have been doing it fifty years on cars.
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