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  1. Hiya, Just been looking through my canal postcards, thought this might interest some of you. Is this 'the bridge that was never built' ? Max
  2. Thanks everyone, ill let you know how we get on. Max
  3. Good evening everyone, I am after some advice please. On Friday next week my wife and I plus two friends are hiring a boat for a week. My wife and I have done the four counties ring twice with our kids in a week, also the severn ring in a week, and most recently (10 years ago) we did Middlewitch to Llangollen and back in a week with our kids. So we have some experience. The friends we are going with have not done canal holidays before but I have no doubt they will pick it up. So we are hoping to get to Llangollen and back in the week. Is this reasonable this year and what has changed in the 10 years since we last did it ? We start at 3.00pm on the Friday, and wish to eat out once or twice, which pubs are still open and which do you recommend - I guess we will need to book. We don't mind early starts and long days. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Max.
  4. That looks like a Willow Wren boat pulling a train of joey boats - not seen that before. Max.
  5. No, what I am saying is what you have found is some of their absorbant pads. They are clever things - white ones pick up oil but not water, and grey ones do the reverse. A previous owner probably pinched them from work !
  6. But did it 54 years ago, at one time it had two gate paddles !
  7. Looks like Compton on the Staffs and Worcestershire to me. Max
  8. There was a modern replica of Graham - 'Damon'.
  9. Without a shadow of a doubt the best place for any Land Rover !!
  10. CRT are keeping an eye on bridges now, any bridge overstaying their welcome beware !
  11. I have always found that mixed 50/50 with creosote old engine oil is great for treating fence panels ! Max
  12. Cast Iron will drill easily, no special drill required. Don't be tempted to centre punch first though - Cast Iron is very brittle !
  13. If Harry Potter had a boat................
  14. Something that may be of use to boat owners :- I own a old car (an Anglia 105e) and i am regularly on a forum for like minded owners, we were warned some time ago not to post photographs on the forum taken on a phone with GPS as the photo,s could be interogated with the right software and the location of the car could be found. I do not know if this is true or just another 'urban myth' can anyone on here confirm either way ? If it is true, posting photo's of your boat at its home mooring may not be a good idea. Regards to all, and well done everyone ! Max
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