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  1. Patio weed knife, pond (rubber) gloves and small bolt cropper for when you are in the weedhatch trying to remove something from your prop.
  2. mark99

    Boat missing

    Last seen July now Sep... and poss offline for recoating. Yes as others have said where was it's last known position in the uk as it could greatly help?
  3. Masked. Have no skill for that sort of thing! Ultra thin 3mm wide masking for the recess.
  4. Black 5mm pinstripe put around rear panels between yellow and Chalky White + insets to finish off the removal/recoat of scumble. On advise I used Craftmaster One Shot signwriting enamel as it has got additional pigment and good for pinstripes etc. Next job = put on boat number. 2/3 Completed (Rear Panel Inset not done) Completed
  5. Houses have had 700 years refinement and built from inert materials largely, they don't sit on an agressive medium or need to be 100% watertight; even vegetable framed houses are quite refined and don't get surrounded by water. I live on 200 foot chalk on the North Downs. My shower would do same thing except I put in a water softener system cost over £1k capital plus the consumables. As the other poster states most boaters don't spend anything on prevention.
  6. Do they manage the narrow canals ok in the bendy pinch points?
  7. Lovely - well done you guys. I do like the colour twist on the mushrooms. It picks up the theme of black/black windows. Can you name the painters and signwriters?
  8. Not sure this would pass some narrow canal bridges/tunnels without some damage? The frame is more square than normal triangular profile. IIRC NB Whitefields canvas "box" did not last too well? It's not mine nor would I want one.
  9. Pro painter watching me paint undercover last week advised me to ideally to remove tape as soon as completed painting and remask between every coat to ensure edge of paint flows and seals the previously masked edge. This was after I undercoated, topcoated and final topcoat only removing tape immediately after the final coat. I got away with doing it my way but it was not ideal I guess. There seems to be an efficient way to removed masking which for me is to peel off, move tape 180 degrees backwards and up at angle of 45 or 60 degrees up and away from painted line.
  10. Imagine the scene. Two gravel pits next door to be cojoined. 360 excavator breaks the bund between the two, massive in rush of water which washes away the soil the 360 is sitting on. Cue demented driver whirling the 360 round and round dumping soil to slow the water flow. Seen in Surrey a good few years back now.
  11. Lol. Seriously this pub is an absolutely rammed busy pub with long queues at the bar as it sits in an amazing waterside "destination" setting and always gets voted in the 10 best pubs in Surrey (I don't agree its so fecking busy the staff treated you like another pest ruining their day). The Covid crisis has seen it operate like a dying pub in the Outer Hebrides. All the outside tables with the view across the cut have been condemned as shut. Sad.
  12. Pinstripe with tape removed. I took this general photo earlier today. There is a cream stripe inside. It's as straight as the pro painter at Dadford did originally. Which is 98% straight. I could even see his feint pencil marks. It took me an hour to mask each side and that's following a well furoughed path.
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