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  1. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    We keep getting told the Brexiteers are the nutcases!
  2. Checked solenoid in situ with multimeter and it energises ok on start up.
  3. Update. Jury rigged diesel supply and no start. Diesel is however being consumed presumably via return pipe. What could it be? 1 Failed hp pump? 2 Solenoid wiring although it clunks open when removed and tested on a 12v battery. 3 Injector? Tia
  4. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Uncle Boris...... well he did steal the Mayor of London from a very Labour City......
  5. Shoving up dollops of stinky fumes from Mikes collection of antique diesels has had an effect obvs.
  6. One of the best Timeteams too. Proved the fakery.
  7. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Irony dear boy. Never seems to translate well over the ether.
  8. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    I never said you did. Was merely illustrating how scoffing appears dumb.
  9. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    What's the Law/silly phrase for those birks who shout "racist" at every post they find they have no answer to?
  10. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Bet she regreted this. "Head of Policy at charity ‘Happy City’ Ruth Townsley has been suspended from the charity following publicly saying that Farage should be attacked with acid. She tweeted support for the Farage milkshake thrower but argued he did not go far enough: “Bravo to Paul Crowther, good on you mate. Great that milkshakes have become a thing when it comes to racists in our midst. I’d prefer acid but milkshakes will do for now I guess.” Her employer, which receives taxpayer funding through the West of England Growth Fund, has now confirmed that “The employee in question has now been suspended and we are fully investigating this incident internally in accordance with our procedures.” She was in charge of ‘social media engagement’. She’ll be receiving plenty more now… UPDATE: Happy City have updated their statement to confirm that Townsley has lost her job. What was she thinking?"
  11. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Is there something happenning today?
  12. I used to take my 12 footer <cathedral hull> down the House of Parliament regularly launching from Chiswick slipway. Dead easy. However on a narrowboat another matter!
  13. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Some achievement to overtake Brown.
  14. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    I'm flattered you think my view is important. I refer you to my post # 10,486. But I do understand why you cannot get a grip on the concept.
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