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  1. Couple of random but interesting images lifted from Facebook.
  2. But I paid for 1/2 hour!
  3. Don't be tempted to consider other people like family or visitors/friends requirements. Choose exactly what you want. They will adapt on the odd occaision they visit.
  4. They don't make all their stuff.
  5. Is BCM shorthand for made in the far east?
  6. The "charging about" is the bit I most enjoyed. A hark back to times when most kids did this without being mollycoddled, surrounded by warning signs or delivered to their every destination in sealed Chelsea Tractors. It is a gem. Rewatching it again.
  7. I redid my bilge a few years back - two coats no rub down - it's really held up well. The first bilge paint flaked off.
  8. Lots of things to go wrong on a Fisher Panda (or any packaged genny). Have a look at their facebook page. I have one (Panda) for just charging batteries. I've got an issue that cannot be resolved even via weeks of tecky exchange with their engineering lead and exchanging control panel. If I had the nouce/funds/energy/time I would remove the Panda and install a single pot Lister or Gardner to act as the genny to battery charge.
  9. I will use U staples
  10. I have a load spare so no probs. I use it to keep rabbits out of my veggie area.
  11. Thank you Jen in "Wales" sic
  12. Looking for a cheap-ish way of making this decking non lethal re slipping when wet and has goose poo on it - any advice appreciated.
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