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  1. mark99

    Saying hello,

    Are you a boater who travels in boats and like boats or someone using our heritage to save rent money and crowd the rest out?
  2. mark99

    Saying hello,

    Where are you intending to moor? Deleted.
  3. mark99

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    This is the rough and ready of a forum of mostly intelligent experience. Its not always fluffy but unlike Germans, we do have a word and place for it.
  4. The way up northerners I studied with used to get me to say "nail scissors" in the London twang to which they fell about laughing. I guess they nrver heard it said that way before.
  5. mark99

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    The best next step is to step out and walk the towpaths asking lots of questions assuming you are the outgoing type. IF you find a suitable spot that's the most likely source of fresh info. You may find that trudging up and down a wet muddy winter towpath is not for you. My wifes mate just moved out of a widebeam off a Thames marina (fully residential) - sold it on - so they exist. My last mooring was a livaboard spot near Harefield and that was secured on the basis of a towpath conversation with a stranger (who is now a mate).
  6. mark99

    Getting work done at the same time?

    If shotblasting surely put on a two pack not just blacking.
  7. mark99

    Clifton wharf scary

    Oakay, can see why your humour is evergreen and poplar.
  8. mark99

    Clifton wharf scary

    Took 20 seconds to get it. But that's me, cannot see the wood for the trees.
  9. mark99

    Clifton wharf scary

    Can we get tree monkey on here and ask him to apologise and do some sort of public pennance?
  10. Yes - you are sort of making the point. By using CAD, you risk delegating key decisions to the newbie and the real expert becomes a mere fabricator of patterns.
  11. There is a danger, I would hazard a guess, that a CAD designed boat would end up a sort of "Barratt Homes" type build. Optimised efficient and ultra tweaked - but essentially soul-less.
  12. mark99

    Build it, Fill It

  13. mark99

    Build it, Fill It

    Indeed - pretty impressive!

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