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  1. Cardboard Boats

    If anyone buys those models, there is some info on the baseplate once you turn it upside down.
  2. Cardboard Boats

    They are made up as seen. There are some other crude balsa models for sale too. Location here. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.2367251,-0.5705641,3a,90y,227.24h,80.37t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEsxlCqoB6LbqWuGYw6dwUQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?dcr=0
  3. Historic Boats for sale online

    Cantley re-advertised for sale. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=475720
  4. Cardboard Boats

    These were for sale in a Cafe/junk shop in Guildford. Bad photo. Think they are mid 1980 models. £4 each iirc.
  5. Waterside Moorings

    What an earth do you do everyday then? And to repeat, what staffing level do you think is right? You've not really made a cogent point in the post. Sideswipe at best.
  6. Threaded brass eye?

    Tangback please.
  7. Share ya' Music!

    Wake up
  8. Wind, Stove Blow Back & CO

    Venturi or Bernoulli?
  9. Wind, Stove Blow Back & CO

    Yes baffle plate that's it. Unlatch it to remove. Acorn stove. Can dismantle the grate and guard to get every bit of ash out.
  10. Wind, Stove Blow Back & CO

    Depending upon model, you can have a clean chimney bore but still have a blockage. Best to strip out everything (dismantle) from stove and check. Mine for instance has a steel plate above chimney exit from stove and this can hold a kilo of two of rust, soot etc.
  11. Interesting details from the bottom of a lock.

    He he "black sticks".
  12. Sander

    And last year watched two seperate fellow moorers trying to remove paint along each of their boats roof in prep with sander, grinders and low volume blaster etc. Painfully slow. And crap.
  13. Sander

    Years ago repainted a 100 year old steel cantilevered utility 300m long bridge across the Thames in Fulham, London. Team of 6 with scabblers. If you want back to metal use a scabbler to do the main grunt.