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  1. Weston, T+M https://www.bagshaws.com/property/weston-road-stafford/
  2. Letter from CaRT about 6 weeks ago. Just at the same time my annual mooring fees were due to the mooring co - a small friendly offside farm affair. "Dear Mark I am contacting you to inform you that these moorings are to be Terminated and I am unsure at this point whether the operator has informed you. This will mean that you will need to find alternative moorings. In the interim I can probably offer you Extended Stays along the Canal at a suitable location. Please let me know as soon as possible any issues that you may have so I can offer further support." Left me in a position where unsure to pay my new mooring fee due. Rang this Cart person - a mooring area manager who told me due to non payment from offside provider to CaRT, his moorings were to be no longer (affects 4 other boaters). Mooring provider provides bulk of evidence showing payments were made and admin at CaRT took money but did not reply to any correspondance over 18 months. Hence I again contacted CaRT to clarify if I was to be "evicted" or not as CaRT appear to have failed to keep up with events and payments made to them. I used her CaRT mobile, left messages and emailed a few times. No response from CaRT area mooring person. After a few weeks advised her I would escalate to R Parry if no response to me or the mooring providor. from CaRT; still no reply. Yesterday escalated to Parry. What a shambolic way to treat customers. I am refusing to find another mooring or move my boat until CaRT reply. Why would I? NB for what it's worth I have complete faith in the mooring co, it's owned and run by a very efficient husband and wife team who provide fantastic facilities and are highly professional.
  3. Thanks for the info! I will try to get an image of the canal channel next to Lords Bridge and post next time I am there.
  4. After getting a snippet from an 1802 map of the Uttoxeter Canal - the old course of the river Churnet on our farm appears to have formed a bit of the Uttoxter Canal. It's still in water. Have contacted the Uttoxeter Canal Trust to see if they want to preserve it/control vegetation. All the OS maps just refer to it as a pond.
  5. From the Mike Ashworth Collection. "One of the more interesting marketing initiatives of the old West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive - marketing services as "Metro" - was the introduction in 1983 of regular canal 'bus' services run by barge. Initially run on a section of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal between Shipley and Bingley, two other routes on the Rochdale Canal between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge and between Mirfield and Brighouse on the Calder & Hebble Navigation were added the following year. I'm not sure when they ceased operation but I do recall this - the fixed 'bus stop' posts and flags placed on the towpath as 'stopping points' and seen here in the "Ten Years of Achievement" booklet the PTE issued in 1985"
  6. Vogan's Mill, Mill Street, London SE1. From Facebook.
  7. Have moved to a small village in North Midlands and found an England long gone from down South.
  8. "Wonderful London" Jen Welly-Boot. 3 volumes. I also have "Wonderful Britain" - 4 volume series too.
  9. Pinner can can seen 12.40 in. In early, shots of a FMC butty "Beaver" too. Mainly trains tho.
  10. The Batchworth Locks are in yellow. Looks like gravel was taken directly out from the pits.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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