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  1. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    I don't care one little iota what you think. The marxists have taken over and you remain silent. I do admit to wanting Corbyn to remain to permanantly pollute the idea of marxism ever being credible.
  2. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Well according to you it triggers a need for a confirmatory ref.
  3. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    You forgot the answer "Thanks barman - Seamus what do I say?"
  4. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    No I do not think I am. What I am is a serial whinger of the Labour Party being taken over by a nasty Marxist element and a fool for a leader who is making them un-electable imo. Put like that, it does illustrate the wind has again got hold of Richards tongue and blown it all over the place.
  5. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    I'd rather take these opinions below than the opinion of a serial whinger re the Cons. "More than sixty Labour peers have taken out an advertisement accusing Jeremy Corbyn of having “failed the test of leadership” over his handling of antisemitism complaints within the party. The peers, including more than a dozen former ministers such as Peter Hain, Beverley Hughes and John Reid, have addressed the advert in the Guardian to Corbyn directly, saying: “The Labour party welcomes everyone* irrespective of race, creed, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. (*except, it seems, Jews). This is your legacy, Mr Corbyn.” Be fun seeing the remainers trying to dismiss the content of this post. Or perhpas they will ignore?
  6. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Give him a megaphone and a small audience of edge of society dross looking to claim they are victims and he is a winner. Give him a party to manage and he can't hack it. If he can't manage a party then the country has no chance. Shame for Labour to sink this low under the modern day father Steptoe.
  7. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Yer but.……. I like prodding the birdcage. ;)
  8. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Just one more referendum? OK why should we trust you? All evidence in here shows how the twisting, squirming and devious arguing starts when you <the remoaners> don't get your way. Sorry you had your chance.
  9. Are there many narrowboats on the Broads? I would imagine quite rare?
  10. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Thanks for explaining Ian. I suspect we would all get on ok IRL!
  11. I think they are know as BOATs. No pun intended. As in Byways Open to All Traffic. At least the councils called them that at one time.
  12. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    I'm afraid Ian pops in here now and again gets angry and uses strong and harsh language and goes away for a while. Remember my post re Mr Angry warning a week or so back? Why he decided to "block" you is a bit hard to understand.
  13. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    How many c ref's are enough?
  14. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    No! Not true....... North of Islington! Why because of a difference of political viewpoint?
  15. mark99

    Brexit 2019

    Really.... your last line in that same post was: "who cares about a bunch of west country carrot crunchers when there is always London to pander to" It is alway difficult however to determine your exact diatribe target when you really get on one (a victim speech, gov are to blame that is) because a few minutes later you started ranting randomly about "lard arses" and how you were more worthy.
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