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  1. Ooooh nice slidey doors on the Bedford.
  2. Our Karndean is in large conservatory which gets big temp swings. It's glued down and does not expand. The joints are circa 2mm.
  3. mark99

    Gang plank

  4. Karndean can scratch. Person I know advised me of that. But I've seen no evidence on ours to date at home. We are quite careful however.
  5. We had normal Karndean put down at home last year. Screed levelled floor by builders. Then circa 8 weeks drying time later (the Karndean shop came round and measured the dryness three times during this 8 week period) the Karndean fitters arrived put down self levelling compound on day 1 and day 2 glued down the Karndean. Two things. Can you ensure the sub base is dry on bote floor. Self levelling compound on a bote that will prob be listing? Karndean is great....... in a house. I would think retrofitting Karndean on a floating boat could be problematic. What's the attraction?
  6. mark99


    One of the best day ticket bailiffs I ever met is Stuart the full time one on the LAA stretch of the Hants Avon. He walks up to 12 miles a day covering all the river and carriers including the canalised stretch. He will text you if the river is good condition and grab beginners gear and take them to easy stretches if they are struggling. In addition he nets out floating debris, clears any land litter and operates the multitudes of sluices. He always collects the £8 day fee for the club. You cannot predict when he turns up but turn up he does.
  7. mark99


    Most anglers turn up and fish at the best time which is often dawn. When it says day ticket on the bank, the bailiff is not there at dawn - he will amble along and collect the money from anglers whom have started. If one sat on ones fishing box waiting for the bailiff to collect your money before you fished, one would be regarded as "odd" at best! Other dayticket waters (mainly small water commercials with one way in and out) may insist on paying before you fish but it's made clear. London Underground was a bit like that before automation. Ticket office closed - you pay at other end or on the train. You did not just walk home because the ticket office was closed.
  8. mark99


    You are struggling now to justify your initial position with ridiculous analogies.
  9. mark99


    I can tell you know nothing about this subject.
  10. Think it was meant that these unidentified botes were licenced but the owners are being awkward about displaying the number.
  11. Full penetration welding is the term.
  12. mark99


    Many places advertise day tickets available on the bank but the bailiff is never seen to collect. Most of my local gu was like that before I left Cart waters. These are the same waters that as a kid every weekend the bailiff came round on his bike and took a shilling off us kids. Their web site says pay on bank. Now on Wey the same largely applies. Never seen the Guildford bailiff who sells day tickets on the bank. Nor Wey Navigation Amalgamation bailiff who sells tickets too on the bank.
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