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  1. mark99

    Ken Keay Moulding

    Ignore my suggestion - I read it as you needed 80mm.
  2. mark99

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Harefield marina.
  3. mark99

    Ken Keay Moulding

    Could make a mould and cast it.
  4. mark99

    Charity Shop Print (Thames)

    Was thinking Fulham Gasworks Imperial Road. Near old Kensington Canal. https://rbkclocalstudies.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/lots-road-power-station-the-glory-years/
  5. Guess location = Thames near Lotts Road former power station?
  6. mark99


    I think that's the loop cutting - probably towards Croxley Station. ETA I think it's called the triangle not loop.
  7. mark99


    The grading plant was around this yellow area - 1932 image. Look how flat the RHS is compared to now. Circa 20 foot lower than now. 9 boats <or 11?> in this 1926 shot.
  8. mark99


    The gravel was on the towpath side known as long valley IIRC/Croxley Hall woods. The railway side branch took most of the gravel away I think - the gravel co moved down towards Ricky when this dry pit was exhausted and the wet gravel near Ricky was boated back to Croxley at a grading plant by barge. The process/grading plant was opposite the turning bay on the moor. The levels have greatly altered.
  9. mark99


    From my limited research I found out the following which should ber treated with a bit of caution as none of it has been validated. "I found out the "terrace" between Lock 80 and 81 was in fact level ground with canal at one time. Belonged to a gravel Co (was and grade/washplant) near Lock 81 (Rickmansworth Gravel Co). opposite but downstream/downlock of Croxley Mills. Used to have boats visit to take way the gravel. They moved out when plant closed down and opened up new workings (Aquadrome Lakes). Then then Metropolitan Line used that area as a sidings entering from /off the London Underground triangle rail loop/junc near Lock 80) - I think still on level ground. The sidings came into disuse and the terrace level was made up with soil and spoil from when they revamped the Met line near Neasden (assume they used trains to dump spoil there). That's why you still can find those white round porcelein live wire insualtors all round that terrace".
  10. mark99


    I think the moorings are: Hampton Hall Farm Houseboats Moor Lane RICKMANSWORTH WD3 1LF
  11. mark99


    Re Batchworth - if the offside farm there was a boat for sale there with mooring - was circa £200K. The boat was an ex working boat can't remember its name.
  12. mark99

    Tooley's book

    I watched a Morse episode a day or so ago and Tooleys featured.
  13. mark99

    Hooray it's raining!

    I felt two drops yesterday. Being SSE facing on a decent chalk slope every day is a scorcher. Been trying to work in garden and I have to swap tee shirts every hour or so soaked in sweat. Tried without shirt one day and had a touch of sun sickness. Garden is very, very parched.
  14. mark99

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I recognise the boat to the left of it.

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