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  1. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Kimblewick Hunt. Worth a Google. Seems they don't care about their own hounds either.
  2. mark99

    Replacing exhaust

    Plus Gas as DC said is MUCH better. I had same issue. Loads PLUS GAS left for overnight - undid ok. (Hard to buy this stuff off the shelf these days for some reason) Total fail with WD40.
  3. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Best short vid I've seen for a long while.
  4. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Quick - create a smoke screen - talk in Latin, gibberish, steer down blind alleys, quote famous people. One of them might work - or not.
  5. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    People keep herds of cats and ride around in social groups terrorising mice, sticking bloody mouse tails in the faces of the youth?
  6. mark99

    Help with this location please

    Oft called "Triggers Broom" now but same principle Chris.
  7. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Go on.
  8. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I would hazard a guess most of us are not trying to enter into a wide philosophical debate in this thread but wanting to get some answer (still lacking) as to what could possibly defend the practice of setting a pack of dogs on a single closely related animal (vulpis) when the end result is suffering to a dumb creature.
  9. mark99

    Copper piping turned silver

    Or like me touch the starter motor terminals as you clean it, the wool catches fire.
  10. mark99

    Unusual Issue

    Sounds like a clever dog. He will be shouting "walkies" soon the to strife.
  11. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Well it's now illegal so something has worked. Extremes happen on both sides. Cancelled each other out. So that leaves what society wants. Its banned and illegal.
  12. mark99


  13. mark99

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Lady G My position re hunting has changed. When young, I hated hunting but hated bans of any sort more and thought people should make up their own minds and my best protest was not to do it. But that imo was too passive as if the status quo was left as it was, there would be no slow evolution and hunting would never stop. Hence challenges and invitations to other peoples views with a hope that with debate it could be shown self evidently hunting with dogs for foxes had no part in modern society.

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