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    Boats,beer and photography ..did I mention boats
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    Retired and off the hamster wheel
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    Tipton ( at present) as it’s under offer
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  1. Congratulations on your purchase …nice Butty
  2. I used to love the cross channel runs when it was as rough as hell ..9/10 eat and drink as much as you liked for free as everyone else was as sick as a dog me and my mate mike just laughed it all off and had another brekkie with a chaser
  3. Michael Keaton played Batman in a film …. #hopethatexplainesit
  4. That’s really going to be a bit special
  5. And that is the difference , few will see it BUT some will and they appreciate the detail
  6. Have a look in the sales area
  7. Hiya Matty ..lol… that’s another beer I owe you I’m still around just not as Canalworld active as I used to be hope all well chris
  8. Late to the party hence the edit lol
  9. Late to the party but …when we got our J2 , Dick said to start on Aspen fuels as it doesn’t clog up works for us
  10. Just seen these for sale https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional-for-sale/529956
  11. Amazon chopping finger engaged … thank you brain wouldn’t come up with a clever idea , tried starbrite and white vinegar ty
  12. This one has sat around a while and has quite a limescale build up in the pan starbrite don’t touch it … need to get it clean , what limescale remover etc is safe for a pump out that has only had a biological treatment gotta keep the punters happy Chris
  13. Neil Todd was the chap at cowley , Also owned Greenlaw
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