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  1. Just seen these for sale https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional-for-sale/529956
  2. Amazon chopping finger engaged … thank you brain wouldn’t come up with a clever idea , tried starbrite and white vinegar ty
  3. This one has sat around a while and has quite a limescale build up in the pan starbrite don’t touch it … need to get it clean , what limescale remover etc is safe for a pump out that has only had a biological treatment gotta keep the punters happy Chris
  4. Neil Todd was the chap at cowley , Also owned Greenlaw
  5. If I recall correctly Orianne is currently residing at Roger Fullers yard at Stone but there again I may be wrong just imagining it Chris Bantock Mk 2
  6. Not playing the scorecard walks away whistling
  7. As a broker I can assure you that none of the above was me .. I certainly do not not treat any Possible client like that sti I have standards . Treat everyone as I would like to be treated we don’t always get it 100% right but a I do try
  8. ”As a broker” .... you do realise that despite you have spent £xx k on it in the last three years it’s only worth £5000,00 to A blind man with no sense of smell and no mates to advise them . , Actually said to a chap who said it was worth 45k .. 1970/ 1980’s Harborough cruiser stern Fiberglass top .. last year
  9. look on the shank of the key just inside the sleeve there will be a set of numbers , Genereic key can be ordered on the web
  10. Appliance warehouse at bunny notts have loads of appliances with lpg conversion jets
  11. Mrs M , this will be sometime later this year as the fit out progresses . at this stage I just need to work out cabling
  12. Tipton #1 is a Yarwoods built Guccco Motor Tipton #2 we have number 2 ... Madcat's is #1---- all cleared up .....mmmmm beer
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