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  1. Thanks to all who answered I agree that if located by an access the twin wall makes sense but this one is more of a “ cost effective solution” but wanting to keep within the framework of any current codes of practice etc will pass the findings over to the owner cheers c
  2. As I am a bit out of touch with current requirements I need to know for a customer if a new first installation of a multi fuel heating device has to comply with the new twin walled flue regs or as the boat is over 25 years old a single walled flue is acceptable I am not discussing the pros and cons of either system just purely the legal requirements for installation cheers chris
  3. When we took over Baldock , I had the engine numbers verified by Perkins and Diperk and they both agreed it is a D3.152 The gearbox I was informe had been changed prior to our time All I/We did wsa top end overhaul along with having the fuel pump and injectors reconditioned by a local firm I do hope that wherever BALDOCK ends up she will retrain that setup as it nicely balances the boat
  4. SWMBO and her driver (me) are there food if Poss but not bloody turkey lol
  5. Umea is currently in the custodian ship of Michael Pinnock at Enfield where it awaits restoration It still has the 15 fitted
  6. It’s to stop the boat drifting away .....
  7. Are we talking 30th ...and who is staying on for 31st ? lise and I are good if so
  8. What a cracking doglet.. heres to many adventures together
  9. Have a word with Aten lighting .. they are good at this sort of stuff and can usually make specials
  10. The outboards were Ruggerini's .. very heavy and bloody unreliable I spent a bit of time with Graham and Jenny at Lot Mead when he ran the litho press in the building opposite the main house .. sadly lost touch with both of them after they parted company Great days .. beer in the Batch and a wobbly bike ride home
  11. Our 3LW is similar ... cold start button depressed and fires in 2 - 3 turns .. provided I have remembered to give it a couple of turns on the speed wheel C
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