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  1. Having not been that way for a number of years where is the best and nearest overnight mooring for the northern end
  2. Give paul redshaw a shout at Braunston
  3. Slightly off topic but slightly relevant ... would a travel power kicking out 3kv be as efficient to feed a victron combi to support the 240 and charge the batts when boating than having a separate 12v alt for battery charging ???
  4. How about ....https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-traditional/586824 Or https://www.midwayboats.co.uk/boatsforsale-309.html
  5. Marine Engine Services (midlands) 01926 356200
  6. And I have lived on and boated on all sorts of sterns for 40 years in all weathers and prefer the trad every time . seriously get the arse end that works for you n your doggo
  7. Chris-B

    New boat

    Hope all goes well
  8. Fix Or Repair Daily .......sounds about right to me
  9. Spotted on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/National-Stationary-Engine-/133456882533?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  10. Thanks 10% was my nominal losses calc plus another 3% for cable losses
  11. Thanks j Thank you I couldn’t remember the average .... back to calcs
  12. Brain has filed and cannot retrieve information what the formula steps to convert AC wattage to DC amperage .. I know I have to build a loss factor in for inverter etc. I can do the i = v/r etc but how to transpose 230v ac to 12 v dc brain dead fool I need wine
  13. For information I spoke to the chap again yesterday and he agrees that the best thing to do would be relocate the water heater to the new kitchen area I have assisted him with information only and given advice when I felt was necessary and Wish him good luck with the refit
  14. Thank you to all who posted . a different answer to what I thought, so if he is not a “Liveaboard” and declares himself as such then theoretically he can Like most said however it’s not a good idea on that I agree 100% , I for one wouldn’t want to I will chat to him about this and hopefully change his mind about relocating the water heater as part of the refit Chris
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