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    Hartford Marina , Cambs

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    Boat Sales @ Tingdene Marinas
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    "THE" HARE 1926 Yarwods FMC Motor
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  1. What a cracking doglet.. heres to many adventures together
  2. Have a word with Aten lighting .. they are good at this sort of stuff and can usually make specials
  3. The outboards were Ruggerini's .. very heavy and bloody unreliable I spent a bit of time with Graham and Jenny at Lot Mead when he ran the litho press in the building opposite the main house .. sadly lost touch with both of them after they parted company Great days .. beer in the Batch and a wobbly bike ride home
  4. Our 3LW is similar ... cold start button depressed and fires in 2 - 3 turns .. provided I have remembered to give it a couple of turns on the speed wheel C
  5. Went through Napton last summer with The Hare and all was ok but then its a skinny arsed josher
  6. For that Mr Fincher I will give you 10/10
  7. Now as it’s a nice butter knife I will up my bid to —— Four poonds and fiddy peas in sterling ( I have been behind and under the sofa )
  8. And to confirm my bid on the butter knife at £2-50 chris
  9. Had motor / short shaft through stern post no a/c plates or swim .. goes well forward , turns great to left , sluggish to right , reverse is "interesting" !!!!!
  10. Just been listed on brokerage Elstree http://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec?BoatID=6389648
  11. River Wey is normal A few boats and someone moaning C
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