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  1. That class of BP boat had a water filler on the starboard gunwhale. How many toilets do you have? I’m guessing just one on a 56’?
  2. If it’s got a massive dent in the stem post then it’s the TR I had a argument with a bridge on the Regents with…..
  3. I hope you are not referring to the skipper during the 1994 season!
  4. Yeah Tom Garrod and Lucy I think skippered t and t and Tom and Jules had TR in 91. I worked with a Tom and Jules on t and t in 92 with another girl called Carole who I think also crewed rose b in 91. Tranquil Rose had a raw water cooled lister which was a nightmare through the weedy section on the k and a!
  5. You must have worked with Rob Jones? I crewed on t and t in 1992, ran Rose B in 1993 and ran Tranquil Rose in 1994. There is a post on here somewhere with pictures of Abergavenny Castle. I don’t know how to link it though.
  6. We got round in a 70’
  7. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-73877533.html
  8. Copt Heath Wharf bridge 76 Grand Union. Worth ringing beforehand as they don’t hire out day boats anymore so not always around.
  9. You can get 12' 6" wide up as far as the first bridge north of Shrewley tunnel. The hotel boat Tranquil Rose got stuck there a few years ago. There's a 10' 6" boat at Copt Heath but I wouldn't fancy taking a wide beam further north than the winding hole at Henwood bridge which is about a mile south of Catherine de Barnes.
  10. Not Muskrat just tied up opposite and happened to be the same colour as Sprite and Leprechaun
  11. Nice to see the old girl! Someone has chopped the front of the cabin off and made a well deck. It used to be a twin cabin with a front window. Hanging on the wall was a hammer for an emergency exit!!
  12. I ran Rose of Brecon and Abergavenny Castle for a season on the Mon and Brec in 1993 the final season that Chris and Andy Newman owned them. Looking through some photos there doesn't seem to be an index plate on the butty but the motor's number is 64911. There used to be metal guards over the handrails on the front of the boats to protect against the very low Ashford tunnel - don't know if they are still screwed on?
  13. It's a very busy canal. 6 hire bases, 4 marinas and at least 2 boat clubs. I defy anyone to name a more scenic waterway. If we're getting rid of quiet routes then maybe we should start with the GU north of Knowle?
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