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  1. Paul H

    Disecting a narrowboat

    For the record Roger Hatchard’s Lead Us was made out of the front, but unusually shorter part, of Lepus by Ian Kemp. David Harris turned the bit left over in to a 57ft motor boat, subsequently lengthened ( by Paul Barber?) Paul
  2. Paul H


    How wonderful to see a boat from an era when most had character and individuality - not a granite worktop or flat screen TV in sight! Id be surprised if the hull doesn’t still exist but the cabin will have been replaced (at least once!) There doesn't seem seem to be a boat of this length licenced under this name but it could have been renamed and a surprising number of older narrow boats are hidden away in yards and farms awaiting the injection of money and enthusiasm. Paul
  3. Paul H

    Josher Motor" Crane"

    No it was the old Courtauld’s carrying tug based around Coventry and later run as a hostel boat by Tim Higton of Warwickshire Fly long before he acquired the base at Stockton. And yes the Petter was stored outside there for many years after the Alice May was broken up. Paul
  4. Paul H

    Josher Motor" Crane"

    I believe the Petter came out of the long-gone wooden motor Alice May. Paul
  5. Paul H

    Mystery Wide Tug

    Yes thank you for clearing up a long running mystery. The blue paintwork confused me into thinking it was on BW maintenance. Now we know! Paul
  6. Paul H

    Mystery Wide Tug

    I spotted this strange boat at Calcutt on the Grand Union in May 1981. Always wondered what it was and where it had come from but have left it rather a long time to ask! Paul
  7. Paul H


    Quite a poor photo but Erebus at Gas Street in January 1981. Note no front cabin. Im sure Speedwheel has lots of pics but he doesnt seem to post anymore - perhaps if you PMd him he'll get a notification. Paul
  8. Paul H

    Harry Arnold

    Robert Wilson has also apparently recently passed on. Not particularly active or well-known on the waterways over the last 30 years he is, nevertheless, remembered for writing and publishing some of the first historic boat literature - including some by Alan Faulkner. Sadly it is unlikely that future generations will be able to replace these stalwarts as the connection with working boatmen will be lost. Harry in particular was there at the end of the working boats, the birth of pleasure boating and the establishment of the leisure/live aboard world of today. I bet he preferred the early days! Paul
  9. Paul H

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    To be pedantic that’s the Malvern. Only the front end is the original Australia as the stern after decades sunk in the flashes in Cheshire was too far gone to restore. Paul
  10. Paul H

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I do recall you upgraded from a Josher to a GU boat! 😉 Paul
  11. Paul H

    gu boats working for A Wander

    Mimas and Ray looked good when owned by Doug Jones at Rickmansworth in the late 70s and 80s but were probably not in the best condition under the shiny paint. Mimas has since been immaculately restored by Chris Collins up the Troy Cut while Ray lays awaiting possible attention sunk in the reeds nearby. Paul (that’s Ray the boat not Ray T the last poster!)
  12. Paul H

    Parker boatbuilder

    Graham Parker was based at Norton Canes alonside Malcolm Braine and Canal Transport Services and build mid range no nonsense boats. I think he was later associated with JD Boat Services iirc. He may have partnered with Neil Butlin at some stage.
  13. Paul H


    DIWE/BTW aka British Waterways used to impose tolls for internal accounting purposes to appear to give a level playing field with other carriers. However it was, conveniently, the loss incurred “after tolls” which gave them the excuse to give up most of their narrow boat carrying in 1963. In truth it was desperately uneconomic anyway with the need to support admin offices and maintenance depots busy renovating worn-out old boats which would never be brought back into use - at least by BW. Paul
  14. Paul H

    Historic Boats for sale online

    That’s a different Prince! The Josher one owned by Malcolm Webster. Paul
  15. Paul H

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Not strictly pebble dashing but BW did go through a period of spraying concrete on bridges known as guniting. It is difficult to see how a Prince would be a suitable boat for this as the bow would have been too high. I am told that the various Joshers which had their bows replaced by punt-like structures such as Columba, England, Mullet etc. were known as gunniting boats. incidentally Jay Price posts on Facebook and Mark Holtham apparently lives in Worcester if you’re chasing up previous owners. Bill Blaik’s address can be found on the Companies House website. Paul

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