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  1. BW drop in cabins

    I think it was a modern construction by owner Matt Beamish who documented the fit out online but can’t remember where. The pod was styled loosely on the lift out cabin fitted to river class Anne but rather longer. He later had Brinklow built him a replica Admiral motor Pellew seen moored alongside. Paul
  2. David Blagrove

    Sorry I should have explained it better. Don’t click on the song title. Click on “Side 1” on the left hand menu, then you get the real David, Paul
  3. David Blagrove

    If you go here http://www.waterwaysongs.co.uk/narrowboat_details.htm you’ll find the Narrow Boats album in its entirety and Side 1 opens with Hard Working Boater sung by DB. Paul
  4. Cardboard Boats

    Was it on pinkish/flesh coloured card and OO scale? I had one which I was too young and inexpert to ever finish. The name Neville New rings a bell. Paul
  5. Yep ok mea culpa - or as the kids would (irritatingly) say today “my bad.” Battery shelf over the gearbox. It’s a few weeks since I.ve been on the boat and I have no sense of direction at the best of times! Paul
  6. That is on the front engine bulkhead!
  7. I've no idea about Big Woolwiches but here is the set-up on Capricorn Paul on Capricorn
  8. I’m sure one of the Idle Women books mentions regularly moving the butty battery to the motor for charging. indeed Capricorn still has the original battery shelf riveted to the bulkhead over the flywheel. Room for a largeish car battery but probably not the batteries shown being charged at Bulls Bridge. No idea of original dynamo arrangements on Nationals though. Paul
  9. Barney Boats

    I think that it was the motorised boat the Fred which moored at Battlebridge Basin, Kings Cross sometime after I left. According to a quick google, her name was Kate Jayne. Paul
  10. The Wilkinson's were apparently running a pub in Cornwall by 1949 and therefore Bawtry spent several more years in BW ownership before being passed to Willow Wren. The cabin extension was added at the Wilkinson's expense and I would have expected that they would have been required to remove it at the end of their lease period! it would be interesting to know if Bawtry pops up on any gauging or traffic records in the very early 50s. Paul

    Mr Seymour-Walker also told me that he acquired the boat in 1964 but as his log says he took the boat away from Charity Dock in April 1965 having had the boat shortened, recabinned and externally painted this would seem unlikely. I think the reputation of CHarity was that nothing was done in a hurry and boats sat around for at least a year before work even started. Also there was no BW Cardex records for 1962 and 1963 pertaining to Capricorn. So I would say 1962 is a more realistic date for his acquisition. Incidentallly the boat was lying at Gayton and cost him £250 Paul

    I believe it was my boat the Capricorn. As you say a condition of sale by BW at the time was that the name of the boat be changed and Kay Seymour-Walker, the first private owner told me he temporarily chose Apricot as it only required a few strokes of the paintbrush to change it! However you had previously told me that the BW disposal date was 1964 so obviously this creates a discrepancy! After being shortened at Charity Dock, the boat emerged as The Poot. Paul
  13. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    I think this is one of the expressions that has changed or become misused over the years. A thumbline used to be a holding back string for butties in GU locks but now appears to be used for a gateline. A swans neck used to be decorative rope work but now is used to refer to a the rams head on a motor. And back on topic, Gertrude was broken up at Newbury about 12 years ago. Paul
  14. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    There are of course 2 Hazels Also off the top of my head... Large Ricky Byfield Midland and Coast Star FMC Fazeley Must be more! Paul
  15. Rose of Sharon was built by Shropshire Union Cruises for David Owen in 1966 and is described in his book Water Rallies. It was I believe one of the first if not the first of their production craft. The very first boat, apart from perhaps the one built for a friend as described by Alan W, was Castle Rose, a diminutive trip boat built for operation at Stoke Bruerne replacing the tug Redcap. I wonder if the first steel narrow boats may have been built for Constellation Cruisers of Higher Poynton in the early to mid 60s but they were barely more than pointed steel tanks with no top bends or even rubbing strokes so perhaps would better be described as steel cruisers. I remember Aquila being moored below Crowley Lock in the early 70s - very basic uninsulated cabin with petrol engine driving prop shaft via belts under the stern deck. Can I recommend www.canalscape.net and particular the section Don’t Call it a Barge for details of earlier canal pleasure boats? It incidentally mentions an early steel boat operated by Ladyline called Lady Barbara which I’m not familiar with. Paul