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  1. Another place where it has been possible to moor in the past is The Bond, Fazeley St. https://www.digbeth.com/spaces/the-bond-company It might be worth you giving them a ring.
  2. Here's my view (for what it's worth), as a local (born in Nuneaton and lived about a mile away from the canal for many years) I'd agree that the Coventry Canal is unremarkable -I wouldn't use the words beautiful, exciting or tedious, it's probably an 'averagely pleasant' waterway. It's also got a lot of interesting industrial history along its length, especially at the Coventry end. It's certainly worth boating the length into Coventry Basin. Nuneaton as a town is much nicer than it's usually given credit for - it's worth walking into the centre from Boot Wharf, through the park. And at Hartshill you can walk up to Hartshill Hayes country park which has good views down into the Anker Valley/ north Warwickshire plain. So although maybe it's not a 'destination waterway', there's no need to rush through without stopping !
  3. Richard Powell of Primrose Engineering, is the person you need. 01926 356400. (@RLWP on this forum) He lives in Kenilworth, so just down the road, and keeps his boat Tawny Owl at the top of Hatton where you are now.
  4. Just posted on the BCNS Facebook page: https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-rope-maker-1976-online?fbclid=IwAR0QgydcUImVff3Tx9L7zLBhrd2XRANCTvO5YWERhoBwtqk9q8FDv415iwI Alf was a well known figure on the BCN in the '70's and '80's.
  5. Hello Julie. I've done a lot of family history research so know it can be frustrating at times. It's common to get to a point on a family tree where you can't take that branch any further -at least at the moment. It's quite possible for there not to be any record of your great grandfather living at Hatton. I've had ancestors recorded on the 1861 and 1881 censuses but absolutely no record in the 1871 census, for example. So don't be confused, just put that line of enquiry down at the moment and try research on another branch of the tree. There are lock cottages at Knowle.
  6. I've just come across this film https://youtu.be/ZHQ0Tnw5NKM Although much of it is filmed in the Fens, a short part of it shows narrowboats at Stoke Bruerne.
  7. I've never seen one of these before but it looks like it was built using the moulds of the Davison Bros. Trentcraft of the 1970's and '80's.
  8. Just a thought - if they were living in the cottage at the bottom lock, their record in the census would probably be recorded under Budbrooke, not Hatton.
  9. Can I request that you post copies of the photos on here please ? I'm sure that there are a lot of us who would be interested in seeing them.
  10. There are 3 lock cottages on the Hatton flight, all dating from the late 18th century- the one at the bottom lock available for holiday lettings, the one at the top lock seen in Ray's photo, and this one at lock 34 in the middle of the flight - this is probably the most original.
  11. From Waterways World Jan 1983: . Another photo of Winterburn:
  12. Erebus for sale in Waterways World May 1981- Canal Leisure was Malcolm Pearson.
  13. Thanks for letting us know about it. A great film.
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