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  1. It would benefit future historians if you could tie a card label to the can and write on it where you obtained the can and when, and that in 2024 Steve Priest and Dave Moore believe it's the work of Frank Nurser. In my view, simply the fact that you know it's pre-1957 makes it special !
  2. Yes, definitely a Mindon Marine (this is the correct spelling), and is still painted in the Rose Narrowboats colours. Mindon were very good quality boats when new. @Rose Narrowboats may be able to help further.
  3. Barge Semington for sale at RW Davis, £10k- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134983377182
  4. Nowadays there is another midge repellent - Smidge - which has been developed by Scottish scientists. It's worked for me. https://www.smidgeup.com/ Given the choice I'd avoid June, July and August though. I walked the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness in May two years ago and really enjoyed it. It's a good way to see the canal without hiring a boat. Despite what Nick says, I found Inverness very interesting. Banavie locks, Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle are also worth visiting. Accommodation along the Glen is sparse, but we stayed at nice B&B's in Spean Bridge, Fort Augustus, Drumnadrochit and Lochend.
  5. Fir now £69,995: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/404867322343
  6. It shows that even if something is old and unusual it's not necessarily desirable, at least in that condition. I'll be surprised if they get more than £20k for it.
  7. BW inspection launch 'Vigilante' for sale at Braunston Marina, £38k: https://braunstonmarina.co.uk/boat-details/nb-vigilante/
  8. I have this mug from the 1982 Titford Two national rally, but haven't seen any of those glasses before. I guess they must be quite rare.
  9. Yes, generally it is. Richard Chester Browne did extensive research when he was putting that book together. However it was published in the 1980's so historians since (including Ray (Heartland)) may have found some more information in the intervening years.
  10. I don't think it is correct, or at least if the location is correct, the photo doesn't date from the 1970's. I went across Navigation Bridge twice a day to and from school in the 1970's and I think I would have noticed such a high structure if it had been there ! But happy to be proved wrong.
  11. In my experience many people still have a long term commitment to their job, but unfortunately the majority of companies don't have the commitment to their staff that they used to, and have no qualms about getting rid of staff no matter how long they have been with the firm. Apologies for taking this thread off-track !
  12. This item is coming up for auction in Derby. It is described as a 'narrowboat automaton chimney cowl'. That seems a bit unlikely to me- what do you think ? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/bamfords/catalogue-id-bamfor10924/lot-5ce7d852-f156-476a-a16b-b114014a5cb9?
  13. 'Romulus', as shown in the brochure photo, was built by Colecraft. I seem to recall that Cosgrove Cruisers also had an older boat 'Remus', which was a Springer. That may be it shown in your photo above.
  14. As far as I can remember, Speedwell is still basically the same as it was when it was a hire boat - it was a bit unusual in the 1980's !
  15. This is brilliant - thank you David for posting this information. There are a number of us on this forum who are interested in the history of the canal boat hire industry. 'Dawn Treader' and its two other sister boats were operated by the Adkins family of Holt Farm, Napton. My second canal holiday was on 'Dawn Treader' in 1977. We had a good week going to Market Harborough and back. As it says on the brochure extract you've attached, the 'Conifer class' were operated by The Water Folk, a company owned by Alan Picken, who owned a large very eclectic mix of ex working boats.
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