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  1. The British Waterways shop and information centre on Kingston Row was open up until about that year, so you could have bought your maps from there. When it closed the general store opposite took on the role of selling a few canal related items.
  2. It was still the Longboat until at least the early 90's, and you're right, as far as I can recall there wasn't any heavy metal played there when it was called the Longboat. BCN Society meetings were held there in the early/mid 80's.
  3. Well, we only saw one other boat on the move between Ashton and Stalybridge in a whole day last Sunday. Not many others moored either.
  4. Anderton area very busy a couple of days ago, but Weaver very quiet, as was the Ashton and the Ashton end of the Huddersfield Narrow.
  5. The cabin isn't of a design I've seen before, and certainly isn't typical of the Brooklands Dolphin, of which I attach photos below. I wonder if it is a Brooklands hull which has had a replacement homemade cabin put on.
  6. I wouldn't have any qualms about stopping in Nuneaton, at least at Boot Wharf. It's a pleasant stroll from there to all the shops in the town centre, including a Sainsburys. If you want easy access to a supermarket in the area, the huge Tesco at Arena Park at Longford, Coventry, is canalside, and there are more stores near Navigation Bridge at Courthouse Green a bit closer to the city centre. I wouldn't stop overnight at either of those locations though. Another option is to get the bus into Nuneaton from Bulkington Road bridge at the southern end of the Ashby - quite a pleasant overnight mooring with the Corner House pub nearby.
  7. This has been a notoriously low bridge for some time -and it seems like it is still subsiding, evidenced by the fact that Tranquil Rose has passed through in the past but now can't (see previous posts in this thread)
  8. Confirmed by article in Canal Boat, 1 Jan 2018, by Roger Wickson, viewed on www.pressreader.com. Talking about the 1940's and 1950's, he says that Barlow boats were at that time delivering coal to Wolvercote Paper Mill. The article includes a photo of an SE Barlow pair, operated by the Littlemore family, doing this. I also seem to recall reading somewhere that Joe and Rose Skinner on Friendship delivered to the mill as well.
  9. Going back to the original question, the term 'hostel boat' was originally used because the boats operated in a similar way to youth hostels, i.e. individuals or groups could use the accommodation, booked their stay per night and often helped with or shared the cooking and cleaning. Hotel boats are (or were)normally booked per cabin (each cabin having one double or one single berth) and all the steering and cooking etc is provided by a crew.
  10. I think it's Great Haywood. The buildings in the background match what is there today.
  11. Yes, they are a wet system fed by the water main. No glass bulb. I work for one of the large housebuilders and we have just fitted our first system here in Warwickshire as a trial, so we are still learning about them too.
  12. Sorry but this isn't correct. Building Regulations require all new homes in Wales to have a sprinkler system, and the same requirements are likely to come into force in England in about a year's time. Domestic sprinkler systems are actually quite discrete, and cost about £4000 for a large 4 bed house.
  13. Saltisford is closer to the town centre (800m) than the Cape (1.3km). Both are nice, but as Neil says above, another alternative is to moor by Kate Boats. There's always mooring space between the Cape and Saltisford, and along that stretch you can park a car right next to the boat should you need that convenience. I wouldn't recommend mooring between Saltisford and Hatton bottom lock - the A46 road is noisy and it's further from town in any case. As regards pubs, the Cape is nice, but there's lots of other good ones - the Coffee Tavern, Fourpenny Shop, Bowling Green, Zetland, Old Post Office.......
  14. I prefer Pearsons guides for Michael's witty writing style and interesting comments. His 'South Midlands' guide covers all the canals you are planning to visit. http://www.jmpearson.co.uk/south-midlands-canal-guidebook.php
  15. To be fair, when Loddon started boating it was normal to leave all gates open when exiting a lock. The general policy only changed in the late 1970's/ early 80's, when the lack of maintenance meant more lock gates were leaking badly and caused problems. Most people including myself tend to close all gates as a routine these days, but it really doesn't matter if a small number of people don't.
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