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  1. max's son

    Weather in July

    Weather here can be so unpredictable here last July a heatwave and 2007 floods Worcester 2007
  2. max's son

    Source of classic barge paintings?

    Believe these are on the Yare a picture hung in Dads hallway for 50 odd years, still think the Jets on the right are out of place. Painted by a C Bentley
  3. max's son

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    "Petter made the S model, and one is (or was) exhibited at the Waterways museum in Gloucester: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im20111218Glos-i151.jpg" Post 3 If this is the engine out of "Oak" that was at the museum it was given by Dad and was from Charlie Ballinger's boat "Olive" He was good at giving away engines he also gave a 9hp Bolinder to the Boat museum, I remember it on two railway sleepers dancing up and down the drive when he ran it
  4. max's son

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Further information about Ballinger when Dad and the late Albert Brookes built Ballinger and Glenfield https://worcestervista.com/index.php/mechanics/renovating-ballinger/
  5. max's son

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    The Scotch egg shop in Worcester is now at The Nest in Severn Street next to the Worcester Porcelian museum just up from the Diglis Hotel by the river.
  6. max's son

    Heather Bell

    where was this picture taken? http://historyloversclub.com/the-life-in-rear-during-the-world-war-ii/2/
  7. max's son

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    Saw this news article, Hope it doesn't close the Aqueduct for ever, one of the wonders of the canal system and a great location https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/mid-wales/llangollen/2018/12/11/concerns-over-aqueduct-railings/
  8. max's son

    Leaves at Hockley Heath

    is suffering from leaves worse than suffering from wind
  9. max's son

    Harry Arnold

    Hopefully his daughter will continue to hold it and carry on her fathers works
  10. max's son

    Harry Arnold

    Sorry to hear that another canal character died yesterday Harry Arnold, seen at many events with his camera RIP
  11. max's son

    Moving new boat

    https://twitter.com/i/status/1057254785576001536 Link to Diglis launch
  12. max's son

    Moving new boat

    On Twitter @gillhellings a narrowboat was lift into the basin by hiab today (video) The area at the end of the new flats by the mini roundabout is built as a crane stand to allow it to be used to launch boats or retrieve.
  13. max's son

    Great Canal Journeys. New series

    either broads or fen or they have the wrong guide book out
  14. max's son

    Ribbon - Lace Plates

    The market for these isn't there, no one was interested when we tried to sell Dad's 50 plates a couple of years ago. they ended up at auction and fetched about £20, you just have to wait for times to change again
  15. max's son

    Droitwich Canal 1973 Big Dig

    I have been unable to find a copy of "Go with Noakes" The Cheshire ring the BBC seem to keep it to themselves removing up loaded copies I am glad you enjoyed the canal Tonka and It took years of hard work and lots of persuasion to achieve

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