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  1. Has this just been boughthttps://twitter.com/65ftnb/status/1279024506456113154
  2. Great Video Cannot beat the sound of a boat engine Tug Sharpness has started a twitter rally at #FesitivalOfSlow, I have posted some of Dads pictures there so its not just old Braunston Pics
  3. Does he want to know the name of a marina on the Macclesfield Canal where a boat with a bench on is moored?
  4. sorry poor pics would appear to be number on bow and Stewart & Lloyds on stern
  5. Thanks the photos are from dad's collection I have copies of the ones he scanned from his slides, When he passed away the boxes of slides were given to Laurence Hogg sadly he has also passed away with all his knowledge, I am unsure where these are now May be with Braunston cancelled we could have a virtual event and I will post some more of dad's photos and other could also post then we all get our fix of historical narrowboats
  6. Is the boat Dane or The Dane? Or is this another boat
  7. He said it was a "Green" boat
  8. the recording of last night can be found here
  9. Podcasts are here
  10. Good to see these unsung women recorded, my mum was given all kinds of jobs to do From looking after the boat even when stuck in a lock (Stourbridge 1961) or driving her minibus full of logs or old newspapers to raise money for the Droitwich Canals Looking at some of the pictures of canal digs I sure they are different today. spent many weekends in mud and even driving dump trucks at the age of 14
  11. “I Dig Canals” was a phrase used in the 1970s by canal supporters. The project is all about hearing and saving stories like these. On Sunday at 6pm on Alarum Productions will premiere a short film and book about saving our canals on
  12. Whilst attending the #TwitterSteamRally someone post the picture of an old fair ground organ with canal pictures, don't know how old it is or where the pics are
  13. very old thread a short clip from this was shown on Saturday Kitchen Today 9/5/20
  14. Or may be some else has "borrowed" their boat
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