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  1. found this says Alan was an artist too Brecon: Alan John Picken 8 August 1933 – 5 April 1999 « Memorial benches & the stories of the people they commemorate (wordpress.com) think Brecon was where he moved to after time at Coombe canal and opened a museum
  2. Were thy not painted by June, did she not have a Studio at Dunhampstead when they owned the Fir tree pub and had a trip boat there
  3. Tomorrow 8/5/22 is Worcester Canoe Club marathon race from Sabrina Bridge to Bevere Weir doing circuits
  4. max's son

    max's son

  5. max's son

    max's son

  6. The Pamela May 2 on the Droitwich canals has wheelchair access built by Ortomarine Ortomarine all electric narrowboat
  7. Back in the 60's NB Chertsey had an upright piano, they attended the opening of the Stratford Canal back in 64
  8. I gave him dad's slide collection not long before he died, hope these have been given to a good end user with Laurences collection and not just thrown in a corner, dad was also against giving them to a museum even though he had worked at Avoncroft and The BCLM
  9. Not a Banksy Glasgow-based artist The Rebel Bear, who who has been dubbed the 'Scottish Banksy,' has claimed to have painted the art on Instagram. Dressed in a pink bear costume, the artist has been creating graffiti art across Scotland for years, more recently during the COP26 climate talks.
  10. There was a piano on narrowboat Cherstey at the opening of the Stratford canal back in July 1964 Strange they unwrapped and erected the piano before they launched the boat
  11. OLD SALT WAREHOUSE TO NORTH EAST OF THE CLOCK WAREHOUSE, Shardlow and Great Wilne - 1088364 | Historic England Swift's Old Salt Warehouse - Home | Facebook some info
  12. Is Darley painted in DIWE colours she was in the fleet in 1948
  13. You may be right wasn't it owned by Matt Parrott in the midlands
  14. Last twit https://twitter.com/maines_steve/status/1397250092441247749
  15. Hi Sarah As Rob pointed out my father Max Sinclair built Ballinger back in the late 60's with the help from Albert Brookes who had the other half of the hull to build Glenfield some info is here https://worcestervista.com/index.php/mechanics/renovating-ballinger/ and here https://www.ballinger.online/historic-narrowboat-history I hope you enjoy your boat and one day might see you on the Droitwich Canals (another of Dad's projects) Regards Ian
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