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  1. You may be right wasn't it owned by Matt Parrott in the midlands
  2. Last twit https://twitter.com/maines_steve/status/1397250092441247749
  3. Hi Sarah As Rob pointed out my father Max Sinclair built Ballinger back in the late 60's with the help from Albert Brookes who had the other half of the hull to build Glenfield some info is here https://worcestervista.com/index.php/mechanics/renovating-ballinger/ and here https://www.ballinger.online/historic-narrowboat-history I hope you enjoy your boat and one day might see you on the Droitwich Canals (another of Dad's projects) Regards Ian
  4. Dad's picture is a scan of a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 kodak extrochrome slide taken on his roliflex camera, differnet companies film gave different colour effect
  5. The colours look different between the postcard and the photo dad took at the canal opening at Stratford
  6. At Stratford Canal opening in 1964 carrying bicycles or motorbikes
  7. It has it's own website TUG SWALLOW - Thames Lighterage Launch Tug built by James Pollock and Sons.
  8. Wagons loaded onto barges in sweden back in the 60's
  9. I thought it was a paddle, or are we up the creek.
  10. I gave dad's slide collection to Lawrence as he didn't want them just lost in a museum, so they have ended up there now I think Harry's daughter has taken over his collection
  11. Bridget is Severner Fir when owned by Charlie Ballinger the boat #8260
  12. Fir was renamed as Bridget, photographed in the 60's in Worcester
  13. Vesta went from Halesowen to Worcester to Cosgrove an back to Halesowen Dad also added & company to include wife and children plus the lettering "Canal Steerers" I think this pleased the working boaters back in the early 60's
  14. Think second picture is them Pictures from the 60's
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