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  1. was it this Spitfire, that was modified? pictures taken 1964 at Stourport
  2. there is a label hanging on the handle look at that, might say" made in china"
  3. He is steam man will need a steam boat to feel at home
  4. Watched this on Sunday night, was it filmed on the G&S canal plus shots of the hulks at Purton? it is days with lots of CGI addedhard to tell these
  5. Great pictures glad to see health and safety at its best all wearing "hard hats"
  6. Bell boats were designed by David Train (Fladbury canoe and kayak club) dad of Olympic canoeists Steve and Andy to get as many people on the water as possible
  7. Glenfield was half of a Bantock the other half was Ballinger Dad and Albert start building the two boats in 66 Albert taught dad to weld building glenfield then let him build ballinger https://worcestervista.com/index.php/mechanics/renovating-ballinger/
  8. on BBC iplayer you can get all regions, just watched it in sunny Worcestershire just need to search
  9. I was left bobbing in the Leeds and Liverpool after somersaulting off the boat roof, I was 4
  10. Is the lad furthest away the first magnet fisherman? I remember wearing those kind of yellow lifejackets.
  11. Moored on the Severn in Worcester in the Mid 70's
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