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  1. Found this. the speeding cyclist look more rouble than the boats
  2. A few years back you used to have to pay BW for a cycle permit to use the towpath and display it The problem is who is going to stop people to ask for their permit and is the cost of doing so worth it, when it was only £5 for the yearly permit
  3. The same way the two four legged creatures used to pass The rope they used was quite a long one, and it was made of cotton, which happens to be denser than water. When two boats met, the one crew allowed their rope to go slack, causing it to sink to the bottom of the canal. The second horse stepped over the slack rope, the second boat floated over it, and then both boats continued on their way. Simples!
  4. No it was a seal https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-22808337
  5. Think that area along the weir wall is very shallow and is a salmon fishing area Step and landing below lock
  6. H&W looks poised to shut down for good. No more narrowboats!!!
  7. I remember Alan wearing a knitted bobble hat, knew him as mr teacosy His daughter Heather (Wastie) is behind the project as she was with The Ring writing Poems and Verse
  8. is it this ferry you are looking at http://www.hulmesferry.uk/history/
  9. may be you should go and do some of the route hire a boat, hopefully without the thrills experience is always best
  10. If I remember Dad said he had to go and find his hat before he had his photo taken
  11. Hi Rob The cover is new a hydro power plant bet that spoils canoeists fun
  12. Is this Linton on Ouse next to the weir with a fish ladder I had great fun stuck in a stopper half way down whilst competing in a canoe slalom
  13. River might be open, now Policemen on Worcester bridge this morning said a body had been recovered this morning
  14. Tug sent to the rescue Believe the police have found the body this morning in the other incident
  15. There was also a jumper off the Sabrina bridge near the Canoe / Rowing clubs at 12.52 Friday may be that was the incident
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