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  1. If I remember Dad said he had to go and find his hat before he had his photo taken
  2. Hi Rob The cover is new a hydro power plant bet that spoils canoeists fun
  3. Is this Linton on Ouse next to the weir with a fish ladder I had great fun stuck in a stopper half way down whilst competing in a canoe slalom
  4. River might be open, now Policemen on Worcester bridge this morning said a body had been recovered this morning
  5. Tug sent to the rescue Believe the police have found the body this morning in the other incident
  6. There was also a jumper off the Sabrina bridge near the Canoe / Rowing clubs at 12.52 Friday may be that was the incident
  7. Sorry different rescue (13th June) that was local ferry at Diglis and was by the lock, this is Bevere weir upstream not the 1st to try and shoot the weir Diglis in 60's Bevere 70's
  8. This a best Bow contest, I know which is my winner
  9. https://twitter.com/bbchw/status/1144883739002056704?s=20 Hope all were OK
  10. I thought it was two plays Acts of Abandon about The restoration of the Droitwich canals and another The Mary Rose both true stories (allegedly)
  11. The last pair of boats delivering coal to Worcester in the early 60's (don't know what the motor is)
  12. This was back in the mid 60s near the Northwick slip, I remember the Steamers also made as big wash was great for surfing on in a canoe you didn't have to paddle
  13. The ferry boat in Worcester sank today on the Severn at Diglis rescued by the fire service https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/17705076.flood-alerts-issued-as-roads-are-closed-and-boats-are-rescued/ and Upton flooded
  14. Looks like 2 railways and 2 boats
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