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  1. I thought it was a paddle, or are we up the creek.
  2. I gave dad's slide collection to Lawrence as he didn't want them just lost in a museum, so they have ended up there now I think Harry's daughter has taken over his collection
  3. Bridget is Severner Fir when owned by Charlie Ballinger the boat #8260
  4. Fir was renamed as Bridget, photographed in the 60's in Worcester
  5. Vesta went from Halesowen to Worcester to Cosgrove an back to Halesowen Dad also added & company to include wife and children plus the lettering "Canal Steerers" I think this pleased the working boaters back in the early 60's
  6. Think second picture is them Pictures from the 60's
  7. didn't that used to be on TV on Sunday nights
  8. I think I found the pictures Martin is talking about here
  9. Almost back to the state it was in back in the late 60's Good luck Adam
  10. Thanks Adam do you have any pictures?
  11. I just found Glenfield No 2 details (name confusion) May be Adam can post a photo of his Glenfield and we will know which boat he has
  12. Hi Dave I was replying to Adam who says he has just bought Glenfield, who is Kevin? Cheers Ian
  13. Albert (on the right) by his Landrover with a petter engine. I am sure his tyres are bald Next two from the Allen Register website, He worked at Les Allens boat yard, was also a farmer at Romsely near Bromsgrove The last is from the BCN newsletter Martin is son used to be on this site, under the name mab
  14. Cheers Adam Dad only helped Albert build Glenfield and built Ballinger with the skills Albert taught him good to see both are floating 50 years on
  15. Hi Adam Dad recorded Ballinger works here https://worcestervista.com/index.php/mechanics/renovating-ballinger/ I also found this picture Hope you enjoy your boat and may be one day will meet the other half Ballinger somewhere, I know it was sold last year I believe the new owner also owns a working boat Cheers Ian
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