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  1. Yep all true. Interesting that there sort of are competitors, I wasn't aware of that. Boat licenses are like 10% of CRT funding right? So really we're not all that important to them, if looking purely surface level. I'm going to abandon this thread now as to be honest I wanted a little moan because part of the reason I wanted to join the canals was to feel part of a community. I see a lot of in-groups in here who just seem to post what comes to mind and I thought that it'd be fine to have a little rant. But this has descended into ITS YOUR OWN FAULT, which is like, sure. I'll rant to people in my marina instead going forward. Thanks to the people who have given genuine advice and discussion though. I do appreciate that.
  2. Thanks for the actually useful input. I've paid for my next lot now, so I could ring up and state my case. I'll give this a go. Right, thanks mate, useful, glad to have you in the discussion. So you're for me being punished by working by the rules? Odd, there was never any agreement on this beyond signing of the contract. I just claimed the boat as mine when I applied for my license. No idea what the previous owners did. I couldn't be upset at them either way, they did leave me with 400 litres of fuel! I like how you're insinuating that I'm being childish by having a greviance with a company policy. Yet you're the one going on the internet and being a troll. I grew out of this when I was 13. There really are some people on this forum that are terminally online.
  3. I have my index number painted on the side of my boat, I assume that's fine as well?
  4. Are you, uh, comparing a couple of pounds interest to £100 worth of fees? Yours is lack of action. Mine, what were my choices? I'm sure I would get the same kind of blaming attitude if I didn't license and insure my boat and got in trouble? Should I be punished for playing by the rules? Did I get my money's worth in those two days?
  5. For sure, I get that. But for the same reason our privatised railways have been slowly failing back to public ownership, monopolies on infastructure it is impossible to compete with in the modern era doesn't really work out well. If CRT had a competetor, I'd have the choice to use them instead. But they don't, so they can do as they wish. They are of course supposed to be a charity, but that really means very little outside of tax/profit use.
  6. Just a bit of a rant mate, to me it's a bit of a ripoff allowing someone to pay for a full month of license for 2 days of use. Does it seem fair? Sure, it is my fault for not understanding the system, but does that mean it's just? And of course I'm annoyed at myself as well. I just think it's a dumb system and there are better/fairer ways of doing it. I never said I was BLAMING CRT. I said I was ANNOYED with them. Please don't put words in my mouth. And to be fair I err on the side of giving CRT the benefit of the doubt, I expect it is hard to appease all of their sources of limited revenue.
  7. Honestly I had a lot more on my mind than figuring out if that meant, they'd take a direct debit at the start of the coming month or not. A change of lifestyle and a big work deadline coinciding is a bit stressful! It was by phoning them up to ask why I needed to pay early that I found out the reason. I'm always calm and pleasant with people on the end of these phone-lines. They aren't the ones imposing these decisions, so why would I take it out on them? I half expected it to be this kind of BS, so I was hoping that whoever I phoned up would be like "yeah that is unfortunate, let me see what I can do". But to no avail, just an explanation. This reminds me, the displayed license I have on my boat is from the previous owner still. I was never sent any paper licenses, nor can I see any way to access a way to print them out online. Do I need to phone them up again? Seems fairly redundant given they can check my license online, but I know its a requirement.
  8. Bought my boat two months ago, paid for 3 months of license. I paid for it at the end of April. I was expecting to renew at the end of July. Nope! Apparently their licenses "start at the beginning of the month" so I paid for a month of license that allowed me to use my boat for 2 days. Great! Sorry, needed to rant!
  9. I think it's easy to point at university as the cause, but I don't think it's that simple. University specialises a person's skills - this is a requirement for a globalised world, we specialise and outsource. This goes as far as people being unable to cook for themselves. In the past we were required to have a larger range of skills because our world was much more limited in scope - our village, town etc. Working on my boat myself was a large part of the appeal for me (being a bit of a younger boater myself, at 31). But then I was raised around parents working on their own cars, I got my first toolkit when I was about 8... My point being is that it is not the role of a university to teach these skills, it never was. Some of the smartest people I know, are the most smooth-brained people outside of their own field. "Particulars, as everyone knows, makes for virtue and happiness; generalities are intellectually necessary evils" Perhaps it can also be put down to shifting desires from boating. Perhaps some people see it more as a different lifestyle/house - rather than an opporunity to be more practical.
  10. I used Ian Jennings there recently. He seemed decent enough! Certainly helpful and friendly. A bit hard to know how well a surveyor has done their job. He is associated with the marina though, I was considering him before I knew that though. I can send you my survey if you'd like an example of what he produces.
  11. Thanks for the advice! This'll definitely help diagnose. A lot of new terms there for me so it will take a bit of figuring out on my end but should be no problem. Hmm, well my method/understanding was to get a bit of backward momentum after the initital turn, and then use this with the rudder over quite far and the engine knocked up a bit - with the rudder over the forward vector is fairly low, counteracted by the rearward momentum - so really having the engine at high revs is just to make the most of the rearward movement. I haven't done a helmsman course or anything, just picking it up as I go - so I'm happy to hear better ways of doing things
  12. Yeah I did wonder if maybe a bearing or something when considering a problem with the stern gear. Is there any way I can verify this? I'm assuming that if it's this, I should avoid moving the boat where possible? (need to move it about 6 hours back to the marina though). Would the stern tube bearing be the most likely culprit? I assume that's an out of water job? I assume also then it's probably a good idea to have the prop repaired sometime in the future? (it'd be best to time this with blacking I suppose? - which I'll do in a year) Both the rudder and prop felt pretty secure, although I think I will have another root around in the weed hatch later just to double check everything.
  13. Hi, me again with more questions! I tried to figure this one out but haven't been able to, so seeking the your collective wisdom once again. I've noticed that as I get up to cruising speed, I get a knocking sound coming from below my feet. (See video link below). I've had a friend helm and got below the deck and it's definitely coming from below the weed hatch. It's in time with how fast the prop is spinning, and at lower speeds its much less noticeable. It's generally loud enough that it makes me reluctant to get up to a good speed. I don't think it's as loud/problematic all the time though. I've had a few theories as to what's going on: 1. My counter plate was sitting basically on the water when the bow water tank is full (see picture) - I wondered if this was causing ventilation or something. However, while it might make a bit of difference, experimentation makes me think this isn't the issue. 2. Prop/rudder fouled - this was of course my first port of call. I can't feel anything on either. 3. Bent prop - my prop is bent - this was highlighted in my survey - "distortions to the profile of a couple of the blades but nothing which should impair performance" I didn't question it at the time, but I don't take the surveyor's word as gospel. 4. Canal profile - I feel it's worse at times than others, so have wondered if sometimes it's the canal and not my boat. However it is always extremely pronounced when I knock the engine up for winding turns. 5. Stern gear/shaft issue - It's definitely not the gearbox as my gearbox is mounted next to my mid-engine. I have yet to see a single drop of water fall from my stern gear, my understanding is there should be the occasional drop? I don't have a bilge pump here, only a "catch pot", perhaps I should empty this and see if it remains dry. Pertinen info: Trad stern Gardner 2LW PRM 260 gearbox Cardan shaft with UJs at each end and thrust bearing (no idea what this means but seems relevant!) VIDEO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T_5SMVeWUURCrqzbUY7axnWuSAxF_A8w/view?usp=sharing Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Roger that, I'll give the lead carbons a miss. I guess I should go right for the lithiums over the solar/generator. Honestly I would quite like to get an electrician to rework my electrics cupboard anyway, it's a bit of a rats nest. I think I'll give Ed a call soon and see what it's likely to cost/when he's available. Thanks for the advice!
  15. I mean Ah yes, got lax with with units. 100 amp hours, per day, 5 days a week. I make video game art for a living so I do need a powerful rig. It's less the CPU that is the power hungry part but the graphics card. I've taken steps to minimize this - I've capped it's power draw to 50%, I limit when the game can render and I've capped the framerate. Reduced my power draw per day by hundreds of watt hours! A laptop powerful enough would probably be ~£2500+ and I'm not about to tell my work that the PC they bought me isn't good enough because I've moved onto a boat That kind of "gaming" laptop runs super hot and generally die after a few years as a result - very poor economy there. Plus I need two monitors/an ultrawide, so I start to see diminishing returns using a laptop there. I have found a 12volt power supply but it's ~£400 itself. I'd need to find an ultrawide monitor with an external power brick to conver that to 12v - need to source one that meets colour accuracy requirements. Plus I'd need to sell my current fancy monitor, trying not to lose too much on it. lots to do! Part of the reason I bought the boat was to solve puzzles like these though, I enjoy it. Generator would be plugged into a mastervolt combi, I believe this should be up to the job! Sure, but if LC are then also only marginally better than regular lead-acids, I've dumped a lot of money that could be put towards a solution that actually works.
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