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  1. Wouldn't having this information printed on a pair of trousers be more appr ....opriate? (sorry, had to run)
  2. Another way in which you might want to take a leaf out of the Chesterfield Canal Trust's book is in establishing an end to end identity for your canal. I believe I'm right in saying that the Cuckoo Way came long before there was a trip boat in place. Being able to get from one end to the other of a waterway under restoration fixes it in the minds of people in a way that a trip along a short, isolated length never can. In the early days, the end to end route will inevitably not be able to follow the navigation in the way that the towpath did and there will need to be some creative diversions put in place but there's nothing wrong with that. Just look at the route currently employed by the Thames & Severn Canal east of Stroud to see what I mean.
  3. Not if you can identify the filter: https://inlinefilters.co.uk. I've had excellent service over the years from this company, buying filters for a wide range of machines and boats. Time spent on a bit of detective work is usually well rewarded. Buying filters can be a wee bit like buying ink for printers – it's a guaranteed steady income which is exploited to a greater or lesser extent by nb engine marinisers!
  4. What a lovely idea ............
  5. Been doing it for 20 odd years now. That's a 27" monitor required for work, although I confess to the occasional bit of catch up TV! When boating etc it simply folds flat against the back cabin side with a cover over it. Track pad and keyboard are wireless so along with various other peripherals they all get tucked away when eating or cooking. It's worked far better than I ever expected and the mounting arm is an inexpensive Amazon basics model.
  6. Here's another way to present it: "Due to what looks to be vandalism overnight ..........."
  7. That link isn't working for me ............ but this one does: https://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/environment-agency-puts-blocks-on-hvo The cynical might feel that Big Oil is in here somewhere ..........
  8. That's excellent news. I hope that RCR pick up in this.
  9. Thanks everyone for this information. The implication seems to be that there were boats there but that they have moved away and some infrastructure is now being built. So was the empty basin area with the new pontoons once flooded and containing boats or have I misunderstood? It was purporting to be a fully operational marina four or five years ago.
  10. Can anyone throw any light on the above business? Google is not showing a website or telephone number.
  11. What a perfect description of my experience and current ability Tony!!
  12. MCA work can require a 'coded' welder I believe.
  13. So these are in fact their winter opening hours!
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