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  1. When ignorance is bliss, t'is folly to be wise .....
  2. Very rare to come across a back cabin stove these days but have just stumbled on this which is pretty much identical in size to my CI Epping. Looks like it's pressed steel rather than cast, however: https://www.amazon.co.uk/JIAOCKJIAO-Rectangle-Efficient-Supports-Multiple/dp/B0BHHJSGYV/ref=sr_1_105?crid=10K5KJLTK4SPT&keywords=solid%2Bfuel%2Bboat%2Bchimneys&qid=1690728786&sprefix=solid%2Bfuel%2Bboat%2Bchimneys%2Caps%2C219&sr=8-105&th=1.
  3. There are no showers provided by ANT as such. However, Hampton Ferry Marina/Raphaels at Evesham are geared up to provide showers for boaters. They can contacted at Hampton Ferry Boat Lane, Evesham WR11 4BP (01386 45460/442458; www.hamptonferry.co.uk). Also a laundrette.
  4. To get a new water pump But maybe Calcutt won't need any more detail?
  5. As above: can anyone tell me where to find it please?
  6. Would this be 'Ledgard Boats'?
  7. See I believe it's the same or similar to the engine fitted to a range of Massey Ferguson tractors such as the MF 35; MF35X; MF 135; etc and spares are very readily available for it. I have a version fitted in a rough terrain forklift and have no trouble getting spares and service items as there is a buoyant market for bits amongst the classic tractor brigade.
  8. Where am I allowed to mention that I've got a pretty much pristine example of a BD3 engine for sale with just over 1300 hours on the clock? All 35 hp x 105 ft lb still very much available ....... . I can even make the appropriate bits shiny again with very little effort. Going electric is the explanation btw!
  9. www.komoot.com is often very useful as you specify the sort of surface you wish to use from roads through to mountain tracks. Not specific to Warrington! This link is somewhat more UK-wide: https://www.komoot.com
  10. I think that's a pretty acceptable generalisation!
  11. I'm thinking of the stuff that has already been used so not virgin (if I'm understanding you correctly). Btw there is a robust certification process in place that certainly Crown Oil adhere to, which guarantees the origin of the feedstock used in the manufacture of HVO. While this was coming from EU countries I would have had 100% confidence in it. However, with more and more waste cooking oil and animal fats (the feedstock) coming from Asia and China it is, inevitably, more difficult to police.
  12. Just a thought: if the palm oil that finds its way into HVO is being re-used, is it better that it goes into landfill or into a batch of HVO? The 'damage has already been done' by an unassociated third party.
  13. An alliance of the IWA, RYA and the Cruising Association are working on a strategy to lobby Government to make HVO affordable and available to all recreational boats at the same price, whether it be used for propulsion or domestic purposes. As stated above, HVO used for non-propulsion purposes does not attract the subsidy (RTFC) which is currently worth about £0.50/litre. Placing the emphasis on the word 'Recreational' means that the case can be presented to DCMS rather than DfT or DEFRA where we have had little success. In the meantime Crown Oil will despatch 'pallet loads' of HVO either in 205 litre drums or 1000 litre IBC's. Expect to pay £0.10/litre for carriage and container(s) on top of the current rebated (red) price of approx £1.35 + 5% VAT. Two drums fit on a pallet so more economical to buy drums in pairs. PM me for more details.
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