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  1. Robert Nicholson .......... a fascinating fellow!
  2. I believe there has only ever been one edition of the Nics Broads and Fens guide published in 1986.
  3. Someone has been trying for the past 20 odd years but HCP refuse to bite. They maintain that there is a) insufficient demand and b) there are insufficient retail outlets in the area. Costed the exercise at least twice in that time! However, it is my understanding that Stanfords have commissioned a new Fens guide and that a well known figure, with considerable boating experience of the area, is hard at work on it ever now ....... .
  4. That sounds interesting. I'd be looking at charging with solar, wind and the occasional mains hook up. What would you see as equalling massive amps in terms of demand? How happy are lithiums anyway when it comes to heavy current draw?
  5. Well north of the Scottish Border but I have been known to travel (pre-coronavirus). I believe both you and Dr Bob have mentioned Jeremy at [email protected] before. Having to incorporate my own BMS into my system is slightly off putting at this stage of my knowledge and understanding but I guess I'll get bigger and bolder as I get a better handle on everything.
  6. Gotcha! Just shows how much I've still got to get my head around!! I should have looked at the total Ah for each set up rather multiplying the volts by the capacity: a totally spurious and contradictory calculation as I can now see. Thank you for putting me right ....... again!
  7. Is this a viable solution to the shortage of 'off the shelf' 24v products? https://www.roadpro.co.uk/product/08l-24v-12v-converters/alfatronix-24-30a-24v-12v-converter-c7505/C7505 I'm attracted to the advantage! 4 x 12v 100ah Victron lithiums cost £3671.52 while 2 x 24v 100ah Victron lithiums costs £3595.38. Less BMS I guess?
  8. I think you will find that the lowest bridge on the arm is the wooden footbridge at Smith's Farm just south of Western Avenue Bridge 17B.
  9. If my memory serves me correctly a PRM 120 'box takes about three quarters of a litre: https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/triple-qx-atf-dexron-ii-1-litre-522776082?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6sHzBRCbARIsAF8FMpVwq6oKu-xPN50AkpdIF2v8TNGiZbzh7nQ-Vp2rkttZlu0e8FWlrpsaAkZsEALw_wcB
  10. So I've devoted time to reading both these threads and am now somewhat the wiser. I'm not going to pretend that I currently understand everything but thank you Dr Bob for once again pointing me in the right direction. I will continue with my homework all of which I find fascinating. As always the fund of knowledge and experience on this forum is second to none.
  11. I've recently wrestled with the conundrum of what oil should be used in a PRM120 gearbox. Very long story short, I've spoken to PRM and whilst they acknowledge that original literature and recommendations stated that the same oil as used in the engine should be used (as with other PRM 'boxes) they now strongly recommended that ATF should be used in the PRM 120. I suspect for the reasons that Tony outlines. So there you have it: straight from the horse's mouth!
  12. It worries me even more ........... which is why I'm here! Thank you. Put like that it makes perfect sense.
  13. Thank you Alan this is precisely the sort of education I'm looking for ......... and it makes perfect sense explained in the way that you have. So going back to the thrust of my very first question, what happens to the 'surplus' electricity generated if I have say 100 Ah of available battery capacity and the day's sun has just produced 120 Ah ....... assuming I'm using a MPPT controller? (you'll see from this just how electrically challenged my brain actually is!). Definitely of the KISS persuasion where electricery is concerned .......... but I'm not beyond looking up coulombs and flow on Wikipedia out of curiosity. I just don't expect to fully understand it!
  14. Thanks Dr Bob. That's really helpful stuff which I'll take to heart. I take it when you quote an output of 30 amp that's per hour? I've not met the concept of the two voltage knees before so, yes, more reading required! Do Jeremy's lithiums come with built in BM?
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