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  1. It looked a wee bit more severe than a mere bump ...............
  2. He has now been confirmed as the full time editor.
  3. Seriously thought about leaving it as is ........... but have reluctantly edited. For once predictive text might have got it right ............
  4. This week the Oxford Canal and the GU Stoke Bruerne to Braunston, last week the Scottish Lowland Canals – Bowling through to Edinburgh. A slightly different format to the 5 Go Barging. Called "Barging Britain – Then and Now" I believe, the production company Ricochet (I'd like to be able to tell you they made the Tim and Pru series but sadly the only link is the freelance producer) worked very hard over five days filming preceded over the previous month by equally hard-working researchers setting up the shoots and locations. I'm sure they won't get it all right but they listened carefully to what they were being told and expressed a great deal of appreciation for the help that members of the Lowland Canals' boating community gave them. They hired two boats over the week – one for the 'boys' (Bill Oddie and Pete Waterman) and one for the 'girls' (Jenni Bond and Anne Diamond). The boats 'leapfrogged' along the waterway and as the girls filmed one encounter/interview, a second crew accompanied the boys doing likewise. Slick, efficient and a lot of hard work on everyone's part. I can actually die happy in the knowledge that I have stood on a real live film set and, at the end of the final day's filming, heard the producer shout: "Cut. It's a wrap!!"
  5. Well there's two possible explanations which should help me sleep easier .............
  6. I find this a fascinating announcement. Can anyone elaborate please? Notice Alert Kennet & Avon Canal Starts At: Bridge 198, Churchill Bridge Ends At: Bridge 199, Midland Bridge Wednesday 18 September 2019 08:00 until Friday 20 September 2019 17:00 Type: Advice Reason: Maintenance Original message: Please be advised Banes contractors will be undertaking diving works to carry out repairs to the existing silk curtain at the location above. Expect minor delays along the navigation as boaters are advised to slow down through the works to enable the contractors to carry out the works safely.
  7. I've found a report that the water tap at the Basin is turned off – but this was in the winter. I'd be interested to know what the situation is now. It's 18 years since I was up there and I remember crawling past lines and lines of moored boats.
  8. ............ and Milton Keynes!
  9. All part and parcel of the extrapolation eh!
  10. I have a slightly earlier H & L which on the crane weighs 11.2 tonnes. It is 40' 6" in length so you can extrapolate from there!
  11. The very same bridge! Given as the pinch on the GU between Berko and Brum in Nicholson. It could just be right ..............
  12. In the general scheme of things it's probably no worse than stealing someone's lock Ann!
  13. Ditto. Makes me feel so much better!
  14. They do look awfully like yachties .......... who have lost their way!
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