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  1. And in York the Farson webcam shows the river level just approaching the bottom of the No Entry sign. The lifebelt has vanished! https://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/york So far it's looking OK on the Rivers Avon and Severn but that will no doubt change in the next 48 hours.
  2. This is one of the Farson webcam sites available at: https://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/york with national river coverage. The Warwickshire Avon cameras are usually interesting ones to watch .............. amongst others. A few years back I started a nail-biting thread where we watched the water levels climb up the no entry sign as the fate of two boats moored outside the railings was hotly debated. As another post in this thread records, the outcome was not as dire as many predicted!
  3. I'm moored less than 2 miles east of here and can confirm that the feed doesn't lie. A dusting of snow fell late last night and it is currently drizzling and very wet underfoot. The only thing going on to the west of Manse Basin is a breach currently under repair so all quiet in that direction too!
  4. I think you'll find this ticks most of your boxes: https://collins.co.uk/products/9780008363802
  5. Interesting, especially regarding the re-purposed Leaf batteries. The IWA Sustainable Propulsion Group are looking seriously at similar batteries as a way of reducing the cost of serial propulsion systems in inland boats. https://www.plymouthboattrips.co.uk/plymouth-boat-trips-voyager-marine-launch-uks-first-sea-going-electric-ferry/
  6. Should have added c/w Marine 16! Various issues are already showing up with the 1st Generation biodiesel now added to mineral diesel, apart from the dreaded bug. Just used 200 litres Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – 2nd Generation biofuel – in my Dickinson Adriatic with no issues and currently fellow boaters are trialing it in a Mikuni, Eberspacher and a Webasto. It's fine in a Refleks. We need a clever man like him ........
  7. Ice on the Union Canal, west of Edinburgh, at least 2" thick with minus 7 deg last night. No chance of moving to the wharf to meet the diesel tanker last Thursday so Plan B and 1000 litres went into an IBC on a trailer for when the canal thaws!
  8. Sorry, my mistake .......
  9. While today, the dark side confidently announce that both Church and Rishton are on the Lancaster Canal. I do hate sloppy journalism!
  10. Narrowboat World really have lost the plot this time with the Dark Side asserting this morning: "Though the breach is stated to be on the Aire & Calder Navigation, it is in fact just off the navigation on the New Junction Canal. The Aire & Calder can be seen running along the top of the photograph".
  11. Whilst the situation with the canal itself at the breach site and the likely causes have been quite well covered (dare I say in depth?) it has been drawn to my attention that the situation below the canal bed is far more complex with the story beginning with Vermuyden and pretty much ending with the construction of the M62 motorway. It's interesting that both CRT and ABP are consulting with probably the most experienced boatman in the region as to possible long-term solutions. It's certainly in John Branford's best interest to get it right so that the sea-dredged sand flow from Hull to Leeds
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