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  1. PM me if you want the lowdown on the Lowland Canals and some help and advice in joining the 'elite' that are liveaboards and leisure boat owners on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals. Boat dimensions vary, as posters have already suggested, from 6' 10" up to 12' and when Scottish Canals actually manage to maintain the track, all these craft can cruise between Glasgow and the Kelpies, Bowling and Edinburgh.
  2. Life jacket and hard hat packed!


    We should finally have that inaugural load away from Albert Dock, Hull within the month. And just when I'm at my busiest chasing around the waterways with my day job ...........


    Will keep you posted and maybe one day link you up with John Branford himself for a trip .................

  3. This would be another way to go: https://www.facebook.com/groups/102165799837532/ http://www.gardnerengineforum.co.uk/Web PDF Versions/Newsletter 13.pdf I've had parts for machinery from Ireland with little or no delay in delivery.
  4. http://tangentengineering.co.uk https://gardnerspares.com
  5. Can I echo everything that has been said above. It's all true in my experience and my very best wishes to Keith and Amanda for the future and big thank you for consistently providing such excellent service and reliable quality products and advice. It's a very sad day indeed for boaters the world over.
  6. You could phone the Visitor Centre on 01782 826983 to check.
  7. Did as you suggested and this is what I found: This channel doesn't have any content Snap!
  8. I believe Stanfords are in the process of preparing a new Fens guide. I've spent years trying to persuade Collins to update and re-publish the Nicholson Fens guide but without success.
  9. They also maintain the fly population at acceptable levels. As an old Yorkshire farmer once said to me : " I fosters spiders ............" and I can very well understand why!
  10. Try 07812 039110. He might try and talk you round to a Kelvin as well!
  11. Thank you for quoting that. It saved me looking it up to reassure Alan!
  12. If you'd like to pm me, I'm currently moored behind a 40ft narrowboat that is for sale near Linlithgow, on the Union Canal. The price is £25,000, nicely appointed, with a brand new Beta 38 engine, new Chilli Penguin stove and a new fridge. Everything else in good order. Sale due to owner's ongoing breast cancer treatment. Failing that I've been involved with moving several narrowboats up here from England, so have most of the facts and figures at my fingertips and always happy to help. The more boats moving on the Lowland Canals the better!
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