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  1. Yes I will. Should be a good ruck going from Bowling, most moving their boats up to Falkirk over the previous weekend Ronnie as, like you, we are working during the week. Getting from Falkirk back into Glasgow is feasible: mix of cycling and train from Falkirk High or cycling/train combo from Croy if you spend the week ay Auchinstarry.
  2. The number of boaters that have signed up – [email protected] – for this event is steadily growing so don't miss out. Hope to see you there Ronnie!
  3. Up-Side-Down

    Leicester Ring

    Now that water weiring over the gates looks just like the Forth & Clyde Canal pretty much any day of the year!
  4. To celebrate the re-opening of sea to sea travel along the Forth & Clyde Canal this year, a flotilla is being organised over the Bank Holiday weekend 24th – 26th May 2019 and you’re invited to get involved! This fun-filled weekend is being jointly organised by voluntary canal-related organisations and Scottish Canals to mark the re-opening of the Lowland Canals to sea-to-sea travel. It recognises the success in attracting additional Scottish Government funding to upgrade Bonnybridge and Twechar lift bridges and is a thank you to the Government, Local Authorities, MSPs and all those who helped make the case for additional funding. Works are due to commence on Bonnybridge and Twechar next week and complete in April, along with Bard Avenue at Knightswood. Lock 6 will also be ready for the 2019 season but Leamington Lift Bridge will still be out of operation at the time of the event. By demonstrating that the Lowland Canals are vibrant, thriving waterways with fantastic destinations along their banks, we hope to pave the way for similar events in 2020 during The Year of Coasts and Waters and again in 2022 to mark the 200th anniversary of the Union Canal. The itinerary is as follows: · Boats gather at The Falkirk Wheel on the evening of Fri 24th May to meet old friends, make new ones and enjoy some food, drink and music · Leave The Falkirk Wheel on the morning of Saturday 25th May and travel to Auchinstarry for another gathering, food, drink and music (details TBC) plus overnight stay · Depart Auchinstarry on the morning of Sunday 26th May and travel to Kirkintilloch (Canal Capital of Scotland) where we are hoping to hold another lunch (TBC) We’re hoping to welcome as many powered and non-powered craft as possible to the 2019 Lowlands Canal Carnival, including steam boats, yachts, narrowboats, rowing boats, canoes, kayaks – even if you can only make one leg of the event. If you would like to get involved, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible to register your vessel – please tell us the name of your boat, its size, what day you are planning to join the flotilla, where you are starting from and going to, your telephone number and email address. Transport will be provided to those boaters arriving by sea at the east end of the canal on Friday 24th May so they can reach the Falkirk Wheel for the evening’s festivities and assisted passage will be available through to the top pound and Auchinstarry the following day. We are hoping to attract as many spectators to the canal banks as possible and would like to have live music performing throughout the event – at the Wheel, at Auchinstarry and on individual boats – so if you or anyone you know plays in a band, can pipe, play the guitar, accordion or any other instrument and would be willing to be involved with the event, please [email protected] and mark your email ‘Canal Carnival’. We will post updates on the Scottish Canals website and social media channels in the run up to the event and will write to you again with more information as the event unfolds.
  5. Up-Side-Down

    Question re engine oil and coolant

    That's a very useful table when it comes to choosing the correct specification of oil for a particular diesel engine and it will go on file. Thank you for posting
  6. Up-Side-Down

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    After a pretty torrid 2018 on Scotland’s Lowland canals Catherine Topley, the organisation’s new CEO, is breathing new life into the waterways and is behind a remarkably rapid turn around in their fortunes. This event acknowledges the hard work that has taken place over the past year, on all sides and looks forward to a sustained renaissance. LOWLAND CANALS CARNIVAL To celebrate the re-opening of the Forth & Clyde Canal this year, bringing the waterway back to life as a coast to coast route Scottish Canals, in conjunction with various canal-focused voluntary bodies, are holding a flotilla-cum-carnival over the Bank Holiday weekend 24th– 26thMay. The event, emulating the award-winning Forth & Clyde 10 and Falkirk Wheel 10, is in recognition of the Joint effort in getting funding from Scottish Government and to say thank you to the Government, together with Local Authorities, MSPs and all those who supported the extended campaign to see the navigation re-opened. In demonstrating that the Lowland Canals are once again alive and vibrant destinations, this occasion will set the tone for coming events celebrating 2020 – The Year of Coasts and Waterways in Scotland – and 200 years since the opening of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal in 2022. The format is for a gathering at The Falkirk Wheel on the evening of Fri 24th May, travel to Auchinstarry on Saturday 25th May for another gathering that evening and then on to Kirkintilloch (Canal Capital of Scotland) for a buffet lunch on Sunday 26thMay, hosted by East Dunbartonshire Council. If previous celebratory happenings on the Lowland Canals are anything to go by, the chance to sample the legendary Scottish hospitality is an opportunity not to be missed, making the journey – in whatever form it may take – well worth while! Previous flotillas saw participation from a wide array of boaters ranging from steam boats to the Wilderness Boat Owners Club – everyone is welcome (including non-powered craft) and should contact [email protected] further details. For boaters arriving by sea, at the east end of the canal on Friday 24thMay, transport to the Falkirk Wheel for the evening’s festivities will be provided, with assisted passage through to the top pound and Auchinstarry laid on for the following day.
  7. Up-Side-Down

    Boat yard

    Grantham's Bridge are excellent. I've used their dry dock in the past and their engineering back up is superb. Very knowledgeable people.
  8. Up-Side-Down

    Great Canal Journeys - suggestions please

    Another vote for the Caley. It was the last of my waterway 'discoveries' and very much a case of leaving the best until last. Explore the Crinan and the Lowland Canals too and do come and visit us at Bowling – a vibrant and very disparate live-aboard community where the F&C meets the River Clyde, with stunning views doon the watter from the harbour. PM me for more detail in the future.
  9. Up-Side-Down

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    It's not clear at this stage who will be developing the marina but I intend to pursue the question and maybe the newly established charity (set up as an alternative to the SC moorings monopoly) – Community Moorings Scotland – might get a look in. Their inaugural AGM is being held at the Union Inn, beside Lock 16 (Forth & Clyde Canal, Falkirk) on 27th January, starting at 17.00hrs. Everyone is welcome, whatever their waterway interest and this is a chance to join up and become a member.
  10. Up-Side-Down

    HS2 canal crossing points

    Which channel please?
  11. Up-Side-Down

    Please sir, can we have some diesel?

    Point of order m'lud: Knostrop Flood Lock no longer exists ..............
  12. Up-Side-Down


    Which is a more direct way of stating what I was suggesting ..................!
  13. Up-Side-Down


    They used to be appalling to deal with if you had an issue whilst I find EE very accessible and equally helpful.
  14. Up-Side-Down

    Boat fire at Clifton wharf

    In this instance, yes, I'm afraid so.
  15. Up-Side-Down

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Superb. Thank you sharing.

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