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  1. £0.15 per unit power £0.159 per unit service
  2. And there was me thinking that Apple programming was not a million miles from Linux ....... but as a complete IT numpty I can only go on what I've been told Ronnie. I realise that it's your forte. Knowing Mike Kelly fairly well (he shared the Nics database way back before apps had ever been thought of and had developed a laptop-based canal navigation system) his message was always that as a software developer, operating updates on IOS caused him no problems, while Android updates were the stuff from which nightmares were made. In fact he sub-contracted these updates out to an American programm
  3. I'll pass your comments on to Neil of the LCA who is coordinating the Scottish update. It's running fine on my IOS device but things may not have caught up on Android (if that's the platform concerned here). When Mike Kelly originally developed the App anything to do with Android (and any of their system updates) were an absolute nightmare because of the variations in the hardware – the various permutations of where the memory lived being fundamental to the problems encountered. You can say what you like about Steve Jobs's business model but the fact that Apple controls hardware an
  4. Well, what an investment Ronnie! When you tire of it put it back on the net and recoup a three figure sum! But you're right, I did the research for it in August 2002 and it's hopelessly out of date as far as pubs, POIs and much of the local detail is concerned. In either its book or map form it doesn't move out of the warehouse quicker enough to meet HCP targets, who actually make a big slice of their income from warehousing books, not only their own titles but for many other publishers as well. The WaterNav app used the basic Nics database when the Scottish coverage was undertaken
  5. As mentioned all that time ago, RCR took over eCanalMapp from Mike Kelly when he retired and it can now be downloaded free from the platform of your choice – see WaterNav. Instead of seven or so different regional apps, there is now just the one containing all the navigable UK waterways. The Scottish canals are the only ones that have not yet been updated and this is a work in progress that has been taken on by the Lowland Canals Association. Just picked up the fold out map version of the Scottish guide for £4.50 and I know somebody who picked up the book fairly recently for less t
  6. To the best of my knowledge there are currently 3 boats for sale on the Lowland Canals (having recently done a wee bit of research on behalf of people in a similar situation as you). A nb circa £80,000; a wide beam (forgotten the price) and another nb at £34,000 currently under offer. These were all realistic prices considering age, spec, quality, etc. The latter was taken for a test run last Friday and I expect to hear the outcome in the next couple of days. Meanwhile you might look at the Narrowboat Farm and Community Moorings Scotland (CMS) websites to get an idea of alternative moorings. C
  7. I'll second all of that having fitted a couple. Expensive but the Rolls Royce of stoves ........... and I go back 40 odd years of fitting stoves. And yes, I do own one!
  8. Not being able to recall any details accurately my starting point would be: https://www.southhooecounthouse.com which lies just to the NE of the farm. They would be bound to know if, indeed, they're not in fact the same people!
  9. I've had a look on Google Earth but I can't really see any evidence of it now Tony. Here is the drying mooring (or 'harbour' as it was laughingly known as) I started off in: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bere+Alston,+Yelverton/@50.4638805,-4.2273527,260m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x486c8ce184536335:0x85439ff4b5a45e7a!8m2!3d50.481561!4d-4.186218 and my own wee 70ft canal was somewhere to the south on the same Devon Bank. I guess the farmer (shamefully I can't remember his name but he was far, far more interested in sailing than farming) is long gone but the farm buildings just to the NW of th
  10. It was indeed the Devon bank near Bere Alston and a very pleasant 18 month sojourn it turned out to be Tony! Enjoyed mixing it with the nuclear subs and other warships down at Devonport when I got bored with the fit out and felt like a bit of boating. Great way to run a diesel engine in properly pushing a good spring tide! And yes, I made the rooky mistake of specifying Mag anodes which soon disappeared. Beached it on a sandbank on a very high tide before I left to replace them, and re-blacked the bottom before floating free on the next spring. Up in Scotland now, 22 years later, w
  11. What a brilliant shot. What was it taken from?
  12. Point taken. After all the opportunity to wander around on a sandbank does arise, which certainly gives some credence to your observation ............
  13. I believe they're called pilots. The wash is many things, but certainly not Everest ........
  14. Nice, eh! Sad that both outfits are no more. They made some valuable contributions to the stock of craft on the inland waterways (P & A further afield).
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