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  1. Up-Side-Down

    Please sir, can we have some diesel?

    Point of order m'lud: Knostrop Flood Lock no longer exists ..............
  2. Up-Side-Down


    Which is a more direct way of stating what I was suggesting ..................!
  3. Up-Side-Down


    They used to be appalling to deal with if you had an issue whilst I find EE very accessible and equally helpful.
  4. Up-Side-Down

    Boat fire at Clifton wharf

    In this instance, yes, I'm afraid so.
  5. Up-Side-Down

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Superb. Thank you sharing.
  6. Up-Side-Down

    Past the point of no return....

    Thanks for that Matty ........ although I might just break into your paint store and have a look on the top shelf having seen the price, especially the postage charge!
  7. Up-Side-Down

    Past the point of no return....

    From where does one obtain Acrosyl?
  8. Up-Side-Down

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    A beautiful piece of writing for, albeit, a sorry tale. Would love to be able to write like this (says one who makes his living at the job)!
  9. Up-Side-Down

    100GB data for £20

    Is this within the scope of mere mortals like myself?
  10. Up-Side-Down

    100GB data for £20

    As per title: https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/deals/cracking-deal-100gb-data-unlimited-minstexts-roaming-20-per-month-three-mobile?utm_source=Daily+Deals&utm_campaign=1b5ac26b56-100gb-sim-20-huge-studio-christmas-sale-12p-ralph-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1640c1b38a-1b5ac26b56-106431333
  11. Does the boat have a composting loo?
  12. Up-Side-Down


    That would be pretty much my experience with a 60' boat. For a more extreme outcome, to enable me to paint the stern bands and the rubbing strip above the uxter plate, I put a couple of IBCs on the tug deck and filled them with water, thereby raising the stern well clear of the water. So, yes, I think you could achieved your desired result Mr Boilerman.
  13. Up-Side-Down

    Internet connection - lots of video calling!

    I use EE and have 32GB on a MiFi dongle and 30GB on the phone which I use almost exclusively for tethering. I pay £14.50 for the MiFi GBs and £25 for the phone contract (SIM only) per month. I rely on it for work and when busy use pretty much all of the 62GB. As others have suggested, I put both the phone and the dongle in/near the window and use the suction pad bendy arms designed to mount phones/satnavs to car windscreens. It's a simple and reliable set up and speeds are very acceptable. You'll find which device is best in terms of other traffic overload at different points in the day and use accordingly!
  14. Up-Side-Down

    Outboards and battery charging

    Tony Tugboats (07810 646733; www.tonytugboats.com/index.html)
  15. Up-Side-Down

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    It was predominantly a follow up meeting to an original early in the summer John, called by the local MSP – Jackie Baillie, Bowling Community Council and residential boaters in the Bottom Basin. It was as a result of SC's decision to leave the site unlocked 24/7 and withdraw security. There was general concern that the poorly-lit sea lock was a hazard and that the hooligan element was a very real threat to boaters and their families living there. The outcome was instantaneous in that gates are now locked 20.00-08.00 and security has been reinstated for at least part of the night. It seems that although SC take little or no notice of their customers, they jump once an MSP pops up! However, service was discussed at some length and featured future manning regimes for the office at Bowling and sea lock operating times. Nothing has been decided but opinions will be sought at the next meeting with a view to firming up the new operating times. You would obviously have an interest here and could therefore make a useful input. If you contact Scott MacMurry at Applecross Street, I'm sure he'll arrange for you to be invited at the beginning of December – I believe the 3rd.

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