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  1. Hopefully meeting Chris later this month and there is an engine manual on the boat ,👍
  2. Have contacted Chris and looking forward to getting oily hands. Cheers
  3. Brilliant everyone, loads of ace options. Hopefully won't be a complete novice for too long. Thanks again
  4. Hi all, As mentioned in other messages, we have bought our first narrowboat and loving the experience. I'm looking for someone who knows their way around an engine( it's a Beta 43 in good nick) who would be willing to spend few hours with me, showing me the basics of what do to keep it in good shape. I know I could watch videos and read manuals but would much rather have hands on guided experience. I would of course pay for the help and provide endless tea and biscuits! Does anyone know someone who might be interested? We are moored on the Macclesfield canal. cheers in advance
  5. Great advice, thanks. Bank onboard on Friday- see what I can do 👍
  6. Thanks all, This forum is ace as your collective brains/ experience are very reassuring for a novice like me. Alan I will go with your words (hoping) as I don't understand some of the others, apart from Hider's " hand out of the bed" 😎
  7. Evening all, during the night our water pump kicked in twice, for about 20-30 seconds. The toilet hadn't been flushed or any taps used. It makes quite a racket. Should we be bothered, or turn it off overnight? cheers
  8. Cheers people. Is it worth having someone having a look at repairing it? It is about 10 years old so not sure how long these things are meant to last.
  9. Hi all, First narrowboat is now ours. Thanks to all who have encouraged and advised along the way. All is really good and loving the experience, even unblocking vacu flush loo after using it with water turned off! only other issue is pram hood, which was a bit knackered even before I introduced it to a low bridge- oops. Anyway we want a new one, does anyone have any recommendations for someone in Manchester area that could supply/fit? Cheers as always. lee
  10. Sorry I've not been clear enough. It's the boat the other party were buying that has caused the problem. They now don't want to buy it, hence they won't sell theirs to me?
  11. Cow droppings? Don't suppose we can make him sell his boat to us?!?
  12. The boat is under 5 years old and he said to me it would fail its boat safely certificate without an rcd.
  13. Hi all (again) thanks for helpful advice. We agreed to buy the boat but the deal has now stalled. The people who own the boat we were buying, we aiming to buy a longer narrow boat that doesn't have the necessary rcd, so hey have backed out of their deal. back to the search ? Cest la vie!
  14. Thanks again, so much good sense. Completely happy with seller and history etc and they're completely ok for no rush transaction with survey. The recent survey is being sent to me electronically tomorrow so will post gist of that later. thanks again
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