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  1. Sorry I've not been clear enough. It's the boat the other party were buying that has caused the problem. They now don't want to buy it, hence they won't sell theirs to me😰
  2. Cow droppings😀 Don't suppose we can make him sell his boat to us?!?
  3. The boat is under 5 years old and he said to me it would fail its boat safely certificate without an rcd.
  4. Hi all (again) thanks for helpful advice. We agreed to buy the boat but the deal has now stalled. The people who own the boat we were buying, we aiming to buy a longer narrow boat that doesn't have the necessary rcd, so hey have backed out of their deal. back to the search 😰 Cest la vie!
  5. Thanks again, so much good sense. Completely happy with seller and history etc and they're completely ok for no rush transaction with survey. The recent survey is being sent to me electronically tomorrow so will post gist of that later. thanks again
  6. Thanks for all your advice. I took it all onboard and acted on it! Think we are ready to proceed. The boat had a full survey less than 3 years ago. Following that the hull was taken back to steel and treated with a 2 pack epoxy. i really don't want to have another survey on the hull, scrapping off loads of patches to test, leaving us with lots of patches to re treat, when in reality everything should be in perfect order anyway. Am I mad or is it a sensible gamble? cheers again.
  7. Brilliant. cheers again for insight
  8. Hi all, Going for 2nd viewing this week on a second hand narrowboat. If all appears well , we will probably make an offer. if you had to offer one bit of advice for things to check/ ask, what would it be? We will survey further down the line. cheers in advance
  9. Leemc

    What tools

    Love it. Thanks all for scaring, amusing and confusing me along the thread. As well as some great points. When the boat is mine I think I will need to kidnap one of you experts for a day and get you explain exactly what is going on. Might take more than a day!
  10. Leemc

    What tools

    Hi all, will be buying first narrowboat soon and I was wondering what tools would you take on board? don't think the contents of my shed will fit Cheers
  11. Thanks Robbo ( sorry about spell check earlier) you're spot o when going down- you have to empty bottom chamber before you empty top one. Instructions are there to follow. It was the bolt on the gate paddle that was broken last week. The idea of a gauge on wall for water level going up is a great one. The point has been made about locks"biting you" and this one has proved to have quite sharp teeth. The area is fantastic and really quiet, we will return
  12. Agreed Ribbon, in my ignorance I thought when the middle gates opened that was the signal that all was well to proceed. As I said it was a good learning experience !
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