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  1. Licence auto-renewal

    Accidentally authorised two boats, on two cards, with two different email accounts? that is beginning to look like opt-out not opt-in
  2. Boat Dating

    Back on topic: a year out and not quite divorced, tread carefully. You will have baggage you are unaware of, so will your prospective other. When I split up with Val, I now realise I was trying to fill a Val shaped hole. It didn't work. Thankfully I didn't hurt myself or anyone else the process and the three "datees" of that period are still friends. Then came the Songbird: not a canal enthusiast but a singer-songwriter. However Sara made a significant part of the endless trip on Lutine with me, and we have travelled to France and the US together. Ireland is on this year's plan. Boats and music in some combination. The odd thing is Sara is not my girlfriend - it's the baggage thing. Yet it works, and has for four years so far. We don't project our hopes and fears onto each other, we just get in with it. Possibly the most profound and romantic moment of my life so far was with Sara, singing "Woodstock" in Woodstock. We met after I'd spoken at a council meeting. Will it last? Dunno, but then my marriage didn't either, and I loved Val deeply. Just be open to opportunity, be kind and gracious when it arrives, don't get in deeper than is wise, and see where it leads you. If you had told me that a radio interview after a council meeting would lead to Woodstock and the Erie Canal I'd have said you were bonkers. But it did.
  3. Licence auto-renewal

    It's actually their second attempt at autorenewal as I have two boats. For reasons of pure laziness they aren't obviously registered by the same person: different email addresses for example. Lutine's autorenewal failed because of insufficient funds on the day (different card, different account to Juno, wasn't expecting it). I'm fairly certain I didn't have the email but it may have ended up in SPAM. I wrote that off as "I must have agreed and forgotten about it" - I'm damn sure I haven't made the same mistake twice though, so it looks like they are making you opt out not opt in.
  4. European withdrawal bill effect on boating

    Off topic but relevant to boating, there used to be a thriving trade for boats between Brunei and Sarawak taking migrant workers back to Malaysia for a few hours for the same purpose, normally they were in Limbang for half an hour getting their papers stamped but one worker on the boat I was on misjudged it and got stuck overnight. Back on topic we export a lot through leisure boating - partly the boats themselves but also the ability for boats to visit us here and spend their Euros, probably won't be to badly affected by the removal of the single market (although the perceived barrier may have more of an impact on the actual one) but heaven help us if we start having currency restrictions or anything daft like that. I also suspect things like cigarette smuggling may climb sharply...
  5. Licence auto-renewal

    Email from CRT below - I have not edited it at all -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not aware that I have signed up for this - does the fact that I have previously renewed using my debit card confer any right on their part to use it again? Does that imply that they have stoted the 3 digit security code (which ISTR is not legal?) "in making you application..." the one I'm not making, the one they are making on my behalf? I'm not a CRT basher on the whole, but this doesn't sit comfortably with me Any thoughts?
  6. 2 Tillers, anyone know why?

    Is that the boat equivalent of grass skiing or land yachts? That's a cutwater stern whatever R&D want to call it - I could call Lutine's back end a three legged bicycle stern but that doesn't make it so.
  7. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    It would be wise to ban mooring pins on embankments anyway. If mooring is intended, install rings, they do less damage.
  8. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    And the landscape through that part of Cheshire is one of the more chaotic to build on. Sand, salt and wet rockhead everywhere
  9. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Don't get me wrong Nick, I agree with your original assessment that modern engineering can get too hypothetical for its own good. An embankment that stands for 200+ years before suffering catastrophic failure is hardly duff engineering. It's worth noting as well that the Peak Forest canal company questioned the proposed depth of the locks at Marple, but it took over 200 years for their fears to come to fruition. I have recently faced a situation where the engineering consultant wouldn't touch a scheme as, according to their assessment you "couldn't build a canal there" - despite the fact were simply refurbishing the one we'd got. On tall buildings, your probably right, we will stop wanting them. Similarly far more canals have disappeared because we had no use for them than because they fell apart.
  10. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    I know we're getting off topic, but NCE this month has an article on reusing buildings and the rough estimate is most if not all buildings over 150 metres tall will still be in use in 1000 years time. That night sound ridiculous but the Tower of London wasn't intended to last that long either. Short buildings have a shorter life, mainly because they are less solid.
  11. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    That is, to all intents and purposes, going to involve a new embankment. It probably won't be practical to recover the original embankment material so new fill will be needed The boats above Wardle Lock can be refloated, the boat upstream of the breach is going to be more difficult to retrieve: it could be refloated with a bund across the canal behind it, or it could be craned, but both would need a load bearing assessment of the embankment - they might have to drag it up the mud to a point where they could lift it
  12. Crossing the Cherwell at Aynho

    Strong current will make life difficult getting out of Aynho Lock, high water levels will stop you getting under the bridge into Nells Bridge Lock
  13. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Did that boat ground or was it extremely well tied up? I think the technical term for the underlying geology here is "wet rockhead" - on current plans HS2 is going to be built over it The progession you describe does happen, but whilst there is normally some warning it can, in the wrong circumstances, be a matter of minutes between a leak being detectable and a breach
  14. best paint sprayer

    We have an issue: i have little doubt the OP is either promoting their own product or actively promiting that of a particular 3rd party, but the subsequent discussion is useful, and that's what we're here for. It's also (for a tech innocent mod like myself) a useful discussion on what is and isn't SPAM and how such things work For the moment I'm redacting links by the OP but will let the discussion stand. Let's see where it goes.
  15. Looking for a recommendation to get Juno's outboard serviced The wet weather and my professional workload is slowing down doing any significant work on the boats, and I had hoped to be enjoying them (rather than just working on them) by the end of April! Quickest to get ready for a cruise would be Juno, but her outboard really needs a good coat of looking at by someone who is more competent, faster, and has more time than me. Yamaha 9.9 long leg outboard, I can get it in the car to the service person if needs be: say a forty mile radius of Bath? Further if needs be Thanks All! MP