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  1. A lot of good stuff - in the next day or two I shall revise the list with most of the extras On reflection, tidal barrages that create an inland non-tidal navigation count (at first I took the view they didn't), so Tees Barrage, Swansea, Cardiff etc - locks on tidal marinas don't, because these aren't an inland navigation, and also because I suspect there are a lot, probably not related in any way to inland navigation. Tidal river barrage locks are therefore an interesting subset. I think the Nene locks that have simply lost their guillotine gates were partly rebuilt rather than entirely new locks,but I do acknowledge that others were relocated. Hulme Lock was simply extra wall, rather like Anthony on the Rochdale, albeit with rather more extra wall! I had several reasons for not going back before WW2 - one of which was the large number built in the 1930s - these are worth a seperate section all to themselves. I'm primarily a historian, so time periods interest me, and I'm interested in this case in locks of the second half of the 20th Century and early 21st as that's a relatively homogeneous time period in waterway history. Thanks I I think Ireland needs a category all to itself - they do things different over there! Some of my Irish friends have noted this is the first new manual lock on the island of Ireland for many decades, other new ones have been mechanised, I haven't checked yet whether this is true, but it sounds plausible. List for post war British Mainland to follow when I get round to it!
  2. Thread Locked - this has gone beyond debate, discussion or even argument and descended into a slanging match We do not have rules over how to enter into debate other than basic civil behaviour - some of you are not displaying that. The original poster made a valid point about entering a lock that had wildfowl in it, this could have been debated and some people tried, for others a red mist descended. Red mists get threads locked and may get warning points. Be aware we do not identify on the forum any action we take against specific individuals, so when you ask "why did they get away with it" they may not have done. If foul or abusive language is pointed out to us we act.
  3. Lutine's bulkheads could easily have dropped like that as they only reached the cabin floor not the base plate - through bilge. In Lutine's case the cabin moving significantly would certainly have caused it - GRP cabin on a steel hull.
  4. Indeed - sloppy English on my part, a deeper lock was built alongside and then the old one closed.
  5. No - just within it! Go down, get under the bridge, go up again. Early designs for this type of lock had a short pound under the bridge - in effect back to back locks. The intervening pound didn't survive the design process - not safe and not necessary.
  6. Not convinced they're new - I think they are built on the original structure. It gets messy deciding what is new - Bath deep is in the same location as the original lock 9, but is twice the fall as lock 8 below it was removed. On the other hand the lock on the Rochdale that @David Mack identified has simply had it's walls raised - Bath deep is new, I'm not sure the Rochdale one is. Tuel Lane and the one in Tinsley are not on original lock locations. Tinsley has moved sideways and Tuel Lane, curiously, is between the two locks it replaces
  7. Kegworth Deep was deepened and all the lock down to Redhill replaced, Redhill had it's cill lowered, but I've no idea how many intervening locks there are Edited to add - well spotted that I missed it off, I hadn't intended to Another good one for the list - thank you
  8. Thank you for all those - I didn't know which Ouse Locks were new and I had forgotten Brandon
  9. I was specifically after locks - although I suspect the wheel is a one-off, I don't think any other new "not a lock" changes of level have been built! Edited to add - at least one lock has just disappeared - Conisborough on the SSYN - that doesn't count either! I thing there are Eight new locks on the SSYN - maybe nine, not sure when Long Sandall was built
  10. Good stuff, thanks folks From the above, this is the list so far Canal Restoration · Droitwich Juntion - 4 new locks as part of realignment for restoration (2011) · Ribble Link - 8 new locks on an entirely new navigation (2001) · Rochdale - Tuel Lane, one lock replacing two (2001?) · K&A - Bath Deep, two locks merged into one new one (1974 but unused until the 1980s) · Graham Palmer lock – Montgomery, (canal bed settlement) · Locks 2E, 3E & 21E on the Huddersfield Narrow, all relocated in the restoration. lock 6W in Stalybridge also relocated. · Staveley Town Lock on The Chesterfield (vertical realignment of canal) · Boundary Lock on The Chesterfield (settlement/subsidence) · Loxwood Lock on the Wey and Arun, which replaced most of the fall at Brewhurst Lock (road crossing lowered) · Prince's Dock Lock and Mann Island Lock No 6 on the Liverpool Link · Moira on the Ashby Canal (Subsidence) · Locks 1, 2, 2a, 3, 5 and 11 on the Forth and Clyde. Dalmuir Drop lock, also Forth and Clyde. · The single lock and staircase on the Edinburgh & Glasgow Union. · Several of the locks on the River Avon (Warwickshire), but not all of them. · New Lock to the Relief Channel at Denver Sluice. · Some of the locks on the Great Ouse up to Bedford. Relocated locks on navigable waterways · T&M - Etruria bottom lock, moved for a road scheme (1975?) · B&F - Curdworth Top, moved for the M6 Toll (1990s?) · The one on the Camp Hill flight (Lock 54) that was moved due to a road scheme New Lock on navigable waterway (all except Lode End and Tinsley are mechanised) · Three Mills lock on the Lea · Lode End Lock on the Middle Level. · Limehouse lock if you count ones built inside the old ones! · Sheffield and Tinsley Canal Tinsley flight locks 6/7. Two locks combined in to one, to allow enough height for a new railway line to cross over the canal in around 1960, or 61. · Lemonroyd lock (A&CN to replace the old one and Kippax after the St. Aidans breach.) · Some of the locks on the Sheffield and South Yorkshire when they were upgraded for 198' x 20' boats in the late '70's, early 80's Marina access · The new lock in the entrance to Roydon Marina on the River Stort The definitions are somewhat arbitrary, and are neither exhaustive nor exclusive My date may be arbitrary but was chosen to EXCLUDE such things! Otherwise we end up with most of the Nene, the large locks on the Trent etc - I chose post war as being "The Leisure Era" with freight on the decline or vanished, so commecrual improvements were largely excluded - that said the SSYN was a commercial improvement In the long run I would enlarge the list to include pre-war and interwar years, and perhaps locks added to existing canals in the 18th and 19th century, I would also break down the post-war era into two or three time periods, but 1945 to the present day is enough to be going on with I'm sure there are others - keep them coming
  11. Yes it was, Staveley lock is so obvious I'd missed it! I see it every month! I think one of the others on the Derbyshire length is "new" too - I'll ask George when I next see him
  12. Further meandering thoughts occasioned by projects I'm working on! There are a number of new locks on the canal system - by new I mean since since 1945 - that date is fairly arbitrary, I could have picked 1960, 1975, but late enough for these locks to belong to a different era to the canal opening. I don't necessarily mean "modern", these locks are mostly use the same technology in operation (if not in construction) that the originals do, nor do I mean "rebuilt", rather moved, either horizontally or vertically or both... I've been involved in some of the most recent - the four new ones on the Droitwich for example. A top of my head list is Droitwich Juntion - 4 new locks as part of realignment for restoration (2011) Ribble Link - 8 new locks on an entirely new navigation (2001) T&M - Etruria bottom lock, moved for a road scheme (1975?) K&A - Bath Deep, two locks merged into one new one (1974 but unused until the 1980s) Rochdale - Tuel Lane, one lock replacing two (2001?) B&F - Curdworth Top, moved for the M6 Toll (1990s?) I'm sure there are a lot more - please add to the list!
  13. Also from memory, Polesworth only has a train about once a fortnight in one direction only, and then only if there has been a total eclipse in Namibia that week, or something like that Tamworth has a pretty good service but might be slightly outside your range both for walking and how far you want to travel in the available time.
  14. Posted a thread with a brief trip report (link below) - thanks everyone for the advice, we made the journey without a depth sounder in the end! Too many other glitches before setting sail for me to worry about having one.
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