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magpie patrick

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  1. magpie patrick

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    CRT don't have much choice - there is no mechanism to restrict the number of boats on their waters. As chairman of a Canal Society I will say the answer is obvious - we need more canals!
  2. magpie patrick


    The Daily Male will have a field day with this... 😉😂😎
  3. magpie patrick

    Best Dylan song.

    Dylan was a master song-writer and some of my favourites are covers of his songs - top of the list would be Senor (Tales of Yankee Power), the cover version by Show of Hands on their Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed Album As performed by Dylan my favourite would be Lay Lady Lay. He did covers and traditional songs himself as well, and House of the Rising Sun is one of my favourite Dylan songs not written by Dylan.
  4. magpie patrick

    legal expert required

    I'd echo what Graham and MtB have said, are we talking.... Rights of navigation? Liability of the navigation authority? Liability of another boater liability of a non-canal third party? liability of a boat builder/broker? Mooring rights? Need (or otherwise) for planning consent or other regulatory consent? I could go on with this list, each would need their own specialist
  5. magpie patrick

    Pictures of 115 ft Carrapatelo Lock on the Douro

    A lock that deep could replace most of the Combe Hay flight in one go - all the upper nineteen "new" locks (about five years newer than the bottom three, which served the inclined plane and are strung out a little distance away) ... Just pondering....
  6. magpie patrick

    canal bucket list?

    Some good ideas - sorry to disappoint but I've already done the sewer! Went inside the northern outfall in Bow for on job, and walked over the Bow Back Rivers.... that's one for the bucket and chuck it list tho.... Tavistock is a good one, not to far and I'd like to see more of the SW waterways. Caledonian is one for Juno? Danube, plus China? The Douro looks a possible from nbDenise's pictures too. Better plan on living a while yet 🙂
  7. magpie patrick

    Pictures of 115 ft Carrapatelo Lock on the Douro

    I like them deep - but if that's the top gate in the first picture (upper left hand corner) I'd rather it was a bit further onto the cill! Elsewhere I've got a bucket list thread - I might add this to the list
  8. magpie patrick

    canal bucket list?

    All being well I will see the eight rise/six rise at Fonserranes on the Canal Du Midi in late October - In September I saw Ardnacrusha Lock on the Shannon (two-rise in hydro scheme, total fall 110 feet) and St Mullins Lock on the Barrow, both of which I'd known of for years and wanted to see. Had I made a bucket list of canal things to see these would almost certainly have been on them. What else would peeps suggest should be on the list? Mine or yours? Might be interesting to do an obscure places bucket list as well - for example, should one make room to see what's left of the Pen Clawdd Canal? (I've pretty much seen the highlights of England Wales and Scotland although not necessarily boated them)
  9. magpie patrick

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

  10. magpie patrick

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    1st Ade is my brother - PM (which also happen to be my initials) might cover everything from a message on this forum to telling me next time we speak on the phone. If I get a successful fix I'll be sure to tell everyone how I did it
  11. magpie patrick

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    Thanks, I'd pondered that - I suppose to be specific How soapy? In a washing up bowl would it be a squirt of washing up liquid or the entire bottle? Anyone got any suggestions how to fix the leak(s) when I find them? I've only ever done this on bike tires, which are smaller but take more of a hammering I'd prefer the answer didn't involve giving the manufacturer many tens of pounds to do it!
  12. A friend of mine, Lady Em, as a 3 seater inflatable canoe, normally used with her two boys but occasionally I've been out with her, or with the boys. It's was bought (I think) late 2016 so is out of its one year warranty. I'm going to take up the issue of the warranty as the fault I am about to describe was first reported within the warranty period and the canoe returned to the manufacturer but they denied there was a problem The canoe has three bladders contained in a fabric skin, one for each side and one for the base, each inflated independently. When we took it out in April and then again in June it seemed to have a very slow puncture in the left bladder, but we canoed from Brynich Lock to Pencelli Court Bridge and back, being out for about four hours, and it was okay with that although a tendency to pull to the left by the end due to the slightly deflated bladder. Now all three bladders go down within about an hour, to the point where whilst not completely deflated, the canoe is distinctly floppy and bendy, rather tricky if one is now an hour's travel from the car... Let us assume that the manufacturer doesn't want to know, or at least wants a lot of money to fix this. What's a good way (doesn't need to be quick, a reliable fix is needed) of finding the problem and fixing it? I realise it may be the valves but that's actually pretty straight forward - order new ones. I had thought of submerging the canoe and inflating it to see where the bubbles come up, but that may be a bit cumbersome! Any ideas?
  13. magpie patrick

    Oxford Loop

    I'm not at all sure you need a Thames licence to use the Sheepwash Channel or the Castle Mill Stream, even by statute, and if you turn below Isis lock you are in the Castle Mill Stream. There is a reason why there are many boats moored in this parallel to the Oxford Canal as you go upstream. Once onto the main channel you need a Thames licence, but your first opportunity to get one is at the first lock. Personally, if I did Godstow and Kings I'd expect to pay, and I'd budget for that, but sometimes one may never be asked to. When I took Lutine down from Oxford to Reading last year the lock keeper at Osney was about to go and attend to something else, he commented that if I'd missed him I should have bought the licence at the next lock. I asked how far this would apply for, and he replied until I found a manned lock, and if I never did I'd have got the K&A for free. You have to be given the opportunity to pay, if the system is pay the lock-keeper and there is no lock-keeper, you haven't been given the opportunity pay. One day automatic boat recognition and mobile phone payment apps will make this redundant, but it hasn't happened yet... BTW, if you have a narrow beam craft based on the Thames, with a Thames licence, and decided on a whim to use the canal between Dukes and Isis, how would you get pay, and who would notice if you didn't?
  14. magpie patrick

    Tent and dinghy found near Slapton Lock - woman missing

    I've amended the title so it makes more sense Let us all hope that she is safe and will be found soon
  15. magpie patrick

    CRT Weed Cutting Submarine At Work In Little Venice

    I've seen this in a few places, does anyone know what happened? Did they leave the weedhatch off? 😎

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