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  1. This... I know nothing of the technicalities so can't help there. I phone my dad every night, there is no need and if for some reason I can't I don't, but as a means of communication and keeping in touch it works - I'm sure other people can come up with their own way of doing it but that's mine. My way has the advantage he doesn't necessarily know where I am though...
  2. By "lock keeper" do you mean the guy who lives in the house by the locks, as I seem to recall the cottage was sold off long ago, last time I went through (which was admittedly some years ago) whoever was in residence was clearly not the lock keeper although they gave freely of their advice - see my last paragraph below It's this sort of thing that makes on wonder whether CRT should have the power to enforce some kind of construction and use regulations over and above BSS - I always shy away from the idea but clearly some boatbuilders have started to be irresponsible if this sort of design feature is getting let loose On a general note, the upper chamber at Bascote has about six feet of water in it if the locks make the correct level, so a typical narrow boat going up with the top lock "empty" may not need to add any water at all to get through - this was the cause of my debate with the "lock-keeper" last time I went through, he wanted me to do this and I wouldn't because I was with an ABC hire boat, and although it is possible to do this I don't think it should be encouraged: one day someone will make a mess though not understanding that this only works with shallow draft narrow boats if the upper chamber has at least the normal level when empty - it's not a judgement call for strangers and novices to make.
  3. I'm very interested in this, it sounds sooooo much better than the usual confessional....
  4. Don't you start! The phone will now only charge from a wireless charger, which mean I had to buy one at Strensham Services yesterday as I won't get to a phone shop until middle of next week. It's giving a constant "moisture in charge socket" warning - despite being waterproof this phone is clearly of no use to canal enthusiasts I've had more trouble with this phone than any of it's predecessors (it's the fifth Samsung I've had - going back to the days of clam-shell phones) and seems to be yet another case of technology getting too clever or not being road tested in a real environment. The comment from the guy at Phone Bitz suggested this problem is far more common that attempting to charge a damp phone ever was! Thinking ahead - a lot of my friends have concerns about 5G, health etc, I have only one - it won't work properly!
  5. I guess I was aware that carriers had warehouses, and of course GUCCCo was a carrier and the Coventry a logical extension of their network. I also know that canal companies had wharves on other canals, the coal canal had a wharf in Bath (on the KandA) to protect their interests. It's just the Shropshire Union Canal was a rival to the T&M and the Shropshire Union Railway came no closer than Stafford, and Stoke is in the heart of North Staffordshire Railway territory...
  6. Been to see the Burslem branch today, which led off the summit of the Trent and Mersey and closed around 55 years ago. Towards the terminus there is a warehouse which quite clearly, albeit faintly, says Shropshire Union Railway... But the T&M and therefore presumably the branch, was owned by the North Staffordshire Railway... I'm puzzled...
  7. Just picking collective brains.. Last night my Samsung s9 stopped charging. I normally charge it by the bed overnight. It occasionally refuses to charge but gives a reason, too hot, or the charge port is damp (both of which can be overcome by turning it off and charging it whilst off) It wasn't even acknowledging the charge cable was plugged in, and as its USB C, whilst everything else I have is micro-USB I only have one lead at home, plus one in the car, plus one in the office. So no spare lead to check with. The charger is plugged into a trailing socket, that works okay, tried it with the bedside light, fine. Just in case I tried another socket as well, on the other wall, and the USB charge outlet on that socket. Nil, zilch, nada, all on sockets that otherwise work. Because of this, and because it wouldn't even acknowledge the cable was there, I decided it was a fault with the phone. But no, it charged in the car, charged in the office, and I brought the office charger home, deciding the home lead and charger must have been fried... And the office charger won't charge the phone at home... What's going on? Any ideas? ETA I pondered whether there is suddenly something odd about the mains at home, eg voltage drop, bit this seems unlikely
  8. Handling isn't the problem you might think, indeed as others have pointed out longer boats can be easier (although as they start to get towards full length much more care is needed in locks) - one advantage of a 25 footer though (and one Juno shares as a 23 footer cruiser) is you can turn almost anywhere... and on a busy canal, you can often get in near the pub in that gap that no one else will fit in
  9. Hope so - look forward to it! Which boat you on?
  10. I know nothing about them, which wouldn't normally give cause for comment except that my boat is moored about two miles away, and I regularly pass their base by bike (less regularly foot, boat and canoe but it still happens) and I wasn't aware of their existence. That's quite an achievement....
  11. Now you come to mention it, there was bunting in a cupboard some time ago, I think I used it on the other boat (Ripple - which shows how long ago I'm talking) for a festival, possibly Droitwich
  12. The bunting probably makes sense, given where Juno has been moored her whole life there will have been canal reopening celebrations as well as festivals in Bristol. I wonder if the two black poles would bridge between the hand rails on the roof? Now I just need to decide whether they're worth keeping! Probably not....
  13. Photos below - it's only as I'm trying to make room in the cupboard on Juno I took these out. Three rods, different lengths but between 3 and 4 foot. The longest (the green one) is adjustable and has a hook, the othe end has a half eye, the longer of the two black ones has a half eye at each end, and the shorter at one end only (it may have lost the other one, the come off easily enough) They have been encased in pipe insulation, as per behind the three "things" or rather two of then have been, again, the third may have lost its coat. Before I get rid, are they actually something incredibly useful that I don't know about?
  14. Thanks Alan, getting a new battery for the car seems a cost-effective idea!
  15. Juno's outboard needs a new starter battery - the old one was my car battery (now departed VW Golf) that had ceased to be in the car when I couldn't rely on it any more, so not that surprising really. What does the forum recommend to start a Yamaha 9.9 long leg outboard? I suspect any small car battery will do the job but would welcome confirmation. The present car doesn't need a new battery. so it won't be a hand me down (although I guess there may be logic in replacing the car battery and cascading the old one - car is a rover 214)
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