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  1. So please read this version. I took it from the RYA template. I'm sure they meant "Transferee" and not "Transferor" the second time. https://www.rya.org.uk/sitecollectiondocuments/legal/Web Documents/Legal Leaflets/Members Advice/Bill of Sale/BILL OF SALE.pdf Many thanks for all your help. I ended up learning stuff about banking I had no idea about.
  2. I feel like I'm buying a small or medium sized country rather than selling a boat with all this paper and banking stuff I wonder is there would be this much fuss if I tried to sell Cyprus or even Belgium to an American tourist...
  3. Indeed. I just realised that in the UK, unlike in other countries, the Banks are responsible to cover for most frauds. I suppose if their customers make it too easy then they would not have to. We're meeting for the bank transfer but the clerks are not allowed to witness signatures and we don't know anyone else in the area. Being London one can't just know of random doors or even walk in a shop and ask for a signature and address
  4. I won't include the getting the boat over. As that will be a favour it will not be mentioned in the contract after all.
  5. Crikey this is so bloody complicated!! I'll think I'll start again, using the RYA template instead. Thanks Cheese
  6. That was the original plan. The seller said he'll meet me at his bank to do the transfer so I thought we could have one person to witness the signatures too.
  7. Something like this? This is really an adaptation of my friend's document I included on my first post here. Please feel free to suggest corrections. As the moving of the boat is post-contract and a courtesy agreed verbally, should the paragraph where it is mentioned be completely removed for the sake of simplicity? Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the info regarding banking scams but that's not really what I was looking to have answered. I'm more looking for suggestions for Bill of Sale or other documents suitable for a private boat purchase. Thanks
  9. I'm really just trying to get the boat ownership papers organised, following the payment. The delivery of the boat is a.courtesy from my part after the sale is done. I shouldn't have mentioned it, in hindsight, as that's just a detail. Yes That's what I thought too...
  10. Wow. I did know know about that. Well if he published his details on the paper, and being a wealthy and well known person, I suppose he posed a challenge to the best hacking minds all over the globe. Scary stuff.
  11. Thanks David The buyer is not an experienced driver and there's central London and a tunnel in between where the boat is and where he wants it to be.
  12. I don't understand that one. Can anyone but the bank account holder remove money from a bank account? How? Yes that is definitely a concern but I'm only at the stage of deciding what document of sale is appropriate at the moment.
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