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  1. Thanks everyone. I still don't know what to do. I may try to amalgamate all the suggestions into one. But seriously, I think I'll take it apart and see if there's something obviously wrong with it. If in doubt I'll replace it. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks a lot David That seller is definitely not a chandler. Not sure how to classify that shop though, have you bought from them before? I don't expect to be exposed to salty water unless someone from Thames Water make a very tragic mistake!! Thanks Nightwatch
  3. Hi My Shurflo has develop partial incontinence. I'm assuming this matter has been debated to death but rather than searching through the archives I decided to post it as a new topic, mostly because I couldn't waste an opportunity of mentioning ''partial incontinence'' in a forum topic and then repeat it a few times in the text. Rather than repair it I could just replace the whole partially incontinent mess as it's six years old anyway, but then realized it's been discontinued. Any suggestions? Would it be worth repairing it (after finding out if it's the diaphragm or what exactly is wrong with it) or just replace the thing with the closest replacement on the market right now? Thanks in advance
  4. Well, it was the humble air filter the culprit. I'm not going to reveal how many times I changed it (or not) over the last few years as no one would believe me ?, but I cruised for about one hour after changing is an no complaints from the heat sensor and alarm. So there.
  5. Yes it is Well, yes. But as I won't be using the engine for battery charging any time soon and I will only be cruising for about one mile this weekend and one more mile two weeks after that (yes, one of those bridge hoppers ) the situation is not desperate. I do need to know how to fault find this kind of thing if it happens again though.
  6. Brethren, apologies for the anti climax but the light and alarm stopped doing it. No unusual amount of water or oily water on the engine bilge, no signs or discolouration or unusual smells of any kind. I checked the oil cap inside, topped up the tank which took only about a glass full of water and ran the engine for 15 minutes. Nothing happened. No unusual smells and no alarm. I'll run it for longer over the weekend, but it seems that the cause may have been an air lock or an earthing wire that moved and stopped creating the issue so to speak. I'll keep on monitoring it and will ask the engineer to look into the issue when he visits for a general inspection, possibly in April. Don't you just love when problems fix themselves? Many thanks for the suggestions. I'll saved this thread for future reference.
  7. It varied on both times but it was never instant. Fist time it took about 15 minutes and last night 5.
  8. I cannot recall the ratio but it was at the recommended one on the container.
  9. Thanks a lot Alan and Tony. I will check all that when I get back to the boat this evening. In regard to the antifreeze question the answer is yes. I replaced the old with new about two months ago.
  10. Hi all Over last week's very cold spell the light on the engine temperature warning light came on, accompanied by the it's sister, the terrifying beeeeeping sound. I switched the engine off and hoped that the complaint was about the ridiculously low temperature, but as switched it on again last night it happened again. I'm now guessing the engine is overheating and not very cold. (Sorry for not knowing much about engines by the way). So which one is it and what are the most likely causes of this? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi Any recommendations on service parts for the Cananline engines? I have a 52 I should service soon. Looking for oil and air filters, mostly. The "original" Canaline parts are a bit expensive and I've seen a few on ebay but not sure... Any tried and tested sellers/links? Thanks
  12. Fair enough, one can have a facebook account with very little personal information.
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