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  1. There's something else I had no idea about. I always assumed a deposit would never be refundable. I could not be bother with demanding a deposit so didn't even look into it. If the buyer is taking the expense of paying for a survey, he's definitely serious about buying the thing...
  2. Yes I got that from your previous replies. Not so much an ownership transfer but a contract to make sure I will actually bring the boat to the surveyor and what would follow, most of which are obvious and should not be mentioned, like the one that states the buyer can either not buy the boat or negotiate a discount depending on what the surveyor finds. Thanks a lot.
  3. You're quite right it is the same document. I've included in my post but not sure others can see it. At the end of my test there should be a link to download a word doc named ''bill of sale redacted" Sorry: "it in my post" and "at the end of my text"
  4. Thanks both. So where do you think this 10 page thing applies for? It's like not even similar to either one of your examples. By the way, my boat is not a yatch but a canal widebeam. I may have used unclear language on my original post.
  5. Hi All I'm not new to boating but the guys who want to buy my boat are, so I hope I'm posting this under the correct topic. When I purchased my boat the bill of sale from the brokers was 1 1/2 pages long; a friend of mine who sold her boat in 2017 used a one-page doc. My boat's buyers sent me a ten page (yes, 10) template which they downloaded from the RYA website which to me seems excessive, by being unduly minutious and I think not reasonable for this section of the boat market. I'm attaching the one bill sale from my friend here (photo) and the ten page template I was s
  6. Sorry, why do you still have one then? Thanks a lot. This is the kind or problem I was wondering about when I first though of it. Air locks or some kind of "suction" effect.
  7. The starter battery is connected to a dedicated 40W solar panel so it should be ok. I don't expect the pump to run a lot quite frankly.
  8. Well I'm not in a marina and the buffalo boards are fairly heavy to lift (widebeam) and I don't always have mates with boats moored nearby. I would also fit an inline fuse so that's one more thing that could go wrong on top of the pump malfunctioning as you very well said. The starter battery was quite cheap so worst case scenario would be abnormally heavy rain fall and the pump not waking up.
  9. Thanks. I think this one (or perhaps another one I looked at) switches on at 2 inches of water and off at 1 inch.
  10. I was referring to this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amarine-made-Automatic-Submersible-Bilge-Switch-new/dp/B01MRY4LNJ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=SEAFLO%2B750GPH&qid=1610721504&s=sports&sr=1-3&th=1
  11. Hi So at present I have a bilge pump without a float switch fitted and I very rarely need to use it, but as I expect to be away for long periods in the near future I'm going to fit a pump with an integral float switch. Something like the Amarine Made 12v 1100gph which has good reviews on amazon. Several pumps of different brands seem to be exact copies of each other, so if you have a recommendation of a more reliable one let me know. Yes, 1100gph for a couple of drips when it rains is a bit ridiculous but the difference in price to a 600gph is not worth the saving, and I may deci
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