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  1. What effect is this having on the rest of the Stort in that area? I'm in Hallingbury and was thinking of heading towards Sawbridgeworth at the weekend. Don't want to bother if there are issues with water levels.
  2. So you would have seen 'Falco' moored at Brentford Gauging locks? He has lost his prop!! Awaiting rescue by RCR
  3. I've only got an engine and gearbox in the engine space on my narrow boat so don't have that issue. A wide beam might be different but I don't think I've seen a semi trad wide beam.
  4. Yes, but only 'just'!!
  5. After all the issues people have found, I thought I had better check. I didn't cut mine with sharp scissors when I unwrapped it. The plugs are fitted securely and the marking on the cable is as described. The only thing I could find is that it is longer than described. All perfectly useable, exactly as described in the advert and I think excellent value for money.
  6. I'm sending mine back, its 200mm too long!!!
  7. It is still worth getting a mooring, even with no boat. Moorings are a little harder to find than boats!!
  8. Looking good! Well worth the effort.
  9. And you cant cruise your boat in the winter. What will be will be. When everything is electric the government will start raising taxes and wipe that smug grin off your face...…...
  10. So there'll be fewer boats, less income and I predict Peter wont be able to use his boat either because there will be no money for maintenance, no canals!!! Remember you read it here.
  11. Same on my Beta 43. When I was fitting out, the boat was out of the water, I could run the engine for hours and it never made 65 on the gauge. I've changed the thermostat twice, still the same. I have also stopped worrying.
  12. I use plastic washing up bottles. Squeeze the paint up to the outlet, clip on the cover and all good with no air inside to crisp up the paint or varnish.
  13. So this is OK if you have a historic boat?
  14. I applied Polytrol to my red two pack paint and after a week it was as flat as the surrounding paint. I applied another coat and this time it was slightly better than the surrounding paint but not great. I'm not sure I want to apply a minimum of two coats to the whole boat without making too much difference to the finish
  15. I never noticed her pass me either...……………………...hang on...………………………...I'm on the Stort!!
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