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  1. All I can say is you must be reading a different comment. I can see anything that is rude or arrogant. If requesting a clarification is arrogant then I wonder what things are coming to.
  2. Probably why Tony gets so many problems resolved and saves those of us not so knowledgable hundreds of pounds. What do you bring to the forum? I think it is you who is nit-picking, by the way, I don’t belong to any club!!
  3. Fertan is washed or just brushed off but doesn't leave permanent streaks on your paintwork in my experience. Whilst we didn't read the instructions when we applied Fertan to a friends roof, the dew overnight caused the same damage described above and we spent hours with polishers removing the streaks. They still show now and I don't think can ever be removed properly. Just my experience. I always used Vactan and have never had the issues described.
  4. It really depends on its original application. If it was applied correctly to a clean hull then you might not need to do anything. Mine was first docked after 6 years and it was in fantastic condition. I went over the hull to ;rough' it up and applied three more coats. It was docked again last year and still in great condition with absolutely no pitting.
  5. I use water paste at the start of every season.
  6. I seal my screw down cap with Vaseline. Seems to work well.
  7. Thanks. I was thinking of spending some of my holiday taking the boat to the brokerage, one of the questions I was planning to ask. I'm not sure my local brokers are of the same calibre as the companies recommended.
  8. I remember reading topics some time ago which discussed recommended boat brokerages for selling narrow boats. Can somebody provide me with a name/contact which would allow me to contact them and discuss the best way forward. Thank you
  9. So, if there was an airlock you removed it by bleeding before you started the engine. When I had a similar issue, mine would run once the airlock had been cleared.
  10. I had a similar issue on a Beta 43. Started fine, ran for several minutes then cut out. I could manually pump the system and it would start and generally kept running. It was found to be an air leak. All the joints on the fuel lines were tight but one joint still allowed air into the system. The joint was changed and I've not had an issue since.
  11. Some people have a fantastic imagination. That is brilliant
  12. Thanks for all your responses. I will also replace the flashing neon and hopefully I'll have three working red lights for the foreseeable future.
  13. Hi Jen, I get the same result when I am on Inverter and on two different shore connections. Can I ask one last question on this subject? The two lights at the bottom show the polarity is correct. The light on the right actually flashes most of the time. It has done since I've owned the boat, some 11 years and the vast majority of that time the boat is connected to shore power. Could this be a fault with the neon? I have checked the connections and they are tight.
  14. Thanks Loddon, much appreciated. The link you sent does not have red units but I've found a different supplier and asked them to confirm my neon's ate the same as theirs. Is it worth buying a spare?
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