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  1. You would think they would know better!! Perhaps they thought they could tow the cruiser fast enough to lift if from the water? Trying to do things cheap has now cost them double bubble!!
  2. The film was very informative. Luckily I'm changing mine in a dry dock. Thanks to all.
  3. Thanks, and pre-greasing before fitting each piece?
  4. Do I need to buy a gland packing removal tool or is there an easy way without the special tool? My packing is 8mm by the way. I know it is recommended to fit 3 rows of packing material. Is there any problem in fitting more? Lastly, is it worth covering the new packing in grease before it is fitted, might help with installation. Thanks
  5. Don't you think there maybe too much glass?
  6. There are cladding materials that can be used on high rise buildings. Look at Rockpanel system. The problem is that it's expensive to strip a building of a cladding product and replace with something else. Generally it will not be a direct swop, there will be details that also require expensive upgrade.
  7. and then moan CRT don't have the funds to carry out maintenance
  8. I'll measure mine at the weekend. 5mm sounds a little small if the sizes suggested in this topic are correct. Presumably the packing needs to fit reasonably tight?
  9. Thanks all, I feel quite comfortable taking the slider out to measure the size of packing I require.
  10. But I would then need to remove the slider? If I have to I will but I was asking if there was another way without removing the slider.
  11. I'm blacking my boat next year and thought it a good idea to replace the stern gland packing. How do I measure the size of packing I need whilst the boat is in the water? The only way I can see is remove the two nuts, withdraw the slider and measure with a Vernier gauge. Is there any other way please?
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