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  1. Nasa BM2

    and clean your battery terminals!!
  2. Boat fire at Willowbridge marina

    That is a real shame for somebody. I hope the boat was properly insured and it can be restored.
  3. Pigeon/Dog box finish

    You need to read the instructions though. I applied Le Tonkinous to my timber hatches two years ago. It was quite warm and it dried very quickly so I gave it two coats in a day. 6 coats in all. Early next year it was peeling. I spoken to the importer and he said you must prepare properly and only one coat in 24 hours. I did them again and this time it has stayed on and still looks great. My front and rear decks are timber and they have been treated with Le Tonkinous. So far 6 years no issues but I am only leisure boater and they are covered when not in use. Expensive but great stuff.
  4. Pubs in Foxton

    Isn't there a 'pub' in a converted front room, Bridge 69 or something or has that now closed?
  5. Tony, I am surprised to hear this. I was taught that the worst wear that occurs to an engine is when it is started up. I change my oil, check my antifreeze and put a quilt over the engine (cruiser stern) then don't touch until April/May depending on the weather. There could be a severe frost 10 hours after you have run your engine and by then the engine is cold again. What would you have achieved?
  6. Problem with BT emails

    Its a firms phone and they use some complicated system which my phone doesn't like either. I tend to have to leave the emails until I get into the office which seems to negate the reason for having the phone in the first place!
  7. Problem with BT emails

    I have this issue regularly on mu iPhone 5 and it drives me mad!. It's always an important email too. I even switch the phone off and on again to resolve and sometimes even that does not work.
  8. Visitor mooring @ Limehouse basin

    The existing mooring is generally large enough to enable anybody using the lock to stay for an hour or two. Two boats wide gives more than ample space. I've only been to Limehouse about six times but each time there was space for me to moor. The proposed layout massively reduces the available free mooring and there will not be the ability to double or treble breast due to the proposed reduced width to enable boats access to and from the lock and marina spaces.
  9. Visitor mooring @ Limehouse basin

    But will the 24 hour visitor moorings remain if the proposals go through? I realise the visitor moorings will be smaller and there will be less opportunity to breast up due to restrictions in width. There will certainly be fewer moorings available along the cut because I would guess the new visitor moorings will be always full.
  10. Visitor mooring @ Limehouse basin

    But that doesn't make Limehouse cheap! How do we manage to arrive at Limehouse at exactly the time the lock is being opened unless there is some leeway to the proposed charging regime?
  11. What finish to use for fireproof board

    I have fire proof board and lined it with stainless steel. All works great!
  12. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    Reminds me of my first trip up the Thames from Limehouse. We were lucky having Simon aboard. I learnt an awful lot, enough to give me the confidence to do it on my own the second time. I was also lucky my boat performed very well in the swell with just a couple of spots of water on the cratch glass.
  13. PC world

    But I think you will find that most marina moorers pay for the privilege. You know who I am talking about when I say CMers! Those that claim to travel the system but don't move.
  14. PC world

    So the CMers win again!!!!
  15. Paying to use the canal?

    A little less than it costs to keep somebody in prison then!