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  1. If the seller of this boat values it as the same same price he values a second hand SR2 I would not waste my money on a survey and walk away now.
  2. How old is the boat and has it been overplated ?
  3. Soar Valley boats are worth a look .They definitely do wide aswell as narrow.
  4. Alan I hope for you and your family to all find happiness one day x
  5. Thanks Mtb that's good to know. Have not used any of their kit yet but I do have one of the mppt controllers and it seems well made for the money. But as they don't cost that much less than victron probably not worth risking.
  6. As others have already said your existing controller is not really the right thing for the new panel. I like the basic Victron 20a mppt as a fit and forget for about £100 or pay about an extra £40 for the smart version if you want to be able to monitor it from your phone. If going cheaper the ep ever or renogy ones might be worth a look.
  7. It is definitely worth checking the specs of your controller and the new panel before connecting them together. If it is just a cheap one it might not be designed to cope with a panel voltage over about 25v. If the controller is an Mppt from a decent brand its unlikely to be a problem.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264394710950 Most low profile traps will need a hose tail adapter of some sort. I have recently used one of these. seemed to work well.
  9. Is it possible that this is a vertical calorifier that has been fitted horizontally ? Might explain the odd description of the pipe locations.
  10. It is a little on the high side it really shouldn't be over 253. What are you using to measure the voltage ?
  11. The Redshaws are definitely still trading and did an amazing job making some bits for me a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Hi Alan unless you know for sure his cable run is over 3 meters this is incorrect. Most suppliers rate there 70mm2 welding cable at well over 400a continuous at the low voltages we are talking about. 3m of 70mm will have a lower volt drop than the 5m of 100mm that Victron class as acceptable.
  13. Yes fully recharge the batteries if you can. But even if you can just them back to 12v you will get a better idea of whats going on.
  14. I wouldn't necessarily give up on your batteries just yet just try to get some charge in them asap. I am guessing you are setup to charge them from the engine as well as from shore power ? As other have said the cable thickness is a bit marginal but I don't think its the cause of your problem. Was it at 3kW inverter installed before you fitted this one ?
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