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  1. Indeed... you would think a few good portholes would make a big difference and be in keeping the overall look of thing.
  2. Outside space and light would be a must for me too. That being said, the one with the platform had as much outdoor deck space as a good cruiser stern narrowboat (and more than many trads/semi trads), and I've seen narrowboats with portholes that would give less light than some modified lifeboats appear to.
  3. I've seen a few around London (at least the Regents Canal and Lee Navigation), you might find some who have them on the London Boaters Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/73933281285/ They varied from looking pretty dismal to potentially cosy (good windows added, solar panels, even an extended platform over the stern for outdoor space). Although you've received a pretty strong reaction here, some good points have been made. Do check out the CRTs web pages about licensing, continuous cruisng etc.: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/get
  4. Alde and solid fuel stove can both do the central heating, Morco is just for hot water on tap. We've only had the boat a couple of weeks, so can't really speak for why the choices were made, but it seems quite good. Only thing I'd add would be to enable the engine to do hot water via calorifier but previous owners assured me that wasn't set up as an option (though it is a skin-tank cooled engine).
  5. Number 2 is what ours does (when heated by the connected mutifuel stove) if the pump hasn't started and the hot water isn't being circulated through the radiators. I know it's a bit different, but I'd make sure that the pump is definitely pumping the hot water around the radiator system.
  6. Well, there's a very good reason that it looked nothing like what you'd expect - I'm a numpty and confused two nearby flues! This is actually a differentflue, for the Morco FE-11 gas boiler on the other side of the bulkhead from the Alde. Now I just need to see if I can get the top bit by itself, not the whole flue kit. @frangar (The Graham recommendation will still be handy, will be getting the Alde serviced soon anyway).
  7. I did wonder whether that might be the case, thanks. Sounds like a full replacement (of the proper sort) is the way to go. I'll definitely be contacting Graham then! Thanks both, really helpful responses 🙂
  8. We have an Alde Comfort 2928 and need to replace the flue cap, but I'm struggling to find much for sale. I'm also not sure whether we'd get away with just a replacement cap or need a whole new external flue (it looks like bits snapped off under previous ownership). This is what we currently have (minus the tin foil which normally covers the top when not in use...) Does anyone have any suggestions/good places to order from please? Tried Midland Chandlers without success. I can also see that new parts seem to have been discontinued by Alde.
  9. I can't resist, forgive me: They do use latrines but will also drop single ones too, not always (though they often are) in a scrape. Latrines and singles can be well away from the sett as territory markers too. Texture-wise (I'll go into too much detail!) they are usually sloppier than that, though it can depend on what they're eating - I've seen some that are surprisingly dog-like. The real answer comes from the sniff-test. Nothing else has quite the same mustiness to it. Yes, I've spent way too many hours poking and sniffing badger dung 😅 One of the more glamorous aspects of my j
  10. I recall someone posted a link to an ongoing FOI request relating to the first part, trying to get records of the original navigation dimensions prior to 1968 from CRT (and getting frustrated by a lack un-updated original copies). I can't find the link again - anyone have it to hand?
  11. Great, thanks both. Daft question I know, but I get to look a bit less daft in person instead!
  12. Very much a newbie question: We're going to ask for a diesel top-up from a fuel boat due to pass by tomorrow. What I'd like to know is, can I just ask them to 'fill her up to the brim', provided I give an estimate of how much that might be? We're not familiar with our tank capacity yet but think it's half-full (rough bamboo cane dipstick check) and would like it completely full to reduce condensation.
  13. I'm wondering how quickly they yanked the door open - done slowly, especially the first inch or two, the amount of smoke etc. drawn back into the room is markedly different (especially on a boat with short chimney / moderate draw).
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