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Ray T

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  1. Photo from A Canal People Longdon / Rolt.
  2. This? Or this? Or be really avant garde
  3. Ray T

    wide beam

    No, I don't think so, was there last weekend and it didn't look like that.
  4. Quote from the Facebook thread. Paul Barber "Looks like a Delta marine barge ( not Dutch ) outward bound but someone has got a few measurements incorrect." Paul is a boat builder and a historic aficionado, what he doesn't know about boats isn't worth knowing.
  5. Picture from Joab Lawlor, Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NarrowboatOwnersGroup/2376009996010608/?comment_id=2376033682674906&notif_id=1561156161538302&notif_t=group_highlights
  6. Ray on the Troy Arm waiting TLC. Photo Chris Collins In working days with her motor Mimas at the Market Harborough exhibition, 1950. Arthur & Nellie Stokes. Mimas Has been beautifully restored by Chris Collins. At Braunston.
  7. Ray T


    When I skippered offshore one of my instructions to any newbies was, "apart from loo paper, what goes in the loo must have gone in your mouth first." Also, "you block it you clear it."
  8. Ah, but in his day the were presenters not "celebrities."
  9. Haven't got a historic boat but as usual I will be bringing "my" historic narrow boat captain on Saturday.
  10. Larry you can get a good idea of the Rochdale by looking at Google Earth.
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