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  1. Doh, yes, I must be going a bit "sealion."
  2. On the Trent & Mersey Known as an "Atherstone Wedge." Mr. Fuller demonstrating the art going up as the Atherstone flight are notorious for being slow fillers.
  3. Ray T

    Snob boaters

    I stand correction but I think at the time they were marketed as “Superior boats for superior people.”
  4. Ray T

    Snob boaters

    @Alan de Enfield My boat slide & doors, not his, I wouldn't be worthy to touch a Challenger.
  5. Ray T

    Snob boaters

    " Hey psst. Mr. want to by an ex syndicate boat, only been sold to two others." My words. https://www.mby.com/news/challenger-syndicateships-boss-is-convicted-of-fraud-totalling-536000-24264
  6. Ray T

    Snob boaters

    Many moons ago we were moored on The Ashby at what was then the Battlefield moorings. When we were out on the Shackerstone railway a Challenger (Probably the most exclusive hire in the world) had moored behind us. Saw no one about until the following morning when I opened the slide and doors. The male occupant replied to my "Good Morning" With "Are you moving soon as we are having to share mooring rings." Sorry but at the time of Challenger Hire most of the crews we met were somewhat hauty.
  7. We have the "flying saucer"type vents on the outside and these on the inside with mesh. Replaced those in the second photo. Still here and no BSC examiner has made any comment.
  8. 'Twas me. The calorifier on our boat lies horizontal beneath the bed. Both the drain and pressure relief valve empty into the bilge at the back of the boat. The water pump takes care of the cold water system, there is then no water to drain into the calorifier. In the picture the PRV is the red one and the drain valve for the calorifier is the white one. Blowing down the shower tube, with the white valve open, 3 blue lines horizontal, empties the hot water circuit of all water. TO DRAIN DOWN Shut off valve is to the left of the water tank in the front locker in the cratch. Empty tank by leaving taps open until water runs out. TO EMPTY CALORIFIER Locate white wheel to left of calorifier tank. Turn this wheel until blue stripe indicator mark is in line with pipe. Open bath taps, lift shower change over valve. Remove shower head and blow down shower tube – air pressure forces water down pipe into the bilge. Shut off stop cock in LH locker in cratch. TO REFIL CALORIFIER Close white wheel valve. i.e. blue stripe mark is at right angles to pipe. Refill both tanks if empty. Open valve in front locker. Open stop cock in LH locker in cratch. With all taps closed run water pump until it stops. Check it does not restart – this proves there are no leaks in the system. Open hot water tap in galley – furthest tap from calorifier, to allow “flow through and eliminate air in calorifier. For the galley and bathroom U bends I put eco friendly antifreeze in them: https://www.midlandslubricants.co.uk/antifreeze-engine-coolant-longlife-antifreeze-eco-antifreeze/eco-supreme-antifreeze-eco-antifreeze-ready-mixed-biodegradable-antifreeze/
  9. We have been using a little electric oil filled radiator ever since we got the boat, 10 years ago now, never had any problems. This is our experience, others may differ.
  10. I always drain the calorifier on our boat. lt does have two insulating jackets over it but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I forgot about the water filtre one year and yes the ice forced the top off. Old water filtre. Picture from when we first bought the boat. The top screwed on. The ice broke the threads on the main unit New tap with filtre unit in cupboard below.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Ray T

    Thetford Contact

    Try this link: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1449846/Thetford-C-200-Cs-D3.html
  13. What is an “aerodynamic crutch?” 12th line down in description.
  14. Well done, dog deserves a treat as well.
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