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  1. Are you fitting a hatch to launch a little dinghy from? Like some big posh boats. Picture is not too clear but a posh yacht at Monaco 2004.
  2. Picture from Adrian Brindle on Facebook.
  3. After years of experience, dinghy racing, offshore sailing and now narrow boating I use this:
  4. From the Time Life article of AudreyEvelynAnn. Sun & Dipper
  5. Ivan & Alice, not getting at you but, I struggle why some newbies to the canals appear to disregard the wisdom and experience of boaters garnered from over 200 years. Standing or sitting within the arc of the tiller is not wise, or are high seats. A couple of years ago the gent in the picture went into the Harecastle tunnel seated thus. The picture is in the public domain so I don't feel an issue in showing it. Let us just say his boating days are over and he leaves a widow behind. Okay one in a million accident but it can happen. The world is full of "it can't happen to me" people who are totally shocked when it does. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2635127/Father-drowned-Harecastle-Tunnel-hitting-head-boating-holiday.html
  6. One volocky on the Stockton Flight yesterday.
  7. If they are closing, sad news. Always went there for bits and pieces. As we had spent over £3 grand there Phil and Sue were kind enough to give us a 10% off for life card. Also the shop has a more homely feel than MC.
  8. This working boater should have known better as well........... Plus horror of horrors, droopy fender.
  9. Is that the Titanic of sheds?
  10. The dreadful modern term is "Cultural Appropriation." NOUN cultural appropriations (plural noun) the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society. Must dig out my "Janet & John" books, life was much simpler then.
  11. There are still quite a few boat people around, I can think of at least a dozen off the top of my head. Five of these live in Longford, Coventry. Every Wednesday I visit a retired narrow boat captain who comes from five generations of Oxford boaters. He worked for Barlow’s and Waterways. From my experience boaters picked up their dialects from the towns and villages they passed through, e.g. you will never hear a boater say “Braunston,” it is always “Braaaunston” with a long “a.” There are many recordings around of boaters speaking about their lives including Joe & Rose Skinner. With regard to speaking like a boat person, when I visit “my” narrow boat captain I have to use place names he recognises. For example Grantham’s Bridge means nothing to him, it has to be “‘morton,” or Hillmorton. He will say “you are using names I don’t recognise.” This rubs off into every day life, I am not trying to emulate boaters but on occasions I end up talking like one.
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