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  1. @Scholar Gypsy Did you hear about the girl who married a second lieutenant No, why what happened? The first one got away. Getting married is a bit like being in a restaurant queue to pay for your meal. You look at the man's tray in front and think I wish I'd had some of that. Just for information I told the first one but thought better of the second comment.
  2. Another version: The boy stood on the burning deck The flames he couldn't stopum, They blew right up his trouser leg And burnt his little bottom.
  3. Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean. Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.
  4. Deleted comment as it stated the obvious.
  5. A early proposal for two canal arms to Coventry. One arm from Stretton / Brinklow to Exhall / Bedworth. The other from Stretton / Brinklow to Gosford Green, Coventry. Copy of map held by Coventry Reference Library. In many ways, pity it never happened.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I wondered because the actual details would make grim reading any report has never been released. The above scenario was related to me by a waterways worker, with a more graphic description, two days after the accident.
  8. Would it be an idea to check your insurance to see whether it needs a valid BSC?
  9. A Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, A Double Diamond works wonders, So drink one today. I must get out more, suffering from the reverse of Cabin Fever - can't get to the boat.
  10. Varney's Lock. Woman dies in canal boat holiday accident (telegraph.co.uk) (Advert now gets in the way.) Found another newspaper report: Children see mother fall to her death as she steers canal boat | Daily Mail Online It was actually more complicated than that. It was a couple and their teenage children, I believe, experienced hirers. The husband and children were at the top gates. The children opened the paddles rather rapidly. The surge caused the boat to lurch back then forward. Whist it was going forward the husband shouted to his wife on the tiller to put it in reverse. After doing this the boat then began to go backwards on the back wave as well as the engine. It rammed the back gates and the poor lady went over the taff rail, cruiser stern. I have never seen a MAIB report.
  11. The power of advertising, an earworm. "Drink Red Barrel near or far, Pub or club or any bar What's the drink where ever you are? Drink Watney's Keg Red Barrel." (5) WATNEYS "ROLL OUT RED BARREL" BREWERIANA - YouTube I named one of my Fireball's "Red Barrel." It had a Red Barrel on the transom. I still have 3 Red Barrel key rings. Personally I never liked the stuff.
  12. Reminds me of a time at work when one second line manager's usual lines was: "There is no 'I' in team." My retort didn't go down too well, with him, anyway: "No, but there is 5 'in platitude quoting idiot'." He never used that phrase again, funny that. I did however get taken to one side by him after the meeting and was asked to be more respectful.
  13. I believe Graham was an expert in this arena at one time.
  14. A way to cure this is to get a neoprene ring, larger than the rudder stock shaft and fit it around the rudder stock itself below the counter when the boat is next in dry dock. Sorry don't have a photo. Not my boat. Picture courtesy of κουκουβάγια
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