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  1. From MJG, "I remember the food being ridiculously overpriced but the times we went there was a good friendly atmosphere which we enjoyed. Once we bought our boat we didn't feel any real need to return." As of 2023: Hot dog £8.00, cup of coffee £6.00! Glad I didn't go.
  2. Whilst on the subject of boating associated funerals, this is available from a firm in Nottingham. https://www.crazycoffins.co.uk/index.html
  3. The two gents on it were Dutch on this occasion.
  4. Passing through Braunston this morning.
  5. Failing the hold boarded over there is this option. Photo K. Doddington.
  6. Note "Free car parking", unlike a boat show I know of! 😁
  7. One of these? Black & Decker drill handle. Or something a bit smaller, a Workmate knob? Black and Decker Workmate Handle Replacement Black & Decker - Etsy UK
  8. We have had a black canvas cratch cover for many years now. The only way I have found to keep it looking good is to clean at least once a year and use something like this.
  9. Out of touch now, left BT in 2009. For trunk and Junction cables which were installed in 2km lengths the whole 2km had to be replaced if one section was damaged. I assume that if a fibre drop wire is damaged only the drop wire will need replacing. If it is a pole smash or a DSLAM, pronounced DEE-slam, (Digital subscriber line access multiplexer) is wrecked a lot more expensive. Digital subscriber line access multiplexer - Wikipedia
  10. This "inspection style launch" complete with wing mirrors was a Braunston a few years ago.
  11. Pity they didn't meet the self-confessed "rudest man on the cut," he would certainly have blasted them with both barrels. 😁
  12. Further to this a couple of pictures of the original HASTY.
  13. With the Bowman oil coolers one thing to look out for is distortion of the rubber boots.
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