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  1. Whilst on the subject of ISIS: Although the Boat Race crews are the best-known, the universities both field reserve crews. The reserves race takes place on the same day as the main race. The Oxford men's reserve crew is called Isis (after the Isis, a section of the River Thames which passes through Oxford), and the Cambridge reserve men's crew is called Goldie (the name comes from rower and Boat Club president John Goldie, 1849–1896, after whom the Goldie Boathouse is named). The women's reserve crews are Osiris (Oxford) and Blondie (Cambridge). From Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boat_Race
  2. We have an LPSW3 in our boat. 46000065LPW3A047 Alpha LPWS indirect injection. Where 46 = year of manufacture, in our case 1997, Marine Canal Star. After several problems with our stop solenoid I took the thing out and replaced it with a "T" pull, had no problems since. This arrangement will need a return spring fitting to pull the handle down. Ist 2 numbers are the Lister code for year of manufacture. Next 6 are the engine No. LPW# Type LPWS4, Water cooled 4 cylinder. Air cooled are LPA. A = rotation, anti clock. Last 3, build No. Got the "T" pull from here: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/search/shop-by/q/T pull/
  3. He hasn't a column in the January edition of Canal Boat.
  4. After a 5 hour stint on the helm crossing the Channel from Alderney to The Needles in a force 5 gusting 6, with the rest of the crew ill, "you" will sleep on anything!
  5. A method I've used to overcome this: First slightly "rough up" the smaller diameter part of the wooden handle which goes in the brass tiller tube with medium grit sandpaper, this will help with grip. With the handle in the brass tube hold the tube downwards with the wooden handle on a block of wood. Insert a broom handle down the tube and lightly tap with a mallet. This will push the wedge into its slot. I trickled some varnish into the joint between the handle and the brass tube to help protect from ingress of moisture. As has been suggested glue can be used as well
  6. I thought the front fender was low to fend off any badly driven narrow boats which may have escaped from the Thames. Good photo by the way.
  7. The flexible fuel feed pipe to my engine has become porous and is leaking fuel into the bilge and obviously needs replacing. To my knowledge it has been there at least 10 years, possibly 21 years, the age of the boat The fuel pump end connection looks fairly straightforward to undo, photo 1. The fixed line from the tank connects to the flexible line by some sort of union, supported by a clip, photo 2. To undo it do I put a wrench around the knurled looking section, top of photo and obviously a spanner on the lower end? Of course I will shut the fuel feed pipe off before I do anything. Thank you. Photo 1. Photo 2.
  8. What ever happened to "personal responsibility?"
  9. For those who may not know what a lovely characterful boat Elizabeth is. Photo'd by me at Coventry Basin April 2010.
  10. PRESS RELEASE 29 November 2019 WATERWAY AWARDS CELEBRATE VOLUNTEERING EXCELLENCE Waterways and wellbeing charity Canal & River Trust, together with Marsh Christian Trust, is pleased to announce those recognised at this year’s volunteer awards which celebrate volunteer excellence along the nation’s waterways. This year awards were given to a team and individual in each of the Trust’s six regions, reflecting the fantastic range of volunteering that takes place across the Trust in England & Wales. Richard Parry, chief executive at Canal & River Trust, said: “These awards showcase the fantastic contribution that the Trust’s volunteers make, carrying out a vast array of activities and tasks, bringing their wide and expanding range of skills and experience, along with their enthusiasm, passion and sheer hard work; I offer my congratulations to them all. “The award-winners encompass the team of volunteer lock keepers who go beyond the call of duty on the 21-lock Wigan Flight and those who delivered creative transformation of their local stretch further along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal; the small team that undertook the massive task of cataloguing our historic casting patterns at Ellesmere Yard for the National Waterways Museum; those who widened the navigation for boaters at Derwent Mouth on the Trent and those who led a wide-ranging project to restore paddle gear on locks on the Kennet & Avon Canal; and the crucial operational role that a volunteer team plays in London. Along with the exceptional achievements of the individual volunteer award-winners across the Trust, they each demonstrate the vital role that volunteers continue to play in the life of the waterways. “Volunteers are tremendously important to the Trust and I’d like to thank all those who gave their time, together amounting to over 670,000 hours, to the Trust last year. They have made a significant difference to the Trust and the work we do, and their efforts are appreciated by the millions of people who visit and enjoy our waterways. They help us to make life better by water, for all those who use them, so they are attractive, safe and welcoming places to be. Our volunteers also demonstrate how our canals, rivers and towpaths can deliver greater wellbeing, showcasing how they improve their own physical and mental health by spending time with us. If others are interested in joining our growing band of amazing volunteers, I’d encourage them to get in touch with their local team or just come along and get involved.” Brian Marsh, chair at the Marsh Christian Trust, said: “We are pleased to be able to work with the Canal & River Trust once again to deliver these Awards, recognising those who give their time to volunteer on our nation’s waterways, enhancing their heritage and supporting the wellbeing of those that use them. This year we have been able to celebrate the achievements of more volunteers, both individuals and teams, across six regions of the UK and we hope to continue to highlight these invaluable commitments in years to come.” For more information about the work of the Canal & River Trust including how you can volunteer or donate visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk Read more about all the winners here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/41058-waterway-awards-celebrate-volunteering-excellence-2019.pdf ENDS Fran Read National press officer I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays M 07796 610 427 E [email protected]
  11. These look like riveted boats to me. Got my coat and to quote a very brave man "I am just going outside, I may be some time."
  12. Ex BCN Joey Boat perhaps? Another interesting riveted boat.
  13. The Meccano in the picture is about half the amount. Total weight is 1.6 kg. I am happy to bring it to Loughborough or it can be collected from Coventry or Kings Bromley by arrangement.
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