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  1. Not knowing the dimensions of a SR2 or 3 I cannot answer the question, but you still have to ditch the LPW and purchase a SR. Worth the cost for a likeable noise? SR2 on Apollo Duck, £1500. https://engines.apolloduck.co.uk/boats/lister/sr-2 LPW's are water cooled, SR's air cooled.
  2. Usually a LPW3 engine sits below the cabin floor of a trad, below the decking in a semi trad or a cruiser stern, not yet seen one in its dedicated engine 'ole (room) as a "chug chug" engine would be. A "chug chug" engine would possibly be too physically large to put in direct place of the LPWS3 without a massive financial outlay, making the space a dedicated engine room, 3rd picture. Cheaper to install one of these? https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a7923/the-rise-of-the-fake-engine-roar-11291754/
  3. I've just had 3/4 a bottle of Merlot and I am a bit Brahms and Liszt. Does that count? Been blacking my water tank and I need a reward.
  4. Slightly off topic. Do you know why elephants have big ears? 'Cos Noddy wouldn't pay the ransom.
  5. https://www.lexico.com/definition/daddler
  6. Not canals but, "A baker's dozen" being 13 off. Bakers in medieval England (= England between 1000 and 1500) had a bad reputation for cheating their customers by selling loaves of bread that were too light. After laws were introduced to fix the standard weight of loaves, bakers began to add a thirteenth loaf to each dozen to make sure they were not breaking the law.
  7. Not the John O’ Groat Journal then? https://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/
  8. Or "A cut above the rest."
  9. Nothing of any great shakes. Made a couple of back splices in some new centre lines today.
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