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  1. Aster and Salvo at Sutton Stop

    Mr. Veater and I believe his secretary was Miss Edwards.
  2. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    On the original plans a mile wide "nature corridor" was planned between the canal and the nearest buildings. Looking at the recent plans I wonder what happened to that? ££££ possibly?
  3. Aster and Salvo at Sutton Stop

    Colin, the picture of Salvo came from here: http://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw197.2.24.26 BW197/2/24/26 "OC Salvo before 1964" Description View of the converted butty "Salvo" and another boat moored near a large crane Date 1960s Reference code BW197/2/24/26 Extent & medium 1 colour slide
  4. Aster and Salvo at Sutton Stop

    Well spotted. There is a Sally Army badge on the outside boat and the inside boat has a + on the side of the cabin. The cottage was originally Sephton's Yard. The cottage is still there although it has been altered somewhat.
  5. RIP Trevor Maggs

    James you have PM.
  6. Cardboard Boats

    Yes, and / or Scalefour and P4 The Scalefour Society caters for the needs of railway modellers working to the scale of 4mm/ft (1:76.2), the most popular of the British model railway scales. It promotes and encourages the use of effective modelling techniques and fine scale standards among all 4mm railway modellers with a particular emphasis on the use of scale wheels and track. https://www.scalefour.org/ http://p4layouts.org.uk/ http://www.emgs.org/ EM means Eighteen Millimetres – the original finescale track gauge adopted by 4mm scale modellers in the mid-1950s (now 18.2mm).
  7. RIP Trevor Maggs

    It was a good send off. About 170 folks at his service at Rainsbrook Crematorium.
  8. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    One of the many times I went offshore in a proper yacht I met my friends Hugheee & Beeert. Worst I've ever been in is a F9 between St Malo & Guernsey. I certainly wouldn't want to do that in a narrow boat.
  9. BCN Toll Islands

    A picture from here: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/nostalgia/gallery/archive-photos-birmingham-1960s-10800614
  10. Today is a good day

    Went out for a potter yesterday, catkins are out.
  11. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Alan, do you really think I was not aware of that? I was meant to be humour which is why i put this:
  12. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Historical precedent?
  13. As your boat is named Flamingo what about one of these?
  14. We have the standard MC type bath. Never used for ourselves but is it useful for washing the dog and as an area to dry wet cloths. It does incorporate a shower which gets regular use!!
  15. Well it's Valentines day

    After its all over do we head for here?