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  1. It will be interesting to see if his "spin" on the event appears in his column next month.
  2. Ray T

    Checking in!

    Graham, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear or your troubles but glad Jane has recovered and is back at work.
  3. Quite a few steam hauled trains visit Stratford now. https://www.facebook.com/linnnyjs/videos/2291089967683442/?multi_permalinks=2367662523487624%2C2367583113495565%2C2367404530180090%2C2367344943519382%2C2367282733525603&notif_id=1570303458256506&notif_t=group_activity Last Wednesday.
  4. PRESS RELEASE 11 October 2019 Winners of the ‘Oscars of the Waterways’ announced The winners of Canal & River Trust’s 2019 Living Waterways Awards were announced at a gala ceremony in Birmingham last night (10 October 2019). The Living Waterways Awards, sponsored by Kier, Amco Giffen, Arcadis, CPC Civils, Fountains, Land & Water and Vinci, recognise the most exciting and inspiring waterway-based improvement projects across the UK. Sue Wilkinson, Canal & River Trust trustee and chair of the Award’s assessment panel, explains: “Canal & River Trust is once again proud to announce the winners of our annual national Living Waterways Awards. These awards give us the opportunity to celebrate the tireless efforts of those who are helping to transform the nation’s rivers, canals, lochs, lakes, and reservoirs, making life better for millions of people across the UK.” A rigorous assessment process saw the expert judges travel across England, Wales and Scotland before selecting the finalists for the 2019 Living Waterways Awards. From inspirational community programmes and innovative engineering projects, to exciting arts initiatives, the winners of these prestigious awards are: 1. ART, CULTURE & EVENTS (large scale) – Winner: The Ring, Worcestershire Runner-up: Youth Urban Games & Glasgow Canal Festival (Scottish Canals) 2. ART, CULTURE & EVENTS (small scale) – Winner: The Village Butty, London Commended: Muddy Waters Children’s Books (Windlass Publishing) 3. BUILT ENVIRONMENT – Winner; New London Bridge Staircase, London (Bere Architects) Runner-up: River Thames Footbridge (Knight Architects) Commended: Stanthorne Breach Repairs (Canal & River Trust) 4. ENGAGING COMMUNITIES – Winner: Reconnecting Sheffield (Canal & River Trust) Runner-up: Pride of Sefton 2 (Sovini); Commended: Saxilby Waterfront Project (Saxilby Parish Council) and A new life for workboat Python (Chesterfield Canal Trust) 5. HERITAGE & CONSERVATION – Winner: Claverton Pumping Station (Canal & River Trust) Runner-up: Marple Makeover (Canal & River Trust) Commended: Recording Gwendoline (National Waterways Museum) 6. LEARNING & SKILLS – Winner: Fosseway Heath Nature Reserve (Lichifield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust) Commended: Young Curators (National Waterways Museum) 6. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT – Winner: Lugg Wetland Gem Project (Herefordshire) Commended: Aston Nature Reserve (Land & Water) 7. SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD – Winner: Maidenhead Waterways (Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group) 9. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Ian Edgar Further details of the 2019 Living Waterways Awards including short films of the winning projects can be found at: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/living-waterways-awards-2019 ENDS Media enquiries: Jonathan Ludford, email: [email protected] Tel 07747 897783
  5. "Proper" Wide & Narrow boats. Columba & Uranus pass Progress on Tring Summit Photo: C. P. Weaver, Waterways World April 1991
  6. Ray T

    Rag Rugs

    https://www.ragrugsandboatbling.co.uk/#! http://narrowboatragrugs.blogspot.com/p/new-page.html
  7. A few years ago now we got trapped the wrong side of Calcutt Locks when one of the lock landings collapsed. The folks at Wigrams let us moor there free of charge ( We moor at another Castle Marina) until the repairs were carried out. No diesel or pump out on Saturdays due to change over of Black Prince hire boats. We also visited with our caravan on one occasion as they also have a camping & caravan field.
  8. No connection: https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/harland-and-wolff-71-traditional/611286
  9. I stand correction but I think the lights in Newbold Tunnel are the responsibility of Rugby B C. ETA: https://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2009/03/newbold-tunnel-son-et-lumiere.html "The £200,000 joint project from BW and Rugby Council must have seemed a great idea when it was installed nearly four years ago. Here is Waterscape's original announcement. (Link now gone.) I suppose it still is a great idea, although including it as part of Rugby Council's 2005 'Diwali' celebrations - complete with bhangra dancers - must have stuck in the craw of canal purists and seemed bizarre to the locals and boaters."
  10. DVD arrived safely, many thanks.
  11. Double any original cost estimate and possible triple your time scale to refit. Oh, don't use a spirit level on a English Narrowboat.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/brentfordtoday/permalink/530435651051535/ Brentford TV PRESERVE THE MEMORY OF BRENTFORD'S BOAT PEOPLE IN ST LAWRENCE'S REDEVELOPMENT, SAYS JEANNETTE SMITH. JEANETTE'S FAMILY WORKED THE CANALS AND SOME ARE BURIED IN ST LAWRENCE'S GRAVEYARD. SHE WANTS THEIR REMAINS RESPECTED, AND THE BOAT PEOPLE MEMORIALISED, AS BALLYMORE TURN THE BRENTFORD HIGH STREET CHURCH INTO A LEISURE CENTRE AND GARDENS. Jeanette explains: "My main concern is over the way the graves have been treated and discarded not just for the boat people but the many others that rest there . "Brentford once centred around the canal and the Thames and over the years of redevelopment it has lost lots of its history. "In the development I hope there will be a way to remember the once thriving boating community." Jeannette is related to Ann Stokes and Robert Harrison, who featured on the Brentford postcards shown here. She adds: "They don't even have to pay for a memorial as they have them in the front of the church grounds. Many people visit the area in search of their Brentford family links with Kew archives being so close. It could be something dedicated to the people of Brentford who rest there so visitors in search of their family roots have a place to see." Jeanette explains that St Lawrence's was known as the "boat people's church" favoured for baptisms and burials by those who worked the canals leading down the Brentford and the Thames. Amongst her relatives buried at the church are: Thresa Harrison born 1900 in Brentford & died 4 April 1901 in the Hams, Brentford, & buried in St Lawrence. Violet Harrison born 1912 on a canal boat at Brentford. Buried in the extended grave area of St Lawrence on 8 December 1913. Robert Harrison born 1903 on a boat at Kidsgrove & drowned, aged five, in at Rotherhithe. His body was brought back to Brentford on a canal boat and he was buried next to his siblings at St Lawrence on 20 August 1908. James Harrison born 1900 on a canal boat and died in The Hams, Brentford, on 25 July 1901 and buried next to Thresa Harrison in St Lawrence. (James died 4 weeks before Jeannette's great-grandmother gave birth to her grandfather.) Mary Harrison born 1899 on the canal boat, Leighton, in Brentford and died at Jeannette's other great grandmother's on Brentford High Street, and buried at St Lawrence.
  13. Buy an ex hire boat that sleeps 8/10 has two bogs. An example from here: https://rose-narrowboats.co.uk/narrowboat.htm
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