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pete harrison

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  1. pete harrison

    Oops, more new build woes...

    My understanding is that all modern steel boats have a hole in the bottom that ends up being welded up, its called the boats bottom (or baseplate nowadays) - even my riveted 1936 'historic' narrow boat had one of these holes in 2003 when being re-bottomed
  2. pete harrison

    colour of grand union canal co

    If you are getting to the point of considering paint tones does this mean the restoration of SLOUGH is progressing well or are you just looking ahead ? Back in the late 1980's I owned BADSEY and BARNES and I went for the wartime livery when I repainted BADSEY in 1989. I was inspired by the freshly restored SCULPTOR but I chose my own tones based upon what felt right. I have always thought the end result was pleasing. I can let you have the paint manufacturer / tones if you are interested but these are probably not historically correct: edit = my large Northwich motor is currently under renovation and when it gets around to paint it will not be historically correct either.
  3. pete harrison

    colour of grand union canal co

    The red, white and blue livery was introduced in 1937 as a patriotic reflection of the Coronation. I suggest you look at a good quality new Union Flag and take your shades from that, then if it looks right it probably is right
  4. pete harrison

    Narrowboat colours

    No, ZULU has spent the last 10 years operating as a house boat towing the L.M.S.R. ALSAGER - both of which support a modern day canal business. At best ZULU could be compared to a 'historic' motor in that it has similar engine and tows a butty, but that is certainly not a comparison I am prepared to make as it is just a modern pleasure boat the same as all of the other modern pleasure boats. Which means that there are no tugs built for work anymore and almost every one built in the past 50 years or so and described as a tug is just a modern pleasure boat - but I am prepared to conceded that some of these have a pleasant look to them
  5. pete harrison

    Narrowboat colours

    Thank you Alan, we are clearly on the same wave length
  6. pete harrison

    Ex Hotel boats

    DABCHICK is an L.M.S.R. boat, starting its life as NORAH. Clearly it has been improved since I last saw it. The boat on the left in you photograph is the F.M.C. Ltd. motor TROUT
  7. pete harrison

    Historic Boats for sale online

    and with its auction starting price now down to £5k https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Converted-wooden-working-boat-Narrowboat/263947836568?hash=item3d74845c98:g:9SwAAOSwfz9bVKnn
  8. pete harrison

    Narrowboat colours

    Thank you for the clarification. I am no purist but I do have a problem with the multitude of modern pleasure boats that are described as 'tugs' but would flounder if set to work commercially (too flimsy, too shallow draughted and woefully under powered for a tug), although there are a handful that I am sure would cope quite well
  9. pete harrison

    Ex Hotel boats

    MALLARD and DABCHICK are still both extant with MALLARD being a house boat (on the Staffs and Worcs Canal ?) and DABCHICK still a butty but hulked (at SHARDLOW ?). It is a few years since I have seen either of these boats so my observations may be a little dated
  10. pete harrison

    Narrowboat colours

    I am struggling to see what aspects of JAMES LOADER were used to model PERSIA. As a teenager I spent quite a lot of time on JAMES LOADER's sister tug CHRISTOPHER JAMES, using it to clear out the redundant day boats at Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd, Coombeswood - amongst other things. JAMES LOADER and CHRISTOPHER JAMES were built by different yards but had a lot in common whereas PERSIA just looks like a modern pleasure boat with the profile of a B.C.N. tug and an engine suitable for a motor that tows a single butty. If I needed to do some serious towing I would always choose a purpose built tug to a purpose built pleasure boat, regardless of any claims of modelling (whatever that means) FRANCE is a Fellows, Morton and Clayton Ltd. horse boat / motor conversion that several owners later ended up with Leonard Leigh Ltd,
  11. pete harrison

    Birmingham Trip Boats

    To me 'a Boater' is anybody who was born to the working boats and then grew up to work boats for a living. I do not count those who were born to the boats but left as children when their parents packed in, and there are quite a few of these about nowadays who's parents finished boating in the 1950's and 1960's. The term 'enthusiast' covers almost everybody else who enjoys the waterways in their own way, and some 'enthusiasts' get so drawn in that they become 'researchers'. I reserve the term 'expert' for those who think they know a lot and put themselves on a pedestal so they can speak down to 'enthusiasts', but can often be easily caught out when challenged ('experts' often learn from books / internet or other peoples experience but quote these as there own). So where do I fit in with all of this, well I do not really care - I just enjoy what I am doing and if people want to listen to me or read my drivel then that is great
  12. pete harrison

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Yes, this boat has been advertised for sale continuously since been discussed on this Forum a while ago. The point I was trying to highlight was that 'DEHLI' is currently advertised in two locations but with two quite different prices, and with both advertisements current and up to date
  13. pete harrison

    Birmingham Trip Boats

    I was not fussy back then as I would jump onto almost anybody's boat and would not need to be asked twice to steer - although the reality was I was very rarely on my own. I took on a motor / butty pair in 1979 and as stated earlier I packed in during 1985 and moved to Bristol, before going on to buy our (I was married back then) own motor / butty pair in 1988
  14. pete harrison

    A warning to others...

    My boat is currently in the care of arguably the leading narrow boat restorer in the U.K. and our method of doing business is not dissimilar to what you describe above (although my heavy workload is preventing me from visiting during extensive works this week). I am not looking to have this work completed on the cheap and I am not looking to have it completed in record time. Craftsmanship is time consuming and therefore costly, but this work will be done once and done well so this represents good value to me
  15. pete harrison

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I did not realise that boats sold on Apollo Duck website commanded a premium - 'DEHLI' @ £85000 (advert posted today): https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-station-boat/573513 Whereas the same boat on Ebay is at the lower price of £79500: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DEHLI-LMS-STATION-BOAT-TUG-NARROWBOAT-BARGE-HOUSEBOAT/202420444753?hash=item2f2132de51:g:e-QAAOSwXahbV49p

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