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  1. These things are unfortunate and happen from time to time, and this is not uncommon on deeper draught boats. Please do not be too hard on your partner as I am sure she probably feels bad enough already Providing the skeg is not damaged then this should be an easy fix, but as stated above might well take a few attempts to relocate. At least you have a photo of the skeg so you can picture in your mind what need doing.
  2. Most 'historic' boats are weld repaired and have been for donkeys years, riveting only becoming available again fairly recently by one or two specialist boatyards. Replication of shape should be fairly straight forward, especially when there are original examples to copy, so any boat that resembles the shape of a witches t*t is unfortunate
  3. Words from the Apollo Duck advert for BALDOCK "This is an original 1936 boat with a full length conversion. Originally built at Harland and Wolff yard in Woolwich she has a working history and equally a history as a comfortable residential craft.Presently based in the Midlands she has been stripped out internally to the gunwales in readiness for turning into an exceptional living space.The most recent survey indicates there is some tidying up required to an overplated rear swim but overall the boat is in sound conditionThere is a wealth of new and unused equipment which can be re-used ... essentially there is everything needed to refit the boatGenuine reason for sale (old age !!!) "
  4. I think your train of thought is somewhat purist, or academic at least. It could easily be argued that THEOPHILUS lost 'any resemblance to a Middle boat' on its conversion to an ice breaking tug in 1942. Like all other existing 'historic' boats THEOPHILUS has since been subject to alteration suitable to its owners requirements, and this has included removal of the original cabin / engine room, at least two engine changes (with another in the pipeline), and multiple owners who have seen it used as an ice breaking tug / hire cruiser / pleasure cruiser / house boat / restoration project - with each owner making their 'mark' in its development to what it is today. Absolute and detailed historical restoration is a fairly recent addition to the 'historic' narrow boat world and I can count on my fingers those boatyards that are successful in this, but then all but the most dedicated owners cringe at the cost !!!! Restoration project is the part of THEOPHILUS's history that you are criticising, but what does this mean as most 'historic' boats have been subject to this at least once. Any restoration is going to be governed by a multitude of points, such as costs / time / who is doing the work (owner or boatyard) / skill availability / boatyard availability / availability of missing parts / interpretation e.t.c.. There are numerous 'historic' boats that have been restored in the past in a way that is easily criticised - but were of their time and certainly not how the specialist boatyards would do it now. Equally there are specialist boatyards now carrying out restorations that look O.K. but are not historically correct, but in the main the owners seem happy with them (there are exceptions). To be honest as good as Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd. boats were when built, and they were far superior to anything else of the period, I would not want mine to replicate every aspect - and it will not do as I do not want to erase 82 years of history - some good and some not so good. As to the value of any boat the seller will always start off speculatively, but ultimately the market will decide
  5. Welcome to C.W.D.F. Mr Liley. I think it would be helpful if a Moderator could combine this with the other thread of the same title otherwise things are likely to get confusing. I would like to say again that although there may have been intent for PROGRESS to have a beam of 12'6'' it was gauged at 12'1 1/2'' edit = reported as needs to be merged with the other thread of the same title.
  6. From Bounce Foam website What is Stockinette? Stockinette is often fitted to foam to help prevent wear to your cushion covers Stockinette will allow you to fit your foam with greater easeStockinette is knitted, stretchy cotton mix fabric that provides a barrier between foam and the underside of your fabric to help prevent wear and will considerable ease fitting. Stockinette can be fitted to any length of foam however has a maximum stretched width of 100cm
  7. Have you had enough of DEHLI / DELHI already as I see it is being advertised again today on Apollo Duck https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-station-boat/573513 edit - I do know the answer, just seems odd for the previous owner to renew the advert - unless it is on some sort of auto renew as it states still 'available'.
  8. I have recently had foam mattresses made and covered. I bought the fabric from Dunelm Mill and then this was custom made to fit the foam that I bought from Bounce Foam: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjdgd7JrK_jAhXwUxUIHXTvAq8QFjAAegQIBRAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bouncefoam.co.uk%2F&usg=AOvVaw0k04vhXmGBy32kwba0tkji I found Bounce Foam very easy to deal with, even though the ordering was all done via the internet and involved some odd shapes, and I opted to have a stockinette covering for a few extra pounds
  9. GORSE and IPSWICH at £48950 and £49950 respectively - both via Alvecote Marina http://www.alvecotemarina.co.uk/narrowcraft/brokerage/for-sale/ipswich/ http://www.alvecotemarina.co.uk/narrowcraft/brokerage/for-sale/ipswich-(1)/
  10. My Bradshaw's gives the "maximum size of vessels that can use the navigation" "Main Line" as length 72'0'' and width 14'3''. Individual lock dimensions are not given, but all branches are given with their individual maximum boat dimensions. There is however section dimensions for draught, and Brentford to Berkhampstead is 4'3'' for narrow boats and 4'0'' for wide boats and barges - then from Berkhampstead to Braunston only narrow boat draught is given, with the maximum being 3'8''. The Regents Canal maximum boat dimensions are listed as 80'0'' x 14'6'' with a draught of 4'6'' edit = my Bradshaw's is a facsimile of the 1904 edition, but republished in 2012 by Old House books and maps, Oxford - and it is still a useful term of reference.
  11. Sorry, wrong ANNA - yes this is Lorenz built. The Roger Fuller built ANNA is more F.M.C. Ltd. influenced in its design
  12. ANNA is one of Roger Fuller's earlier builds I believe (for his in-laws), and ACHILLES was built in 1972 as a fairly standard Hopwood Craft, Burton on Trent pleasure boat. The butty I used to work was also built in 1972 by Hopwood Craft, initially at 50' but lengthened in 1976 to 70' and renamed. Whether these are or will ever be considered to be of historical importance only time will tell
  13. BALDOCK ? https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/harland-and-wolff-70-traditional/611438 F.M.C. Ltd. IVY https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-traditional/611528
  14. BIRMINGHAM appears to be back on the market via Alvecote Marina @ £44950
  15. Agreed, but its appearance is not to everybodys taste making it a bit of a niche market
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