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  1. Mr Speight has just written similar elsewhere. All is well with me thanks and I am still working flat out at the moment. You take care of yourself and keep your head down for now
  2. Pair of Cans for sale on Ebay - nothing to do with me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A-Pair-of-Beautiful-Barge-Ware-Canal-Ware-Buckby-Cans-C-1930/283834178750?hash=item4215d5dcbe:g:vkYAAOSwPzNehKm~
  3. I do have a record of the Ford 6 cylinder but I was under the impression that this engine replaced the Lister FR3M that was subsequently refitted into IONA. I am not sure where the PD4 fits into all of this but the grills on the cabinside certainly fit in with a large air cooled engine - and a PD4 combined with WHITE HEATHER would make for quite an impressive tug. My large Northwich motor has a historically inappropriate engine (1995 Perkins 3HD46 mk2 with PRM160 gearbox all fitted in 1997) but like your Toyota it starts well, runs well, sounds O.K., provides more than adequate power even when the boat is loaded, parts are cheap and readily available - so why change it, especially if it upsets the 'enthusiasts'
  4. I am now starting to wonder whether the FR3M removed from WHITE HEATHER and fitted into IONA was put into WHITE HEATHER by Jason Murrell during his ownership, and that the Lister Freedom quoted on the Bulls Bridge cardex is a completely different engine
  5. I am not disputing the numbers, just quoting them. Perhaps the wrong horse power rating @ 1500rpm was recorded on the Bulls Bridge cardex
  6. I would be amazed if NUNEATON and BRIGHTON were anywhere near 6'10'' wide, especially as they were built with a nominal beam of 7'0½''
  7. That reads so much better than the abbreviated and altered version on Wikipedia, although I suspect most people are not that interested in the details nowadays
  8. What a load of twonk, proving Wikipedia is suspect at best and a load of rubbish at worst - one of the great problems of the Internet nowadays, but at least they got the boat names right. MILTON MAID was built 1967, MILTON QUEEN was built 1973 and MILTON PRINCESS was built 1978. MILTON PRINCESS was not particularly specialised as it had a conventionally built counter sterned narrow boat hull by Malcolm E. Braine, and is now the London based trip boat MILTON edit = I was last on the Caldon Canal in 1979 and although a long time ago I do remember these boats operating.
  9. No, it was an FR3M - subsequently fitted into the B.C.N. day boat conversion IONA edit - most 'British Waterways' Lister FR3's were either 24hp or 27hp.
  10. Not the photograph you are looking for but this is from the Alan Elyard Brown collection, and most likely at Cowley Peachey 28 July 1967 edit = I also have a transcript of WHITE HEATHER's cardex from Bulls Bridge: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………... MAINTENANCE TUGS. WHITE HEATHER. Section 5, Steel, Built c1924 Padd 330 44’0 7’0 3’6 4’0 1939 ex St. Marylebone Council. Dist Thomas Clayton (Paddington) Ltd. Tonnage 12 Original engine: Robey of Lincoln semi-diesel 2 cylinder 46441, 44Hp @ 400 rpm, Gearbox: make unknown. Watercooled silencer Direct drive through epicyclic box. CI cl plates. Wheel & chain steering, air compressor, air bottles 12/1958 Engine: R.A. Lister Freedom 32Hp @ 1500 rpm. 3¾ x 4½. C.A.V. Starter. Gearbox: Lister hydraulic, Reduction gear: Type 3R ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...
  11. All insurance related, but this has to be resolved before you can buy a licence, and you can not insure the boat until you own it but as soon as you buy it you have to licence it - then add in surveys and BSS and it all gets tricky, especially once you add in a wooden bottom, and then you have do most of it all over again for the motor if it does not already have comprehensive insurance. None of this is unsurmountable but a potential owner is really going to want a butty to go through all of this, and I contacted several insurers and spoke to recommended individuals within those insurance companies. This appears to be a simpler process if the boats are for commercial use as insurers do not understand why a private boat should need to tow. The knock on from this is that if I were to buy a butty but needed to sell in the future then I could be stuck with it, much as the sellers of buttys are finding now. If I remember correctly 30 years ago insurance was optional, but I think we insured both motor and butty third party anyway - and back then third party insurance allowed boats to tow or be towed (or perhaps I did not read the small print)
  12. HYADES price dropped first to £26000 on 30 December 2019 then to £22000 on 13 January 2020. The Apollo Duck advert has been refreshed a few times since then. I last owned a butty 30 years ago, and back then it was as simple as buy a butty, licence it then tow it home. This has changed considerably for a non commercial owner where I would now describe the process as obstructive with numerous very expensive bureaucratic 'hoops to jump through'. Having looked into this in detail recently I am starting to understand why butty ownership has seriously declined in recent years. Whether I continue to look into buying a butty once the current public health crisis is resolved only time will tell, but I think I will have quite some time to dwell on it - and I am pretty sure the butty I was enquiring after will still be for sale
  13. There is considerable evidence that there were quite a number of former G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd. that maintained their pre-nationalisation livery but with 'British Waterways' lettering, and I imagine this was concentrated on those boats being docked at the point of nationalisation along with those completed prior to the D. & I.W.E. yellow and blue livery was introduced. I have the docking dates for most (possibly all) former G.U.C.C.Co. Ltd. of this period but I do not know when the changeover to yellow and blue took place - but I suspect it was autumn 1948
  14. It is difficult to say who had CHERTSEY then as it has yet to be established when 'then' is. I have several fleet lists and these indicate that large Woolwich motor / large Ricky butty pairings were very common right up to the phasing out and replacement of large Ricky buttys starting in 1959 (several had been transferred to maintenance or sold prior to 1959). With there being 48 large Woolwich motors and 62 large Ricky buttys built this is probably not surprising
  15. Unlikely as BILSTER was sold to the Grand Union Canal Company in November 1945 for use as a maintenance boat
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