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  1. It was not only carrying 'boats coming onto the system' that required a health registration but notification of transfer of ownership was also a requirement for any boat already registered and used or to be used as a dwelling, Numerous boats were still in trade or lived on (carrying, camping e,t,c,) during the 1970's and 1980's with full time live aboard crew but there was no requirement to inform the registering authority or to have the boat re-registered as a dwelling, This makes the later registration of the live aboard pleasure boat a nonsense, or it does to me anyway - an opinion that must have been shared by the authorities as they repealed the Canal Boat Act in 1989
  2. If I remember correctly this Health Registration was carried out on a modern pleasure boat by an authority (Market Harborough) that had not issued a health registration before. I am sure that the owner of the boat interpreted the authorities obligations to suit there own needs as they wanted to legitimise living on their boat, and the issuing authority knew no better. This was later proven to be a nonsense and should be disregarded Health Registrations have not been required for over 45 years
  3. As with many documents health registers are not always what they appear to be. I have transcripts of numerous health registers, which as you say can be useful when carrying out research. I have two transcripts of the Birmingham Health Register, one by Herbert Dunkley and the other provided by a member of the B.C.N. Society. What is very clear to me is that these two transcripts are from different source documents, although both share the vast majority of the information and I believe both are official and above board. My thoughts are one is the official version of the Birmingham Health Register as maintained by the City of Birmingham authority whilst the other is the Sanitary Inspector's own version. When put together in a database they give a more thorough account, which I completed some years ago. The transcript provided by the B.C.N. society member ends at number 1647, so appears to be that housed within Birmingham Library Archives, whereas Bert Dunkley's transcript captures up to and including 1654 and I 'assume' to be the Inspector's copy. I can not comment on where Alan H. Faulkner got his dates for the Birmingham and Midland Canal Carrying Company Ltd. health registrations published in NarrowBoat Summer 2008 but I suspect that for 1650 is a typo, being made up of 18 December from ARGON listed above and 1965 from the 1650 registration. Bert Dunkley listed 1650 as 09/07/1965 which is in line with the other boats registered at this time and much more likely to be correct. Bert Dunkley also lists 1653 and 1654 as 15/07/1966, twelve months after the date given in NarrowBoat Summer 2008. Alan H. Faulkner and I compared our transcripts of the Birmingham Health Register in October 2000, and interestingly made no comment about Bert Dunkley's dates for 1648 to 1654. For the record Birmingham 1648 was authorised on 02/11/1962 as ENTERPRISE for Enterprise Carrying Company, Reading with David Blagrove listed as 'Master'. edit =
  4. Oh yes it is for sale online https://www.greathaywoodboatsales.co.uk/shop/the-beech/
  5. Not a Lister JP2 but a Lister CE (2 cylinder - I have the engine serial number e.t.c.). I believe HERON has the same cabin conversion and has been a house boat at Oxford since the mid 1980's
  6. In recent years 'Bantock' seems to have become a generic term for any iron B.C.N. day boat, and usually applied incorrectly of course
  7. Berkhampstead lock 54. and looks like Jack Monk in command loaded with wood for delivery to one of several customers in the Midlands edit = add lock number
  8. SPEEDWELL was built in 1968 as a river tug for British Waterways Board. It was for sale by auction in 2006, at which time it was powered by a Ruston Hornsby 6VCBXM c320hp
  9. ROE https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-butty/617005 This boat started off at £100000 when advertised in June 2017 - now at £55000
  10. ANVIL https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/bantock-bros-57-butty/616901 Confusingly there are two B.C.N. day boat conversions called ANVIL, and both converted at about the same time and both have Lister engines. Fortunately these conversions are quite different in their construction as one retains both of its original ends and is fitted with anti-cavitation plates whereas the other has a welded counter stern
  11. I was bought up near Salford Bridge and spent most of my youth (from about 8 years old) on the canals of Birmingham. I was usually stopped at Garrison Locks and would have to show my Towpath Permit in order to continue whatever I was doing - and I am pretty sure I was stopped at Perry Bar Locks as well. 'Young' Charlie Atkins would want to see my Permit now and then, although he ended up 'giving me the nod' to help boats through Farmers Bridge and Aston Locks during weekends and school holidays. I think the requirement to carry a Towpath Permit ended in about 1975, but getting onto the towpath of the Birmingham canals remained a challenge
  12. What a jolly nice day out that was yesterday, so good I did not leave until 22:00 (for the 3 hour drive home !). It is always good to see friends, both new and old - and once again a special thanks to CHERTSEY for the hospitality
  13. I am hopeful that the worst of the restoration is over, with the taking apart finished and the rebuilding now under way. I am sure there will still be one or two surprises, but I do not think they will present too much of a problem. A busy work schedule will prevent me having 'a gander' in the immediate future, especially as HYADES is a long way from where I live. Hopefully it will sell to somebody who can care for it properly, and not motorise it as unconverted Grand Union buttys are getting few and far between. I will have to weigh up the pro's and con's of HYADES as there are a number of things I do not like (one being the price), but I think it has the potential to be quite a nice little boat
  14. This advert has been altered (yesterday I think) to HYADES only, so does this mean HYPERION has sold ? It is of the utmost importance that somebody buys HYADES quite quickly as I am so so tempted (but not at £29k and needing further works), but it would be irresponsible of me to enquire after this boat before my current boat is completed - and I really cant afford a butty. Aaaaagghhhhhhhhh
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