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  1. BCN Toll Islands

    This was about 5 minutes walk from where I was bought up, and where I spent much of my time as a boy. The only recognisable feature that remains at this scene is the island, the rest being devastated by the building of Gravelley Hill Interchange (Spaghetti Junction) a few years later - on which we used to ride our bikes whilst it was being built (no Health & Safety or Security in those days, and we were even given rides on the Dumper Trucks !)
  2. Water Cans and Handbowls

    This older 2 gallon Can sold this evening for £37.50 + £6.29 postage. It had previously been advertised as collect only from near the south coast:
  3. NB Effingham

    If you are going to Chester Records Office (or whatever it is called) then you should be able to get copies of the original Documents, and these will better quality than photocopies of photocopies. If you can't find them at Chester give me a shout and I am sort something out
  4. Cabin Strings

    Well there we go, every day is a school day
  5. NB Effingham

    I have a photocopy of the Pimblott Yard List, and although incomplete (Yard No. 634 of 1941 to the last boat Yard No. 832 of 1971) it includes all of the narrow boats that they built. I also have a complete photocopy of the Yarwood Yard Book, and I have recently sent a digital version of this to the archive at Ellesmere Port
  6. Cabin Strings

    I do not think I have ever seen cabin strings on a Pimblott motor, and this might be due to the rearward position of the chimney (they are often fixed to the same cabin top fastening that the chimney chain attaches to). My view is that they will look a bit odd on EFFINGHAM, but if you do plenty of practice and make them really fancy I might let you donate them for OTLEY - otherwise I will just buy them from Tradline, Braunston for £19:95
  7. NB Effingham

    If Mr Shepperd were to scroll through his e-mails he will find the one that I sent on 16 April 2016, and this included an attachment detailing the notes I hold on EFFINGHAM - including its Pimblott Yard Number and enough other detail for you to base the timeline on. edit = I think both BENBOW and GRENVILLE retain their Pimblott builders plate, and I suspect EFFINGHAM's will have been removed by an 'enthusiast' for their private collection.
  8. Hancock and Lane

    Sorry, only one envelope - but the fact that its B.W.B. index number can be dated to 1980/81 might indicate it is older than you think (B.W.B. index numbers were first issued in 1980 and included both older and brand new boat for that year)
  9. Hancock and Lane

    I have a few notes written on the back of old envelopes
  10. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    I am in the process of buying an 81 year old ex-working boat, and (gasp) I am buying without a survey. I am buying this boat because I like it and I want it. I am not interested in the investment potential or the opinion of a surveyor, and I will take on each problem as it arises. I believe I am getting this boat for a reasonable price so I can spend a fair amount in improvements, and if it needs a new bottom it will get one (unlikely as it was re-bottomed in 2003), and if it sinks I will raise it again. It strikes me from this thread that prospective boat owners want something as cheap as possible but also want to defer their risk. Mild steel boats sat in water is never going to be a good combination, and improved water quality with more free oxygen so encouraging corrosion is not going to help (metal hulled boats used to wear out but now they corrode instead) edit = my words relate to metal hull condition. Modern fixtures and fittings mean little to me (hence my interest in simple old working boats), but engines are engines whether in a car or a boat the buying principles are all the same.
  11. Historic Boats for sale online

    One of the things I like about ARUNDEL is that it does not try to pretend it is something it is not, i.e. no pretend rivets. It is simply built to the same design and dimensions as a large Northwich and I am sure that is was perfect for where it was meant to work. ARUNDEL was built from the baseplate up alongside OTLEY, whilst the later was being re-bottomed and re-footed in 2003 - but not quite a clone as the picture above shows the mounting of the grab rail to be as per original design whereas OTLEY's was modified by 1967 A shame it has box section handrails instead of Yarwood style handrails, especially as the rest of the boat is clearly in the general style of a small Northwich
  12. Hancock and Lane

    Originally named JINJA if the B.W.B. index is 68610
  13. Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    Yes I am aware as I was at the A.G.M. when this change was made, but for me it was too little too late. The main reason for the change was that a 'historic' boat could have more than one owner through marriage, family or consortium and prior to the change it was one boat one vote, so this change was not for the benefit of non 'historic' boat owning members - although clearly they did get the benefit as a side thought
  14. Threaded brass eye?

    I have several of these, and I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that they are horse related (many items on a working boat came from redundant horse tackle). What you need to look for is a 'wire terret' (such as the one below), or if you prefer to be a bit more flash a 'wire ball terret': https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Swage-Terret-Brass-Harness-Fitting-Individual/152731828879?hash=item238f86c28f:g:Ky8AAOSwgiRZ11a0
  15. Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    As a teenager I used to use a 45' Rugby Boatbuilder built hire cruiser with an open back end deck and Lister SR2 to tow B.C.N. day boats between central Birmingham and Dudley, but I would not claim this to be a tug - I also used CHRISTOPHER JAMES on occasions which definitely was a tug (if a little soft in places) edit = I am dropping out of this thread now as it is meant to be about the event at Audlem - which I am sure will be well worth attending.