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  1. It's a lot of money, isn't it! - It will be interesting to see how many of those pontoons actually acquire wide beams, as opposed to 2 narrow boats in the gap.
  2. Well it seems our dogs (and us) have made it onto the Friends of the Canal Museum page for the recent Village at War event... Just as well they chose a Saturday photo, rather than a Sunday one, or it might instead have shown me being wheeled away on a trolly by a pair of paramedics!
  3. No, I don't think they are..... I think all the "Wide Beam" is saying in the price list, is that that berth is one of an adjacent pair of narrow beam berths which could instead be taken by one wide beam. Look at (for example) berth 88 not shown as "wide beam" - the price is the same as the next 4 berths that are. It is confusing, I admit, but it clearly says at the bottom "wide beams pay for 2 pontoon lengths", and I'm 99% certain that means you have to double the figure shown. Ring them, and tell me if I'm wrong
  4. I imagine the BSS office would take exactly the same attitue to these as they do to the small camping stoves that use exactly the same gas cannisters and technology. (The base of these looks prety similar). In fact they might take a dimmer view, because you presumably run these typically for longer periods than you would (say) to boil a kettle on a stove. I really think they are not a great idea on a boat, as the equivalent stoves have been implicated in quite a number of mishaps, I believe.
  5. If I'm reading it correctly wide-beams pay for two narrow beam berths. The quarterly fee for a pontoon, even for a 55 foot boat is shown as, £940.46, so £3761.84 per annum. That would make a 55 foot wide beam £7523.68 per year! If you need 70 feet, then it would be £9575.60! It would need to be good!
  6. You need to do a bit of quiet research at the moorings you have in mind. Chat to other moorers who may be mostly live-aboard. I certainly know of tow-path where what you want to do would currently be a non-issue, but equally I can think of others where you could well have problems. Best to get it from those actually there.
  7. Much publicised on the Internet, it seems it is now for sale!. Go on, you know you want to! https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/liverpool-boats-53-cruiser-stern/617617
  8. If you mean Grove Marina, my understanding is that it has a reputation for being somewhat windswept, otherwise I know of no problems. Not sure about wide-beam pricing, but presumably you have enquired, (it used to have a waiting list).
  9. Are you talking about a "Waterside Moorings" tow-path based mooring, or maybe a berth at Grove Marina? I would be disappointed if a wide-beam were allowed on the Waterside Moorings tow-path moorings, as there really isn't the width along that stretch for it to be a great idea. Currently no vacancies are showing at that site, which seems odd, as there have always tended to be in the not that far distant past. I don't know what people do about parking there - certainly non is associated with the moorings.
  10. My 1.8 had to have a bypass stat, and if a normal one was fitted, the bypass would never have been blocked, meaning there was always a short circuit route for the water, that didn't involve passing through the skin tank. I neither know if all 1.8s are like that, (I've both been told that they are, and that they are not!), and I don't know about 1.5s.
  11. A thermostat that fails open or opens at a lower temperature than it should can cause no expensive damage to the engine, but it may end up overcooled and running at a lower temperature than optimal. One that fails closed or opens at a higher temperature than it should may cause the engine to overheat, but this will be full evident long before you do expensive damage. I can't see one failing and wrecking anything in an expensive way , unless you choose to ignore clouds of steam or hot burning smells.
  12. I'm not sure I'd bother - they don't fail very often, and I'm not certain that one that has worked OK for years is necessarily more likely to fail than a new one you have just fitted. If you do replace a thermostat on a BMC... 1) It can be quite fiddly, assuming your BMC has only a very short length of hose connecting it to an engine mounted Polar or Bowman header tank. It can be hard to get the thermostat housing over the studs, and put the pipe in place at the same time. 2) You need to know what temperature stat you are replacing. 74 degrees and 82 degress are common values. 3) If you have a special type of stat known as a "bypass stat" that has an extra extension with a disk on, you must replace with a bypass stat, and if you have standard non bypass type, then you must stick to that. Putting the wrong type in, (assuming you can actually manage it), will likely cause more problems than it solves. 4) One standard supplier, Calcutt, are not very good at understanding what you currently have, and actually sending a correct replacement - I know this from experience! Unless you know of anything wrong at the moment, personally I'd leave well alone.
  13. If Facebook is to be believed, the "Police Incident" is munitions found in the caal.
  14. The author of this Guardian Cryptic Crossword seems to be having a laugh....
  15. Well that's one, at least! - We just need to work on all the others now! (Sorry Mike, couldn't resist!).
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