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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. alan_fincher

    SR2 v ST2 v TS2

    Excellent rant, but I wonder if I'm the only one who can't quite tie it in with the discussion in this thread up to this point!
  2. alan_fincher

    A Tale of Several TVs, well DVDs actually

    Does anybody offer extended warranties where the clock gets reset if an item is replaced? I would rather doubt it. John Lewis is far better than what you may end up with the like of Argos. If they replace under some of their extended warranties, it is worded in that the warranty then terminates. You can buy a new warranty for the replaced product, but obviously you will have to pay again, and quite possibly more than you did in the first place. Most extended warranties are very poor value. John Lewis must consider it is still a good business decision to provide it for free on some electrical products, so it makes you realise how much some companies are coining it on the revenue they get from the paid for ones. (Unless, as Martin has said, this is part of the reason John Lewis are in trouble!).
  3. alan_fincher

    Labour Women's Conference

    That's not what the article says, is it? She has been elected to a post in a local party. To me your post implies she is in some kind of national post for the whole of the Labour party.
  4. alan_fincher

    SR2 v ST2 v TS2

    Actually our recently rebuilt HA2 smokes very little from cold. I certainly would in no way say it has to get up to working temperature, (however you define that on an air cooled engine!), before it runs pretty clean. If an air-cooled Lister is in tip top condition you don't get a lot of smoke at any temperature, except for the brief burst whenever you wind it on, (which is fuel, not oil). I'm also finding I have to put no oil in it (at all) between oil changes, so if it is using any, it is not enough to notice. Most air cooled Listers in narrow boats are not in tip top condition, though, of course.......
  5. alan_fincher

    Hull differendes?

    Careful now! A forum member is one of Ting Dene's sales managers!
  6. alan_fincher

    Choices For Wash Basin Wastes?

    From this article......
  7. alan_fincher

    Choices For Wash Basin Wastes?

    Yep, typical costs for anything other than a basic type from Screwfix of a DIY shed is £12 to £15. My qery is not abot money saving, it's about trying to avoid doing the same thing three times over! The trouble is the DIY sheds I looked in today (Wickes & Homebase) have shelf space for several types, almost all out of stock! What I did discover is that there is nothing like a standard depth on the threaded pipe, and as I know I was quite limited on the install, I need to measure up what I have, and make sure any replacement will fit. I also noted that an unwrapped pop-up type I found in Homebase it was possible to easily extract the pop up mechanism. So when at the boat, I'll examine mine again, because it didn't seem to look easy to dismantle! :off_topic: Anybody know what's going on with Homebase? Our local on rebranded to Bunnings Warehouse not long back, but has quickly reverted to Homebase. Inside it is still firmly "Bunnings Warehouse" though, everything in long aisles of tall racks. However the Homebase I was in in Northampton the other day is just like Homebase always was, (including expensve!), and not at all like Bunnings Warehouse. I know the Bunnings thing has been a marketing disaster that has not worked well in the UK, and thought Homebase were in great trouble as a brand, but does anybody know the current story, please?
  8. alan_fincher

    Hull differendes?

    Well we know quite a lot about the incident that Ray posted pictures of. It is from 10 years ago at Offerton locks on the W&B, and the 70 foot boat "Abigail" was in the charge of it's owner and Ray Bowern of Streethay Wharf , so we know we are not talking about amateurs. The best explanation seems to be that it is an old Les Allen boat, built "Birmingham square", so as wide across the baseplate as it is at the top of the hull, and that this in some way contributed to it hanging on some unidentified projection as the lock emptied rapidly, (and if you know the W&B, those really are very fast emptying locks with very little reaction time possible if something goes wrong). It was suggested in several places that the overhanging wearing edge of the baseplate was excessively large - maybe as much as an inch. Not the sort of hazard one might expect with a Les Allen shell, but it will not have helped. IIRC, BW tried to blame it on "inappropriate operation of the lock", but it seems highly likely to me the lock will have had some issue of some kind of projection to cause the hang, and hard to see how it was the experienced boaters at fault. What I couldn't understand was why, before they got a 60 tonne crane on the job, they could not work out exactly what it was hung on. Can't have been hard, surely? http://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2008/07/departing-stree.html
  9. alan_fincher

    Xmas present for Cath Fincher

    Very helpful David! 😟 Cath actually already has more "Flamingo-wear" than I do, but now she has seen this is saying "I quite like it actually!". This could cost me even more money......
  10. alan_fincher

    Clifton wharf scary

    The boat shown on the news-clip I saw was one of the "No Problem"s, which a have been the subject of one of the better known blogs, (Sue used to post on here). I think this s the second of the line, a former Black Prince hire boat, much modified. (they now have a wide beam "No Problem XL", I think, so no longer own this one). The name is rather inappropriate now, of course.
  11. alan_fincher

    Choices For Wash Basin Wastes?

    Yes, mine's not a Screwfix one, but I'm feeling much the same. I might not feel so miffed if it had been "popped" a few thousand times before expiring, but I suspect it didn't manage more than a few dozen times.
  12. alan_fincher

    CRT and anti vandal keys

    Actually "water conservation key" us how BW generally described them, and indeed CRT may still well do so. Boaters may mostly know them as "handcuff keys", but that's not how the authorities have tended to refer to them. A bit like "Watermate key" rather than "BW Key" (or "CRT Key"?), for the Yale type keys.
  13. alan_fincher

    Hull differendes?

    No, I don't think so. I don't think the incident pictured here was in any way attributed to the width of the boat, (which was I think quite an old one at the time that incident occurred). I believe BW claimed the boat has "not been operated correctly" (!) The legal case about an "over width" boat related to a Liverpool Boats built shell failing to get through Hurleston, though it was the fitter out that sold the boat that was taken to court, not Liverpool Boats, I believe.
  14. alan_fincher

    Clifton wharf scary

    You would need to check their log.
  15. alan_fincher

    Clifton wharf scary

    There would be some strange irony here if this were on the new bit of moorings on the main line,where they have created some very unsatisfactory permanent moorings against typical Northern Oxford sloping stone sides, (rather than up the branch,). Nothing to do with the "tree down" of course, and I'm of course glad nobody was hurt, but those new moorings really should never have been agreed by CRT, (assuming they have been, of course!).

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