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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. It is certainly remarkably like a can I have here that everybody seemed to agree was definitely Ron's work.
  2. I see! I've probably not noticed them because perhaps they were lurking behind the Green Goddess!
  3. I think any variants by Tyler Wilson or Colecraft are likely to cost a fair bit more than what a Liverpool Boat Company one would have done, if they were still producing them. I'd rate the former as at least mid-market, whereas LBC were definitely towards the lower end price wise.
  4. Despite the "tug" description in the advert, Eliza doesn't have what most peoplew call a "tug deck" on a modern build though does it? The pictures show a sunken well deck.
  5. I think there is only one unrestored boat there, isn't there? (Unless things have changed since we were last there).
  6. I would politely suggest that if the OP has done so little research that they have not picked up on the fact that the Liverpool Boat Company eased building boats a tidy few years ago now, they have probably done very little research at all. There is no substitute for making a list of likely suppliers at the kind of price you are prepared to pay, then actually getting out there and talking to people who have recently had boats built by those suppliers.t However, although I can't quote numbers, I get the impression that not a lot of brand new narrow boat shells are being produced at the lower price brackets though. Certainly talking to boatyards in the areas we operate most probably over 90% of all new boats being craned in are wide beams, (and it seems increasingly very wide beams).
  7. Hmm I'm not sure there's enough time between now and this year's showfor me to lose the wieight necessary to get back into the leopard skin! Seriously though Graham, given the parading weather you have manged to arrange for us in some recent years an oilskin and a souwester would have been more practical!
  8. I feel a challenge has just been thrown at me there, Graham! Now then - the purple, or the pink, do you think?...................
  9. I think you need to study when those closures started, and all the other restrictions in the North over recent periods. There seemed to be times when much of the Northern canals were closed as through routes. The Peak Forest closure has been extended until 24th May. We planned to go that way to get to the HNBC historic boat gathering at Hebden Bridge - now impossible, because the stoppage doesn't end until the date of the event.
  10. That's a very unexpected answer as I was able to move one of our 82 year old boats to cover with GJW as recently as November last year. If what you say really is the case it must represent a very major change f direction in a very short time.
  11. There you are folks - beyond the call of duty, I tell you. I've had to deliberately knacker my domestic boiler to get him talking to you again!
  12. Certainly triple beers......
  13. Yes the Morco D61 is instantaenous heater is the usual solution to this. For a private boat they are completely acceptable in BSS terms. I have fitted two of my own now, and for each the examiners have commented on how well they were working, and had no issues with them whatsoever. As has been said, fine if you are competent to install yourself, but there may be issues with a professional not being prepared to fit an open flued device, even if the BSS s happy with them. The other issue is that the Morco seems to have gone out of production, though I have seen several cases recently of people selling ones that are "new and unused" that they bought but never ended up fitting. I wouldn't chose to use a gas boiler to heat a calorifier. Heating with LPG is an expensive option. At least with an instantaneous heater all the heated water is used as it is made, and not much gas is wasted. Keeping a calorifier hot inevitably means a slow loss of heat from it, and hence a boiler needing to kick in periodically to keep it hot, even if no hot water is being drawn off.
  14. No don't distract him....... ..... he is actually trying very hard to help me sort out an issue with a domestic boiler!
  15. Even with two 1936 boats I have known for some time what Steampunk is. This may, (or may not!) be influenced by the fact that several owners of similar boats are often seen crewing them in Steampunk related attire. You are right in a way though..... Just about to leave for the Bluebell Railway where hopefully we will be puled by some "modern" steam, some of it dating from the 1870s.....
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