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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. I can't believe it's not Buddha!
  2. Yes the Smedleys still own Ben - I have recently seen it being discussed elsewhere.
  3. alan_fincher


    If it is a skin tank cooled system, and the skin tank is adequate, then thed temperature should rise to around the opening temperature of the thermostat that your engine is fitted with. the two common values for a BMC thermostat seems to be 74 degrees C or 82 degrees C. As the gauges or the thermostats are not particularly accurate if you have an 82 degree stat then a reading of 87 degrees doesn't sound too far adrift. If you ever have the thermostat out, it should have its opening temperature stamped on it.
  4. That's not a spelling error - it's a typing error!
  5. Well to be fai the first of these is "IN ORIGIONAL CONDITON"!
  6. It's clearly not always a lie of course, because CRT do grant people exceptions, often for months at a time, if they feel their circumstances justify it. What you can't tell of course when you see a non-mover is whether it is there legitimately or not. Probably most are not, but some are.
  7. alan_fincher

    Lister HR3

    User error? Using the wrong engine, do you mean? But I think we should get back to the original topic....... If you want a superbly reliable and efficient engine, I strongly look at the excellent unit that Hugh is offering at a bargain price! Good suggestion, but the third boat I have in mind already has a perfectly good H series Lister!
  8. Has any of the many people who have contributed to this thread actually tried putting any of their concerns, complaints or suggestions to anybody in CRT? If so what response if any did you get? If you haven't do you accept that discussing it on here will not change anything - all you are doing is letting of steam!
  9. As ever, I'm sure this is a completely on the nail description from Steve. I don't think any of us who now have GUCCCo Northwich back cabins, (either original or later copies), would conceivably want to live with a boat the way they first supplied them!
  10. alan_fincher

    Lister HR3

    Yes it's terrible owning engines that just start at the simple push of a button, and which will run all day without a hiccup. If only I had gone for something needing a blowlamp that suffered melt down a few weeks later.................... ......... actually trying to force a 72 foot working boat up the Rochdale, (some even claim it to have been fully restored, but we are not seeing the evidence!), I'll stick with an "H" series, thanks!
  11. alan_fincher

    Lister HR3

    This sounds phenomenally good value - well, frankly, too cheap! Sellers I was trying to deal with a while back would all have wanted massively more for a low hours ex generator engine. Unfortunately i now have three HAs and only two boats, so couldn't justify another Lister. I can't see you still having that for long - good luck with the sale!
  12. I can't recall what the 12 to 16 foot ash poles, 2" diameter, cost that are being sold via Brinklow Boat Services, but trust me they are massively better value than this. They would make ideal handles for a proper keb head, but would be too big for these much less heavy duty manure rakes that people are posting links to here. Horses for courses, really, depending on expected use. I personally have never thought of using a full sized keb to drag stuff off the blades. Useful! Similar clues to "which was is the hook pointing" would be very useful on a short shaft as well.
  13. There are...... .......they are called "pram hoods", one of the most horrible looking things to ever get attached to a narrow boat, but now fitted in ever increasing numbers. Most make it impossible to realistically cruise safely on a typical British canal, particularly the narrow ones, o their sole purpose seems to be to increase the inside volume of the boat when tied up.
  14. I passed Dehli on its home moorings this morning. A very attractive boat, but like others of the type in a similar paint scheme the LMS Crimson Lake, (or whatever the exact colour is) is definitely on the way out in the way that those kind of reds usually are. If interested, I think I'd want t0 negotiate a potential repaint, particularly given the current high asking price.
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