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  1. Surveyor recommendations

    He appears to be London based, so even if he is prepared to travel to any of the areas mentioned, isn't it going to end up rather expensive. Trevor Whitling is one of the most highly regarded narrow boat surveyors, so I can only say your vote against him is a surprise. I wish he had found less that needed doing on one of our boats - I wouldn't have ended up shelling out so much on re-plating!
  2. Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    I could never get on with Maplins.......
  3. Cardboard Boats

    EM gauge is the same 4mm to the foot scale, but with track gauge increased from 16.5mm to 18mm. (EM stands for "eighteen milliimetre" That does make the track look more correct, but still only represents a gauge of 4' 6", still not enough for 4' 8.5" As Ray says, things like Proto4 are needed for it to be a truly accurate representation of the gauge.
  4. RIP Trevor Maggs

    Yes, I don't think there was any doubt this would be an exceedingly well attended celebration of Trevor's life, although I was told the family expected maybe up to 50 to attend from the boating community. I hope they didn't feel too overwhelmed when well over three times that number turned up. We arrived close enough to the time to be aware immediately that they had had to do a quick switch from the smaller chapel to the large one. It was still standing room only, though. What a good thing it was such a large pub had been booked for the gathering afterwards. Very fitting to have Corona tied up outside, though it felt very strange to see it without Trevor. What a fitting tribute to a true gentleman of the canals. He will be sorely missed at all the events he had been a regular at for so many years.
  5. Surveyor recommendations

    Another vote for Trevor Whitling
  6. Cardboard Boats

    I love mixed units! Of course that means a model of 4' 8.5" gauged track should have the rails about 18.83mm apart, whereas OO actaully uses gauge of just 16.5mm, which scales up to only 4' 3". That's why OO gauge models always look like they are too big in relation to the track used. I'll take the Anorak off now.
  7. March of the Wide Beams

    Thank you Mark
  8. March of the Wide Beams

    If you mean the boater representatives on Council, then several of them are actually far more visible than the previous incumbents in the role when all were IWA "grandees". Both Stella Ridgway (boaters rep) and Andy Tidy (trade rep) have been known to post updates on progress in various areas, something the previous lot never did in my experience. Try contacting them, and see if it has been raised, though where it is strictly within the remit of Council I'm not really sure. Probably more appropriate is the Navigation Advisory Group (NAG). I'd be surprised if NAG had not raised this given that people like Sue Cawson and Mark Tzzard sit on NAG. Mark posts on here, so perhaps he will comment. Alternately the meeting notes from that group should be on te CRT web-site It has certainly been raised within CRT through the South East Partnership Boaters Subgroup. (Many of the areas affected are within South East waterways). I understand that the fact that wide-beams in appropriate places has been raised at all has proved unpopular in some places as a result, though not in places I'm in a habit of visiting (!)
  9. My boat

    And if you do install the engine you mention, and advertise it, then try to get its name right. I realise you may have just made some typos, but that kind of detail matters to people, and if a description is sloppy it may put people off looking. A lot of people will not favour an air cooled engine in a leisure boat, because they are generally a fair bit louder, and also the wasted heat can't be used to heat domestic water. Does the shell have a skin tank that allows fitting a water cooled engine. It would, I feel sure be easier to sell if the engine is water cooled with a skin tank. (So says the man with two boats both with air cooled engines! )
  10. Rather nice canalsise property

    Unfortunately, to my eye at least, it has now instead been converted to an unshabby eyesore. The character of the building has been completely destroyed, and what could have looked good beside the canal is now a horribly overdeveloped overblown mess, quite inappropriate to its surroundings. I think I preferred looking at it unused and unloved - at least then you could have imagined a decent future for it.
  11. Adding a click or notch to indicate in neutral

    Is the Borg Warner gearbox a mechanical type that needs a heavy shove, or is this arrangement working a hydraulic box in some way, hence there it little physical resistance to the pushing and pulling of the lever. (Sorry if that proves to be a dumb question because, for example, there is no such thing as a manually shifted Borg Warner box - I don't know what they have made over the years). As I said, some pictures might help.
  12. Adding a click or notch to indicate in neutral

    It sounds more like a push/pull rod operated gears to me, with a mechanical box. However if it were that, often the box itself will have some kind of detent that makes it faitly obvious when you are somewhere near neutral. Perhaps OP can confirm. Some pictures of current arrangements might help.
  13. Never get anything on the prop again!

    That was the one that is the subject of the OP, surely? It seems a reasonable bet that as it is photographed at High Line's yard, it is no longer where it always seemed to be used to be tied up.
  14. RIP Trevor Maggs

    Obituary in the Coventry Telegraph.
  15. Waterside Moorings

    Yes, but the presence of wardens on the sites did not of course mean that there were not also people in offices responsible for the management of the moorings. The moorings have always been administered and let by people in offices, haven't they?