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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    Retired (from Computing)
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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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    Grand Union (Southern)

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  1. alan_fincher

    A sad tale

    Not on a "Grand Union" boat, certainly, they wouldn't. The bows are much bluffer than boats like Joshers, and there isn't enough usable space for beds even for moderate sized children.
  2. alan_fincher

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    The problem with that statement is that there have been many different shades of "Waterways blue" over the years. Studying old pictures shows boats in very different shades, attributable to ra more than just fading. This is the shade we have been advised to use on our tug that is restored to British Waterways maintenance boat colours of a certain era..... Here is a sign just erected locally.......
  3. alan_fincher

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    I love the one on a post that they have actually installed underneath a zip tie holding up a notice about winter moorings. As winter moorings ended weeks ago, that sign needs removing, but no, let's just leave it there, and have the old fastening crossing over the brand new sign. Initiative doesn't seem to be in some people's skill-set!
  4. alan_fincher

    Thoughts on this boat

    This blog post suggests it may have been for sale for 4 years...... http://nbyarwood.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/nb-kyle-up-for-sale.html
  5. alan_fincher

    A sad tale

    This may be of interest for those who are not that well acquainted with "Star" http://www.hnbc.org.uk/boats/star
  6. alan_fincher


    So have the crane operator and his banksman. Reliable source.
  7. alan_fincher


    I have been told quite the reverse, and that those who have to crane them in get very anxious because the bottoms flex very badly.
  8. alan_fincher


    This is standatd for Viking boats - they all have one of those stupid things, I think. Completely bonkers. The arrangements for the front fender would also appera to be likely to cause problems if it gets hung on a gate in an emptying lock. And they think this is worth showing off......
  9. alan_fincher

    Pump out prices

    In that case I would sack that butler of yours................
  10. alan_fincher

    Thoughts on this boat

    We were seriously persuing a boat with an RN - indeed might now own one had the owner not pissed us about something rotten. I did a bit of research as the time, and not all feedback was positive. I don't still have the messages I exchanged with the well respected late Tim Leech, but I know he sent me a long list of things to be aware of. As I understand it both the Nationals and the RNs can be buggers to hand start when cold, so I think I would only really want an electric start one, (which this probably is).
  11. alan_fincher

    A sad tale

    Thank Gawd for that - it seems that I was OK to stick my neck out on this..... It's obvious if you think about it that Star wasn't going to be original in hat department, but I've obviouslmy never looked at it closely enoughto realise that what had been put there wasn't particularly convincing!
  12. alan_fincher

    Thoughts on this boat

    It's 36 years old, so to justify that sort of price, the hull will need to have been very well looked after. Russell Newbery engines raise a lot of different views - some people love em, some people hate em. I'm only looking at small pictures - does it have electric start?
  13. I'm able to understand a post without commenting on it.............. ............ Damn! - not always it seems.
  14. alan_fincher

    Minworth embankment repair

    I think it is pretty obvious they realise a serious error of judgement was made, and would be amazed if those involved didn't learn from it. What I have posted seems a pretty fair statement of fact. They admit they got it wrong, but do you imagine they would have faced no criticism at all, had they concluded that they couldn't remove enough material to reopen the canal for Easter?

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