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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    Retired (from Computing)
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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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    Grand Union (Southern)

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  1. alan_fincher

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    As an aside, Crossley's attempts to move from diesel engines for boats to diesel engines for railway locomotives, was an unmitigated disaster. Very unusually they were two stroke rather than 4 stroke engines. Most of the Crossley engined locomotive engines had only a very limited and unsuccessful working life. The curious Co-Bo (3 axles on one bogie, but only two on the other) "Metrovic" design was such an example.
  2. alan_fincher

    Ammeter wiring

    But if you stick with the 60A full scale deflection, then when it monitors charge to the starter battery it will show close to bugger all, and if it's on the domestic bank in a circuit featuring he inverter, it will potentially need to measure more than the maximum 60 amps it is calibrated for. It is not suitable for either use. ^^^^^ This
  3. alan_fincher

    Max persons underway

    I'm genuinely surprised that a 50 foot narrow boat is only marked up for 4 people. Seems quite daft to me. Fortunately I have never owned a narrow boat new enough to fall foul of this daft idea. One of our boats used to carry 48 people (plus crew) without managing to roll over!
  4. alan_fincher

    N/B Prince

    Paul H details three different working boats named "Prince" earlier in the thread....
  5. alan_fincher

    Elderly Drivers

    You can't get penalty points for driving without a seatbelt. From http://www.saferroads.org/tickets/seatbelt/ A. A seatbelt offence currently carries a minimum penalty of £100 fixed penalty fine with no endorsable penalty points. If the case goes to court, this can increase to a maximum fine of £500.
  6. alan_fincher

    Boat builder enquiry

    Has any Harborough boat ever had a V bottom, even a shallow one? I've never heard of it, I think. Please post a picture or two.
  7. alan_fincher

    Elderly Drivers

    Not sure if it has a mention, but he is apparently back behind the wheel again already........
  8. alan_fincher

    Boat builder enquiry

    Interestingly I thought you could use CRT's online licensing system to correct or modify details of your boat(s). However having just tried it for one of mine, it seems the majority of the fields are greyed out and will not accept input. I can't for example correct the power of "Sickle's" engine from the 33HP one it used to have to the 22hP one it has now. Also I can't see the builders name displayed anywhere on the screen I am presented with, even though I know CRT hold it (or used to hold it?) on their records. In fact, other than the name of the boat, and insurance details, it doesn't appera there is much it would let me change. Most odd!
  9. alan_fincher

    Ammeter wiring

    I can see very very little benefit in putting an ammeter in the charging circuit of just the starter battery. With a modern diesel very little gets taken out of a starter battery when you start the engine, so there is very little to put back. I doubt that meter will read very much at all all in normal circumstances. Also it is designed to measure in both directions, charge and discharge, but used just to monitor a charging current it will only ever move to the right, and never to the left.
  10. alan_fincher

    BMC rocker cover replacement.

    Just like was the case when an MG badge was put on on an Austin or Morris car it will not make it go any faster!
  11. alan_fincher

    Elderly Drivers

    Depends if you call a broken wrist "not hurt", I sppose. The only time it happened to me it hurt a lot!
  12. alan_fincher

    Tardebigge Times

    I usually find the water isn't clear enough to see any fish!
  13. alan_fincher

    Elderly Drivers

    At least he is (as far as I know!) not still taking the controls of things that fly! Without knowing the full story it appears he pulled out of a side turning on an A road into the path of the oncoming car, (I think I saw something about him saying he had been blinded by the sun, in which case, surely you don't pull out without a lot more checking?). There seems little doubt he was totally to blame for what occurred, and it is good fortune that those in the other car were not more seriously hurt. Whether he should be prosecuted is a Police matter, of course, but it sounds like he should at least be persuaded to hang up his keys for good. It's not as if he can't afford to pay somebody to drive him around, is it? EDITED TO ADD: I'm not sure if Mrs May asked him to do this, to get something different on the front pages!
  14. alan_fincher

    BMC rocker cover replacement.

    "Previously enjoyed!". Oh FFS!
  15. alan_fincher

    March of the Widebeams

    Are you looking for responsibility for a particular region, or in the wider context of it being able to happen anywhere? Once again it seems more or less impossible to delve on-line into the current CRT organisational structure much below board level. I never find their search facility will easily show who reports to who, or their areas of responsibility. Mathew Syumonds carries the title "Boating Strategy and Engagement Manager " I think (whatever that means!), unless it has changed yet again quite recently. Is Jon Hosfall Head of Customer Services, and does Matthew report to him? I'm not sure any more! I would have thought all this stuff ultimately falls under Julie Sharman, Chief Operating Officer. Why not direct at all three, and ask for clarification about who you should be talking to?

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