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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. alan_fincher

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    It must vary by region then. The Tesco Express stores we use most, (Herts and Northants), always sell milk in multiples of whole pints.
  2. alan_fincher

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    If that's about the reference to pints, I think you will find that most of the large supermarkets still sell their milk in exact multiples of pints rather than litres. Milk in litres tends to be small convenience stores and filling stations. (Or at least it is like that where I do most of my shopping).
  3. alan_fincher

    BMC 1.8

    Early Sherpas definitely used the BMC B series 1800 engine. It always used to amuse me that my boat engine could have had an earlier life working for BW. The diesel version of that van must have been a real sluggard, surely?
  4. alan_fincher

    My latest acquisition

    But Ray says it fits the Ham Baker gear, so it must surey the old large GU eye size. I believe it will not work elsewhere on the GU, or on narrow canals, unless they have those rare cases of hydraulic gear that has not had the spindle size reduced, (if any still survive). If you have one that works on the GU south paddle gear, (with the reduced size spindles) and throughout the Midlands, I suspect it is a small eyed one, whereas if Ray is right about what his fits, I'm sure it must be a large eyed one
  5. alan_fincher

    My latest acquisition

    But is a 1970s mass produced cast brass/bronze windlass a "thing traditional"? Pretty though they are, I would say, not really. I don;t think the fact that Ray has managed to buy one at £21 when some have sold for 4 or 5 times that is too much of a worry. I do worry about people paying £90 or so for a windlass that is not now much use for very much at all, other than decoration, though! £21 sounds more like the market readjusting to some kind of sanity, (assuming it is not a one off).
  6. alan_fincher

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    Quite apart from the issue of poor contact to an internal fuse, it has always been my understanding that the "square" pins in a 13A mains plug make the connection between plug and socket less reliable than was the case with old round pin plugs. I once saw them referred to as one if the worst bits of design of the 20th century. For a start the contact is usually only to a relatively small are and on just two of the flats. By comparison the old round pin plugs have a round pin into exanding cylinder approach, and the contact is over a much larger are of the pin, (if it' all working well!) in my experience the round pin 5A plugs are good for far more that 5A without significant volts drop, (and hence heating of the plug). If it were me, I would always chose the 5 amp, rather than 2 amp size, as the contact area is a lot greater, and the holes where the conductors go will take larger flex. The price of 5A sockets is quite low (if you buy on e-Bay or at Toolstation - maybe not in Midland Chandlers!), so swapping over to a larger size doesnt need to cost the earth.
  7. alan_fincher

    Researching the history of my boat 'No 45436'

    I think it has been called Detrytus for quite a lot of years. Often if thee has been a name change on a boat in relatively recent years, the CanalPlanAC boat listing that David pulled out will show a record for both names. It doesn't, adding to my belief it has had the name quite a while.
  8. alan_fincher

    My latest acquisition

    Actually for the old size "GU South" spindles, none of which survive, I think. It will work on the Ham Baker gear too, of course, but probably has a lot of taper, which they don't have, so not totally ideal.
  9. Thank you kind sir. I've been meaning to ask if it was you and Mrs Athy that I thought I spotted in a Tesco in Northampton just under 2 weeks ago? I can't think why it might have been but if it wasn't the pair of you then have a good pair of doubles! I was absorbed in something, and thought I would risk a greeting, but by the time I had sorted myself out had lost all trace of you, (or someone who looks like you!).
  10. OK, I think Cath may have had some contact about this, but just to confirm we are now booked into the Travelodge for both the Sunday and the Monday nights. Anybody else?
  11. One thing I note is much of the thread talks about people preferring Saturday 29th for the banter, but the date settled on is Sunday 30th. I'll report the thread and ask that mods actually put the Sunday 30th date in the title.
  12. alan_fincher

    Plastic pipe. Does it matter what brand fittings.

    If this is for radiator/finrad circuits, you will presumably have anti-freeze present, so use of copper pipe is not an issue. However, unless you are going to drain down when the boat is left unheated n winter, I would avoid copper pipe for fresh / potable water. Plastic pipe is far more resilient to freezing conditions than copper is, in my experience.
  13. alan_fincher

    PRM 150 oil change

    You didn't "it comes out a subtly darker shade than when it went in", you said....... People reacted to what you said, not what you are now saying. You seem to have ignored the possibility that any worn metal simply sinks to the bottom, and might not noticeably change the colour of the oil. If your oil is genuinely "black", (or even tending towards black), then I'd say you quite likely have a problem, (and a gearbox can easily fail without getting hit - that's not the only measure of a potential fail). If it is demonstrating a very subtle change if colour, (but there is no black), then you are probably OK. But that's not even close to what you said!

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