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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. If the picture is right then 8A 34B At £8.99 that's a very good deal, I would say. (Always assuming you can find any in stock, which is the problem I regularly have with Aldi special offers!......) https://www.aldi.co.uk/1kg-fx-dry-powder-fire-extinguisher/p/700885326200800
  2. As indeed do many typical Trent and Mersey ground paddles.
  3. Ah that clarifies. When you said " The boat has wooden roofing " I wrongly took your meaning as it is a boat with a wooden topped cabin.
  4. Ah, that explains it, (a bit!) If you read down the facebook thread it says they can't be precise about a reopening date, but are hoping for mid February.
  5. The website is active, and would imply it is up and operational at the moment.... .... though I accept it can't be, if it's not there! 😀 https://gongoozlersrest.wixsite.com/gongoozler
  6. Can we be clear that the tongue and groove boards you are looking at on the inside are not the same woodwork as is forming the actual "outer" structure of the boat, (which will probably have additionally some sheet material as an outer covering. By that I mean hopefully there is some layer of insulation between the wood you are having problems with on the inside, and the outer shell of the cabin. If there isn't, I think it will be hard to solve. Boats need a layer of insulation behind all inner sides and ceilings.
  7. Why would any of 1 to 3 cause a circuit bereaker to trip, though? All would surely resut in less current passing through a circuit breaker than was intended - definitely not more current. EDIT: I missed the "beers" bit of your post! You might not have come up with the first three items had you not drunk those beers!
  8. Your description doesn't add up to me. If you are trying to push through more pipe and constrictions than in a shorter boat, then the pump will surely reach its cut off pressure sooner because it can't shift the water down the pipework fast enough. After all if you take the most extreme case and cut all the taps off to give zero flow it will quickly reach its cut off pressure and shut down. How can your pump not be reaching its cut off pressure? As someone else asks what do you actually mean by "the pump trips"? A pump shouldn't "trip" if you shut all the taps, of if you close one to nearly shut, so why should it just because of a long pipe run? I don't think you are using the right words to describe the issues you are having,and without a beter description, I doubt anybody can give you the right advice.
  9. It's been on several weeks now. Absolutely lovely boat, but price may be optimistic, I think, in the current market.
  10. And there was I thinking "Trust Aware" stickers are what they attach to broken lock mechanisms, detached handrails and orange netting around voids in the tow-path, as an alternative to actually fixing them!
  11. I have just found where Pete Harrison confirms all the Admirals originally had Parsons Merganser air cooled engines.... (For once I get away with making an assumption that is actually correct! 😂)
  12. Good question - I'm sure Pete Harrison can give the definite answer. My assumption would be the "Parsons Meganser" air-cooled 2 cylinder engine, (actually the Armstrong Siddley AS2, but marketed by Parsons, who would have supplied the gearboxes). Whether that assumption is completely correct, I'm not sure, (it is only an assumption), but I think probably at least Mountbatten still use this engine type - it certainly did in this video. EDIT: Magnetman seems to agree, as he has nipped in ahead of me whilst I was looking for the video!
  13. It shouldn't unless you have got the boat name a bit wrong!
  14. You have a partner that runs in batteries?... .... I won't ask!
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