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    Building a very small fleet of ex working boats!

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    "Sickle" & "Flamingo" (both built 1936, by W.J. Yarwood and Sons)
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  1. I doubt it appears on Snopes, but you are wrong!
  2. Just about every significant prop foul I have had on three different boats has been when in reverse, and often when I was hoping to stop quickly. I very seldom "pick up" in ahead gear. iInow try to use reverse as little as possible where fouling is likely, and where i have to as gently as possible. When I hit problems is is usually when i haven't managed to do that. Mostly I have little success in clearing any real prop foul by short blasts of reverse. OK for leaves and weeds. Generally no good for assorted rubbish.
  3. Not the Alvechurch hire boat which ran into Sickle when moored on the wharf outside High House Wharf, just after it had come out of the paint dock, and before we had even seen it. This, (as you know) is straight and wide, but apparently they were witnessed as swerving and heading straight at our back end. And yes, I have complained to the hire company. There are some daft comments above - I would complain if anyone hit our boat and did damage, provided i had a witness for who did the hitting. Obviously though those giant wheel steed monsters on an unsuitable canal, and in the hands of those who are clueless, are far more likely to cause these kind of issues. The wheel steered ones seem to have far more trouble not hitting things than the tiller steed ones, in my experience, even if this means a steerers mate positioned on each side to actually advise where the sides of the boat are versus things likely to get hit.
  4. A caveat is that we have just spent 5 weeks delayed on the Rochdale due to two different lock failures in quick succession. One week for a cill failure on a lock in Rochdale, then a full 4 weeks for a collapsed gate and broken quoin stone on a lock at Failsworth, nearer to Manchester. The infrastructure of the Rochdale seems to be in a significantly worse state than when we were last on it about 5 years ago.
  5. Renown was a very different looking boat when I first encountered it back in the early 1970s.
  6. CRT are introducing a series of ever narrowing bridges onto the GU. The idea is that you start by trying to go through the widest, then the next narrower one, (and so on). The licence fee is on a sliding scale - the more bridges you can get through the less you pay, (although you are not allowed to remove coping stones to get yourself onto a lower cost licence!).
  7. I don't think I've knowingly met Catweasel, but to be honest, I didn't have him down as being able to run that fast!
  8. As does Tuel Lane on the Rochdale, of course.
  9. I think the BSS can be very iffy about having flexible sections in a spill rail, even if that was original equipment on the engine. Our Calcutt marinised BMC 1800 in a previous boat had the original BMC vehicular arrangement, and the boat came with much documentation from when it had been failed, but they had successfully argued the case. At least one BSS under ownership the examiner threatened to fail it, but relented when shown the paperwork. I imagine that just using fuel hose might be considered a no no by some examiners, (ours was at least a complete one piece manufactured part), but admit I have not called up the latest BSS check list to see exactly what it says on the topic. It's worth doing that, at least, before putting effort into something that might fail a BSS.
  10. No - far too practical compared to Sickle!
  11. For those wondering what Theophilus looked like... Last time I saw it afloat, (compare it to its sister boat Sickle, alongside)... and I think the last time I saw it at Glascote....
  12. ^^^^^^ Exactly this! Different Chris, but definitely a Chris.
  13. As it is the same seller for both this one and Baldock, I think that is beyond doubt. As he just posted the ad, he can always tell us if it isn't! I'm surprised to see Chris offering both for potential sale - it is not long ago he was still telling me of his great plans for both. The kit of parts for Baldock may even include a Kabola drip fed boiler ex Flamingo - I'm not sure!
  14. This may (or may not!) be part of the kit....
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