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  1. Cut me some slack, I was running out of word ideas 😅 I can provide the answer sheet should anyone want it 😂
  2. The motor appears to have no gunnels, could she be one of the converted horseboats?
  3. In looking up Midlands and Coast, I keep seeing mentions of Fishers Dock in Old Hill. Where was it and what's happened to it?
  4. The man who will know anything worth knowing is Mr Harrison; but I suspect that you'll have to join us in the ranks of motorised-butty owners who get to say "well she's one of (insert number here)" Although I rather think she suits the name "Castlefield"
  5. You can spend as little or as much on fabric; old curtains, end-of-rolls, or even (don't judge ) plus size garments can all provide low cost fabric. I made a full length, bustle train ball gown out of curtain to the grand cost of £7...
  6. I've just sent a PM Dar Kuma
  7. Ok, problem solved (touch wood) Like all new things, it's experiencing a couple of teething problems! More Sock Critters to be uploaded soon
  8. Right, here's the long awaited shop! Still needs testing properly but the link is here none the less http://linnets-circus.co.uk/shop/
  9. I shall post a link to my brand new (read, as yet un-created) shopping cart tomorrow as soon as possible. In the meantime, if a particular critter has taken your fancy, feel free to say here (or in a PM if you're embarrassed ) and I shall either reserve him for you or start stitching
  10. Right,heres a link that I hope will work! https://m.facebook.com/kdrabbit/albums/10203119012166159/
  11. Hi all! I'm indeed in the Sock-Critter business, with orders being taken :-) currently im able to make Sockpigs, sockerfish, sockducks and sockbunnies (planning on bringing in sockadiles, sockfrogs and glovechickens soon), prices about £2/3 per critter plus postage, though discounts for bulk critters available . I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow, and a link to a shop! (though we're not doing to well with this online cart business )
  12. Differences in paint composition of today and of that mythical time of " back then" would surely make complete mimicry of an old paint job nigh on impossible anyway; not to mention that the boat is now in a different job - she's now an advert for the museum and for the skills of those who worked on her, not just a floating HGV. I reckon a big well done is in order (even if you have pinched my favoured scheme back )
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