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  1. OK I understand but they knew we were broke down, I just thought they might have given us a bit of leeway. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks a million you have been really helpful. I went to help him today and he had put some water in header tank. I opened the valve which was closed and there was loads of gurgles etc and tank immediately emptied into engine, I put more water in and started engine with valve open and pressure cap left off header tank and ran engine for about 10 mins, then I replaced pressure cap and closed valve. Everything seems to be perfect now, no overheating all normal and we drove the boat round for over an hour. I am really pleased for him and thanks again for your help and advice about engine cover. I would like to mention something, he went to get fuel from this boat station and he only had 2. 5 ltr cans as he couldnt move the boat because of overheating. The woman there said she would not unlock the fuel pump for such a small amount. Today after fixing the overheating problem we drove the boat back to fill up, the same woman came out and would,nt serve us as it was 6.30pm and she was shut. So much for helping the boating fraternity! This was at Preston Brook, I will attach photo so people will know not to expect any help from them. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Apologies Tony you said fill through the plug. Duh!
  4. Thanks Tony, you mean fill through the brass plug.
  5. He has only put small amount of water in header tank which has gone overnight. I did not see any significant amount of water in bilge.Is coolant filled through brass plug and not header tank. Do you know what is the correct fill procedure. Can not thank you guys enough! Just waiting for more photos.
  6. Thanks a million! I have asked for more photos of hoses. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I am trying to help a friend who has just bought a narrow boat with the above engine, not sure yet which model, I will add when I get the info. I believe he,s used it a couple of times pottering round with no problem. Now it is overheating within minutes and he has shut it down immediately. I have seen a valve with red lever which is closed, should this be open when adding coolant? Should we try running with pressure cap removed. Does anybody know a diesel mechanic within travelling distance of Preston Brook? I am going to have a look today and hopefully have more info and pictures. If anybody could give advice as best starting point, I,m ok with cars, tools, electrics etc. I,m just rying to help him and save him from getting stung. Many thanks in advance to anybody who has the time to reply. Just received this image. The valve I was wondering about is at the top of the picture.
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