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  1. Can't really follow this as wherever you have the engine it will take up room? This is a question that appears a lot. You're pros and cons lies might be the reserve from somebody else's opinion. Just go along the road that's right for you
  2. Must have reopened then, oops sorry! It is a bit hard to knock pins in there due to the size of the coping stones but it's managable to get pins in between...
  3. The Red Lion at Moore shut a few months ago... Your next eatery will be in Stockton Heath. No recommendations off the top of my head but there is a very good chippy - Google "Panny's"
  4. Thanks both for the info
  5. Browsing the CRT archives and I came across these pictures. Can anyone help identify the pair, especially the motor? Captioned as (obviously) an empty and clothed up British Waterways pair passing through the Anderton Boat Lift onto the T&M. It's an interesting picture as they're both empty, yet clothed up and upon leaving the lift, the motor takes the Butty on a line rather than cross straps as I'd have expected? I think there's some text on the motors cloths... but should have gone to specsavers The link to the archive page is... http://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw200.1.99.39 To me the Butty has the look of one of the cabined Yarwoods LMS station boats about it... but can't make out any other distinguishing features...
  6. "Roach" didn't sell to Chamberlain Carrying Co, he sold out to Charlton Whitehouse Fuels. Chamberlain are continuing to supply some customers on the Llangollen & Shropshire Union. Up until retirement, John & Jenny Jackson supplied many boat and land based establishments with their products for resale. You would find coal bags with "John Jackson Roach" on them all over the system. John and Jenny supplies many coal boats too such as Richard and Ruth (Chamberlain), all of the Jules Fuels fleet and of course myself and others. After all those years building the business to what it is today, must of been a bloody hard decision to make, especially parting with your boat after 30 years of ownership. Best of luck to them both. Time to kick back and take it easy and enjoy retirement now. They certainly deserve it.
  7. The sale went through yesterday. Re-branding taking place today at Crick.
  8. @RLWPWill message you...
  9. Any luck Richard?
  10. Liam

    Worsley Services

    There's also water and elsan disposal at Butt's Bridge - on the offside between the basin and the bridge itself.
  11. Thanks Richard... and if you also have a fuel lift pump let me know and I'll give you a call to arrange
  12. Thanks Richard. Would you know a source for these pushrods at all? Liam
  13. Hopefully picture attached.. The crank case door does have the mount for the lift pump but I have no idea what's behind it. Please excuse the dishevelled state of the engine and paint
  14. A Lister HA2 has been running via a gravity fed top tank. To create more space in the engine room I'd like to remove the very large top tank and feed directly from the main fuel tank which is at or just below engine level and so I'd need a lift pump. My question is - were all HA2's fitted with the capability of having a fuel pump installed or is the lever operated by the cam an after-market extra? Do I need to source the connecting rod separately? Edited to add - it's a HA2M with a build date of 1959. Engine number 1439. Thanks in advance
  15. This is the boat that was / is called Heart of Oak and based at the Pickerings Bridge moorings at Grappenhall on the Bridgewater Canal. I've known this boat since around 1996 and was ownded by an elderly gentleman. During one of our many short conversations he said that the boat was built initially as one of the ferries for crossing the Manchester Ship Canal. He died years ago, no idea of dates, and the boat passed to a woman who hung around mainly in Stockton Heath. It then passed to her son when she upgraded to a larger standard narrowboat. This boat had 2 cabins at different heights and widths. The inside was stripiped and the forward end of the cabin was removed by the son leaving the boat as seem in the picture. Unfortunately the boat was left with a poorly covered "open hold" and sank a couple of times before being pumped out. The engine, a very small single cylinder diesel expired and maybe still on the bank at Pickerings Bridge. I towed this boat from Stockton Heath to the dry dock at Runcorn (Sprinch dock) and was surprised at the weight of it compared to the size.
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