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  1. Previously owned by @DRP and before that, Ken Farr who unfortunately is no longer with us.
  2. If you're talking about the integral box section type handrails, you'll find that they're actually hollow and by removing a section for drainage you're causing further problems. I have seen a sort of scupper welded to the cabin top before now to divert some of the water over the stern most (and lower) drainage channel. I've tried to find a picture online, but can't at the mo. Its basically maybe half inch bar welded as to divert the water running back.
  3. The boat used to be based at Bedford Basin but was sold a few years ago and is now based on the River Weaver. Earlier in the year the AS3 engine was replaced with a Lister HA3 and has been recently advertised for sale.
  4. Excellent suggestion, thanks, didn't think of that.
  5. Thanks, it's my parents boat so no financial gain, I'll probably even have to make my own brew! When I say capped off I mean removal of the pipe back upto the T which runs off to the cooker and cap it there.
  6. Been searching online and I mustnt be looking in the right place. I'm trying to confirm whether a Gas Safe engineer is required to cap off an old supply (to fridge which has been replaced for a 12v one). This is on a private non residential boat. Thanks!
  7. Not for public use though unfortunately, many have asked but have been refused.
  8. If they're official Calor stockists, then they should have had at least a few emails and also I've had a couple of letters about it all. There's also information plastered all over the Network Portal (online account management for stockists). Still waiting on a delivery placed on 14th June here, and it isn't expected until next Tuesday at the earliest.
  9. Thanks to you both for your help. I will go down the stainless route I think, theres only pennies difference in something that only costs a quid or two anyway.
  10. Don't quote me on the zinc thing, I was just scrolling through and may have misread it. So, brass or stainless... any benefits or negatives of either? I suppose brass would be softer so maybe achieve a better seal? Also what dealing compound would you suggest if any? Having only an air cooled Lister before, this new fangled technology is all new to me
  11. Topic title says it all really. I have a Sabb 2HG with a bust core plug which needs replacing. I have the manual which states it as 38mm. A quick search online shows many sources, but also differing materials. This Sabb only has one core plug which makes things easier but there are options for brass, zinc, stainless steel etc. Which is the better material to use? Edited to add... its closed circuit cooling if that makes a difference? Thanks in advance
  12. Notice is hereby given that due to the filming of Peaky Blinders in the Arena area, which has been authorised by Manchester City Council, mooring restrictions will be applied in the Staffordshire Arms, Kenworthy Arms and Potato Wharf in Castlefield from 3rd- 6th May 2021 and visitors will not be permitted. All boats that are moored in Castlefield are requested not to run their engines/generators whilst filming takes place. Crew members may ask boaters to turn off their generators or any other reasonable requests if there are any disruptions to filming, we politely ask that boaters comply with these requests. We ask that all boaters currently moored in the Staffordshire Arms, Kenworthy Arms and Potato Wharf move their boats from these locations whilst filming takes place. After filming has ended, this area will remain closed until 10th May 2021 when it will reopen as a 72-hour, visitor only mooring location. Any Bridgewater Canal or Canal and River Trust licenced boaters that plan to visit Castlefield after the 10th May should moor in the Staffordshire Arms, all other mooring spaces in Castlefield will be reserved for boaters registered at this site. Thank you for your cooperation, The Bridgewater Canal Company Ltd
  13. There's no real length restrictions on the Bridgewater apart from winding holes which are fairly generous, and the west of Wigan is suitable for the Leeds & Liverpool long boats such as Ambush & Viktoria at 72 x 14ft. What you will need to keep in mind though is air draft through bridge holes. The sticking point will be Leigh Bridge. If you design a boat that will fit through that you won't have any problems elsewhere.
  14. Other way round for me, 19kg and 6kg a plenty but another very short delivery on the 13kg.
  15. It's not junk, its treasure! There's a bit of tidying up to do, post house build, but it's still very much a boat yard and will definitely be staying that way. In other news, I had a Calor delivery today, which was originally booked in a week ago for Friday but at least it arrived. Oh, and it was short, again. I can't remember the last time they turned up on time, and with a full order.
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