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  1. No good though if you are booked to go down into Salthouse Dock!
  2. Liam


    Yes the LH150 is the hydraulic box and lots are matched to Lister SR/ST's. There is also an option for the LM100 gearbox (manual).
  3. Liam


    As its for the large lock this will obviously be on the River Weaver
  4. Yes Preston Brook Marina has 2 slipways. The only other place with a slipway is Hesford Marine near Lymm. Alternatively, launch it further afield such as at Anderton or Aqueduct Marina and boat to the Bridgewater.
  5. The Boat & Butty at Runcorn http://boatandbutty.co.uk
  6. Which is fair enough, it's got to be give and take not just take take take!
  7. Strange, they still have the choice on the online booking form for Bridgewater Canal license holders to book in free of charge as part of the agreement? I booked in towards the back end of last year for April and May of this year with no mention of an extra charge. (I hold a CRT license too but for simplicity, book in as a Bridgewater boat, as that's my primary license) The same applied to my parents boat, which is Bridgewater registered only, they're booked in for May and have had no issue being a Bridgewater registered boat.
  8. On the, I think three, occasions that I've been it's the actual boat's history that matters not what's currently painted on the side. If it was built by Yarwoods or Woolwich for the GU, whether it's been painted in Blue and Yellow, or carries the various GU liveries, Willow Wren or a new/private colour scheme it's been allowed in on a GU year. The same applies to FMC's when it's their year. I've seen boats originally built for FMC painted in a variety of schemes allowed in, whether this was something such as Barlows or now a canal society such as the Chesterfield or Coventry societies. It's the boat and it's history which should be taken into consideration not what is painted on the side Maybe one year they should have a "Wooden Boat" year!
  9. The Bridgewater Reciprocal agreement lets you travel to/from Liverpool if booked in to go down into Salthouse Dock. Between Altrincham and Stockton Heath there's no shortage of mooring sites, but whether any of them have any vacancies is another question! Here's a list of the mooring sites you may want to investigate. Oldfield Quays, Oldfield Brow, Altrincham (Bridgewater Canal Co) Ye Olde No 3 moorings, Little Bollington (Bridgewater Canal Co) Lymm Marina moorings, in Agden, Lymm (Private) Barn Owl pub moorings in Agden, Lymm (Private) Bridgeworks at Lloyds Bridge, Outrington, Lymm (Private) Massey Brook on the south side of Lymm (Bridgewater Canal Co) Pickerings Bridge in Grappenhall (Bridgewater Canal Co) S&A Marina, Cliff Lane, Grappenhall (Bridgewater Canal Co) Stockton Lane, Grappenhall (Bridgewater Canal Co) Stockton Quays by the London Bridge Pub, Stockton Heath (private) Opposite Moore Post Office (private) Hope that helps Liam
  10. I collected the only remaining Tomlow from the Midland Chandlers stock from the Braunston shop before Christmas. As it was listed as "end of line" it was heavily discounted and less than the price you mentioned for an Epping. Midland Chandlers haven't sold an Epping in the recent past as far as I know? It may be a case of biding your time as Steve Priest of Brinklow Boat Services has mentioned, if I remember correctly, that they've changed firms for the casting process and production will start again at some point once things have been sorted out.
  11. Kez

    Oi you ⛹️‍♀️🗣️

  12. Liam

    Speed limits

    You have just jogged my memory enough for the old grey matter to catch up. I remember now
  13. Not a good idea just to turn up unannounced! It's a small private basin and you won't be able to just wander in as there's building work going on at the moment so it's off limits really.
  14. I've moved this thread into the Boat Building & Maintenance thread. Hope you get your problem sorted.
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