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  1. Liam

    DM2 vs DM3

    No hand start mechanism, and not hugely different but the air filter is on the opposite end of the DM2 I've been entrusted to play with recently.
  2. Not the cheapest then. I retail Newheat for £7.70 (20kg) before any bulk buy discounts.
  3. Ack! Ignore my last comment I misread it as £38 per 50kg. If it is £9.50 per 25kg I'd be very happy with that price
  4. Still at the top end price wise but far more reasonable for 100kg than 50!
  5. Homefire is classed as a premium fuel and so will always be more expensive than Supertherm or Excel or any of the varied 10kg bags available from the supermarket. There's also, obviously a difference in price depending on the size of the bag, whether it's 10kg, 20kg or 25kg. After a quick look, Homefire seems to be in the region of £13 to £16 per 25kg bag depending on your area. Also there's Homefire and Homefire ovals which are classed as a different product too.
  6. Liam

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Royalty motor Duke https://apolloduck.net/584947?fbclid=IwAR3igKSlQvhzSEAzy2gmsdQQi2gbYOrtomwK_Ax6C39GBcI241HoeI_O-k4
  7. Liam

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    Both owned by the same bloke
  8. Liam


    No, both steel bottoms if I remember correctly.
  9. Liam

    Discoloured Diesel in engine

    A lot of my customers either have a perished O sealing ring on the diesel filler cap or its missing completely. Worth checking as it could cause what's happened here.
  10. Liam

    New Moderators

    Nope, I managed to find post 94. As I've not been around in an official capacity for a couple of years I'm unaware if it's been discussed recently but has been discussed in the past and it was chosen the best way forward then. That probably still stands today.
  11. Liam

    New Moderators

    Thanks all for the (re) welcome!
  12. Liam


    When I was l looking I was very particular about the type of dog (size) I wanted. With spending most of my time in a back cabin or travelling between the north and the midlands on the train it had to be something on the smaller side. I didn't want a large dog hogging most of the space within the boat. I found rather a couple of the charities active on Facebook that rehome Romanian dogs in the UK were very happy with considering boaters but I felt that there were already enough dogs needing help in the UK already.
  13. Liam


    When I was lpoking for a four legged friend a couple of years ago a lot of places I enquiried didn't respond and a few responded in the negative when I mentioned boats. In the end I "rehomed" a puppy who was destined for a home that didn't work out at the last minute.
  14. Liam

    Supertherm smokeless

    Unusual as in "the north" Excel is usually just slightly cheaper than Superherm.
  15. Liam

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Dane also went down on the northern side of Crick tunnel when it was left there for a couple of in August.

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