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  1. Liam

    Photos Wanted

    Not sure where Alan ran this boat, but I don't think it was too long before it was purchased for the Huddersfield Canal Society to run as a trip boat. Unfortunately it appears to be not that successful.
  2. Liam

    Photos Wanted

    Out of the blue the Huddersfield Canal Society have just got back to us with various issue numbers and pages to check so we've been going through these. All very interesting stuff. Thanks for the picture Pluto, a very nice suprise to find a colour photo
  3. Liam

    Photos Wanted

    A message has been sent to the Huddersfield Canal Society, hopefully they'll get back to us. The person who responded to our message hasn't been involved up until recently so they're passing our request on. It would be interesting to find out if Mark does have any pictures. Although I have no idea how to make contact. I only heard the name Alan Picken after acquiring the boat and researching history.
  4. Liam

    Photos Wanted

    After recently acquiring an ex LMS boat, I'm trying to track down any pictures of the boat. With huge thanks to Pete Harrison we've got some details of her history and so I'm now after any pictures. She was Alan Picken's trip boat SABRINA and later the Huddersfield Canal Society's boat BENJAMIN OUTRAM. Later on in life the boat was based in Worsley before moving to Runcorn. Thanks
  5. Liam

    Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    It shouldn't be a problem for single handed boaters. Pontoons have been put in place at the two swing bridges and there is access on and off at the Stanley Lock flight and at Princes and Mann Island. It just takes some thought. I don't think there'll be a boat checker to make sure you've booked in but there will be adhoc volunteers assisting in the operation of Stanley Locks.
  6. Liam

    Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    Apart from the usual maintenance of locks, I'd say none really. Apart from the gate from Canning into Albert Dock, that's pretty important as it holds all the water in place for Albert, Salthouse, Brunswick etc.
  7. Liam

    Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    We've just come into Salthouse today for a weeks stay whilst we visit family and do general touristy things. I was speaking to one of the volunteer lock keepers who pretty much confirmed what's been publicised (as you'd expect) but went onto say some questions put forward from the team who actually operate the bridges and locks remain unanswered so things are a bit hazy. We had assistance when passing down through Stanley, but pretty much worked through to Mann Island on our own where we waited inside the lock for CRT to give us the nod to continue. All pontoons etc as stated are already in place so very easy for your lock wheeler to jump off/on at Stanley Locks, Princes and Mann Island. I think if the new system works as it should it will be a vast improvement and make it alot easier to access. Having to stop at Melling or Litherland (convenient for Tescos) was always a bit of an inconvenience generally. I know for sure it's cut our trip time down into Liverpool drastically. As for the Tuesday thing, a maintenance window makes sense as what currently happens at the Anderton boat lift. They could do adhoc maintenance as and when needed but communicating this to boaters would be a nightmare so alot easier to say no to Tuesday from the word go.
  8. Liam

    Cabin stool

    Thanks Roger but the plate will be staying with the rear half.
  9. Liam

    Cabin stool

    Not for sale, all part of the boat's rich history
  10. Liam

    Cabin stool

    BCN 1450, LMS Ocean
  11. Liam

    Cabin stool

    Didn't look at it to closely to be honest as I was more concerned about saving a BCN plate from going in the skip too! I've posted a pic of the cabin stool on Facebook and it has been said the transfers are/were widely available and by Alan Picken. This would tally as Alan Picken owned the boat it originally came off.
  12. Liam

    Cabin stool

    I've just rescued a cabin stool from being thrown in the tip... I don't know whether it qualifies being in the history and heritage section as I know nothing about it. I'm hoping somebody does and could share anything they know about it or does anybody recognise the work? Thanks
  13. Liam

    Aldi "Special Boating Offers" 25th March

    What wattage is the solar panel please?
  14. There's 2 threads
  15. What about buying a 1928 built boat without a survey? Oh, too late already done it