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  1. Theres one on the Bridgewater. A tidy little boat that was overplated last year.
  2. Quite official then, that answers that
  3. I've always assumed that they were the same but Red is an Oxbow product so can't understand why it would be rebranded as Winterblaze? It does seem to be a regional thing with Red in the north and Winterblaze in the south. Not that I'm doubting as I think they're the same but have you heard or read from anywhere official?
  4. Theres a certain amount of Petcoke in most if not all processed briquettes. Their makeup generally consists of petcoke and anthracite, with a few other things and molasses as a binding agent.
  5. This may help, it's a list of the approved smokeless fuels and gives their makeup, where they were made and by which company etc. https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php?country=england
  6. Petcoke is to be found in many of the manufactured smokeless ovoids, both approved and none approved. Excel has something like 70% petcoke in its makeup.
  7. Oxbow Red is one of the reasons that the identifying line was introduced to Supertherm.
  8. Should have moved there years ago! It's a great place
  9. Where abouts are you? I'm sure some of us could recommend various spots and some may know of vacancies. Fair enough. Depends where you are I suppose but I was talking generally...
  10. Start off with a mooring that's a reasonable distance from where you live. One that provides good options for cruising but not too far away that if you forget your keys or some other bits and pieces you don't waste a day travelling there and back. If your plan is to only go to the boat for holidays and weekends where you'll be off cruising then go for a simple online farm type mooring rather than a fully serviced "posh" marina to keep the costs down. Your choice of online mooring would include access to CRT facilities a reasonable distance away. And after a week, month or year, you find yourself hankering after a 240v hookup, water point or marina cafe etc then as you already have a mooring then you can weigh up your options without being pressured into having to jump at the first available spot
  11. I think this could possibly be the boat that is currently on hard standing at Hesfords yard near Lymm. It has been for sale for a long while. An open boat (no cabin) with a rather crude motor counter stern that would probably need chopping off to start again, to be honest. It had an SR2 sat in the back end last time I saw it.
  12. This video was filmed by my other half, Kez and you will be able to hear her, myself and her Dad in the video. Also a member of the marina staff can be heard to comment that the pontoon they hit had only recently been repaired!
  13. Has a fair few uses... Checking the boat to a stop Tying off and leaving in tick over ahead brings the whole boat in alongside and leaves it there Running it forward and tying off on a bollard stops the initial backwards surge in an uphill lock. Using as a bog standard centre line to pull the boat in And probably loads more probably
  14. I'd park my balls elsewhere Use a towel to dry your nuts like everyone else.
  15. Not the cheapest available, and bloody filthy. I'd suggest making sure you sweep your flue very often if you make a permanent switch to Housecoal. Very antisocial in a marina environment in my own humble opinion.
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