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  1. Are you sure on the year? Seems a bit early for a HA2.
  2. It's not a Bridgewater number, they are only 4 digits (numbers) long, prefixed by the letter B. Example B1234.
  3. Seconded. And with the attitude that the tunnel keepers had towards bookings via email, I don't think it will be too much longer before normality resumes. Fingers crossed.
  4. A pair of BCN boats... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274466621778
  5. The Bridgewaters main source of water was from the River Medlock, but not used so much now due to its polluted state.
  6. Yes he's still an enforcement officer.
  7. I booked in on Wednesday about 4pm looking for the 2pm slot on Thurs. Nope was the reply we're very busy it will have to be 12 noon on Thursday. Rather an inconvenience as I had just come out of Kings Lock. I exited Lock 42 at 11am, but unfortunately the sunken boat meant I didn't get to the tunnel mouth until about 1pm, and was waved in after a 10 minute wait. There was just me and one other boat! After I had exited (the 2nd in the convoy) they locked up for the day. If they are as busy as they claim, you'd think they'd extend their hours past 2pm!
  8. Below lock 44 is probably best, leaving you just 3 locks and about a mile to the tunnel. The services are just above lock 44.
  9. Very easy to hand start a DM2 in the summer or after it had ran for a bit to warm up... But on those cold and frosty mornings, this is how I got a little assistance...
  10. Correct. Nothing to do with Matt or Rebekah!
  11. Can I hijack the thread with a quick question please? My boat works pretty hard all year round, especially in the winter (coal/fuel boat) and I try and dock it every year and apply 3 coats of bitumen because when out breaking ice it strips the bitumen off the water line (which is very variable depending on load) Is epoxy tough enough to withstand a decent amount of ice breaking or am I wasting time and money, and should I stick with standard bitumen which I will continue to apply every 12 months? TIA
  12. That's interesting. Maybe I can get 5ft of my boat back if I shake my piggy bank hard enough!! The original Midlands & Coast motor Ariel was chopped in half, if I remember rightly, at some point in the early 60's. The original bow half went onto the Weaver and eventually sunk. The original back half was based on the Trent & Mersey, and was eventually placed on the bank where it was purchased by Ed Mortimer. I was told that the front end of the back half was beyond saving and was removed during the rebuild into "my" Ariel, but then found out shortly a
  13. Paradine spent some time in Preston, and then went over to Douglas on the Isle of Man for docking. Not sure how long she was over there for but has now returned Ask your dad about it, and he suggested the Skipper for the trip
  14. Iris Abbott, Sarah Abbott and Parfield are on the River Weaver. Parbella has recently relocated to the Weaver too, after many years at Leigh on the Bridgewater. Paradine has spent some time in the Isle Of Man but not sure where abouts it is now.
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