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  1. This video was filmed by my other half, Kez and you will be able to hear her, myself and her Dad in the video. Also a member of the marina staff can be heard to comment that the pontoon they hit had only recently been repaired!
  2. Has a fair few uses... Checking the boat to a stop Tying off and leaving in tick over ahead brings the whole boat in alongside and leaves it there Running it forward and tying off on a bollard stops the initial backwards surge in an uphill lock. Using as a bog standard centre line to pull the boat in And probably loads more probably
  3. I'd park my balls elsewhere Use a towel to dry your nuts like everyone else.
  4. Not the cheapest available, and bloody filthy. I'd suggest making sure you sweep your flue very often if you make a permanent switch to Housecoal. Very antisocial in a marina environment in my own humble opinion.
  5. I've personally never been a fan of Supertherm although I do sell a reasonable amount of it. Newheat is a relatively new brand from Oxbow (who also manufacture Excel and the unapproved non-smokeless Glow and Red). In the short time it's been around it certainly seems to be gaining popularity.
  6. Just sounds like an old bag that's been allowed to get damp.
  7. Supertherm is easily identified by a line running through it, as in this picture. This was introduced to stop inferior smokeless and none smokeless fuel being passed off as Supertherm. If your fuel is missing the identifying line I'd be asking your supplier questions.
  8. Mifi device and phone off this morning when I woke up. Not so bothered about the Mifi as I have mobile data on my phone plan but had no service at all on my phone.
  9. Theres also Andy Hoyle on Dove. Splendid work.
  10. An unpowered boat under 5m gets a huge reduction in a license, the cost for a 12 month license with prompt payment discount is something like £51 if I remember rightly. If you have a 30ft motor and 40ft butty it would be cheaper than a 70ft license so I guess that's why they have the 50ft limit.
  11. I've had experience of these stoves, and they are just not at all suited for use on boats. It is a very poorly constructed stove. There are lots of gaps in it which means whatever you will burn the thing will end up like a furnace. The one I used didnt leak any fumes in really it just pulled air in and took off. You could hear the thing roar with all the air getting in. I used to have to throw a bucket full of ash over the actual fire / coal inside to try and calm it down, but then the thing would end up going out. Try and get brave and give it a poke? It would roar away again. Far too much heat in a cabin, it would consume fuel at a great rate and then go out after a couple of hours so in the middle of a freeze I had to set my alarm to keep adding fuel through the night so we didnt freeze to death. It has no fire bricks so radiates heat out like a bugger. And once the fire actually goes out, cools down rapidly so pretty much useless. I would not use it and go for something boat worthy. The Boatman Stove by Northern Fabrications is a much safer bet. You will be asking for problems if you use that Pot Belly stove. I think they are more suited to heat workshops where you can keep the thing going with chucking off cuts of timber in during your working day.
  12. Fuel boat Ariel will be delivering along the Bridgewater canal over the next few days / weekend. I will be leaving Leigh tomorrow (Thursday) morning and delivering through to Runcorn and returning back to Leigh. Call or text on 07748 958303 if you need any supplies Liam
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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