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  1. When looking at a boat its worth comparing the size of engine to the size of the skin tank. A rule of thumb is 1 sq ft for each 4HP of power so a 40HP engine will require 10sq ft of skin tank. Many are too small and this means that at max power you run the risk of over heating. The one on our boat is really too small and a some point I will get a second one fitted. On the subject of gear boxes we have a PRM 260 married to a BMC 1.8 - its a good combination.
  2. I have a stock of white polypropylene rope of the right diameter which I could eye and back splice for you. I'm in Loughborough so you could collect from Long Eaton. Its a bit hairy but is quite strong - I used a length to snatch a very stuck boat off the mud on the Thames earlier this summer - where it went round the stud on our boat the strands fused together!!
  3. Piston Broke Firkham Hall Meander and all the variations on it We usedd to have a share in Dasque which is an abreviation of Don't ask silly questions
  4. Doug Moore was a well known boatbuilder based on the L&L. He built under his own name and under a company but I can't remember what it was called. Canal PLan lists 50 boats as being built by D.Moore or Doug Moore. He was a well respected builder, his boats are generally known as banana boats as they have very few straight lines in them. Ange of this parish used to own one. You could try sending her a PM. https://canalplan.org.uk/boats/boats.php Good luck with the renovation.
  5. I'm the narrowboating advisor for Leicestershire SCouts. Warwickshire scouts have a boat based at Hillmorton http://www.centenarynarrowboat.btck.co.uk/ Other boats available that I know of are London Narrowboat Project http://www.lnbp.co.uk/ Nottingham City Council have two narrowboats - Megan and Tinkers Leen - which are avaialble for youth groups. Commercially most have been mentioned above but Union Canal Carriers have a couple of 12 berth boats which are suitable. There is a camping boat based in Birmingham but I've forgotten its name - it is an Admiral class boat. William is available http://www.inlandnavigators.co.uk/narrowboat-william.html If you have any disabled Scouts there are several boats which are suitable - the Peter Le Marchant Trust has two a narrowboat and a wide beam. The Guide Association have two boats that I know of Tuptonia is based on the N Stratford and there is a second one on the eastern K&A. If you have a skippered boat the skipper and any crew will need to be qualified - RYA Inland helmsman or Certificate in Community Boat Management. They will also need to have the relevant DBS. If you are going to skipper the boat yourself you will require an Adventurous Activity Permit for Narrowboating. Further information on this can be found on the Scout web page https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/3427/narrow-boating?cat=419,26,415 If you require further information please send me a private message and I will do my best to help
  6. Don't expect a reply from Liverpool Boats - they are no longer in business. Get some paint swatches from a DIY shop, match to your boat colour and then go to a chandlers that stocks several brands of paint and get the best match. Bear in mind that the paint may well have faded from when originally painted - the red element will fade first as it is the most fugitive colour. Its why you see a lot of maroon or dirty red boats.
  7. We have similar lights on Tyto. I simply dismantled the tube assembly, inserted a lenght of 18x18 aluminium angle and the using holders fitted two or three round LED arrays. The put the diffuser back up. They work fine and are a lot cheaper than LED replacement for the tubes. Bought the LEDs and holders from Aten Lighting. Another option is to buy flexible LED strips and fix into the fitting. I can't find my photos of what I did but I'll have another look.
  8. For the supply and guidance on fitting I suggest that you talk to Independent Glass of Mansfield and Glasgow. They do windows for ships, trains etc. https://www.independentglass.co.uk/
  9. To add another one to this discussion. The junction of the Melton Mowbray navigation and the Oakham canal was end on. Neither have been navigable for a very long time. The Oakham canal closing in 1847 to allow the construction of the Syston to Peterborough railway The Melton Mowbray navigation was abandoned by act of parliament in 1877
  10. Preston Brook T&M and Bridgewater. Vaying sections of the Birmingham and Fazeley and Coventry between Fazeley and Fradley.
  11. No you can turn up on the day and pay your £10 and get in. I did book in advance and you do need to go when they have an event. They are not open every weekend.
  12. Sorry I hadn't seen the earlier thread but it is well worth the effort of visiting for the steam enthusiasts. I was there on the same day as Cuthound.
  13. I was talking to a forum member at Matty and Kathys wedding and said that I would forward details of the Statfold Barn Railway to them - but I've forgotten who I was talking to so I'm doing a general post. The Stafold Barn Railway is a private narrow gauge(2ft) railway it is on the edge of Tamworth and is about 40minutes walk from Alvecote on the Coventry canal. It has a large collection of narrow gauge locos amny of which have valid boiler certs plus a large collection of railway signs etc. It i well worth visiting on one of their open days. I recently spent a really enjoyable day there. https://statfoldbarnrailway.co.uk/ RWLP approves of it!! A good day to visit is their enthusiasts days when the extensive workshops are open. To whet your appetite attached are a few photos that I took.
  14. Came across a new technique for closing paddles today. On a broad canal two boats going up hill one gate only open, first boat goes in and goes behind the closed gate. This is normal practice for an experienced steerer so so far so good. The next thing that happens is the steerer reaches for his short shaft and attempts to release the paddle by pushing on the pawl - fortunately he fails. If he had succeeded the paddle would have dropped out of control!!! When he comes to leave the lock one gate is opened and he simply nudges the other one until it opens making no effort to leave the boat to open it. No wonder locks get damaged. The boat was a full length Stewart’s and Lloyd’s one. Spoke to the boat following up the flight - they refused to work the flight with this boat because of the arrogant attitude of the steerer!! Rant over.
  15. Shame their boat is not included in the sale. Aegir was built for them by Malcolm Braine around 1975 and always looks to be well maintained. My wife used to work with Sue Cook
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