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  1. 13 Leaking water tank Thats what we have and it will be a PITA to deal with. The tank is stainless steel under the front cockpit deck. We will have to have the deck cut out then the tank pressure tested to find the leak. Hopefully it can be welded if not its a new tank or a plastic liner in the existing one. And yes we have eliminated options 1 to 12 it has taken us nearly 2 years to do so. We had got it down to two possibilities - the tank or the concealed pipe that runs from the tank to the water pump at the stern. Oddly the lockdown has helped as the boat has been left for 6months with
  2. Mike, you need to talk to the people who bought the island between Sileby and Cossington locks. If you ring Sileby Mill boatyard they may be able to give you a name and phone number. Boats are moored on the backwater of the island. At Sileby Mill boats moored in the backwaters do not need to be licenced but this may be because of 'grandfather' rights. Where we currently moor in the mill pool we don't need a licence until we move onto the main section of the river. Another place to ask is MGM at Thurmaston as they have boats on the backwater. What happens at the offline moorings at Redhill, Ke
  3. Calcutt should have one and they are nearer than Braunston and I'd be surprised if Kate Boats didn't have one and they are nearer still.
  4. Nick, Alex is still at Sileby. We are still moored there. I will be going there in the next few days so I'll remember you to him. As for the river Soar Ally has given most of the information. Good shops at Birstall There is water at the Friars Mill moorings in the city - these are not yet in all the guide books - they are just north of Castle Gardens. The next facilities are at Kilby Bridge. There is an Aldi on the offside at Aylestone - you have to moor against a fence. Plenty of shops in the city centre and convenience stores on the straight mile. The next place for diesel a
  5. Update today works to start is 22nd March. The boaters moaning about inactivty by CRT will now have something else to moan about!! Update on 09/03/2021: Assessment of the work required to return Ratcliffe Lock to operational condition is now complete, and a provisional start date for this work is below. Monday 22nd March 2021 In order to begin the work a crane boat is required on site, and this date is the earliest that the boat will be able to arrive. Please note that the date above is the provisional earliest start date for the work and is subject to change d
  6. Sileby Mill boatyard on the Soar are also good. They have a slipway and then a semi covered area. A 70ft boat hangs out the end of the shed.
  7. A reputable marine electrician fitted a fail safe method to our boat which means that we cannot have the inverter and shore power connected at the same time. He terminated the feed from the inverter and shore power in seperate 3pin sockets. We then have the feed to the 230v circuit terminating in a 3pin plug which has to be physically put into the appropriate socket. We find that this works for us. If we do change the source of 230v power we just have to remember to move the plug.
  8. According to CRT it is not possible to open the bottom gates of the lock because of silt build up. River Soar Location: Ratcliffe Lock - River Soar Starts At: Lock 58 - Ratcliffe Lock Ends At: Lock 58 - Ratcliffe Lock Sunday 21 February 2021 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Maintenance Update on 22/02/2021: Due to the recent bad flooding we have experienced, there has been a large amount of silt build up, which is stopping the bottom gates from opening. Our local team have been on site today, working hard to clear the silt away,
  9. Before we start cruising after the lockdown we will need to change our domestic batteries. We have 3 110ah ones which are 5 years old and one of which has failed. The chandlery where we moor stocks Shield batteries. Has anyone any experience of them? Their LM range is open cell LA which is what I would probably buy. Any thoughts? I could get alternatives from Tayna but would prefer to give my business to the local yard.
  10. I lived in Kegworth as a teenager and used to deliver papers to this property - the owners always tipped well at Christmas. In my opinion the bungalow was spoilt when the pitched roof were added. As a flat roofed property it had really nice crisp lines with a hint of art deco. Kegworth carnival and traction engine rally used to be held on the adjoining meadow. The house is well above the flood level.
  11. Our boat has a BMC 1.8 in it with 11000hours on the clock and it doesn't use oil or smoke. The PRM gearbox is also good. You would need to add solar and 230v electrics but it looks a decent boat.
  12. I should have said guidance rather than regulations. I think the installation looks dodgy
  13. The stove is not compliant with any of the regulations, There appears to be no fire rated material at the rear of it and the flue is too close to the woodwork. Had another look at the photos it has ceramic tiles behind it but what are they stuck too?? A fire waiting to happen!! The boat is also London priced.
  14. Talk to @cheshire~rose she and Dave had Delhi painted this year on the Shroppie and it is an excellent job
  15. Great to see you and Jane back- you have been missed.
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