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  1. Craftmaster do small tins. Available at chandlers
  2. You need a survey - boats can deteriorate rapidly as @Keeping Up found out with his boat. The BMC 1.8 in our boat has done 11000 hours - it does not use oil or smoke. Spanners required are a mix of imperial AF and metric. You will also need a filter wrench - the oil filter is in am awkward place under the fuel filter. If it has a PRM hydraulic gearbox you will need an 18mm spanner for the filler/dip stick. You will also need some basic spares such as alternator belt, morse cable(s) etc. Plus some quick fix items like cable ties etc. The engine is a work horse. Worth checking with any engine that the skin tank is big enough - the rule of thumb is 1ft2 of area for every 4hp so for a BMC 1.8 which is rated at around 38hp somewhere between 9 &10 sq ft. Less than this you may get overheating when running hard on rivers.
  3. I would be concerned about rubbing strakes only being tack welded in place. There is no way of checking how much corrosion there is behind them. Its the hidden bits that always concern me.
  4. On our boat the rainwater from the roof discharges directly over a hopper window which is easily left open with similar consequences to tehmarks. After this had happened I blocked off the outlet which is at the low point of the roof - I can cope with a small puddle as the rainwater then finds its way off the roof by the next outlet.
  5. A gentle word of caution. Do not set the output temperature from your calorifier too low and also run you shower for a short while before getting into it. Legionella just loves warm water to grow in. I would prefer to see themostatic mixer valves on each out let rather than the calorifier this means that the really hotwater gets into your water pipes and dicourages the growth of micro organisms.Its why good hot water systems eg those in hospitals have flow and return and a pump to keep the water circulating, They also have very short dead legs to any out let. Its also why current hospital regs now longer allow swan necked taps. A death was attributed to stagnant water in a swan necked tap. Incidentally the normal max temp for water at wash basins is 43deg C or thereabouts but you need hotter than that at your galley sink.
  6. It looks like its priced for the London market. Try looking at brokers in the midlands there boats for less Braunston have a Doug Moore boat for 26000 which is far better. There will be others if you look.
  7. The only place I can think of is Foxton Boat Services who have a few moorings. There are no private moorings on the Market Harborough arm and I can't think of any heading towards Leicester or above Foxton locks. There are some CRT moorings in Foxton village and at Kilby Bridge.
  8. I for one knew you owned Birmingham but only met you fleetingly when our paths crossed at Stourton junction a few summers ago. I knew why you were selling and now that its been sold hope that you can move on. It would be great to see you out and about on the canals in a different boat. I also hope that the new owners look after Birmingham as well as you did. I do have a couple of good photos of Birmingham if you would like them.
  9. @stevencarr29 Listen to what Ally has to say she knows a lot about boat building and fitting out having run Beacon Boats until exceptional circumstances forced them to close. She's currently fitting out a 20ft boat for occasional use. Beaon Boats always look right and this is due to the XR&D hulls.
  10. I can confirm that it is Zouch Cut on the Soar. There are plenty of moorings along the cut. There isplenty of bollards along it. It does look like a genuine but enhamced photo.
  11. We winterised our boat on Tuesday. Our boatyard have asked us not to visit until the lockdown is over. However that are going to do an end of season engine service for us. I could have done it but its an awkward engine to work onand I'm not as lithe and supple as I used to be!! So I prefer to pay to get it done. I know that the yard will atke good care of our boat whilst we can't get to it especially if the river goes into flood.
  12. The shareboat that we were involved with was a 54ft R&D and it handled very well. It was and still is a well built boat. Not the most glamorous of builders but good middle of the market boats. Enjoy having it.
  13. These images make one question how many other images by Nigel Essery have been manipulated using Photoshop or other digital image software?? I can accept some cropping and minor adjustment to colour balances but the superimposing of one image into another - no.
  14. Cable ties, string, multi meter, multitool with assorted blades, the tool you left at home thinking that you would never need it onboard!!
  15. I love the UPVC window salesmen. I express an interest and then ask if their warranty will match the age of my current windows. To which they reply yes, so I ask for a 135year one which is the age of our windows!! I did have them refurbished a few years ago and it cost me less than the cost of replacing them with UPVC ones. I currently a bit sick of the sight of windows - in the last week I have surveyed 270 most of them Victorian sashes, with a view to getting them refurbished. I'm glad I won't be paying the bill for doing the work. I also like cavity wall salesmen as our house has 9" solid walls. On a boat useless things are microwave, Darwin seats on the stern, ecofans, toasters, stern covers on a trad boat.
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