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  1. Came across a new technique for closing paddles today. On a broad canal two boats going up hill one gate only open, first boat goes in and goes behind the closed gate. This is normal practice for an experienced steerer so so far so good. The next thing that happens is the steerer reaches for his short shaft and attempts to release the paddle by pushing on the pawl - fortunately he fails. If he had succeeded the paddle would have dropped out of control!!! When he comes to leave the lock one gate is opened and he simply nudges the other one until it opens making no effort to leave the boat to open it. No wonder locks get damaged. The boat was a full length Stewart’s and Lloyd’s one. Spoke to the boat following up the flight - they refused to work the flight with this boat because of the arrogant attitude of the steerer!! Rant over.
  2. Shame their boat is not included in the sale. Aegir was built for them by Malcolm Braine around 1975 and always looks to be well maintained. My wife used to work with Sue Cook
  3. Try Jon Leeson who trades as Letter Knight - best way to contact him may be via John Barnard at Debdale Wharf. Jon did the lettering on our boat. He's brilliant with an air brush in his hand - see the Game of Thrones boat at Crick to appreciate it.
  4. Steethay are fine if you havn't already gone past there. Otherwise Norton Canes at Glascote basin.
  5. Avoid Market Harborough between 24th May and 2nd June if you plan to catch a train as there won't be any!! Just a bus to Leicester or Kettering. The station is being rebuilt and the track realigned. A revised timetable will be in place for trains to and from St Pancras with extended journey times - trains are using the Manton loop going via Melton Mowbray and Corby.
  6. Howard Williams trading as Boatelec phone 075260106818 based in Leicestershire
  7. A few weeks ago this thread had a discussion about boats built for the Thames Conservancy and I commented about one moored at Ratcliffe Marina on the Soar. Well at Easter I went by it and took these photos. Its not for sale as far as I'm aware so they are posted for interest. Is this a Thames Conservancy boat or not. It is called Clarice A11 - I can't find it on the boat index -it is moored offline so presumambly its not licenced
  8. We first hired in October 1974 from Willow Wren Kearns at Middlewich. We hired Larch a 50ft wooden top it was 8berth. We had seven on board so it was a bit crowded. We alawys liked the Willow Wren wooden tops and I have a hankering to own one and return it to something its original condition. They do still exist - there is one on the Trent at Beeston. If you look in my galleryimages you will find pictures of many of the Middlewich boats. I have included a couple in this post. I also have a small collection early hireboat literature.
  9. Not always a good idea to hold the boat on the cill when locking up in these locks. The cills have projections which can catch and hold down bow fenders. Its why we only secure ours with thin cord which will break under load. Its fine to put the bow on the top gates when clear of the cill. Its worth pointing out that the cills are between 6 and 8ft high in these locks.
  10. I don't think that Hampstead has featured in this thread before. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/harland-amp-wolff-72-traditional/603787
  11. Another vote for Wightwick Manor - its an Arts and Crafts house with a lot of original furniture and fittings and lovely gardens. We found the chip shop at Swindon to be good.
  12. Try Union Canal Carriers at Braunston for good no frills kid friendly boat. With a good choice of routes.
  13. If you choose to go to Hawne basin beware that Ghosty Hill tunnel gets very low in the middle with no warning signs at the entrance and the bridge into the basin is even lower!! On the North Stratford it is well worth stopping at Wedgies Bakery at Hockley Heath. They do an excellent range of bread, pies, cakes etc. There is also Jaspers at Penkridge - cream cakes to die for If you are on the Staffs and Worcs stop at Wightwick Manor - it is a glorious Arts and crafts house withe original decor etc. It is only 5mins walk from the canal. I think that the S&W is a lovely canal and well worth dawdling on. We spent a night at the top of Wolverhampton flight in October and had no problems, also one at Tividale on the old main line where the basin with no boats in it is.
  14. We were a few earlier than you - we were moored at Trent Lock and saw you turn out of the Erewash onto the Trent. We counted twice at sawley yesterday as we went to the marina to get a pump out and then returned to Trent Lock. The lady on duty at Sawley is a very experienced boater - we have known her for many years.
  15. There is a quiet spot to moor just south of Middlewich - the canal ducks under the main road in a small cutting next to a farm. We used to moor there on our last night when hiring from Midlewich narrowboats.
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