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  1. Did anyone else watch the BBC programme last night Why Ships Crash? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0013p1f/why-ships-crash It was primarily about how the Evergiven got stuck in the Suez canal last year. But for the size difference it explained very well problems that can be experienced by narrowboats in a silted up canal or in tunnels. I wouldn't have liked to try and keep a 300m long ship in a narrow channel with a gale force cross wind!!
  2. @Mrs Tawny Owl Sue is the event taking place in May or June - the dates on the application form is contradictory!!
  3. Hunslet still exists as a company - it is owned by the Graham Lee who established the Statfold Barn Railway. https://www.statfold.com/railway They may have records which might help.
  4. Kilby Bridge is good for mooring overnight but we have no problem in stopping just south of Kings Lock there is piling at the end of the lock moorings. There is a very covenient Aldi on the offside at Aylestone -you can moor up to railings alonside a smal park/playarea. North of the city Thurmaston or Birstall are good. Its then a run into the city centre. The canal is a bit grotty in places but it is interesting.
  5. Howard Williams is good if he's still doing work. Suggest you try and contact him via Sileby Mill Boatyard on the Soar. Otherwise James Terminutter Packer - find him on Facebook
  6. The moorings are fine - our boat is moored at the stern of the fat boat. We never have any problems - the boat yard owner checks that all the boats are safe on a regular basis - he lives on site. It can be fun getting into our mooring if there is a bit of fresh in the river as there is a lot of strange currents in the pool, it is effectively a whirlpool with water entering at two points and it can be entertaining watching boaters who are new to the area winding in the pool!!
  7. This is what happens when a boat goes over the weir at Sileby Mill on the Soar. Fortunately it was unoccupied at the time but it was someones home. The boat lost most of its superstructure and then submarined until it hit two moored boats. These have now been moved out of the way and the boat secured to the pontoons. The heap of debris is what remains of the superstructure. This happened a couple of days ago. The weir is unprotected and the boat must have broken free of its morrings in the flood conditions on the river.
  8. 28 December 2005, Trent Lock Junction and Derwentmouth Lock. It was a bit chilly!!
  9. It may well have been french polished in which case seek the advice of a specialist. French polishing is a very specialised skill. Be very wary of sanding as the veneers could be very thin. The glue used to lay the veneers will almost certainly be animal based. My advice would be to do as little as possible and accept the flaws in the piece.
  10. Peter le Marchant Trust in Loughborough have a poly-tunnel that they rent ou when they are not using it.
  11. My experience is that the river needs to be at 1.3m or lower as measured on the level at Shardlow shown on Gaugemap https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Map/Summary/121/123 for the river to be in amber at Derwent Mouth Lock. The gut below Cranfleet can be a problem if there is any fresh in the river - you need to be able to run at close to max revs for about 20minutes without overheating to counter it. There is a considerable pull from the hydro at Beeston if it is turned on. Keep well to the north bank to avoid it. If in doubt about moving stay put in a safe place.
  12. Thought that someone with very deep pockets might fancy this at Kegworth on the river Soar. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/115547339#/?channel=RES_BUY The downside is that its under the flight path for East Midlands airport which has a lot of night flights. I would expect CRT to come to an arrangement over mooring for such a wonderful house.
  13. Jon will be missed by many - his artwork adorns many boats. He did the signwriting on most of the boats painted at Sileby Mill. He also painted hot rods and similar cars. This is his work on our boat.
  14. From my experience the river level at Shardlow is currently about 450mm above the navigable level, Using Gaugemap https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Map/Summary/121/123 The level is currently 1.772m it need to drop to around 1.300 to be in the amber on the Derwent Mouth board. Also Cranfleet flood gates are currently closed. CRT will issue a notice when they are open again. When you do move north approaching Beeston lock you need to keep close to the left hand (northern) bank - the hydro power station exerts a considerable pull on the river. Likewise as you approach Holme lock keep well to the right as the stream for the hydro is on the left and is in the lock cut!! Do not cut corners on the Trent especially around Burton Joyce - it gets very shallow in places - stay in the main flow.
  15. I see that Nigel Essery has won an award in this years IWA photo competition with an image of the Falkirk Wheel - has it been photo shopped? The judges this were Derek Pratt and Kev Maslin.
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