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  1. As a rough guide you require 1sq ft of skin tank for every 4hp of the engine - so 28hp 7 sq ft
  2. Patrick I suggest that you join the Brick of the Day Facebook page and ask your questions on it. You will then have the benefit of the large knowledge of people who contribute including experts on building renovation. Its a very well moderated page so that you get no trolls. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1548100792073477/
  3. Brookes in Lenton supply veneered ply.
  4. On this day 2019 - T&M and river Soar. This was the last day of our trip. Derwentmouth lock and the magnificant horse chestnut tree, Normanton on Soar church from the river. On a good day it always looks great. The 1860 bridge Mountsorrel. Built to carry a branch railway from the quarries to the railhead at Barrow on Soar. It now carries a conveyor belt which takes road stone from the quarry to the railhead. I always like this bridge with its graceful curve.
  5. On this day 2019 - T&M canal Georgian farm house at Barton lock Branston lock. I would like to know how old theese hawthorn trees are? Bridge 36 - the challenge is to go through this bridge without slowing down and without touching it!! The entrance to the Bond End canal at Burton on Trent.
  6. We use a piece of wood for extra security. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it when we go to the boat tomorrow.
  7. On this day 2019 - North Oxford canal Marston Junction Charity Dock Bedworth Hawkesbury Junction Sutton Stop lock
  8. To confuse matters even further we have a trad stern with a large hatch - approx 1m square - which gives us space for two or three people to stand at the rear. If the weather is bad you can pull the hatch closed and whilst its not as enclosed as a full trad it helps keep the weather off. There are even some boats about with a double hatch! A small one set into a large one. We like the large hatch because it allows our grandchildren to be atthe stern in a safe area. our engine is completely boxed in
  9. On this day 2010 - Braunston boat rally Sarah and Jim on Chertsey - this was taken shortly after the boat had been bought by Sarah The usual Braunston chaos!! Steve Jackson and Ed Mortimer on Camel. This was one of the first boats that I came into contact with as it was based at Loughborough in its BW days. A fleet of tugs Car transporter - but unlike in France no crane to lift it off with!!
  10. On this day 2019 - Oxford canal Lengthmans hut Marston Doles Wharf building Napton A nicely worn bollard
  11. Wrong boat the one in the programme had an astro turf roof which was a very bright green!! It did have a similar ugly stern,
  12. Thanks for the link. I can now waste sometime reading the blog!!
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