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  1. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    If you can't get through Harecastle on your first day the best place to spend the night is Westport Lake. The mooring are good and you can move up to the tunnel first thing in the morning. If you have an interest in buildings its worth walking up the hill to Tunstall town centre - there are some real gems there - the town hall and adjacent banks are really good. The other comment is when going up hill from Middlewich be careful to get the boat settled in the lock before fully opening the paddles - they can be very fierce!!
  2. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    I've just alerted CRT about a boat which is on an end of garden mooring and in danger of sinking. I wonder what response I'll get.
  3. Battery Charging primer

    Reported this thread with a request for it to be pinned.
  4. Mooring needed for fit out

    Sileby Mill may well be able to accommodate you and has the advantage of having a good chandelry and expert help on site. There is a boat electrician and surveyor/BSC examiner and gas safe based on site.
  5. Historic Boats for sale online

    Apologies Pete I looked in the index which is obviously not complete!!
  6. Historic Boats for sale online

    It isn't listed in the David Williams and Peter Silvester books either. It might be worth someone asking what the registration number is.
  7. Polesworth

    Polesworth also has one of the best secondhand bookshops around - we always try and visit the village when it is open. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/g-j-chesters-tamworth/493347/sf
  8. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Leicester - we have never had any problems there.
  9. Solar panels

    Try Matty40s of this parish - he regularly fits solar panels on boats and knows what he is talking about.
  10. Cherry Veneer

    Try furniture makers near to where you live. What you want is really an offcut. I'm not convinced that its cherry the grain looks wrong. It will be difficult to get a match of grain and colour, you may have to buy something withn the right grain and experiment with different stains and varnishes to get the colour.
  11. Excalibur No.1 sunk.

    Excalibur is now at Sileby Mill where clean up operations have started. There is a skip full of stuff taken out of it that is beyond salvage.
  12. 1st boat hire holiday this summer,

    Union Canal Carriers at Braunston would suit the poster. They have a good choice of boats, a variety of routes available, easy reach by taxi from Rugby station. Boats are always well turned out - they are a family business.
  13. inspection hatch

    Yes it is - they are really useful bits of kit for many functions. Alex Ramsey at Sileby Mill would be able to modify your rear deck to incorporate access above the weed hatch. Sileby has all the cutting and welding gear required to do the job.
  14. Excalibur No.1 sunk.

    There would have been space at Sileby where the boatyard owners look after boats especially when the river is in flood.
  15. Cheap and dirty outboard stand

    Even better is a cut down wheely bin. You put enough water in the bottom to run the engine when testing.