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  1. We and @trackman have had good experiences with stick on panels. We both bought ones from Midsummer Energy which were designed for use on standing seam industrial roofs ( sadly the company that made them are no more but there are alternatives). We have a Tracer MPPT controller not certain what Trackman has.
  2. Union Canal Carriers at Braunston are a good family firm and you have plenty of choices as to where to go.
  3. This house at Barrow upon Soar has a 61ft mooring. It is rather public as its on the other side of the road to the houseit also lacks security. https://alexanders-estates.com/property-for-sale/barrow-upon-soar/le12-8na/1809414
  4. There is a Garratt much closer to Atherstone than the Welsh Highland. There is one at Statfold Barn Railway which is about 30mins walk from Alvecote. I had the pleasure of seeing in steam a few weeks ago and being hauled by it. It is ex Tasmainian Railways and is the first Garratt built by Beyer- Peacock.
  5. Sadly he retired and no one would take on the business. Charnwood fasteners have moved down to near B&Q.
  6. Go to an engineers supllier or a fastening specialist and they will check it for you and with luck be able to supply a replacement. If you are near Loughborough I would recomend Charnwood Fasteners. I've been in there with an odd sized bolt and they've just looked at it and said what size it was and what thread. They then found one for me.
  7. For peace of mind take a short term mooring at Sileby Mill boatyard where the owner lives on site and lookas after the boats when the river is in flood. Otherwise the only really safe place north of Leicester which is not affected by river levels is in Loughborough. It is safe in the town there are bollards just north of the Chain Bridge outside what was the Albion.
  8. The photo of it in the water was taken at Kings Bromley Wharf where for sometime this boat was moored. As a minimum I would be looking at overskinning with good quality ply and then using West system resin to seal it. You will still have the differential expansion problem. The T&G boarding could leak anywhere but what we don't know is what is it fitted over there could be somthing like Tyvek roofing membrane which would add a lot to the aterproofing.
  9. Richard T

    Lock 12 K&A

    Now open again
  10. Richard T

    Lock 12 K&A

    Another sinking!! Kennet & Avon Canal Location: Lock 12 - Bath - Sunken Boat Starts At: Lock 13, Bath Top Lock Ends At: Lock 11, Horse Shoe Bridge Lock Tuesday 1 September 2020 19:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Boat damage Original message: Please be advised that due to a sunken boat in Lock 12, the navigation is closed between Lock 11 - Horseshoe Bridge Lock, and Lock 13 - Bath Top Lock. If you have any questions or queries you can contact the Customer Service Team on 0303 040 40 40 or at enquiries.walessouthwest@canalrivertrust.org.uk should there be any specific questions regarding this notice. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/18268/lock-12-bath-sunken-boat You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
  11. My are always up whether we are on broad or narrow canals. I saw a boat get completely hung up with rope fenders down at Gailey. The boat was suspended in the lock nowhere near the water!! Fortunately when the lock was refilled the boat refloated - the fenders were then taken off. The guy was lucky - had it been at one of the really narrow locks like Filance he could have been stuck for hours!!
  12. Matty40s who posts on here might do it. Hes based at Stowe Hill so not far for you to get the boat to him.
  13. Started canoeing and sailing with the Scouts. Hung around the Soar at Kegworth. First holiday was 1974 Larch from Middlewich Narrowboats, 1976 took a party of Scouts on Lindsey from UCC up the Ashby Then around 1980 started hiring generally in October half term this lead to hiring twice a year. We hired from Middlewich Narrowboats, Union Canal Cruisers, Teddesley, Valley, Associated at Wolverhampton, Braidbar. We also got involved with Ed Mortimer when he was at Macclesfield and had some long trips on the Star class boat Auriga. August 2002 the opportunity came to set up a private share of a boat which we were part of until late 2012 when we bought our own boat which was Millstream and renamed it 2012. I learnt a lot about boats and how to maintain them from the shared boat. I've also owned a couple of sailing dinghies a Solo and a Miracle. I still sail regularly with the Scouts and canoe at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre usually on their litter picks. I also hold the RYA Safety Boat certificate which means that I can drive a high powered rib!!
  14. I would buy the Pearson - the timings on each page are generally about right. The style of writing is user friendly unlike the Nicholson which is just facts. We have done the ring starting at Braunston in an October half term and stopped at Bournville for Cadburys World. From memory our longest day was bottom of Calcutt to the top of Hatton which is I think 42locks but we did have a crew of willing teenagers.
  15. If I were buying a new boat I would want a contract similar to a building one whereby 2 1/2 or 5 % of the cost is retained for 12months and only paid when snagging and defects are completed. I somehow don't think many builders would like this idea!! Effectively what you are withholding is their profit.
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