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dave moore

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    West Midlands
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    boating history and heritage
    working boats and boaters
    traditional music
    real ale and red wine
    all in no particular order!

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    boat decorator/signwriter
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  1. dave moore

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    Thanks, Matty ( no pun intended ) I’m glad you pointed out the porosity of undercoats and primers, an issue I’m well aware of. I certainly wouldn’t leave a boat without gloss, regardless of what may be overpainted later. Others here may think differently. I’ve only lettered a very small number of boats with a non gloss finish, most reflect the painter’s diligence, skill and my ugly mug!!
  2. dave moore

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    I’ve never come across this one before. It is possible to add a matting agent to gloss paint which could give you the look that you are looking for. Can any coach painters out there put flesh on these bones? I’ve no hands on experience to share.
  3. dave moore

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    The Bell, I think....no bull. 😉
  4. dave moore

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    I endorse the previous posts too. I’d also like to add the Anchor Inn at Caunsall too, on the Staffs and Worcs. It’s a short walk from the canal, in the village itself, an unpretentious local pub with a range of real ales and ciders. They serve delicious home made cobs/rolls/batches, generously filled with cheese, beef or ham and served with lashings of salad - lettuce, cucumber and tomato,all at a modest price.
  5. dave moore

    Matty’s 1978

    I lettered the above mentioned boat only last week. It is now called Margaret and destined for other waters than our system. The owner took many photos during the process, though I’m yet to see any.
  6. dave moore

    Decent boatyard in the Midlands for repairs

    Norton Canes for me....👍
  7. dave moore

    Traditonal speed control

    Years ago I steered a trad style boat with a speed wheel control based on a scissor jack. It worked well enough, save for an inordinate number of turns needed to alter the engine speed. When we put Resolute together, it took less than 3 turns on the handwheel to go from tick over to full ahead. Just a thought to bear in mind....
  8. dave moore

    Tug with a N Hingley signwriting scheme

    Bostin! Sounds like a Black Country man to me. 😉
  9. dave moore

    Waterways World.

    Via a friend, I gave all of mine, dating from the early 80s, to a local canal trust for their clubhouse. They ended up in a skip. Ah well....
  10. dave moore


    I’m interested too......
  11. dave moore

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

    Delph 9? I live nearby and have only ever known 8. There were 9 originally but the middle 7 were rebuilt and reduced to 6. The original line runs parallel and to the right of the present towpath, the arm below the top lock giving a clue.
  12. dave moore

    Coal shovels ?

    Try a local vintage or retro centre. We picked up an old beauty in ours for a few quid. Heavy steel, ash handle....a proper job!
  13. dave moore

    Do you have a boating knife?

    I’ve carried a Swiss Army knife for more years than I care to remember, a wonderfully versatile and beautifully made bit of kit. I also kept a Leatherman multi tool in the ticket drawer on Resolute, it came in very handy for many tasks, especially cutting cotton line prior to splicing. A longer wooden handled knife lay under the counter next to the weed hatch which came in handy from time to time, that must have been an 8” blade or thereabouts. Sheath knives back in younger days on the belt, not in today’s climate.
  14. dave moore

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    I can only agree with Alan on this one, just ordinary working clothing as worn by many. I don’t recall any of the BW folk I met in the 60s having anything other than this kind of stuff. I’m not sure where the red neckerchief came from, though it seems to be de rigeur among those found on traditional craft. It’s probably me, I’ve never been one for dressing up, or down, come to think of it....
  15. dave moore

    Kelvin stay bar

    I don’t think that’s a Kelvin, Ray, at least not one I’m familiar with. We never had an issue with our J3 regarding a stay bar, but the beds were very solid, fuel tanks forming part of them on both sides.

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