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  1. While I’m aware of the power of social media to flag these things up, sinkings seem to be depressingly common these days. Looking back to earlier days, I don’t recall anything other than the very occasional incident. Any thoughts? Am I wearing my rose tinteds??
  2. Hi again all I was contacted recently by the seller, telling me that he has now listed the engine on Apollo Duck. Hopefully it will go to a good home,I’m surprised that it didn’t sell on here. Dave
  3. I’ve made deckboards out of ply, then treating them with West System resin before painting. Just a thought....
  4. Ah, Chris has a can of mine. I think Donna is continuing the fender making...
  5. A bit more white spirit in the scumble oil for me...it’s a bit dark.
  6. I’ve sometimes seen the graining process that I employ on traditional boats referred to as “ Scrumbling” rather than the correct “ Scumbling “. I’m watching Pointless at the moment and one contestant named one of her favourite activities as “ Scrumbling “ When asked to elaborate, she explained it as collecting apples from orchards, with consent. I knew the illicit version as “ scrumping” as a kid. We live and learn.....
  7. The wedding thing. We live close to the Waterfront moorings at Merry Hill. Some time ago we had Resolute on the moorings. On the day in question, we’d walked to the shopping centre. On the way back, crossing the bridge by the adjacent Copthorne Hotel, I noticed a swarm of people both on and around the boat. I was about to remonstrate and tell them to go forth when I spotted a bridal gown. The wedding party was from the Copthorne, the photographer using the boat as a back cloth for pictures. I didn’t ask for a retainer.....
  8. It’s a long time ago now and things were different then, as I recall Malcolm entered at a good speed, stepped off with the strap and put it round the post. As the gate started to close we whipped up the bottom paddles which helped the top gate to shut. As soon as we had level, the gates were open and Cactus was headed for the next lock. I think we closed gates behind her, before running ahead to the next lock. Malcolm, of course, was well versed in the ways of professional boatmen, using the boat where possible to take the work out of things. A very different ethos exists today.....
  9. If overmuch paint is applied to a vertical- ish surface, a sag is the result, a drooping curtain of paint. Less likely on horizontal surfaces, but a pool can form that takes longer to dry.
  10. We went down the 21 in the mid 60s with Cactus, steered by Malcom Braine. An hour and 25 minutes from top to bottom, strapping in while bottom gates paddles were started. Every next lock ready, I think there were 4 of us altogether.. Malcom steering, myself and Roger Ainsworth with the boat, Chris Nichols setting ahead. I’ve never bettered that time after many transits since.
  11. I’d go for a repaint. Anything else may well be a very temporary fix, the photos show stuff at end of useful life stage, to me.
  12. J18 months ago, I spoke with “ Our ‘ Enery “ about repainting his back doors. Covid has had other ideas....here’s what he might expect..
  13. I’m with Roland on this one, I suspect we learned from similar sources. Yes, in the 20 years I had Resolute I strove to maintain high standards....paintwork clean, brasses bright and decorative ropework white. While many passed positive comments on the boat, the ones I cherished most came from the few ex working boaters who understood what I was trying to do. I’ll leave it here, Mount my dinosaur and ride off.....
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