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  1. End of winter?

    2 signs in the Midlands this afternoon.....local children riding bikes in the street, then the sound of a lawn mower in a nearby garden. I’ll stay in my workshop waggling paintbrushes. Dave
  2. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Because many know no better. Why searchlight type headlamps are popular is an enduring mystery to me.
  3. Cabin Strings

    Hi Rachel 12mm is often used for cabin strings, mast droppers and lambs tails, I’ve used 8mm for Turks heads on Butty tillers. My suppliers were Rope Services UK, based in Houghton le Spring, probably Durham or Newcastle area. www.ropeservices.com, phone is 0191 584 2709 25m of 12mm cost me about £30, including delivery, a couple of years ago. Cheers Dave
  4. Cabin Strings

    White cotton line is the norm. In the past, I’ve put a temporary whipping on the end of each of the 3 strands using masking tape to stop them from unlaying. I have a source of the stuff, a supplier in the north east, happy to share if you need it. Dave
  5. Sander

    Hi all i used to run courses, though only in signwriting and decorative painting. I’ve never taught coach painting, left it to others....to get a decent job is weeks of graft and meticulous preparation, preferably under cover. Bengo’s advice is sound, in my experience. Certainly buy decent tools, my d a sander, a Bosch professional, has been invaluable for years. One of my customers some years ago attempted a self repaint using DIY sanders....and was soon seeking to borrow more robust gear from the resident painter at the yard he was moored at. In many years of painting, I’ve only known a handful of owner paint jobs that come close to a decent professional finish, though I applaud any owner willing to have a go. Good luck! Dave
  6. Chimney chain

    Facing in, for me.
  7. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    Hi all I’ve followed recent posts with interest. I’d like to thank those who offered positive comments on my work, today’s results are almost a lifetime of experience around boats with a brush in my hand....heading towards 70, I’m still learning and adapting my styles of decorative painting. It’s right that there should be a range of affordable souvenir work available for the casual visitor. My reservations centre around the quality of the decoration applied. Not all painters working in this field have looked at historic examples to inspire, as the earlier pictures I posted amply demonstrate. For a declining few in today’s boating scene, the continuity of upholding decent standards is still important, it’s a cause I still espouse. I’ve no idea whether a fridge magnet painted by me would carry any more credence than one by someone else, I’ve no experience in servicing the souvenir market at all. There is, I suspect, no easy answer to the future of standards in decorative painting. If it survives in a small way, by caring painters for caring clients, then that may be the best I could hope for. I no longer run courses but am happy to help aspiring painters on an individual basis to those with a real interest. I could go on, better perhaps if I stop here...... Dave
  8. Chimney chain

    The brackets holding the handle to the body look somewhat crude, not Lesters usual output. Perhaps an apprentice piece....dunno!
  9. Chimney chain

    No, Lesters!
  10. Claytons Tay

    The latest edition of Waterways World arrived this morning. An article featured the historic gas boat Tay, once operated by Claytons, the bulk liquid carriers. It’s fairly well known these days following extensive restoration in the 90s. Earlier I was rummaging in a trunk in my loft and turned up the following photo of her in, I think, 1968, en route to Liverpool for the National Rally at Stanley Dock. The then owner, Tony Phillips, is steering, Richard Cooper, aka Railroad Bill ( he worked for British Rail ) is on the gunwale and I’m behind the camera. Happy days!
  11. Chimney chain

    Hi Mark I’ve never tried, to be honest. No reason why they shouldn’t, a polishing mop and soap on a bench grinder should take the grunt out of it if needed, followed by hand work and your preferred metal polish. Adrian’s stuff is top notch! Cheers.
  12. Chimney chain

    I know. The replicas are spot on, I’ve seen them. If I didn’t have originals, I’d buy.... Dave
  13. Incralac thinners?

    I’ve used Acetone in the past. Good stuff! Dave
  14. What finish to use for fireproof board

    I’m working on a new build currently with a traditional back cabin. The owner has asked me to scumble the fibre board recently installed behind the range and above where the middle pipe goes from range to chimney collar. I’ve scumbled part of the areas previously, not the whole.....as long as the range is used moderately, I hope that scorching won’t be a problem. Time will tell. Dave
  15. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    Without doubt, Flowers Afloat by Tony Lewery. It’s a reworking of his earlier book on the subject, Narrowboat Painting and is the result of a lifetime’s research into the subject. Fabulously illustrated, it looks at historic background,possible origins of the art form and examines the lives of various painters based on the region in which they worked. Don’t miss the final chapter either....Blue and Yellow and the Souvenir Disease. Audlem Mill bookshop should be able to furnish you with a copy.