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  1. It may be worth speaking to a friend of mine, Keith M of this forum. He’s a Mastervolt expert, used to be a troubleshooter for them.
  2. Among the uphill queue are friends of mine who are supporting the bow hauling of Stratford, a 22’ maintenance boat, from the Boat Museum to Hawne Basin, raising funds for charity as they do so. This is their second hold up, a stoppage at Chemistry lock being the first. I hope that the volunteers involved have some leeway in their schedules to accommodate these delays, they were supposed to complete the trip by Tuesday next. Fingers crossed.......
  3. I used to take our boat down there, 2’6” draft...no problem. The tunnel is very slow.
  4. Indeed. I thought you were heading in via the 21. Hawne is worth a visit in its own right anyway.
  5. Oxley marine or Napton narrowboats , both at Autherley. It means passing the bottom of the 21 at Aldersley and boating another half mile or so, but you can wind easily at the junction.
  6. Of course. It’s Dave Elwell, I did some painting on his boats long ago. Prior to setting up on his own , he worked with the Allens at Oldbury. I’d forgotten, it’s long ago now. Thanks.
  7. With time to spare this morning, I took a walk around Compton Lock on the Staffs and Worcs below Wolverhampton. Limekiln Chandlers used to have a base on the offside, below Compton, before the land was sold. I’ve driven over the bridge many times since but never appreciated the new development in its place. I was intrigued earlier to see that a stubby narrow boat shell had been set in to the lawn adjacent to the new building, the lines reminiscent of the boats built at Watertravel at Autherley in the 70s. Here she is. Who can tell us more?
  8. Resolute’s cabin top was simply painted in raddle red, another Norton Canes. I was happy to use it when locking and never had an issue with slipping. Perhaps I was lucky.....
  9. I’ve had star cut porthole glass cut at the Ruskin Centre in Stourbridge in the West Midlands. I’m away at the moment, but I could pop in later this week and get details of the company for you.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Ugly bugger!!
  11. Maroon fades terribly, probably the worst colour to use for lettering. I use it sparingly for shading, but that’s it,.
  12. Drawings by Tony Lewery, I don’t doubt the nomenclature
  13. As someone on the margins of the painting business, I endorse the application of varnish to preserve red paint. Years ago I wrote our boat Resolute on red panels, quite an involved livery. Some 6 or 7 years on, the red was looking a little tired. My options were varnish or strip, re- paint then Re write. I opted for the easier option, using panel wipe to remove any polish or nasties on the surface, followed by a light abrasion with a scotch cloth. A quick wipe with a tack cloth to remove dust, then varnish applied with a 4” foam roller, laid off with a good brush, used vertically. 4 panels done in less than an hour, about the same to re-coat subsequently. As Bengo said, a reapplication in 18 24 months is worthwhile, don’t let it flake or it’s too late!!
  14. I’d also counsel patience. The yards that I work alongside are booked up at least a year ahead, though you may be lucky and drop on a cancellation. Give more information, as advised earlier, to get useful help.
  15. Hartshill is an area of Brierley Hill, near Dudley.
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