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  1. Hi Dave,


    Hope all is well with you. I have a question you may be able to help me with.

    Do you know or have you heard  of a roses and castles artist by the name of Ian Lewendon of Newbury?





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    2. goughie


      Hi Dave,


      Thanks for getting back to me.


      Ive never heard of this painter before I bought this painted stool. ( pictures attached ) .


      The work is very good in my opinion. The stool is signed  but Ive drawn a blank so far. Looked on google to no avail.






    3. dave moore

      dave moore

      Hi Dave

      Although I’m not familiar with the painter, I certainly am with the stool, I’m guessing you bought it from Sarah Edgson. Interesting, confident work to my eyes, the central landscape copied from a post card from some time ago. You have a cracker, look after it well. I was looking a it just before Christmas in her office at Glascote. I’m not sure, but I think it may be in History and Heritage here somewhere.

    4. goughie


      Hi Dave,


      Thanks again. Yes I bought it from Sarah. It was described as Painter unknown. I didnt want to bother her with questions. Im very pleased with it. Just now Im giving it a couple of coats of varnish. I'm leaving the wear and tear untouched.


      All the best!


      Dave ( Goughie)

  2. Another stalwart no longer with us. I’m sorry to hear of his passing, we had several exchanges lamenting the change in values abroad on the cut. Thanks Archie.
  3. It was 1986, Easter. Little Brumtug on the Caldon. A catalogue of mishaps and appalling weather saw us returning earlier than planned. With Gail steering, she called out that the engine had stalled in the top lock of the Bedford staircase two. I pulled up the boards covering the counter, removed the weed hatch and set about with the cabin shaft. The problem seemed to be large and soft, I suspected a mattress. We dropped through the locks so I could address the issue from the towpath. Further probing with the shaft drew up what looked like a human head, which I thought was a dummy until a trail of bubbles suggested otherwise. We called the police and informed the crew of a nearby BW maintenance boat. There is a dry dock at the junction of the Caldon and T & M, they towed us there with a policeman on the counter holding on to the corpse with the cabin shaft. The docking revealed the grisly truth, a young man wrapped firmly around the blades. The police were hopeful that he was their missing person from 3 weeks ago. Two Scenes of Crime officers arrived and effected the removal, wrapping the remains in polythene. The pathologist arrived too and , distraught, I explained the injuries I inflicted on what I assumed earlier to be a mattress. I was reassured that any pre and post mortem damage could be easily told apart. Shaken, the police gave us lunch at the local station, after which we journeyed south, somewhat chastened. The inquest wasn’t till August, two days after our wedding. The poor sod was a student, 18 years old, who had drunk himself silly at an end of term party, damaged some furniture at a lecturer’s house subsequently, then vanished into the night. The coroner recorded an open verdict, based on the lack of evidence. My testimony was too much for his parents, I could only apologise afterwards. Needless to say, I never want another....
  4. The handbowl is real enough, the painting not by any recognised hand I’m aware of. Having had a look, it could be the work of a boatman painter, typically neat and careful stuff which typified their work. Nothing to do with the modern Chinese stuff which makes me prostrate with dismal. I feel a hint of Frank Jones’ work in the roses, perhaps the painter was influenced by him. Which boatman painter? I don’t know. Possibly early souvenir work, I’m only offering suggestions. Can anyone put flesh on these meagre bones?
  5. David Ritson, first class chippie, is in the area. I’m happy to supply a contact number via PM. Dave
  6. Having had a closer look, the gear on the floor is definitely a mahl stick, palette with dipper attached, along with small pot of paint, all standard signwriting gear, still used today. The boat behind seems partially lettered and the trestles are placed at a convenient height for the writer to work on, No crouching in a paint dock here!
  7. The book is “ A Boater’s Guide to Boating” by Chris. Well worth reading, Peter Sylvester at Audlem Mill May have a copy, it’s probably available from the Historic Narrowboat Club bookshop.
  8. Andy Downing is based in the West Midlands and is mobile. PM me for contact numbers if interested.
  9. Thanks Pete. I wasn’t waiting with bated breath for a response. A genuine mistake I hope, rather than a deception, given the withdrawal.
  10. Hi Fittie! I’ve just contacted the seller to advise that his provenance is mistaken. It will be interesting to see whether he responds. If so, I’ll let you know what transpires. Cheers Dave
  11. I remember Quercus well, I wrote it around then. All of the notice boards at the yard had it spelt Querqus and that was how I laid it out. Director Alan Green dropped into the paint dock and queried my spelling, before I put paint on so disaster was avoided. I wasn’t always so lucky......when Brum Boats were taken over by Alvechurch, many boats changed names. One such, with a small name panel was rechristened “ Lichfield Cathedral”. One side worked out fine, if somewhat cramped. On the other side she turned into an Irish boat “ Lichfield Catedral “. Of course, I didn’t spot the omission until the shading was almost complete. Bugger. Out with the rag and white spirit and off I went again......
  12. Empire was built by CTS at Norton Canes, I recall lettering it years ago. If my memory serves, it is now owned by Terence Edgar with livery by Andy Russell.
  13. One of my customer’s wives got in touch recently....her husband was keen to bid but had no idea of value. I replied to the effect that I’d known recent sales to realise £7/800 for similar items. I seem to have under priced this one. Maybe £12/1400? Let’s see. I’m not bidding, either..... Dave
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