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  1. Last year I was made aware of another significant archive from a now deceased enthusiast. He indicated that he would wish CRT to curate this. Their response was that monies would have to be paid to offset curation costs. Amazing!
  2. I may be able to help. I’m still painting, but only in decent conditions where I can work comfortably. I’m a bit long in the tooth to struggle as I used to. If you’d like to take things further, pm me for contact details.
  3. Not at all. We launched Resolute in 2000, the last sideslip launch at the yard. All of the comments came at a time when Hudson was building still.
  4. Apache is indeed a Norton Canes boat, originally built for Ed Rimmer. Early on, it carried my lettering. I won’t dwell on the story of its early years, I think it ended up at Reading at some stage. Until a few years ago I co owned Resolute, another Norton Canes, with Graham Edgson the builder. She was a beautiful boat, attracting positive comment wherever she went. Despite having “ Norton Canes Boatbuilders “ on the cabin sides in 6” letters, I was often asked ” That’s a beautiful boat....is it a Steve Hudson?” I’ll leave you to imagine the reply.....
  5. Years ago, I taught at a West Midlands school under a very ambitious head. We were awarded Beacon status in the 90s and the staff room notice board often carried such news as “ 6 teachers from Abu Dhabi coming to view the IT suite this morning “ or “ Chris Woodhead visiting on Friday” sort of stuff. I was underwhelmed for much of this. One morning management mantras appeared around the picture rails in the staff room. This sort of stuff....Team...together Everyone Achieves More. “ Where there is no vision the people perish”. There were lots more. I pondered them awhile and then reached for pen and paper. I responded Condescending Rubbish Appears Periodically i think it lasted a couple of hours before being taken down. Ah well....
  6. Wouldn’t fender kicking be a better option than tyre kicking. I’ve met plenty of them in my time on the cut!
  7. Another vote for Sarah. They have a good range of Epping spares.
  8. They were the company I had in mind to refurbish the magneto on our J3. I think they quoted around £500 and needed to know the rotational direction. Having fitted thermostarts, I never got round to it.....
  9. A friend of mine left his position at a marina after Castle took over. I doubt that this amalgamation will lead to long term improvement, perhaps I’ll be proved wrong....
  10. Old Peculier was legendary in the 70s. Whilst staying in Whitby for the folk festival, I learned of a pub in Egton Bridge that sold it, not far away. Another Black Country local was with me at the time and we journeyed together. Arriving at the venue, we entered the pub, to be greeted by a most sour old lady who took our order reluctantly. ” I do’ know about the beer, “ he commented “ but I think ‘ers the old peculiar” The beer was fine, in the end. I’ve not tasted it for years now....
  11. This was an artistic response to a recent incident. A terminally ill man from Kidderminster mooned at a police speed camera, one of the items on his bucket list. The police, some half dozen or so, called at his house and he declined to open the door. They forced entry and he was tackled and cuffed before being taken away. Whether this is a genuine Banksy I don’t know, but the style is certainly similar.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Graham Robinson of nb Star May be able to help. I don’t have a contact number but Brinklow Boat Services may be able to put you in touch. Dave
  14. I was saddened to see the early death of Jon Leeson, aka Letternight, reported on social media earlier. He was a fine signwriter and airbrush artist and not a few members here will carry his work on their boats. A sad loss indeed, condolences to his family.
  15. Cannock is 5 mins drive from Norton Canes.
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