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  1. Thanks. I can't access subscribers list, GDPR and all that. By the way, I have since found that the content on jim-shead.com is back up, and I will mention this correction in the next issue, but I did hear from someone with knowledge that he's not well, and he hasn't responded to our emails. The domain was definitely 'for sale' a few weeks ago, so I still am not sure what's happened.
  2. I have since heard that Jim is now retired due to ill-health. His domain is gone, but the invaluable website can be found on the Wayback Machine at https://web.archive.org/web/20190917131741/http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/index.php
  3. Thanks, but I was wondering about Jim himself - is he still OK? Also, his website was a treasure trove of information.
  4. I see that jim-shead.com has gone offline - is Jim Shead still around?
  5. For five years I have used 'wifi mobile hotspot' on my android phones (pretty much every phone now offers this, but check before you buy a new phone) and I long ago stopped worrying about external antennas or separate units. Often in the country I have to put the phone in the window, but provided I have a separate tablet/laptop to use the wifi signal it doesn't matter too much. I use a Three 30-day contract sim, currently about £19/month for 30gb of data, which is plenty. It normally gives 4g at a strong enough signal, not always great, but adequate. I only buy sim-free phones, and good ones now come under £200. I currently use a Moto One Action (c.£229) which is brilliant. The 'One' in the phone name, btw, means Android One, which means it uses the main Android One system, which gives guaranteed immediate updates to new versions of Android for two year. So often, the big companies (Samsung, Sony etc) use the updates as an excuse to make you buy a new phone. Apple iPhone is great, but they, too, come at a cost. I have lost 3 phones in 4 years in the canal, so I've learned my lesson and only buy cheap androids now - they are remarkably good. There are specialist marine wifi units, but they are very expensive and probably geared to boats with multiple occupancy (bit white gin palaces). My main
  6. My alter ego, my aka, is Albion Dumsday (hence my twitter account @albiondumsday and my email of albion@dumsday.com), named after an ancestor born in 1797. I like it for that very English ring -- it was a patriotic name for a very patriotic time. But I created a rod for my own back, because when asked to spell out 'dumsday' over the phone it's pretty tricky without resorting to phonetics D ... "t?" No, d. u. m. "n?" No, m... etc)
  7. Thanks, JP. Do you know, I have quite forgotten why I originally asked the question!
  8. I have completely confused everyone with my retraction, and I apologise. It turns out that I was right first time, it is Albion Junction that's at the junction of the Brades Hall and Main Line. It appears to be that the Albion ironworks is across the canal and some distance away, so how the junction got its name I don't know. I thank everyone for their contributions, and will gradually tiptoe away from this 🙂
  9. Now I'm completely confused. Oh, just ignore me, sorry 🙂
  10. Oh, wait... It appears what I was calling Albion Junction is actually Gower Junction! No wonder I was confused. (or rather, no wonder I confused myself :-)
  11. Ah yes, now I see, thanks. I was a bit confused, because Albion Junction appears to be the other side of the canal from the ironworks (and separated by the railway line.). Yes, I see it now, thanks.
  12. Where exactly is this? I looked on the NLS at Albion Junction and it doesn't seem to tally (the 1902 maps shows a 'Dunkirk' branch opposite Albion Junction, which isn't evident here, let alone the arms here being under cover. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=52.51688&lon=-2.02687&layers=168&b=1
  13. Max's Son, thanks! I've seen the rattlechain lagoon blog in the past, but a search for 'jim crow' didn't turn that up. But now I've found albright, it's a good shortcut. Graces's Guide's page on the history of Albright & Wilson doesn't mention Crow, although I came across an ancestry site that lists a 'David Crow Albright', born c.1869, so perhaps the original James Crow would have been earlier? (I doubt he would appear as 'Jim' in the written records, but I might be wrong. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Albright_and_Wilson
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