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  1. There was a book and/or TV programme about kids canal boating, in, I think, the late 1960s or early 70s. Can anyone recall the name? Thanks
  2. Yes, It takes about 10 years for a marina to 'take root'. I went past at the end of 2006 in the dusk, and they had dug the basic pit but hadn't quite built the entrance. I seem to recall a stilling test in mid-2007, so they must have opened up shortly after. I recall visiting a year or two later and they were still running a diesel generator 24/7 to provide shoreline power - despite having an electricity pylon towering overhead. Somewhere I have a pic of the main building foundation marked out. The next time I went, in 2014, it was a council of war being held by Paul Lillie with the moorers about his dispute with CRT. Physically the marina was all in place but still felt to me that it needed a bit of 'bedding in'. In the 5 years since, three moorers told me the atmosphere had got a lot more pleasant - I don't know if that was related to his moving on. I went back last year to interview a moorer for an article for Waterways World, and see the Baldwin Trust. Pillings Lock has 'bedded in' very well.
  3. It was excavated in 2006, filled in the summer of 2007. I believe it began to take moorers in 2008.
  4. Can anyone point me towards a primer on the different types and brands of coal available? Starting from first principles - what is the difference between different types of coat, e.g. 'house coal', anthracite, etc, and the different brands available, and ways of buying/using them. It would be much appreciated. I'm a drip-feed diesel stove guy, and I need to get up to speed on coal. Many thanks
  5. nb Kilsby is on its way to Tooley's for repair, as per this news story. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/18084663.narrowboat-journey-2020-canal-fest/ I was curious about its origins. The name doesn't feature on the HNBC or National Historic Ships websites, but it looks pretty old.
  6. Many thanks. Many thanks. I'm writing about the Strawberry Island Boat Club , and Olive functioned as its first moored boat and first clubhouse. I was interested in what happened to it subsequently.
  7. Gosh! You have eyes like a hawk and an elephantine memory.
  8. Does anyone know the whereabouts or fate of a Sheffield keel called Olive? Back in about 1970 it was moored on the Don at Sprotborough, and in private ownership. It became the first clubhouse of the Strawberry Island Boat Club, before being replaced some time in the 1970s by a new temporary 'portakabin-style' clubhouse. I heard it went down south somewhere, but perhaps it has been broken up?
  9. Going past moored boats make it harder, because they narrow the channel and you have to slow down for them, and on bends it is even harder. Occasionally it's nice to see a moored boat and not be alone. But when it's a long, long line of moored boats, and the boat on the move is crawling all the time, and the other boats haven't tied up properly and their lines are loose, and they are scowling out of the window at you because their idea of slow is different from the passing boater, and the boat on the move can't find a mooring himself because there are too many moored, and the towpath is tatty with their rubbish because they have no room on their boat, then, yes, it can life harder and it is everyone's business.
  10. AKA "It's the fastest way to slow down". Point of pedantry: It's Latin, so it doesn't need the accent.
  11. That's 5 hours - assuming you travelled at a steady 4mph, including through locks and past moored boats....
  12. Alan, many thanks, those are the ones! I should have bookmarked. Cheers Andrew
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