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  1. Thanks, I know I snatched a photo of it somewhere not long ago, but can't remember where; I have so many photos but needle in a haystack to find the relevant pic. I'm charmed by the enthusiasm of various boatbuilder supporters, rather like, say, Morris Minor fan clubs. Fox Boats is another with fans.
  2. Has anyone seen a well-maintained Springer narrowboat with 'Thank you Sam Springer' signwritten on the sides? I saw it a little while back, can't remember where or when now, but I wanted to find it again and contact the owner. I'm putting together an article about boaters loyal to boatbuilders. Thanks Andrew
  3. Thanks. "2007" should be close enough! Cheers
  4. Thanks. Hmm, that's interesting. I'm working on a story about a longstanding mooring. A lovely story, nothing controversial, but I just want to fact-check what I'm being told.
  5. Thanks. Someone has said to me they had an auctioned mooring for 18 years - that must be mistaken then.
  6. Does anyone know when the moorings auctions began? I forgot to add, are moorings auctions still a thing?
  7. I've just heard from CRT that vlockies don't start until April 1st. Not to worry, I've now had a kind offer, thanks.
  8. Cripes, there's a FB group for everything 🙂
  9. Thanks! I will be asking the same question repeatedly as I slowly approach London in the coming month, weekend by weekend. I wish there were a list of numbers to call on the CRT website. No particular worries if there aren't any vlockies available, I can factor in the extra work/delays, but it would be great to know in advance.
  10. Yes, but my original question was: How do I find out if vlockies are there, and how do I contact them to say that there's an old man at the bottom of the flight who would be pathetically grateful for their help? And is there a phone number for them at the top so they would know it's worth their while walking down the flight to help me? This is something CRT won't know, but I hoped Canalworld would 🙂
  11. Thanks, ditchcrawler. My, but the responses to this thread make me smile. I have to get from Tamworth to Atherstone top lock on Saturday, and I'm getting old. I've not done it for a few years. The trouble is, I have to get to Hawkesbury by Sunday afternoon, so I can get a bus into Coventry and catch a train. I just know that without help on Atherstone I will read the top at 10pm and be too tired to get to the pub, then sleep in on Sunday until 11am. If there are lockies at the top, they aren't going to bother going below Baddesley unless they know in advance that there's an ageing boater in distress. Well, I emailed, & tweeted @CRTcontactus but haven't had a response yet. I don't bother phoning CRT normally. The usual response from the Norwich call centre is something like "how do you spell coventry canal"?
  12. I'm headed up Atherstone locks singlehanded next Saturday afternoon (5th March) & would appreciate a hand. Any volunteers on duty there? Thanks.
  13. I'm researching the restoration of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 2003-4. I've got the book published by Richard Turner-Thomas (the site manager) in 2005, and I'm trying to find out more about him and the project. The book was promoted on Google Groups in 2004 by Molly Mockford who helped him by setting up a website to sell it. https://groups.google.com/g/uk.rec.waterways/c/e8oI7PUc9bs/m/_bW2nOD0jTIJ Molly was a regular on uk.rec.waterways in those days. Is she still around? (I bought it from the website she set up, and in arrived in 2005 with a nice covering letter from him). Another person on uk.rec.waterways who knew him is Mike Hughes (nb Tess of Wootton) I think Richard died c.2015, because his CV on Linked In runs up to 2013, then on a local paper website there's a short obit for someone of that name in 2015, but no further info. I wrote to his old address in Cwmbran a couple of weeks back and a lady now living there kindly replied to say she moved in in 2016, but hadn't heard of him. Anyway, any info appreciated on Richard, and Molly Mockford/Mike Hughes who might tell me more. Many thanks, Andrew
  14. Tony, thanks! It's not vital we know, but I'm wondering if it was a friend of Aickman's who owned it, as Aickman himself seems to have been on it.
  15. It appears to be near the start of this film https://www.macearchive.org/films/look-around-12071963-waterways which has Robert Aickman being interviewed on the Lower Avon in 1963, so I'm guessing it's also on the Lower Avon.
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