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  1. Yes, I thought it was TIE, but I wasn't 100% sure 🙂
  2. But not houdinis, hatches & lockers that are 1/24th scale? 🙂
  3. Thanks. I'm guessing by 'full size model' you mean a full size boat?
  4. Frahkn, thanks. When I made my first post this afternoon I didn't know if John Rawson was still around. Happily I managed to contact him tonight, and he tells me he retired 5 years ago and got rid of his tools and workshop. He doesn't know anyone else who does what he does. Does anyone have a contact for Dale Howlett? I can't do Facebook, I'm afraid. I can see a profile someone linked to, but I can't go further. (I'm not able to open an acct with FB, long story, but it's a sore point with me.) Many thanks.
  5. Many thanks. Yes, AMModels is the one I was thinking of, thanks. But above all, this question is about having someone make a model of someone else's boat, as an accurate commission.
  6. Who now builds narrowboat models to order? I recall a chap called John Rawson from some years ago, but I don't know if he's still around. And I seem to recall someone else in North Wales or Cheshire (AMS Models) but again I can't find him. Thanks
  7. In starting this topic I guess I was mainly thinking of permanent moorings. I recall there were plans for a marina at Todmorden, but I don't know what became of it. http://todmordenpride.org.uk/news_articles/view/marina_plans_for_todmorden/
  8. Boat plates like James Bond's Aston Martin? https://giphy.com/gifs/james-bond-sean-connery-5V5C67B3JWD04
  9. Dave, thanks. I'm trying to compile a list of Rochdale long term moorings. To my surprise, there are very few indeed.
  10. Does anyone have a phone no, email address or website for Baltimore Marina at Todmorden, on the Rochdale Canal? Come to think of it, are there any other marinas or permanent moorings? I know of New Islington in Manchester, but that's about it. Waterside Moorings, the CRT company, doesn't know of any others. Thanks.
  11. The excellent historic NLS map https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=52.55880&lon=-1.53127&layers=168&b=1 shows the site near Mancetter quarries (with its wharf 1/2 mile north towards Atherstone) but the new marina site was just fields in 1903. However I can't find a more recent map with enough detail.
  12. Oh, sorry. Yes, through a circuitous route I was told he was still alive but not well, but I couldn't contact him directly or confirm it, and I didn't like to speak about it in detail in case the facts were wrong. I've been in hot water before about spreading rumours and invading privacy 🙂 Rothen's PR agency just told me it was first excavated about 5 years ago but the project stopped until they took over last year. Companies house gives a postal address in Whittington, but I figured there must be an easier way to contact whoever runs the Baddesley moorings now.
  13. Background to my question: Mancetter Marina, above Atherstone, has just opened. I know the Hawkins family bought it years ago, and last year they advertised it as 'opening soon', but it has now been opened by the Rothen Group instead. I'm trying to find out the history of the site. Was it ever a colliery or quarry basin? I could have sworn it was in water when I first boated past 20 years ago, but Rothen's PR people say it was only just excavated.
  14. Thanks! (When you say 'the internet suggests', I'm afraid you must have a different internet from me! Googling for Baddesley & various combinations of wharf/basins/moorings brought up nothing, and all my old numbers for the site & the Hawkins family seemed to be down (including that number you just gave.)
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