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  1.  Andrew

    I did mention this to Heather last w/end at L/Venice  also told her the story of how my Dad came to be born inside Black Jacks Lock & the History & tales of Black Jack himself .Just passed the milestone is where my dad ,granddad 3x uncles & other family  boatmen have their ashes scattered in the cut . My godparents Albert & sissy (Harrison) Sibley  trained Eli Gayford & I visited Eli on her Barge near to Chelsea Reach a few times with Aunt Sissy or Cissy as it is often printed

    1. Andrew Denny

      Andrew Denny

      Jeanette thanks so much for this, my apologies, I only go on canal world once or twice a month, so have only just seen your message! I'll reply later today




  2. GU milepost dedicated to Kit Gayford

    Actually, stop press, I just discovered that I wrote about it myself, in March 2009! It's milepost no. 79, just south of Harefield. http://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2009/03/in-memoriam-rodney-furze.html My apologies, I'd forgotten. The reason I asked is that tomorrow (Saturday), Kate Saffin & Heather Wastie's Idle Women tour on nb Tench is going past the plaque, and I wanted to alert them. http://alarumtheatre.8ch.co.uk/?page_id=314
  3. I seem to recall a Grand Union milepost dedicated to Eily (Kit) Gayford, the legendary trainer of the Idle Women. Anyone know where it is? (Am I imagining it?) Thanks.
  4. What is this 'curly' boathook?

  5. What is this 'curly' boathook?

    This strange curly 'boathook' head was offered for sale at a recent HNBC auction. What is it? Someone said it might be a railway tool, used possibly for reaching under carriages to retrieve dangling chains without the worker having to risk his neck going under the carriage himself. But can anyone identify it definitively? Where can I buy one?
  6. 'Marina fined' rumour

    I'm sorry I've not been able to read or reply to all the answers in this thread in the last week. I was having problems understanding how to reply to individual comments. While ten years ago I thought I knew how to do it, after several years ago I seem to have forgotten. For reference, someone I know (and whose opinion I respect) mentioned the issue. I'm not 'trying to start a rumour', I heard their comment, and I wondered if it was true or more widely known. Clearly not, not on CWF anyway. But for reference, some marinas now have arrangements with local authorities where the boats have to move their mooring within the marina regularly (a couple of times a year perhaps), to ensure they don't 'put down roots' and to take advantage of low council tax rates among other things. The 'rumour' was that the marina had been hit with a heavy surcharge or fine or something. I'm not going to go into legal terminology like hereditaments etc.
  7. 'Marina fined' rumour

    I've heard a rumour that a midlands marina was recently fined a considerable amount by a local authority for not enforcing a rule for residential boats to move around on their moorings every few months. Is there any truth in this?
  8. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    Or have CCTV covering the boat entrance/exit.
  9. Facilities at Walsall

    Thanks to everyone for replies. I'm wandering the northern BCN to refresh my memory in advance of next summer's IWA festival - it's six years since I came here boat. Seems that Norton Canes will sell red diesel for heating only, and a nearby place (filling station) will sell gas. Aldridge only do pumpout, not diesel or gas, and Longwood I can't seem to find contact details for. The Northern BCN clearly needs a good full-service marina.
  10. Facilities at Walsall

    I'm at Walsall town basin on the BCN & want more diesel, pumpout & gas. What's my best option?
  11. What Is A 'scowl'?

    In the recent story about the boat torched by arson in Edinburgh, one newspaper describes it as a 'bomb scowl', used for transporting munitions on the canal during WW2. I've not heard the term 'scowl' relating to boats before, and googling it (or binging it) hasn't brought up the word except in reference to this story. Can anyone explain the term? http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/disabled-woman-left-homeless-after-5782890
  12. Longer Boats Towing Each Other Back And Forth

    Oh, it often happens - perhaps the most recent event was this year's IWA's Easter campaign cruise on Vermuyden's Drain, up to Horseway Lock. I think six boats were involved - three 'pairs'. But not strapped together, since the channel is too narrow for that. My question is, is there a handy shorthand term. If they were strapped together, I'd say 'breasted up', but that normally means going in the same direction. And since they could either be strapped together, or towing each other back/forth, those would ideally be separate terms.
  13. Is there an accepted shorthand term for narrowboats that tow one another back and forth in narrow channels, to avoid having to reverse? I'm thinking, for example, of venturing in narrow Fens drains, where one boat will tow another in, and then the second boat will tow the first one out again. Occurs to me that I've never heard it described in a single term. I call it 'pushme-pullyu', as in the 'both-ways' animal Doctor Doolittle, but there must be a term already, surely.
  14. Birmingham moorings

    Birmingham is a lovely place for visitors to moor. I was stuck in the area for two months at the start of this year, thanks to lock stoppages, and generally found it better than ever, especially if you don't have to commute or car-shuffle. Coming up from Curdworth, on the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, I found it generally welcoming, and the biggest problem was the unexpected swarms of anglers in various areas, many of whom would camp on mooring rings or bollards. The Saltley Cut (Garrison Locks) is a much underused section. Star City moorings are safe, but the ones at the top of the Garrison Locks are also almost unused for no reason I can see. They were safe and welcoming to me. SImilarly at the top of Ashted Locks, outside Aston University. I really don't understand the allegation that they might be 'unsafe' - they're not. Cuckoo Wharf, near Spaghetti Junction, is another good place - but when I was there earlier this year there seem to have been a lot of long-stayers and working boats that weren't supposed to be there.
  15. Shocking News Concerning Well Known Coal Boater

    No reason why Archimedes and Ara should stay together. Ara was always a Star class, and I remember it being paired with another Star class, Callisto, back in 1999 or 2000. Archimedes use to be paired with Australia; I think they swapped about a dozen years ago.