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  1. Going past moored boats make it harder, because they narrow the channel and you have to slow down for them, and on bends it is even harder. Occasionally it's nice to see a moored boat and not be alone. But when it's a long, long line of moored boats, and the boat on the move is crawling all the time, and the other boats haven't tied up properly and their lines are loose, and they are scowling out of the window at you because their idea of slow is different from the passing boater, and the boat on the move can't find a mooring himself because there are too many moored, and the towpath is tatty with their rubbish because they have no room on their boat, then, yes, it can life harder and it is everyone's business.
  2. AKA "It's the fastest way to slow down". Point of pedantry: It's Latin, so it doesn't need the accent.
  3. That's 5 hours - assuming you travelled at a steady 4mph, including through locks and past moored boats....
  4. Alan, many thanks, those are the ones! I should have bookmarked. Cheers Andrew
  5. I seem to recall one or more specialist dealers who would buy or sell old narrowboat wrecks and very cheap boats. Someone has asked me about this, and I'm embarrassed at my forgetfulness - can someone remind me? Many thanks Andrew
  6. Ladywood Junction doesn't allow a 60ft boat to turn either. I think a 50ft can.
  7. Trevor Pavitt says you can still buy the book (paper version) on this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/trevor-pavitt/living-the-dream/paperback/product-1574836.html That's the wonder of self-publishing - it never goes out of print!
  8. I just found an old email of his in my archived mail and emailed him. I was delighted to get a reply from him almost immediately. Sadly he lost his wife 18 months ago, but is himself still around, I'm glad to say.
  9. I was looking at the 'Water's Meeting' listed in Canalplan, but they do seem to list two such places.
  10. Did the T&M really meet the Bridgwater at the Preston Brook Tunnel? Or was it at the (appropriately named) Waters Meeting?
  11. I remember a lovely travelogue from 2007, Living the Dream by Trevor Pavitt. He had the boat Lady Elgar, sold it c.2011 I think. I wondered what happened to him - is he still around? And where is Lady Elgar? Thanks Andrew
  12. I've been impressed recently with the efforts of Richard of Bedazzled to meet customer demand with new products. Maybe give him a ring 01327 843811 https://bedazzledledlighting.co.uk/
  13. I have just spoken to Montgomery Canal people who live canalside there; they say it's not serious from a restoration point of view. The half-mile from Pools Quay to Crowther Lock drained into a culvert, but there was no flooding or substantial breach. The biggest issue is an environmental one; it's a SSSI and needs to be restored for the water flow, but it shouldn't be difficult.
  14. My point was not the use the put the building to, but the local history. Most spoons honour local history.
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