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  1. Ha ha, I had forgotten about that! I'm not a great technical photographer, but I do think I'm good at clicking the shutter at the right moment. The trouble with too many modern cameras is they cogitate before condescending to take the photo, and you miss the moment. Here it is in a bit more detail. 20th Aug 2008, 2.12pm
  2. Yes, the holiday has ended (it finished ten days ago), it's now wide public knowledge, the tabloids reported it afterwards, and the family is used to coverage of their getaways. Famous people using the canals is just a chatty bit of minor news, it wouldn't be a full 'article'. It's probably a dead end and there are a lot of those in journalism. Who knows, though, we can sometimes get them to open up about their experiences, happens several times a year.
  3. Well, I was thinking of after the event, not interrupting their holiday, but asking them afterwards about their impressions. But I didn't want to ask the pub because I never expected the pub to know (or care) what the boat was or their route. But as it happens I have since learned that it was a Napton boat, hired from Autherley. I wonder how far they got up the Shroppie.
  4. Were they on a hireboat? If so, which fleet? I can't find out. Could be a canal story, but at the moment it's a pub story.
  5. Whitchurch 300-yd arm resurfaced in two days - Waterways World June 2021
  6. Not just Market Drayton. Great Haywood and on the Lllangollen too. I'm not sure how much notice CRT were themselves given by the rural payments agency, but the towpath work has to be done in good weather apparently, and they have to spend the money by the end of the year. Will be interesting to know if they give the local businesses on their patch any break (in rent etc) in return for all this EU money that's stopping at the end of the year.
  7. Genuine enquiry on my part. I went past last month, and the sign is still up outside, canalside. The phone is still connected and rings. There's a sign at the front which says to deliver P&A letters around the side and not confuse them with the dog-grooming business adjacent. But no-one there on a Saturday.
  8. I've been unable to contact Pickwell & Arnold. Are they still in business?
  9. When I last did the Calder & Hebble I used one of my mooring pins.
  10. Ah, yes, thanks, now you mentioned Charlestown I think I found them. A bit further than just 'Callis Mill'. https://goo.gl/maps/au8VLXARJ8NAWxue9
  11. Where exactly are/were the old Rochdale Canal Callis lock gates workshops? I searched on Google for them, but there are no buildings where 'callis mill' is located. Were they demolished?
  12. I have taken Granny Buttons up Salterhebble Top Lock, and it was a *very* tight fit. I had to pull up the bow button and one of the stern buttons, but I managed it. Now my boat is coming back the other way and in a couple of weeks will be there. I will have to consider going down backwards. I will take care to empty using just one paddle, so that I can drop it and stop the process if it's going wrong. Bear in mind that CRT don't condone boats over 57ft 6in using the locks, and if disaster strikes you might find problems with your insurance.
  13. Yes, I thought it was TIE, but I wasn't 100% sure ?
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