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  1. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    About time too. Don't forget your coat.
  2. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    I am very clear the referendum result has to be respected. The readiness of so many Brexiteers to suggest (threaten) violence on the streets if they don't get what they want is well recorded and indeed evident on this thread. Just because the majority voted for it though - does not mean it is a good idea. It is just the bad idea that has to be implemented. It is clearly, pretty much universally agreed there is no actual tangible benefit to be had in the forseeable future. The benefits are entirely religious in essence. Pointing out that Brexit stinks isn't anti democratic, just as the same comment on a turd does not suggest anti-eating. Pretending a turd is a sweet smelling is just silly. But then so much religion is just that.
  3. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    Macron is spelling it out fairly plainly. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-talks-latest-eu-emmanuel-macron-brexiteer-liars-no-deal-a8547146.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1537452744 The problem though is that those lies played into a fertile bed of resentments and victimhood narratives that have now solidified as self-reinforcing gibberish like 'will of the people', in front of which weak political leaders are struck dumb and on which opportunists ride for their own benefit. It's not stoppable, never was after May alienated 48% as 'citizens of nowhere' and legitimised the hate agenda of the Mail's 'enemies of the people' . For us citizens of nowhere this tragedy is not our doing, not in our name and in the end has to laughed at. Let's hope there isn't too much violence and nobody dies.
  4. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    You may well get your wish. Like braveheart you can look forward to crying 'Freeeeedom' while you wait for the non-existent staff to come and clear up under your chair in the day room. Nobody will hear though as the telly will be on full volume. You don't need to have money as a God to want someone to wash the old people we have too many of. They are all scrambling now to blame the EU for the choice the people of this country made. It is a rush to put distance between themselves and the unholy mess looming directly in front. It is just possible that some sort of deal is knocked up at the last minute but as everyone now knows whatever it is is going to be worse for the people and economy of the UK than what we have at present. Freeeeedom indeed. The stupidity of empty slogans and simpleton's politics. There ought to be a business opportunity in pitchforks and torches next spring though.
  5. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    What exactly though, is the benefit in all this? It seems that in general it is accepted that Brexit isn't going to be anyone's benefit (except hedge fund owners). None of the poor are going to be better off, benefits won't increase. Is that the benefit? or is the benefit seeing others situation worsen? Is Brexit really an expression of such base primitive emotion - as you seem to suggest? It is the business owners who employ people. That's where the jobs come from. Obviously if their businesses don't generate the income - there will be less jobs. The business owners will be inconvenienced and indeed middle class lifestyles may be impacted. But not like low end workers. At this point the difference between in work and out-of work benefits will become sharply apparent to those currently working, as they face ruin. With prices higher that may mean finding out about what's stocked in the food bank. Whenever the question 'what is the tangible benefit of brexit? is asked - the answers are nonsensical metaphor and slogan, devoid of content. I fully accept the democratic result, that doesn't however make it a 'good thing', or mean it isn't a huge, historical spasm of self harm. That's the danger of referenda, badly conceived, in the Boaty McBoatface era. But it is the people's will to do that harm, there may be satisfaction in self harming, perhaps warmth in feeling the power to harm, and harm will surely be done. I can accept that people feel alien to politics, and that they feel they have nothing to lose, however ill informed they may be. All that is happening at the moment is fiddling about trying to reduce the amount of harm.
  6. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    No it isn't a good analogy. Really, it isn't - however much it may feel like one has 'sorted' the topic. Brexit isn't anything much like a couple of people going through a legally proscribed process that millions have already done. It is another gross simplification, in an attempt to reduce properly complicated international treaty obligations to the level of domestic drama. To dumb this situation down to the mundane of two individuals separating - is indeed dumb, it is politics reduced to idiot level. I don't expect you are an idiot at all so aim higher. Dispense with analogies, metaphors and tabloid soundbite stupidity, and address the actual complexity and nuanced detail of the situation. This tendency towards fireside idiocy among populist authoritarians is extremely dangerous in the real world when metaphors suddenly meet actual reality. Get real.
  7. Tigerr

    Boatshed Experience

    It doesn't sound like the problems are that serious, should be fixable by any competent boat engineer with an engine hoist. One thing is certain though - these will not be the last problems the OP will have with this, or any other boat. Boat ownership is all about the next problem, and its cost. In between the problems there is of course some boating, and occasionally everything works just as it should.
  8. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    As has been said - if cyclists use the bell they are accused of 'telling people to get out of the way' and if they don't they are 'nearly mown down'. In the end, these objections and suggestions for control and punishment of people on bicycles are just a range of fig leafs for just not wanting them to be there at all, and looking for reasons to justify that state of mind.
  9. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    I suspect you think that is funny. It isn't, given the actual deaths involved, and lives ruined, but your post does imply a lot about you as a person, and not in a good way, and on reflection you may regret posting in that way.
  10. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Are you actually putting that selected hits polemic rant video forward as evidence of cyclists being more commonly dangerous manoeuvres than car drivers? I hope not as that would suggest your grasp of data points and reality is dangerously thin, to the extent it might simply discredit any further contribution as from a dimwit. Obviously not the case. The key thing to remember is that cyclists, however much they may be resented, as they pass by, healthily, happily, are not actually killing hardly anyone, but are massively victims of drivers inability to manage their over specified poisonous speed fetishising vehicles - which is a scourge on our society. Of course, like toad in the wind on the willows, drivers don't want to admit they are unable to drive properly, and very much want someone to blame, and cyclists are a great target. poop poop!
  11. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Because if the cyclist(s) have to stop further back, spread out in among the cars, then very few either cyclists or vehicles get to move away before the lights change. Cars can't pass cyclists safely under those conditions. When drivers in this situation become frustrated they are tempted to close pass, harass, or speed dangerously to get through the amber. 'Accidents' are increased, and overall traffic flow is reduced. (I myself have been rammed from behind by an enraged white van man who felt impeded in this way and that attempted murder was justified in getting through on amber). Improving overall urban traffic flows through lights is one reason for the adoption of advance cycle boxes. As has been pointed out - in town cycles are actually much faster than cars, but as your post indicates the car driver mentality lags behind, because drivers think their vehicle is 'fast' even when it is essentially just a component of a traffic jam. The ability to accelerate before joining the back of the next jam is not going anywhere fast.
  12. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    A major benefit of the bicycle as an ideal urban transport is that it can filter, and indeed cyclists are encouraged to filter through stationary traffic to the advance cycle safety position at the front. This is safer, and achieves more efficient traffic and cycle progress. It is unfortunate that many people driving vehicles are under all sorts of weird impressions that this is somehow 'cheating' and ought to be stopped, or resent waiting for cyclists to move off, or don't/can't look properly before they pull away and e.g. turn left onto the cyclist they just passed. These are temporary issues though. As cyclist numbers increase it becomes less easy for drivers to assume/assert 'road ownership' or 'status derived right of way', and they will learn to drive properly. At the moment though these drivers are trapped in a frustrated feedback loop of wanting to control, legislate, and punish what they see as aberrant cyclists on 'their' road.
  13. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    The majority of deaths from HGV's are in cities, and happen at the busiest times of the day. Construction vehicles, concrete lorries, skip trucks are disproportionately killing. These vehicles are not at all suited to busy urban streets, are often driven very aggressively by drivers on piecework/timecards and ought to be restricted to nighttime (as happens in e.g. Paris).
  14. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Opinion on this issue, and cyclists in general, is out of all proportion to reality, and intensity of that opinion even moreso. The anger and outrage directed at cyclists is clearly evidence of something driven by deeper urges and emotions. Obviously there are well established patterns of distorted risk perception etc but that doesn't account for the depth of anger that one sees in almost any internet forum where non-cyclists/drivers seek to control and limit cycling or cyclist behaviour. It is an instructive and fascinating evidence of primitive tribal psychology at work in relation to 'out-group' demonisation.
  15. Tigerr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Caravans are the wide beam menace of the roads. Completely inappropriate vehicle causing misery and obstruction for all, hogging the road I was knocked off my bike in 2007 by a twat driving one of them in the Cotswolds - he overtook me and just ran me off the road with the caravan. I never got his number though. Now that is someone who deserved a dangerous driving conviction. Not sure a helmet would have helped me as I was just stuck in the hedge.

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