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  1. Tigerr


    Just for clarity it is Parahandy that wants an EDL manifesto, not me!
  2. Tigerr


    Your slip is showing dear.
  3. Tigerr


    The demo in London was heaving, huge crowds all around Westminster. Excellent expression of public feeling. It got too hot for me though. The childish ridicule is pitched pretty much exactly at his level. Coupled with his shameful trolling of the PM last night, now denied as 'fake news' - what a charlatan. You really cannot believe a word he says because it is all just lies for the moment. This is the man who will have the upper hand in our post Brexit world. It is grotesque.
  4. Tigerr

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    Good luck with that Gareth. When it comes to have a hate-on, only the strictest compliance with the law can be OK for cyclists. They need to be punished you see. For their own good of course. And legislated, controlled. They are out of control, and need controlling. And punishing. There ought to be less of them. They shouldn't be on the roads anyway. They are in the way of legitimate tax paying road users. In their lycra, being arrogant, taking up space going too fast, or too slow. Nearly mowing people down. Killing people, maiming them all over the place. In short they are a dangerous menace. Typed from my car as i am stuck in a jam.
  5. Tigerr


    Hopefully Trump's endorsement will completely kill off BJ's ambitions.
  6. Tigerr

    Red Lion Cropredy

    Apologies - thinking of a completely different location.
  7. Tigerr

    Red Lion Cropredy

    There isn't really a solution to this. Take Cropredy - it is a tiny village and there are two pubs. There is possibly just enough trade to support one pub. 6 regulars a night in the red lion and a few boating economy diners isn't going to finance the place - it is rundown and tatty. The local shop is similarly up the creek, selling milk, 6 packs of lager, and tins of beans and sliced ham to boaters. Shelves of tins because they don't rot. These are bust economic models. The Admiral Nelson in Braunston is a similar case. There is another pub (chain finance) and an Indian restaurant opposite but Braunston is nowhere, so it can't compete because there simply isn't enough high spending trade.
  8. Tigerr

    Red Lion Cropredy

    A huge number of pubs, and now increasingly restaurants, make no money, in any real sense. A lot are only open to cover the cost of the rent/rates and service whatever debt exists. As a rule of thumb to make money a wet led pub has to have the bar two deep for all evening sessions, and a food pub will need 80% table occupancy every evening at least plus a strong lunch trade at weekends. This isn't what most get and the result is the zombie trade we now have with pubs run on a shoestring and increasingly worn out. The smoking ban combined with cheap supermarket drink is often blamed as the smokers were statistically heavier drinkers away, to TV and cheap drink. Food and families has been a temporary lifeline but this is now being squeezed out by reducing leisure cash and oversupply. When you think about it the pub stock in the UK was largely established at a time when the pub was the only place to get drink, or entertainment, for working men. Now - different world.
  9. Tigerr

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    Cycling in the UK in the 20th century was a poor man's activity. The entire focus of transport culture has been to fetishise cars and car ownership, with ideas of 'road ownership', 'road tax', 'right of way' prevalent. Cars are largely designed and bought as expressions of status, importance, power, potency, speed. These ideas are now frustrated when cyclists are statistically better off than drivers, and move through blocked up traffic faster. The free moving cyclist frustrates, angers, confounds status entitlement, and provokes the animal response of hatred of the 'other' in the primitive driver ape-brain. Compounded if some aspect of appearance is different to the sedentary driver - like cycling gear. The drivers hopes of dominance in his car are confounded, and now threatened by shifts in transport policy away from the car which is his source of identity. The anger seethes. This is all expressed later as 'rational' finger wagging and complaint about 'road tax', 'insurance', 'dangerous' law breaking etc to justify the primitive resentment.
  10. Tigerr

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    Interestingly, in Japan it is absolutely normal for cyclists to use the sidewalk/pavement, and they do, at speed. It is simply accepted practice. Such behaviour in teh Uk woudl be called 'nearly being mown down'.
  11. Tigerr


    The problem is that half the population is below average intelligence. Always worth remembering that.
  12. Tigerr


    Mainly because it is so obvious, but there is already a Brexit thread. Trump and Brexit are reflections of each other - as Farage's appearance in the gold plated lift with the cheeto powdered one attests. They reflect a world in which reality has become too complicated and nuanced, and purveyors of simple fantasy solutions are preferred. They appeal to the sense of grievance and victimhood of the self-entitled who feel threatened. In both lurk white supremacist cultural ideas and loathing of the 'other', held responsible. But this is Trump thread so lets keep on topic.
  13. Tigerr


    Parahandy's purpose was to divert a Trump thread into a Khan thread - and he has been quite successful in that by introducing EDL's 'Muslim Agenda' conspiracy race baiting. Meanwhile the man whose campaign slogan was 'lock her up' (for using the wrong email server) is preparing to refuse to face FBI interviewing about collusion with a foreign state, mafia money laundering, actual treasonous criminality. Appointing a Supreme Court judge who said Presidents should be immune to prosecution (except Democratic ones). The only recent president not to release tax information. A man with a trail of bankruptcies and unpaid creditors in the wake of his vaunted 'business acumen'. (Trump University anyone?) Who just claimed American Seals are releasing Thai kids (it is Thai Seals but he doesn't listen beyond the first two words). Who has walked away from climate change commitments. He is a disgrace, and our government is a disgrace for entertaining him. America has been a great force for western ideology - but Trump has brought it and that ideology into the gutter. He and the America he is creating are no friend to the people of Europe or these islands. He is a direct descendent of the pro-fascist American leaders and industrialists of the early 20th century. So taking the piss out of his visit is a damn good thing to do.
  14. Tigerr


    Well I am looking forward to expressing my opinion of the charlatan on friday in London. He will be here to lay some groundwork for USA to dump their agriproducts, privatise the NHS and ensure vassal status in the post brexit shambles. I am sure there will be some far right counter demonstrators, cut from the same cloth as the ones in Charlottesville that trump said were such fine people. The finest.
  15. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017

    Everyone is getting just what they expected out of this. Brexiteers are able to continue massaging their sense of victimhood and grievance, feed their sense of betrayal and loathing of traitors. Remainers likewise getting a strong sense of 'I told you so' as the train crashes into the bumpers, courtesy of the apparent idiocy and lack of moral courage of the UK's 'leaders'. Johnson was on course for a flounce after he said 'Fuck Business' and mentioned 'polishing a turd'. That's the language of a great statesman at work. He will fit right in with Farage and Trump.

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