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  1. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Macron poking the tragically rain-avoiding hairball Trump (He shall never grow cold, while they shall never grow old) over his Nato undermining America first nonsense has been grabbed like the last straw by the fervent brexit loons as a declaration of intent by the EU and evidence of the paranoid fantasy of an EU empire complete with battlestar, enabling yet more posturing as courageous resistance fighters. How does one argue against such fantastical thinking? As one such posted - nothing could ever change my mind. What a mindset like that needs is to find out the meds supply has stopped due to border controls. I suppose evidence. Macron is not the EU. He is a single national leader. So his posturing is just that. What is real is Trump cares not a hoot about European security, has made that plain. What is likely - because he is in Putins pocket, financially and on film. He has laundered millions via Trump properties for Putins mates, thus avoiding bankruptcy, which is why his tax returns are secret. There's some evidence we are denied. That Russians have apparently actually pissed on this creep is not needed as whenever Putin wants Ukraine he can have it, like he had crimea. Nato is Trumps pawn and he is Russias - Russia wants its position back. Nato isn't making us safer today and the USA is not looking this way. All this whining about an EU army is of course a distraction ploy, the essential method of the cornered defensive brexit loon, whenever the essential nonsense of the fantasy starts to be obvious. The other tactic is frantic blaming of everyone else.
  2. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    What a mess. May should never have triggered article 50 without first having a workable Brexit plan. The Brexit plan should have been drafted and submitted by a commission of Brexiteers themselves, passed by government and then article 50 triggered. Johnson, Gove, Mogg, Farage and the rest, - they should have been clearly responsible and accountable. For the detail not the slogans. That way we wouldn't have left the door open for conspiracy theory nonsense, and the eventual unworkability would be a Brexit owned fact, for all to see. Just as a successful unicorn would be. Right now the quitters are doing their utmost to evade responsibility and as ever blaming everyone else for the mess they created. They will still be doing this when their rioting kicks off. The core idea at the centre of Brexit is a victimhood narrative in which others are to blame.
  3. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Raab and mcVey have joined Johnson, Davis etc in running away from responsibility for the deal. It isn't looking good. For remainers - yet more evidence of the fundamental problem with a unicorn hunt. This unicorn is of course a donkey with a glued on horn. For leavers - more evidence of remainer betrayal, as only true brexiteers could hunt the unicorn. The true unicorn is a wonder each sees in their own way, which was always its appeal. The leavers leaders who were involved have all abandoned the hunt en route now, preferring to comment from the safety of the sidelines about the unicorn they would hunt if only, but are denied the opportunity. It's almost as if they prefer the idea of their unicorn to making it real... The WTO option which looks increasingly real, is of course a rhino.
  4. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    The referendum showed pretty clearly divided voters. I appreciate that those who voted leave feel they 'won' because 52 beats 48 we won you lost etc - but those who voted stay are not just going away, demographics suggest the figure is reversed anyway in a couple of years, and a sensible government takes account of such matters. Other posters have urged 'get behind the result' as if more popular support would change the outcome of negotiation with the EU, or as if brexit were a matter of patriotism. It won't and it isn't, however much brexit is cloaked with the national flag by its adherents, or vile ideas like 'enemies of the people' touted by e.g the Mail (fans of the fascist Blackshirts and Adolf back in the day - as mentioned upthread memories linger). When we all voted, the specifics were entirely unknown. Detail was completely absent, and anything interpretable under slogans like 'take back control'. Now Chequers shows us what our political leadership's efforts can achieve, in the real world. Perhaps Chequers is what leave voters had in mind - I don't know. It doesn't seem to meet 'take back control' as it amounts to a reduced UK sovereignty. 'Vassal status' as described by both remain and leaver mouthpieces. But maybe it's what leavers had in mind. Nobody knows but those voters. Perhaps they should be asked? The alternative is WTO basis. There are now plenty of govt documents on its impact and the contingency measures to be implemented, including the suppression of anticipated rioting and violence in the event of empty shelves. Nearly all informed sources characterise this as a chaotic national disaster of unprecedented scale. There are however a few who think this chaos a price worth paying, but none of us know how many feel that way. Nobody knows but those voters. Perhaps they should be asked? These are the real options, as opposed to empty slogans or snake oil fantasies, in a world of treaty obligation and international negotiation. However much one might wish it otherwise. Ignoring the possible option of remaining, (the obvious question leavers most want to avoid) parliament would surely be fulfilling its democratic role by asking the people which option they prefer, rather than imposing something like Chequers without knowing.
  5. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Is that what you really think? The 'others' are 'cowardly', and by implication the quitters are 'courageous'? It speaks louder than words. Did you think about this before hitting the keyboard? (or did that look good after a brew?) You could excuse yourself on those grounds. I suspect it may actually be what you 'think'. I think, as a post it discredits you, and I think you are probably ashamed of it but I don't think you will admit that. In this post you have moved beyond argument into raw gut loathing of 'them'. You aren't discussing any more - your hate is bubbling over. I don't think you are that much of a dimwit, even though you post from a position that is straight cut and paste from the troll hole of alt right barkers. The courage of the 'winners' labelling the other half as 'enemies of the people', 'traitors'. The courage of those who 'won' and are now getting what they 'won'. That the debate has turned to 'courage' is telling though. The people that lose employment, they need courage. They need courage because their families will suffer. Courage keeps us warm. I suppose they need people like you to encourage them that their reduced life and the lowered expectations of their children are a courageous choice. Because from the ashes, the thing you want will emerge. At their cost. Nobody, nobody, is now suggesting the Brexit we face is going to be good for anyone (except the hedge fund owners like Rees Mogg, who's interest are served by more chaos and regression). That whole narrative has gone, vanished in the face of reality, its promoters have likewise vanished from responsibility, in order to avoid taking it, and now the people are faced with 'courage'.
  6. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Of course that isn't how Brexiteers see it though. From posters on here it is clear that they see themselves as patriots, draped in the national flag and identity, not quislings. Certainly not pawns for the Kremlin. Just as Mosley did, and was so actively supported by the Mail at the time, and much of the establishment. Mosley would certainly find kindred spirit with UKIP and Farage - they sing off the same sheet and many Brexiteers are in the choir. I think it very unlikely that the brexit blackshirts are going to blame other brexiteers though.
  7. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    You want to see equivalence here but criminal concealment of covert activity is not the same as saying what you think on the telly for all to see. As Obama did. What he said was said in the open - why do you equate this with the criminal (alleged) concealment of funding and activity by an openly hostile power? What's your own agenda? As I said - brexiteers won't see a problem with Kremlin money, because they are blinded by the flag that is hung in front of it to fool them. I think you are showing what I meant. Most of your posts are vehemently anti-socialist, but you seem happy to share the bed with Putin's money. Instead of doing the distraction knee jerk - why not think a bit about who's interests you are being manipulated to serve. I am not sure what the real Russian for Turkey noises is though.
  8. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    I don't imagine any of the leavers here are see anything to be concerned about in the NCA investigation of Banks huge donations to the leave campaign - channelled through Isle of Man fascias to conceal the Russian government's investment in Brexit? (Alleged). If anything ought to ring alarm bells it is Putin's delight in having directly aided Brexit, with funds and fake news bots all over the internet. Puts a different complexion on all that patriotic flag waving sentiment to think Brexit is Russian strategy and its supporters mere Kremlin pawns to be manipulated with their willing connivance. Those Brexiteers on here who bang on about 'sheep' are possibly doing so from the position of being willing 'turkeys'. 'The will of the people' indeed - Russian people! Nastrovia! (Russian for 'gobble gobble gobble - urhk!').
  9. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    I know you are being ironic with this, but underneath is a set of ideas that would be helpful to clarify: 'we' - who do you mean by the word? Who is 'we' in your mind? This matters because you also talk about 'them'. Who is 'them'? Where and with whom are you drawing the lines? So much of this discussion seems to be about ideas of 'us Vs them' that on closer examination are nonsense. 'our' language - is mostly formed of words absorbed from other languages. If we charged a fee - do you think we should discount the 'foreign' words? It wouldn't be reasonable to charge for words cut and pasted from French?
  10. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    I appreciate you celebrate the loss of socialists at every turn, and there are few socialists who would defend the corruption of Brazilian politics (of any hue - corruption is business as usual in Brazil) - but what has happened in Brazil is truly a nail in the climate change coffin that we are all in. He's a big declared fan of military dictatorship so it won't be a surprise when that happens again in Brazil. Just as it won't be when his particular forms of corruption are exposed in a couple of years, although his concealment will be through violent repression of dissent/exposure first. Militia death squads and enforcers are pretty much guaranteed across Brazil now. It's the way the right makes sure the people's will is carried out - a long tradition across the continent. When you hear about them, that's 'some style'.
  11. Tigerr

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    The police have raised their estimate to over 1 million. Not that it matters.
  12. Tigerr

    Philip Green surprise surprise

    I don't think he will be too worried by any of this, he will fall back o the comfort of his millions in Monaco. Top geezer and shows exactly what wealth creation looks like. Good luck to him and his wife's millions and millions looted out of the mouths of working people. they deserve to be left alone to die with their money, not hounded by those they nicked it from. The Greens are what Thatcher was all about.
  13. Tigerr

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    Mayalid, she died. Badly. She probably didn't have that in mind when she set out that day. She was using the road. Legally. She was crushed under his huge wheels. Your post - 'believes he world revolves around cyclists, rank stupidity, strident shouts, (did you hear them? I couldn't tell if they were strident as she went under the wheels but perhaps you can? )' and a yottie jokey bit. Then 'driving without due care, lycra hordes'. Quite nasty stuff. Not just victim blaming but dragging a whole baggage of hate in there. She was crushed under his wheels. Her family is smashed. She did no wrong. Your post is poisonous, dehumanising. The angry bile-filled resentment that underpins your words does you no favours at all. I expect in real life you are quite human, and I expect when you sober up you may be embarrassed to have posted such unpleasant hate-filled sewage stream. I expect you will feel ashamed. Or not. Which will say more about you than your post itself.
  14. Tigerr

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    We can't know, and the camera doesn't show what she saw. She may have been negotiating potholes, oil, or anything. Nobody knows. You can speculate that you would have acted differently but not with certainty. Again, that is a projection of guilt onto the victim by suggesting you would know better - but you were not there and you are not dead. Certainly she has no reason to expect that a truck is going to lurch across the inside lane.
  15. Tigerr

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    You are basically doing the classic victim blaming here. It's a thing with drivers - because they can't/won't drive safely, and they kill by accident, they feel instinctively it must be the fault of the victim. If another driver kills someone the first thing they want to know is that it wasn't the driver's fault, but the fault of the 'other' the person doing the the 'not like me' activity, which must be at fault. This is the same behaviour as drivers on juries, and judges - they identify with drivers like themselves (there but for the grace of...) and thus we see drivers who kill receiving ridiculous lenient sentences and reporting of 'accidents, collisions with a vehicle' to describe drivers driving into/over cyclists. Your status as a motorcyclist is quite irrelevant - she was not riding a motorcycle. Based on my observations of motorcyclists had she been she would have accelerated fast up the inside and been long gone. The cyclist was obeying the law, occupying the appropriate lane. The whole point is the driver of the unsuitable and dangerous vehicle, driving without regard for more vulnerable road users, kills someone. She didn't kill herself, he killed her.

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