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  1. Brexit 2017

    I think his intent was to 'reach out' (puke) to 'remainers'. Not to make people even sicker of his brexit bullshit. Everyone knows you are actually a Putin trollbot, not and actual human with brain, but you might at least try and communicate as if your brain was real. Brexit will be great. The greatest brexit ever. Bigly, awesome. You have your scripts as muddled as your thinking. Go and have some covefe.
  2. Brexit 2017

    That 'speech' was BJ hitting the buffers of his political career. It was trash, pure nonsense. Bluster and all his 'Boris the buffoon' tricks trying to sound like a 'unity' (ie PM) candidate. As per usual with brexit bullshit, not a single concrete suggestion, just nonsense. Because he can't - ever- admit what the actual policy content is because the dozing blokes in Wetherspoons would wake up. As a leadership bid - which it blatantly was - it fizzled out early. Boris's political career has peaked along with his credibility, he is heading for the scrapheap and reality TV beckons. At least May achieved something! I expect he is wondering how it all went so spectacularly wrong and the other clown Rees-Mogg has stolen his positon as lovable chumpy Tory posh poser. Et tu Brute - hoist on your own petard!
  3. Brexit 2017

    Well, the empire was very helpful. Post WW2, loss of empire, and pre EU/North Sea Oil - things were not going so well. We did establish the NHS and council housing though - both of which are at risk now. We do have a lot further to slide before the UK is on a par with Paraguay, Egypt, Uruguay, Indonesia to name some of the examples you uphold. Yes they are living, but not quite as folk in the UK are accustomed. Take a look at the communal toilet in a cairo low-end house block, or try the public healthcare in Paraguay to see how things can be. Canada spent 7 years negotiating to get a deal with the EU - the kind of deal the UK looks set to walk away from. You suggest remainers are 'scared'. Interesting - guess you imagine Brexit as 'brave'? Why is it brave? Hurting oneself and others who are vulnerable isn't brave is it? I don't think remainers are scared - thinking something is a profoundly bad idea, stupid even, is not fear.
  4. Brexit 2017

    You do realise you are in the boat too don't you? It isn't just full of smug bastards - although it might be helpful to know who these smug bastards you want to drown alongside are. Or have you got a lifejacket, and are you hoping to enjoy watching people without lifejackets drown? Take a good look at your metaphor and think what is suggests about your state of mind, the mental images you are running. Oh hang on, you see yourself in the water already. So the boat is full of these smug bastards, you want them in the water with you? But, you see they have got lifeboats and such - and you are still in the water, and they are still smug. Enough with the overworked metaphor. I should get out more.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Lots of posters here are fans of Lidle/Aldi and enthuse about the cheap stuff available. Fewer seem to connect that to wages and less still to their own income. Likewise much enthusiasm for Wetherspoons corporate scale cheap labour undercut of the local pubs going under in the area. Join the dots up. You are being sold down the river. (Look it up if you don't know the origin of the phrase).
  6. Brexit 2017

    good luck with that chum. when you meet the unicorn of wealth and well being, be sure to let us all know.
  7. Brexit 2017

    I am waiting for the moment when Davis and the team are revealed to have been acting dumb like Rocky Stallone until the final round when they come out slugging and KO the strutting foreign opposition. That's the plan isn't it? They are just tiring Barnier and co out by taking the hits and pretending to reel about the ring not knowing what's happening. I must say they are doing it very well.
  8. Brexit 2017

    You will be washing your own car Phil - and Bee will be back to doing it himself too.
  9. Brexit 2017

    FFS I am not patronising anyone Nibbles. You know perfectly well the proportion who didn't vote for whatever reason - the people who 'don't count' as described upthread by one fine democrat. They are going to be hurt. Their hurt counts - or is it just reward for not voting? The governments own dept of exit has just published figures, that the govt tried to conceal from all of us/ denied even existed - with good reason. No positive economic outcome and massively damaging to regions already weakened. A slow-motion train wreck is going on, and the crew are hostages to a marginal 'will of the people' that has been hijacked.
  10. Brexit 2017

    To compound the problem I think there are plenty of people promoting this disastrous project - for whom the idea of rich bastards like me paying a bit more for chianti, is justification for a huge downward shift in the already pretty grim living standards of low income and welfare dependent people in 'wasteland' areas of the UK. Areas where it is EU funding that floats the economy, and that in itself seems to be seen as an insult to nationalist resentment. 'Freeeeedom' is such a convenient cloak, and has been throughout history, for hurting people. It is what fanatics do as a dreary matter of course. 'Enemies of the people'? Good grief - Oswald Mosley's spirit is alive and well - he just looks like a frog now. I know nothing said here changes an iota of anything - but I think this country, and the people who live here now - I don't say 'It's people' because that invites jingoist claims of ownership - is heading into a dark and dangerous time of hate and division.
  11. Brexit 2017

    The issue is that US meat, low welfare feedlot and intensively farmed, chlorinated, with up to 7X EU limits of antibiotics and growth hormones, is typically 30% cheaper than the worst UK product (unless as id quite likely the EU protections are abandoned). Low income consumers are going to buy it and caterers will flock to it. It tastes fine too - chlorine doesn't taste, it is simply because the poor welfare and bugs etc, and hormones meat is not recognisable when it is mince. (Much like horse which our meat suppliers have shown themselves happy to substitute given the chance). The poorest in society will end up eating the shit that helps make low income Americans so spectacularly obese and unhealthy, and further strain the NHS with their health problems and need for mobility scooters and elasticated tracksuits. And millions will be made in the process. Personally - I pay a huge amount of money for expensive 'artisan' bred and salt cabinet aged meat where the butcher can tell me the name/number of the animal, and what it ate. Like so much of brexit the impact will be on those least able to afford it, while rich remainers like me will largely only be affected by an increase in the price of chianti and some inconvenience when we drive over to the continent for gastronomy weekends.
  12. Brexit 2017

    As so many brexiters have said ' it's not about the economy'. Which is handy as govt figures show no brexit scenario in which the regional economies - most notably those that voted out - are not damaged. The price of 'freeeeeedom' is going to be jobs and services, but they knew that when they voted so it is OK. Rees Mogg of course got in early trying to suggest the figures are fiddled because they don't factor in the effect of unicorns and magic. Once unicorns and magic are factored in - the economy booms, and britannia rues the waves, britons never shall be slaves and we win the world cup. The chaos continues...
  13. Brexit 2017

    I expect the issue of fuel allowances will be much less important than the transition of the waterways to a fully self-funded, completely unsubsidised free standing business model in which users will fund everything to do with the system.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Anyway as the EU subsidy will no longer be there - we can assume the blight of rapeseed will no longer bother us in the future. I wonder what interesting crop will take its place. I suspect tarmac lorry parks in Kent anyway. And rezoned hugely wealth enhancing housing elsewhere for the lucky ones.
  15. Brexit 2017

    Fair enough. Wales, like Cornwall is of course a massive net recipient of EU money and subsidies that will certainly not be forthcoming from a Tory government. I suspect the farmers, and lower income folk, in these areas are going to get a pretty awful shock when the rug is pulled out. Nobody wants to see that but I don't see what can now be done to avert this, as May bangs on about "brexit meaning 'Brexit'" and exit from even customs union. I really hope the folk in Malawi want to buy our potatoes etc. but I suspect not. Maybe they can all sell organic aged rare breed beef to us in London? I suspect though the argentinians and US intensive meatsters will clean up on beef post tariff reduction and our grass fed herd will go to the wall as it will be completely uncompetitive. To be competitive - take a look at a Mid west intensive beef farm - and imagine that up the road. If I am wrong I will celebrate my being wrong, I come from Devon myself and I dont want to see it driven even further into second world economic reality.