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  1. There was one in the Nelson lock at Braunston yesterday. We just managed to get up the lock before it started.
  2. Ratcliffe was also rebuilt at the same time as Kegworth.
  3. Alan Good to see you back. Hope that you are in good health. You have been missed. I spoke with Matt a couple of days ago. He and Kathy are fine
  4. Its all change at the top of the IWA with the resignation of the CEO and National Chair - I have met Paul Rodgers and he seemed to have good ideas. So what caused him to resign? Anyone know? Below is the email i received earlier today. Following the recent departure of Phil Hornsey as CEO and the resignation of Paul Rodgers as Trustee and National Chair, Trustees met on 2nd May 2022 to agree an interim leadership team. Trustees are pleased to announce that Les Etheridge has been co-opted as a Trustee and appointed as National Chair on an interim basis. Members will be asked to confirm Les’s appointment as a Trustee at the AGM in September 2022. Further, Trustees have agreed the appointment of Jonathan Smith as CEO, again on an interim basis. A full recruitment process will be undertaken for a permanent successor. Both Les and Jonathan have had long involvement with IWA and also bring extensive experience from the private sector. Trustees are looking forward to working with the new leadership team, staff and volunteers to make sure IWA continues to deliver while putting in place a plan for a strong and sustainable future. Sue O'Hare & Nick Dybeck IWA Deputy Chairs John Butler IWA National Treasurer on behalf of the Trustees: Sir Robert Atkins, John Butler, Dave Chapman, Nick Dybeck, Rebecca Hughes, Sue O’Hare, Hannah Sterritt
  5. I would like to own one of the Willow Wren woodentops preferably one of the Middlwich based ones and restore to original condition complete with bull bars. So far none has come up for sale. I'm also dubious about what condition the steel of the hull will be in. Larch, Pine or Ash would be my ideal boat. Early hire boats are a neglected type andsoon will only exist in photos.
  6. £1.15 at Shobnall at Burton on Wednesday
  7. £1.15 at Shobnall Burton on Trent on Tuesday.
  8. To return this thread to topic here is a large house for sale on the Soar at Barrow on Soar. It has good moorings and uninteruppted views across the river. Only £1.1m. https://www.onthemarket.com/details/11633083/
  9. Andy Middleton at Sileby Mill Boatyard on the Soar is very good.
  10. Now repaired and open again
  11. I suggest that you contact Sileby Mill Boatyard. Their mechanic - David Sawbridge - is very good. They also have fuel polishing equipment on site.
  12. Richard T

    Lister SR2

    Talk to @RichardPowell who posts on here - he is the go to man for Listers
  13. River Soar Location: Ratcliffe Lock (Lock 58) Starts At: Lock 58 - Ratcliffe Lock Ends At: Lock 58 - Ratcliffe Lock Saturday 9 April 2022 21:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Structure failure Original message: Ratcliffe Lock is not currently operational due to a failure with the gate paddle on the top towpath side lock gate which is impacting the operation of the lock. Our local Operations Team will be on site with a work boat during the week to repair the fault. This notice will be updated accordingly.
  14. This one in Newark comes complete with a 6 berth cabin cruiser. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/122045369#/?channel=RES_BUY
  15. This is an excellent opportunity on the river Soar. The land does flood occasionally. Its off line so boats moored do not pay a licence fee. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/121740902#/?channel=COM_BUY
  16. Please remember that the principal use of the Soar north of the city centre is a flood relief channel. It means that a lot crap ends up in the river but once you clear Lime Kiln lock heading south it improves. There are now moorings at Memory Lane wharf which is above Lime Kiln lock and gives access to the Golden mile. Leicester is an interesting city and well worth stopping at. There is a nice mooring above Aylestone Meadow lock and again above Kings lock. Birstall has good moorings. Sileby Mill boatyard is good for services and has a good chandelry - it also provides a home for our boat. Note there are no CRT services between Barrow on Soar and Kilby Bridge. Last of all don't knock Leicester unless you've boated their in the last few months!!
  17. Redhill Marina on the Soar/Trent junction have a large hoist. Rugby Boat Sales at Stowe Hill on the GU have a crane.
  18. @RosieR For general boating help can I suggest that you read the excellent set of documents on Tony Brooks web site. Before he retired he used to run training courses for numpty people like me so that we could understand a bit more about our boats. As said before there are people on this forum who have good sound knowledge of boats and are willing to pass it on.
  19. Sileby Mill black the weed hatch and put on new seals when they black boats. You could do the top at the boat yard and if the flange is a bit rusty wire brush and paint prior to fitting new seals
  20. Just because it says last boat 14.45 don't turn up at 1440 and expect to go up or down. If there are already boats in the flight it will depend on which way they are going if the same way as you - the lockie maight let you in the flight. But if the opposite way you will be there until morning. The top of Watford is not a good place for over night mooring with the noise of the M1. At busy times the lockies let boats through in each direction in batches. You can easily find you are boat 7 or 8 in the queue and have a 3 or 4 hour wait.
  21. This is the link to the planning application. The design has been done by Nottingham architects Franklin Ellis. https://publicaccess.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=R479YMLYJUQ00 I have memories of going round the building about 25years ago when it was empty - I was looking at a scheme to convert it to offices which never went ahead. The ceiling heights are quite low and the windows small - the floor to floor heights are between 2.8 and 3m so the ceiling heights will be around 2.35m . Given that the axis of the building is East-West apartments on the north side will be quite dark. I have attached a couple of floor plans and elevations for interest. GA_PLAN_PROPOSED_FIRST_FLOOR-1573092.PDF GA_PLAN_PROPOSED_GROUND_FLOOR-1573090.PDF PROPOSED_ELEVATION_-_NORTH-1573117.PDF PROPOSED_ELEVATION_-_SOUTH-1573118.PDF
  22. Newark Castle, Nottingham Castle Beeston Castle. Loughborough Carillion And many many more.
  23. Did anyone else watch the BBC programme last night Why Ships Crash? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0013p1f/why-ships-crash It was primarily about how the Evergiven got stuck in the Suez canal last year. But for the size difference it explained very well problems that can be experienced by narrowboats in a silted up canal or in tunnels. I wouldn't have liked to try and keep a 300m long ship in a narrow channel with a gale force cross wind!!
  24. @Mrs Tawny Owl Sue is the event taking place in May or June - the dates on the application form is contradictory!!
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