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  1. that's so much, very helpful answer..
  2. thanks for this really useful thread - great for those still 'thinking'..... What would everyone say should be put aside for batteries? How often roughly do you need to change them? assuming just standard ones...
  3. depends what that's out of...
  4. Any views on David Clarke hulls?
  5. so sorry just found a previous thread on these - consensus is they seem to be well thought of....?
  6. Hi Everyone, might be looking at a boat with a MCC Stenson Hull - is this manufacturer known/any views on them (good or bad) ?? thanks!!!!
  7. I like the Tim & Pru series, but only when doing the UK canals... not so much the others....
  8. Thanks for all the replies - very insightful! We have looked at lots of boats to get an idea. I like the engine room and its advantages, but often the ceiling is lower in the engine room and back cabin so the wife isn't too impressed with it!
  9. Hello everyone, we're looking at getting a narrowboat in the next few years and are looking at layout/build etc. This would be to initially be a holiday boat, but hoping to turn into a CC when we retire and have finished doing it up. We're clear on most things, but the possibility of an engine room has cropped up. I can see plus and minus for these such as: Plus: Place to dry clothes easier to work on Minus: takes up room noisy if inside when travelling often comes with boat cabin which may not be suitable (or useful) I'd be really interested in those that already have engine rooms as to if you'd choose it again, or maybe not (and visa-versa)? are there any points I've overlooked? We love the traditional looking narrowboats, but not sure if having an engine room is a step too far? thanks!! rob
  10. We had VLK's at Braunston top lock last week but none on the others. On chatting it seems this usually occurs when they are training. They very politely asked if they could do the lock for us as there were few boats about and they had to train the newbie.
  11. This is going to sound horrendous compared to others in this thread, but in the syndicate we can use two bottles in a week. Aurora does use gas for heating/hot water and cooking, but in the cooler months it can be 2 bottles a week....
  12. So just so I get this clear, if nothing is coming and you go at normal speed in a tunnel the boat naturally keeps centre? This could be a dream come true as I've been worried about keeping straight in tunnels!!
  13. thinking about the GU in Northampton itself.... or is that not recommended?
  14. Hi All As Aurora is moving to Gayton I'm just finding out about the local area - being close to Northampton I thought I'd ask about what its like along the canal there (especially mooring/stopping over/safety)? My wife comes from the area and is less than complimentary about Northampton but I wonder if the many years since she's lived near its improved??
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