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  1. Here's our new (to us) boat. She's a previous share boat so would be great to hear from shareholders, please get in touch!
  2. thanks for this I will keep you in mind! where is the chap based?
  3. thanks everyone, will have a close look at the pipework!
  4. We've got a new boat and its come with a Webasto heating system. I've tried to find the manual for this but not having much luck as yet. The controls are easy and the heating aspect isn't an issue (and works well), I'm just trying to find out if this system can supply hot water without the heating (as the engine does) ? Do I need to look at alternatives such as immersion etc? Thanks!!
  5. Well, we picked up Water Lily last Saturday and got her to Yelvertoft Marina. The only issue was the lockable fuel cap - it was locked and the key was broken inside, so a crowbar later we managed to see she was full of fuel and ready to go! We got her to Foxton locks and back with no issues. I expected issues and problems but have so far been surprised (he says counting chickens!). The batteries seem ok, the gas bottles are all full, the battery charger and inverter all seems to work fine. The water works seem ok also. The bow thruster works fine now it has a new battery. I've gone over the boat and everything that should have been done has, so I have no gripes with Whilton, they have been good to deal with and have done more to the boat that they needed to. One interesting point to me is the stern bearings - looking at an earlier thread the prop was all cut out, and they have replaced the back with new stern bearings/tube and prop shaft. I've lost my Aquadrive, but can't really complain......
  6. The cost of cleaning isn't included with BCBM, you have to arrange for a valet if you don't clean it yourself - about £40 if I recall?
  7. Pro's and Cons with the way syndicates run on charges.... we looked into it and found: Some syndicates have higher monthly fees and this builds up a kitty for when larger things need doing. The advantage is that it just gets done and nobody needs to pay any more. The downside is if the syndicate has a turnover of people, you pay into a kitty but may not be a member when the big bills come - you cant claim it back. We decided on a syndicate without a reserve since the unexpected/big bills are still split 12 or 15 ways etc so still manageable and we preferred the lower monthly charge (its about £50 a month cheaper than most syndicates). We put aside the difference between our syndicate cost and one with a higher monthly fee, but the advantage is we get this money back..... hope that helps?? As a plug our syndicate share is for sale...
  8. thanks, I'm quite relieved!
  9. sorry I'm new but I have to ask what a British Standard orifice is? what sort of world have I entered!
  10. Thanks, no not yet, its still in the 14 period for the other shareholders to express an interest. come the weekend it'll go on the market....
  11. Just been told she's all ready. All works carried out and a new BSS issued. Paid and picking up on Saturday, wish us luck - I'm sure I'll be back with queries!! Thanks for everyone who has helped us get here......
  12. Don't laugh I'll be there with a bamboo stick trying to find it when we get it!!!!
  13. Thanks. I think its fair. We've not got the boat yet, so only have communications and seeing progress to go on, but they have been obliging in getting work done, including numerous other requests not in the survey. They have now put on the low profile anodes also 'midships'. I'm not sure if anyone finds this interesting but I'll continue to upload pictures.....
  14. I'd look elsewhere at one that's 55-58ft - best of both worlds....
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