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  1. Had our first break on the boat in colder climate and I was surprised by the amount of condensation on the windows. Led me thinking that boat windows generally are poor fitting and single pane, with little thought for security. Are there boats out there with double glazed panes with secure fixings or is this not really what occurs on boats?
  2. robtheplod

    First experience with side wind!

    Hi All Thought you'd all find this amusing..... we're currently moored at Swanley Bridge for the winter so used Aurora as a B&B last weekend. End of our time we had to pump out ready for the next member so had to take her round the pontoon to get this done. That went ok but once done the wind picked up and took me sideways to the other side of the marina - pretty much nothing I could do. Luckily avoided all the boats along the way. Once I was along the bank a helpful chap appeared and said he'd spend many a happy hour there and the only was to reverse out. I did this slowly and managed to get back to our birth, but the pumpout operation probably took a hour in total for a 5 min job! valuable lesson learnt!
  3. robtheplod

    Your home while you're on the cut...

    Whilst we're not in the same position re spend time on the cut away from home I'm always of the opinion if you leave your house then leave the heating as it would be if you were there. If you change/reduce it then it may cause other problems and you wont be there to correct them. If it stays the same why would it give any trouble? - better for peace of mind.....
  4. robtheplod

    Can I cruise after applying for licence?

    I'm interested in this as to how CRT would actually know/discover - what are their methods? Do CRT have inspectors that patrol and what is the likelihood of meeting one? Just trying to compare with car ownership where camera's/patrols will pick out an uninsured/taxed car quite quickly... I've not seen cameras by locks!
  5. robtheplod

    Overwater Marina to Llangollen

    Just back - had a lovely trip and the weather was perfect. Its a very scenic canal especially both viaducts. As we had to do this trip this Summer in case boat moves next year we put in long days but it was very pleasant! Not toooo busy although some tight spots where boats were moored on corners....
  6. robtheplod

    Overwater Marina to Llangollen

    thanks for all the very helpful replies..... can't wait!!
  7. robtheplod

    Overwater Marina to Llangollen

    First time on our boat so everything is unknown, but that sounds re-assuring!!!
  8. Hi All, well our first outing is next week and I've done as much research as I can..... everything looks ok on CRT site with no stoppages/issues that i can see. Apart from it being August (not ideal!) is anyone aware of issues along this route I need to keep in mind for next week? I notice it doesn't have many water points so I hope they all work! thanks in anticipation. rob
  9. robtheplod

    Beta Marine 43 lifespan..

    thanks for all the replies! this engine is on shared ownership boat, so gets pretty much constant use, but does get all the servicing it needs.
  10. Hi All I know this probably an impossible question, but what's the average lifespan of a Beta Marine 43 engine. Its correctly maintained and serviced. 10k hours?? more?
  11. robtheplod

    Leeds & Liverpool possible closure..

    This wont be fun if it occurs: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-44886776
  12. robtheplod

    How many stoppages are there?

    it would be good if you can see a canal map of the UK as a whole with all 'blocks', unless one exists already? bit like a live AA map...
  13. robtheplod

    Parking for Braunston Historic Boat Rally.

    ouch £20 parking is steep... cheaper to park in London?
  14. Notice Update: 1st June 18 Navigation: Open, Towpath: Open Shropshire Union Canal Starts At: Audlem Lock 4 Ends At: Audlem Lock 4 Update on 01/06/2018: Lock 4 is now repaired and the Audlem flight is now in operation
  15. Shropshire Union Canal Starts At: Audlem Lock 4 Ends At: Audlem Lock 4 Thursday 31 May 2018 15:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Structure failure Original message: Details: as a consequence of a boat damaging and displacing the cill buffer on lock four of the Audlem flight the lock is no out of safe operational use until further notice. We need to bring lifting equipment onto the site to attempt to lift the cill buffer back into its original position or remove it from the lock chamber altogether. A variety of engineering assessments and processes need to be put in place to enable the local team to complete this task safely. The lock flight at Audlem will therefore remain closed until all the works can be completed safely. We have local staff on site to assist with additional information and or assistance if it is required.

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