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  1. .... in that case i dont have one... thanks for all the replies ... one less thing to change and sorry if i've wasted your time - although suspect we've all got more time than normal at the moment!!
  2. not at the boat - and no idea when i might get back..... just think ahead.... i dont recall seeing the pump cover so maybe its on the side with the drive belts.... aha that might explain it - yes its a canal boat green one .... so i dont have one?
  3. Hi All, I've serviced my Beta 43 recently, changing all the usual, but this passed me by - the impellar….. is this something I really need to do or is it optional? What are the ramifications of not doing this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beta-43-Impeller-Kit-207-09041/223034770113?hash=item33ede882c1:g:tfkAAOSw93xdkbVU
  4. thanks, I did try that but it takes you to the editions, where i click on the May 2020 edition which just takes me back to the online reader....
  5. is it possible to download this as a pdf as the online reader isn't great?
  6. it just means they charge more doesn't it?
  7. Hi All I'm looking to stop pests getting into the boat (anything that doesn't have a key!) and notice that the mushroom vents seem a firm favourite for bugs. Looking around I can see I can get mesh that would help with this but not sure on fixings so wondered what others have done? Is it best to get a plastic mesh and secure it in the vent tunnel with a circular bent wire, or best to get metal mesh that can form to hold itself? or something else... what works for you?? thanks!!
  8. With all the lost holidays this year it shows how easy it is to throw things into turmoil... do you think the UK will benefit in the future for UK staycations, and maybe even lead to a surge in interest in canals??
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