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  1. Great advice so far.... sounds like you are still at the stage you need to hire to check out the different layouts and if you can spend time in a narrow environment. Is there any hurry to proceed with buying or is this just the looking stage - have you sold your house etc!!?? Well done for not buying a caravan by the way!
  2. I'm happy with the risk from the virus itself, but wouldn't be happy if i had to isolate for 14 days again....? more the inconvenience thing than anything else...
  3. With the track and trace thingy, if someone has Covid-19 and you're all notified is that everyone in the pub on 14 day isolation? If so im not thinking that crafty pint is worth it?
  4. Boats offer a unique perspective on the surroundings that you cant get from a road, plus at 4mph you can take it in... Milton Keynes is lovely on the canal, not so nice on the road.... Plus you can park in the centre of a City no charge...
  5. This is exactly why we got a boat over a motorhome.
  6. So, going through the replies I've found this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crewsaver-Crewfit-Automatic-Lifejacket-9015NBA/dp/B00STT1T0O/ref=sr_1_36?dchild=1&keywords=crewfit&qid=1594102206&sr=8-36 Automatic and has a crotch harness, although just the one strap - assume this is ok? So for a reasonably strong swimmer on calm rivers this would suffice? Saw several with lights but not sure that's ott for canals unless maybe in a tunnel? Got me thinking though the chances are a little higher of falling in when going through a tunnel - does anyone else think it might be a good idea to have a light?? Quick question i see you can refill them if used with new canisters so assume these are multi use and can be packed away again? Not thinking of making a habit of falling in..
  7. This is true.. i got Alans email alert and went to it and read it on my phone - didn't have time to read other replies at the time. Now all read and thanked accordingly, thanks everyone - getting the feeling Crotch straps are the way to go...
  8. Perfect thanks for the helpful advice Alan!
  9. robtheplod

    Life Jacket

    Hi All We plan to go on a few rivers this year - nothing raging (we hope) and I'd feel happier if we had life jackets. What are the things to look out for? I'd like them to be as minimalist as possible but obviously need to be effective... any recommendations about type and suppliers?
  10. Yes but isn't everything always underfunded? I can't recall the last time I heard that X organisation had enough to do what they needed to do....
  11. Not sure if this helps but i found seeing the level almost impossible so got a small bamboo stick. I spent ages getting the oil level right (mainly as i couldn't see it clearly!), then put a marker on a bamboo stick that i just drop in. No need to keep screwing up the dipstick etc as i use the stick now to measure... much easier to see the level and quicker to do.
  12. Maybe true, but I think the world just changed over the last few months, hopefully for the better as far as canals are concerned. The idea of being self contained, self sufficient, not having to share facilities will be big bonuses....
  13. Maybe some fake grass over a tray with a exit pipe into the sea.....
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