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  1. DHutch

    Scout boat

    And genuinely, if the levels where to rise again, then having a good plan in-place to refloat on the next rise would not be stupid. I expect it would involve a securing the boat to the bank with strong ropes of a suitable length, and then either getting another suitable rope from the boat to the off side bank to hold it off, or suitable props which could be deployed from the near bank to push and then hold it out while the waters dropped. You might well want a good long 'spring' from the boat, running up river at a shallow angle, such the the force of the flowing water was not resulting in pushing the boat inwards. I don't know how high the waters got, or how fast they were flowing at the time to know if that is a sensible or practical proposition. However if it was such that standing on the grass area, perhaps in waders, was reasonable safe, and the flow was such you could push it outward, your on to a winning course. Daniel
  2. Whooppp, crew yay!!! Daniel
  3. Voted. A Few names I recognised (people, or boats) but one of the main things the struck me was many there where, nearly 40 and few seemed awful candidates. Selected the first 20 and then hit submit (nearly hit clear all!) so hopefully some assistance in common sense going forwards. Daniel
  4. DHutch

    Scout boat

    If you could get a crane there, which sound like it would be a sticking point if only with the pub, getting the slings under would be the easy bit. Fairly easy to jack the boat up a few inches to get a sling under, which they did to get slip-pads under Pipistrelle during the previous refloat. Equally if you opted to side-slip it back in, which might be an option, you would have to raise it up to get the timbers/steels under for that. Daniel
  5. How is the boat going to be used? If it is going to almost always be on its home mooring with a mains hook up, and just has to survive a day off-grid, or you are happy to greatly reduce consumption for the time you are off-grid till you next plug in, then you will be fine. However few moorings outside of marinas have hookup, so if you are planning to go off boating off-grid you will need to think seriously about how you put the power back in to the batteries. If you are actually moving the boat 8 hours a day, an alternator on the engine would make a big difference. If you are going to moored up static off-grig for days, the alternatives need more care and attention. 20 x 110Ah x 12 V = 2640 Wh (2.64kWh) so a 3.5kW inverter on high output will pull them to pancake-flat in 40 minutes. Enough to cook a roast dinner, once, or heat a tank of water once, but not both! Heating 50 litre of water from 15 to 65 deg will take 3kWh. So one hour with a 3kW element or 3 hours with a 1kW element. Or about 20% more than you battery has from full to pancake. Obviously if you take them down to pancake with any frequency at all they will need replacing fairly promptly! If you have 21x70W = 1470W (1.47kW) solar running flatout out it will theoretically take 2-3 hours to refill, however in practice in the UK I understand it will take more like 3 days*. * "Average UK conditions you can expect, 1kW of panels to generate 700-900 kWh." So you panels might average 1-1.3kWh per day, obviously more in summer, less in winter. https://www.cat.org.uk/info-resources/free-information-service/energy/solar-photovoltaic/ Daniel
  6. No I think you are exactly right. Assuming they have a calorifier and mains connection, using or fitting an immersion heater is a very sensible and practical option. Using a 1kw 'travel spec' immersion, or a 3kw normal domestic spec one, would depend in anticipated water usage and or shore connection. If the calorifier needs replacing to install an immersion that is another battle, but I understand reasonably unlikely assuming a fairly modern boat. The smaller immersion would give more scope to run it off the 3.5kw inverter alongside other loads, but heating water using power from an inverter is not something to be taken lightly, and while a 120A 12v (1.4kw) alternator might just about be able to keep pace, you would have little joy taking that much out of most battery banks. Daniel
  7. DHutch

    Changes to VNC

    I have now renamed the original activity stream 'View New Content (Inc. Political)' rather than 'View New Content (Legacy)' for better clarity going forwards. The default now being 'View New Content' which shows all content except for that which is in the Political and Current Affairs sub-forum. Daniel
  8. DHutch

    Scout boat

    Don't know the area well and hadn't clocked it was the same location! If a crane is not practical, then that's another challenge. Hopefully lessons can be learnt from last time. I alerted Chris to this thread earlier, should have said. Daniel
  9. DHutch

    Scout boat

    Absolutely, it's reasonable sage where it is, and should be covered by insurance. However if you can get a crane on it that is likely the best option. Will require a large crane for the reach I expect, and some work getting the slings under it. Daniel
  10. DHutch

    Changes to VNC

    Great news. Thanks
  11. Thanks for making the post. Usually we ask commercial users to speak to the admin staff before posting 'advertisements' however give the usefulness and nature of the post, and help you have already offered, I am very happy for for it to remain and for you to help and support members. Thanks. Daniel Site owner.
  12. DHutch

    Changes to VNC

    Click on the 'VNC button' and just to the right of the page title is a green square with tick. Pressing it makes it go gray, defaulting you button to standard. Alternatively, browse to any of the available 'activity streams' and press on the grey square tick to turn in green and hence default. Thanks Daniel
  13. DHutch

    Changes to VNC

    I understand the frustration in the changes, and in Richard not realising straight away the had been an unintended change to the defaults, however I think the responses have been a little extreme. All the staff, including myself as owner work on a voluntary basis giving our time and expertise for free in the same way members do. We all have full time jobs and lives outside of the forum and we're all only human. Thanks
  14. DHutch

    Changes to VNC

    Come on people, cut Rich a little bit of slack? He works tirelessly to maintain the software and server side of this forum is, a role very few people stepped forward to do when our previous technical administrator stood down. Without him we would not have the site we have. Without change we would be left behind. The changes, which took significant time to effect, where based on repeated requests from you the site users. I can't answer why we have had the unexpected side effect of changing a setting back to one which creates 'duplication' in the results but can we resolve this is a civil as pleasant way please. This appears to be the answer, and as said, users can set their own 'defualt' for the vnc button by changing the settings and pressing the grey tick so it goes green. Thanks Daniel
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