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  1. DHutch

    Is The Forum Poorly ?

    Thanks all. Daniel
  2. DHutch

    Can I use marinas for temporary stops in a grp cruiser

    We have occasionally put the boat into a marina for a few weeks or a month if weekending around the system we have a spell were we have committents. Prices range wildly, but most have short term rates in the websites. Word of mouth is good too once you get established. Daniel
  3. DHutch

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Like topics merged. Daniel
  4. DHutch

    No Forum

    There was an issue with the FB login system, but that has now also been resolved. Daniel
  5. DHutch

    No Forum

    Exactly. I was rubbing down my stairs and banisters to repaint them. Daniel
  6. DHutch

    No Forum

    Yes, it appears the site was down from around 8pm last night, to 3am this morning. Circa 7hours. Daniel
  7. DHutch

    No Forum

    Indeed. Thanks to Richard for for spotting it, looking into the issue and escalating it to IPS who corrected the issue which was to do with how the forum software intergrates (or didn't) with the images. The site did technically remain online, but without the images was basically unusable. Thanks all for your patience. Daniel
  8. We have a shortish, conventional style, bath in EmilyAnne. You can use it, and I have done, even though not a bath person is was ok. Mainly it's just a high sided shower tray. In steam we can heat water for free, but the tank isn't huge a the pump slowish to fill, if you wanted a soak rather than a splash about. It has also been used for washing the rug. Daniel
  9. DHutch

    Liverpool Link

    This Probably also this. Daniel
  10. DHutch

    Hull minefield

    But yes, mainly, make sure it's got good paint on it. Lots of people still buy cheap or poorly speced paint. Don't paint the inside, don't remove the mill scale, and come into dry dock every other year with an orange rusty box rather than still having a shiny black boat four year on. Daniel
  11. DHutch

    Hull minefield

    Hi, It's very much something to be aware of, but it's also poor quality paint, application of it, as well as general poor maintanance, and thinner 40 years ago. Emily Anne was shot blasted in and out, epoxy primer, two part urethane top coats, high spec underwater vynal blacking. She is now 27 years old with almost zero corrosion. A lot of boats rot from the inside, and it's much harder to paint, so if building new make sure the inside is painted to a higher than normal standard before the fit out. That the paint isn't damaged, and the ballast vapour barriers and equipment etc are installed in a way to minimise water ingress and maximize its ability to dry out again. Don't assume anything, or that all builders take the same care. Also read up on shoreline isolation if you plan to be plugged in to the mains 24/7 rather than just when on dock for maintanance or on a maintained mooring in a city. Daniel
  12. DHutch

    Steam Engines

    That is in fairness most of them! I put the total number at around 15, however that does include a boat thats a similar age to emilyanne but yet to move under her own steam, as well as an narrowoatd size inspection launch on the land locked Montgomery. Never seen firefly in the flesh but it sound like a fair thing. Daniel
  13. Phill, You will have not issue at all with a 57ft boat. If anything a longer boat is easier to steer and behaves more predictably than a short boat. Obviously a narrowboat like that will weight a reasonable amount, so you do have learn to use the engine and ropes etc to move it where a 20ft grp boat you can get away without learning (think dogs that are small enough to pick up) however it's not difficult to learn, with a combination of practice and hits/tips as you go along. Daniel
  14. DHutch

    Steam Engines

    Yes, thanks about it. Its worth noting as well, of all the boats on the system, only around 15 are steam powered. Most of them being modern pleasure craft like ours. Almost all canal shipping went directly from horse drawn to internal combustion, bolinder semi-diesels and the like. Daniel

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