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  1. Very sad if true, but as said, I am sure the amount of canal closures in the area has had an impact on them. Past the yard and seen the boats a great many, a staple on boating in Cheshire and the wider NW area, having grown up with a view of Beestone castle as well. I was going to ask about that. Daniel
  2. As said, its very likely that the rust is not as bad as it looks, because unlike a car it was probably 3-4mm to start with. Most narrowboats have aluminium frame window historically stuck in with silicon, and these have there own issues, but the h-section rubber steal love to rust! Mechanical wire brushing can work well, as can needle scalers, but I would likely also use a rust converter assuming it well pitted and you can get it all back to bright steel. I would then fill the pits with either a high spec waterproof filler, or high build epoxy paint. Avoid car body filler as its full of clay and porous just where you don't want it. Then obviously get some good paint on it before re-fitting. Will you be re-using the same window/glass (presumably with new h-section) or replacing the whole lot with a framed window? Daniel
  3. That is quite painful isnt it. Presumably it is intended to say: - Min height in centre 231cm - Height at 244cm width 211cm Maybe. Trying to interpret someones best ms paint efforts. Daniel
  4. Indeed, never been but it look great in the photos. Daniel
  5. Our boat, new in 1991, is fitted with a number of 240vac outlets which are only fed from the shoreline, besides each of these is a DC outlet which in our case is 24vdc, using a IEC 13 socket. As mentioned above, there is no good industry standard 12vdc plug for this application. The single most common is likely the cigarette lighter type used in automotive applications but it's poor and not suitable for anything other than low currents or short term use. Retrospectively we have then added something like five of the round DC to 2x USB adaptors on to the 24vdc socket circuits to allow phone charging, which have been great but like the USB sockets built into 240vac sockets have a parasitics load which draws a small but measurable amount of current all the time. We also have a small inverter for powering a laptop or similar, but not a whole-boat off grid 240vac solution. For our use this is fine, as it would be for anyone else moving frequently or able to plug in to mains. If you where living of grid you would want a way to switch each one off when not in use. Daniel
  6. I'm aware there where issues with the previous Brexit threads length, but I don't think this is related to the issue here. I use the default 'view new content' search as far as I can tell, and do not get the results seen. I can get 3-4 pages down and just see the one Brexit record. Daniel
  7. This is not how the default view new content should work. It may be that some members have a customer stream setup which behaves slightly different. Most likely the setting is that you have 'items comments and reviews' selected rather than 'items only' as per the below screenshot. If not, let me or @RichM know and we will look in more detail. Daniel
  8. Sadly its much harder to get things in place so that 'opening up the taps' produces the required get up and go with our steam plant than most diesels. So while we get around at a reasonable pace be might not be leading! If you can see that much, there no weight in it and nothing in the water, so it will just bounce off! Bring it on. Daniel
  9. Very good. Could have been a moderator moved it as you reported it, else either way, as you where!
  10. Agree its a bit odd, and should as always been taken with a pinch of salt, however equally may well be as portrayed. I can see no obvious evidence to either prove or disprove if that OP has any professional connection with Tank Busters or their competitors. Either way, the summary appears to be that of good service provide at a reasonably cost, if perhaps with exception of some questionable quotes and invoicing. Daniel
  11. I have had the following send to the staff in a form of a 'report' from a guest member, the user left no name, however a copy is posted below for reference. My mum and dad started hostlecraft at the watch house in stretford , there boat was called the aston and the horses name was mary a white shire. Harry arnold was involved so was eddie frankelton. My mum june davies is still alive today at the tender age of 95
  12. Fairy liquid, flash all purpose, sugar soap. Just something that will aid cutting through any grease which might be present so it is emulsified not spread about, provides a bit of a lubricant to aid rubbing down and prevent clogging of abrasive, while being mild enough to be safe for hands and not overly damaging to the environment given it is ultimately going to end up in the canal. Generally, water and a mop alone will remove any green algae type contaminant, any mild detergent and a abrasive will get anything else off and provide a gentle key to the surface, and thats all you are after for paint to stick. You can see any bits that have been missed once dry as the surface appears different. Daniel
  13. Various options, but for the cabin we typically start with a good mop down, then mild detergent and green scouring pads, then wipe down, and let dry which can take a while. If there is other surface damage, dry sanding, but like a lot our paint is quite soft and clogs the paper badly. Obviously then you have to remove the dust. For small or oily areas, or a last wipe, then panel wipe is good too. Also depends on the required finish, we aim for 'reasonable with a 4inch roller' but if after a more automotive style high gloss a lot more work is needed. Daniel
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