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  1. Yes, literally just post the url in, from the bar at the top of your browser. Or if viewing youtube in an app, click 'share' and select 'copy link' and paste that into the message, anywhere, and it will do an embedded video for you automatically. Its actually hard to get it not to!
  2. I dont know about insurance, and as I onyl have argosheild it might be difference, but if you want to hire can you not just setup an account and hire from BOC for for me? Daniel
  3. Agree with the above sentiments. a) If they really want to get in they will, even it looks like fort knox crossed with a shipping container. If they just want to do damage, petrol+match. b) If they cant see it, they can't knick it! A bit of tarp over the genny is likely worth ten times any chain you can fit, and of cause you can have both. I also agree that visible external padlocks have the downside of highlighting a reasonable change of the boat being empty, as well as creating a hazard in terms of sealing escape routes if you are inside. That said, it's what we have on our side/front hatches, and there are plenty who leave the rear hatch locked while they are onboard having entered via the bow doors, as they have suitable other exits. In our case, our 'bow doors' are at the stern, and I always unlock all our hatches before settling down for the night. Often if it's only going to be an hour, say at a rally, I just pull the door to, especially if the stove/boiler is still lit. We aim not to be reckless, but also do 'continuously cruise during the summer season, which while it is moved weekends and during the week, crew dependent, also involves leaving the boat unoccupied for multiple stretches of time out of the marina, as you find with a large number of other boats. Touch wood in nearly 30 years I think the only trouble we have ever had, bar the wind taking the wheelhouse roof once, is once losing a 56lb weight off the front deck. Our fault for leaving it on show, but also sad as almost certainly another boater, they now live inside! If a radio link makes you feel safer, there is little harm, but it's a faff and a cost, and what if you get a false trigger when its five hour drive away? On two occasions the boat has ended up adrift in the canal (once untied, one a very soft bank and clearly insuffence pins) and along with the time to roof came off, BW or CRT as they now are have managed to contact us to inform. I post a bit less now, but when I was doing a bit of a cruise log, while I always take a photo of the boat as moored on leaving it, I never post of its whereabouts until next time it moves. Likely makes no odds, but if I did develop an enemy its one less weakness. Daniel
  4. Valid, you are of cause right. I thought I had shorted it down to that but had left too many letters in for how I would say it!
  5. This is my understanding. Although I do also hear people saying it more as it is spelt as 'tyre-lee' or something like that.... I had never thought about that before, but I like that!
  6. This is correct as far as I am aware, you can then enter your location with as much detail as you like, from country down to full post code. I would suggest stopped at atleast half-postcode level!
  7. I can see their point, and especially places with large premises and or beer gardens the risk might be manageable. Although at the moment, especially as we are in the northwest, I remain cautious and very aware the levels are still reasonably high, as is the chance of a second wave, without a longer wait and a good track and trace capability. Daniel
  8. Budget? You can get very powerful magnets, if at a cost, and they is conveniences in installation and being able to move them, cabling allowing. But they are not cheap, and can be overcome be a thief or high wind. Drilling holes is easy, and the roof might well be thick enough to take a thread, but rain is very persistent and deckhead leaks are a bugger and can cause major internal damage. I would not drill holes in a roof to mount panels. Welding on brackets sounds like major work, and reasonably permanent. But for anyone with the kit it's quick and easy and cheap, wouldn't pull off, can't leak, and can be much smaller and neater. Paint is easy to repair. You can also put in a doraded cable route while you're at it. Daniel
  9. Having got a grasp of some of the options, the thing you need to think about is what do you want out of them and what are the compromises you are willing to take, how do you use the boat etc. Power Requirements: *Are you trying to live off grid without a shore connection, or moving much, throughout winter, maybe working from home, and therefore need about as much power output as possible? *Are you using the boat recreationally, or as a continuous cruisers, but want to be able to stop somewhere for a week or so during summer without having to turn the fridge off? *Are you basically already self sufficient because your only on the boat weekends and holidays when you run the engine 8h a day for propulsion, and just want a bit to top the batteries up if you leave it a month. Compromises: *Do you want solar that you basically can't tell is there, it is of for the boat to look like a solar farm? *Is it a floating home that never moves, or so you mainly use it for boating around so need the roof clear for lines etc. Any low tunnels near you? *Do you want something DIY fit easy to fit, or are you prepared to get more involved? *Do you want to just leave it be, or are you happy to adjust the angle each time your moor? Or even daily? *How likely is you will moor somewhere a bit rough where panels might get broken or stolen? What other equipment do you have onboard? Inverter, Charger, battery monitor? Cooker? Size of battery bank. Etc Daniel
  10. Yes, should have said, but I've seen say boats are on hire. Might be one and the same... Daniel
  11. So, from what we know there is a reasonable chance of the 4th July holding true. That's nice.
  12. I might have missed it in my skim of this thread, but do we currently have any indication of when we might be able to stop overnight on our own boats? Similarly when hire companies will be allowed to hire self contained self-drive hire boats with overnight sleeping permitted, to existing household bubbles. I understand at least one hire company is working to 4th July as a date, and taking bookings accordingly, however I do not know the basis of this date. Thanks
  13. We have done it from Liverpool to the Chester Branch of the Shrophire Union in EmilyAnne, but went as part of a convoy arranged by the Chester IWA a few years ago by a guy name Mike Carter (who I understand is sadly no longer with us). I have also done a trip from Ellesmere Port up to the Weaver with a small group including Duker Parfield and her owner (the other) Mike Carter of marinesurveysltd and Liam of this forum. Certainly well recommended if you can get it sorted and get the paperwork etc. Daniel
  14. Thank you all. As you where....
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