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  1. Great work. Topic moved to boat building and maintenance section. Thanks
  2. Always a good start! Hopefully these two image help. On a full size computer or large tablet, there will be a button on the top ribbon menu which will take you directly to the donations page: On a mobile device or smaller screen, as said you need to hit the 'hamburger' logo at the top of each page, and that will give you a pop-out menu with the same choices as the ribbon bar. You will then be taken to a screen where you have a choice of donation amount pf £6, £12, £24, £48 or £100 which you can 'add to cart' and then check out. You can also stack the options, if for instance you want to donate £18 or £30, £36 £60 etc by adding more than one amount. The site will then remind you to 'renew' your donation 12months later, but will not take any money without you processing the renewal and payment. Hope this helps, and a huge huge thank you to all the member who do donate, and quite literally fund the site operations. None of the staff nor myself take any form of payment, with every pound we receive going on the software and hosting costs. Thanks Daniel
  3. Thanks as always Nigel for your work paying our debts, counting our income, and producing these reports. You and Rich work hard to ensure we can run a reliable and robust forum, for a very good price, to keep the site advert free and accessible to all. Daniel
  4. The dims above are not far from what we used. Our rudder is taller as we have a 26" prop, so maybe 700mm tall. Length likely around 600mm, which could be longer, but was constrained by the existing rudder/hull. The bulbous section must be very close to the 100mm you have spec'd, maybe 85-90 but maybe 100. Final width of the flare is greater, maybe as much as 60mm overall. I also used the fore-aft proportions as per typed for the wiki article, 1x 5th to max width, 2x 5th tapering, 1x 5th straight, 1x 5th flared. It was all I had to go on! Daniel
  5. Yes, I did indeed design and fit a Schilling Rudder to our boat Emily Anne, using plates formed for me by forum member Yamanx 15 years ago. I also wrote the majority of the Wiki page, and the CAD image of a rudder, is our rudder. although the one of a barge with a rudder is similar but not ours. We have been very happy with it.
  6. Yes, I know Keith and Hasty well, and have been aboard Trevor who are oil fired fired. Coal is becoming an issue, the Welsh government appear to be refusing to renew the extraction license at Foss-y-fran, the only Welsh mine operating, which means it will close in October. Which is a shame as it's absolutely lovely high grade, clean burning, certified smokeless, low sulphur, Steam Coal. Russian coal is fine and still currently available from stockpiles I'm told, but obviously facing uncertainty due to politics and war, likewise coal from Kazakhstan. We've done two days trialing 'Wildfire' ovals, which would do at a pinch, but you would never but them from choice. Much higher ash, loads of klicker, more smoke, more soot in the tubes, higher fuel consumption, and the sulfur content is really noticeable. And the wholes lots jumped up 30% in price like everything else! Heyho
  7. Great work, thanks for posting back.
  8. International waterways.
  9. It's only a little one!? Fit under the stairs... Wardrobe?
  10. Great work. Looks in good nick. I've moved the thread to boat building and maintenance, as the forsale area requires you to login to view it. So those on the model engineering FB page should be able to see it. Thanks
  11. Best of luck with the sale, I have shared this page with the UK Model Engineering facebook page.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Fortunately not yet! Fortunately it was on retainer, but yes, it was that. The domain was on automatic renewal, but this apparently couldn't take the required funds it needed, so fell over regardless. And for some reason the reminder messages didn't reach myself or Rich. Thanks Daniel
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