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  1. DHutch


    Yes, levels seriously up. A lot of work being done by owners and yards alike but sadly a few boats have gone down and or broke from moorings. Northwich section is well up, the worse of the lot I believe, maybe as much as 6-8ft above normal levels. Normal levels. Current levels. Pimbotts. Northwich Town bridge. Saltersford. *Photos from various sources. Daniel
  2. Ouch indeed! I've done a brass skin fitting in basically exactly the same thing, in the same canal at Wrenbury lift bridge. Hell of a bang, nearly stoped the boat, no more sink waste pipe! Sod to replace, only one we've had go in 28 years. Daniel
  3. Just seen this thread on a car forum. As said, clearly an avoidable collision, passed off to be otherwise, which is a great shame. Particularly unacceptable as the other boat is fibreglass and therefore more likely to suffer expensive damage. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=1835958 Daniel
  4. Welding courtesy of Keir Baxter, arranged by Mike Carter and Rebekah Parrot at Northwich Drydock, and very nice it was too! Fire watch was exactly as you would want it to be, very boring, just a slightly wisp of smoke and we burnt off the paint and shrunk back the flame retardant polystyrene sheet. Over to pictures!
  5. Well it might have ended up being a blessing is disguise that although I got various leads of people who might have some but didn't, and confirmation that if I wanted 10 ton rolling it shouldnt be an issue, I ended up drawing a blank and we ordered 2x6m of 50x12 from FH Brundels. Got to the boat, and in areas where you can make out the edges through the paint, weld, and mastic on the lower faces, it was ruddy 50mm all along. Good measuring from my father there! Sigh. Photos for anyone interested.
  6. Good leads. Martin recommendations AJ Steel Stockholders, in Rugby, and or continue searching online for Convex steel bar. Streethay recommend Tamworth Steel as their local stockholders. The chase continues. Daniel
  7. Making some phonecalls and getting some leads, but as yet nothing firm has materialised. We're on drydock next week, so if it comes to it we will have to used 50x12 and accept it will be slightly different. Daniel
  8. Forgot the image, d-bar, or square edge half round. Daniel
  9. We are looking for some 60mm guard irons to add additional rubbing strakes to the bow, most are 50mm (2" x 1/2 ") but I want to match what is there currently if at all possible. Any thoughts ideas welcome, only need around 6m of the stuff. Thanks
  10. Sounds like a good load of advice, and good information about glass linner dates. Presumably an enamel type finish? We have decided to eat at the pub, which is a start. Have good duvets. Boiler will be lit Saturday morning. We do also have some LS-X but maybe that can wait till another day! Closed loop gravity based system with no header tank, so unsure how well leaking fluids would work. Daniel
  11. Is there any way of telling if you have a glass lined one or not? How safe is it to run a stainless steel one that is dry? Asking because it's going to be cold this weekend and our central heating has developed a good hard weep (nearly an actual leak...) and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to find tonight! I believe our original one (1991 ish) was glass lined but we replaced the stove maybe around 2002-2004ish. Daniel
  12. Many thanks indeed as always! Daniel
  13. I am locking this thread, following the recent creation of a 'Politics and Current affairs' subforum. The performance of which will be monitored over time. Thanks Daniel
  14. If your doing more than one or two get a cutter. https://www.screwfix.com/p/0-26mm-manual-plastic-pipe-shears/59590? Daniel
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