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  1. Epic thread bump, but I still cant believe this happened. Although sadly it feels like only a matter of time before Cuddington follows?
  2. Uplands Marina at Anderton, built by the same person but as of last year now within the ABC Alvechurch empire.
  3. Test. 3.8mb image from my phone camera.
  4. Just trying to get my head around the rules as part of planning the years boating, and also because a friend has been asking me about options for short term access to the Bridgewater for a trailerable boat. It appears you are now allow 7 + 3 days per 28, rather than just the 7 days per 28 originally imposed in 2016. Below image is lifted from a PDF on CRTs website, a link to which is available on the below page. The text for section 2. (for boats based on the Bridgewater wishing to access the Trusts waterways) reads almost word for word the same. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/go-boating/planning-your-boat-route/booking-your-passage-online The Bridgewater site includes all of the licensing and mooring conditions etc to download, and an online form to make a payment, but as far as I can see, no information on what a long or short term license costs. https://bridgewatercanal.co.uk/boating/pay-online/
  5. Create one! (they are free) Its a bit odd.. I guess CRT have the lions share of the boaters records, a much more capable website (if only because Peels for the Bridgewater is so bad) and there is some sort of Peel-CRT type agreement where one can check the other records? As in, if using the Bridgewater as a CRT boat you just boat onto it, through it, and off it again, within a reasonable time period, but without booking online. Just like we always used to? I do somewhat wonder who is actually policing the whole thing, especially for boats which are not stopping.
  6. All very interesting. EmilyAnne was build 1991 and launched Spring 1992 at Worsley, initially with the Bridgewater number B1531 She then gained the BW number 52884 something like a year later. Pressed plate, with printed bridge logo.
  7. Still closed this winter, nothing back from Park Farm after being on the waiting list a month, so we shall be mooring elsewhere. Shame as its a nice location, and at 72p/ft week around the cheapest mooring in the area at £1086 for 6months with a 58ft boat. Last year we paid £1045.00 for 23weeks at Uplands, but since ABC have taken over they now want £1653 for the same 6months. Which while the cheapest ABC site, looks dear against Park Farm, Oakwood, Swanley, Venetian. for what you get. Aqueduct, Overwater, Tattenhall are all more expensive, but I believe offer more facilities and less rotten jetties than Uplands! All interesting stuff!
  8. Or, use staple spun polypropylene, sometimes sold as synthetic hemp, which floats? The breaking strain is a little less than polyester of the same diameter, but its also cheaper, and given most of our ropes are far stronger than then need to be as people spec the size on what is nice to hold in the hand the reduced breaking strain is basically a good thing! We use 22mm typically. Only downside is for the centerline, if you touch it against the whistle base, it starts to melt. where the polyester doesn't. So on EmilyAnne for the centerline we are back to just being careful! Front (also long) and Rear (fair bit shorter) lines are post polyprop now however. Yes, I remember this at the time. Since then we have used a short length of rope between the handrail and the eye spice of the centerline such that if the eye bolt ever snaps of pulls through, the short length will arrest the bolt/shackle/rope safely. I understand when winching off road vehicles sometimes a blanket or equivalent is put over the rope for the same sort of reasons. Daniel
  9. A contact of mine with experience of pumps has made the below comment: "Sykes made about 10 different CF pumps in 4 sizes over a 50 year period, the poster hasn’t given any details, but I’m guessing he is talking about the bellows seal behind the impeller, if not fitted skilfully it will leak like a sieve." Daniel
  10. I am not sure that gives quite the same effect, certainly not if there a number of you. The same could be said for narrowboats with diesel engines, certainly poorly silenced ones, but should all boats be steam or electric? What about wildlife, sometimes the ducks can make a right racket, or tap annoying on the hull? Mass Cull? How long does it take a narrowboat to come into and go out of ear shot? Live and let live I would say. Daniel
  11. That's us! On drydock for our 'every four years, if it needs it or not' blacking and hull inspection for the insurance.
  12. That's certainly an odd one. Still doing it? @RichM Any ideas? Daniel
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