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  1. As I understand it from Rich, what we believe is happening is that just occasionally, the server we are on (a virtual machine) runs out of resources, which topples elastic search, everything else recovers but it doesn't. For a time Richard ran ES on his own server for us, separate from the rest of the site, but that facility is no longer available so until I sort an alternative solution this is what we have. Im working on it, so bear with me. Daniel
  2. Seems like some faff, but a successful outcome?
  3. In fairness, it does say 'or other location' , and that your GP can be a contract point, as said. So actually I think they have made an effort there. It moving on line also helps. I don't know what the system for those of no fixed abode was previously? Daniel
  4. In fairness, while the boat might have been sub-par initially, even if it was on a bit of a knife edge, if someone has then moved it without permission, including stacking a load of steel narrowboats and a wide beam around it as appears to be the case, would you also be a little bit miffed if it then sank! Fairly sure I would be, even if I didnt live on it. As said, article appears to make no mention of the guy asking for money. Daniel
  5. See below link. https://www.waterways.org.uk/about-us/news/census-2021-and-liveaboard-boaters Ahead of a census in March 2021, the Office for National Statistics (and IWA) explains how liveaboard boaters can take part in the population questionnaire. Daniel
  6. Hopefully the OP is not still sitting in the dark!
  7. Yes, as said, the member map location is separate from the location field in the user profile and both have to be filled in by the user. You can as as much, or as little detail from a country, town, postcode. Daniel
  8. I cant get that site to play the add, but it is on youtube too,...
  9. As per Tony's post, we will need to know a little bit more about your setup, what equipment you have, and or how it is configured. Your are right that a lot of the systems on the boat are likely 12v DC and will run of the leisure batteries when the mains drops out. You can also have an 'inverter' which turns the 12v DC from the batteries into 240v AC so the mains plug sockets can run from the batteries for a while. The 12v 'leisure' batteries will almost certainly be charged by the engine when it is running, and you likely have a separate 'engine' or 'start' battery for the engine. You can then also have a mains powered battery charger which can charge the batteries from the mains while you are plugged in, and or run the 12v equipment. These days often people have a combined 'inverter charger' which does both tasks and can switch automatically. If separate it is potentially possible to find the battery charger will run off the inverter, trying to use the batteries power to charge them, which as said obviously works really badly! At which point I would suggest there are several options for whats happened. - The battery isolator is off, the 12v items where running directly from the mains till was disconnected but couldn't fall back to the batteries as they were disconnected. - You batteries have died while you have been connected to the mains, for whatever reason, but the mains has proppeded this up until now. - Something else! Presumably the 12v things which worked when disconnected from the mains worked till the shoreline power dropped out? Do you know if they suddenly stopped working, or if it too a few minutes/hours while you were away? When was the last time the 12v systems worked without being plugged in? Can you take photos of the control panels and or any likely looking boxes of kit? Or get someone local to look over it for you? Daniel
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. I think this is an excellent shout! We do a reasonable amount of the slightly more adventurous boating there is to do but often stick to the main route as such, hence there are some fairly 'easy wins' we have got very close to and probably should have made the effort to, but that I cant claim, which I guess is the point of the list! I have done, with the boat: Cascade winding hole, Chesterfield Canal Head of navigation, Ashby Canal Liverpool Docks, Leeds & Liverpool Canal Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre, Huddersfield Narrow Canal Uttoxeter Basin, Froghall, Uttoxeter Canal West Summit Lock, Rochdale Canal I have done with another boat: Norton Canes, Cannock Extension Canal Winsford Bridge, River Weaver The boat has done with other people Saul Junction, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal Tewitfield Marina, Lancaster Canal (I believe but would have to check) Winsford Bridge, River Weaver Fairly easy wins I have NOT done; Gronwyn Bridge (we even wintered at Whixall for a few years) Langley Mill Basin (got half way up but not to the end ) Leek Branch (did Froghall and the Uttoxeter canal, but not the Leek) River Dee Branch (done been past 3-4 times and its not a long branch) Springs Branch (again, been past it and even out onto the Trent, but not up the arm) Coombeswood Basin (have done Neathton, and Stourbridge locks but not the detours) Dudley Tunnel (have done Neathton, and Stourbridge locks but not the detours) Stourbridge (have done Neathton, and Stourbridge locks but not the detours) Titford Pools... just need to tick it off like. Slightly surprised in a way that Mayors Boatyard on the Rufford Arm is not on the list in its own right, given the number on the BCN. So yeah, interesting and certainly food for thought. Hopefully I will get to 20 eventually! Daniel
  14. Fair enough. Sounds good to me, but again, not an expert, nor up to speed with the current regs. Daniel
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