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  1. Right, yes if there is any uncertainty about what legal complications you might become involved with the purchase would look a lot less appealing? Does that suggest it has not been sold (yet?) then? Given its a local boat, and of no significant value (value on a par with its liability) I still find it mad that it was moved so far if at all. Obviously there where unpaid fees due, and they must be suitably recovered and or protected against, but also it seems a real shame it's now likely languishing. Daniel
  2. I dont know anything of the current news. At a sale proce of £500,000 its a lot of building for the money, given you get two 3bed semis in with!
  3. Valid question, and I must say I do not recall when and why we imposed limits on the number which could be given. When it first came it, you could only give a greenie, then it was expanded to all the different types, some positive, some neutral, and a down vote. We then removed the down vote option. Anyway, reviewing it appears members had a limit of 20 per day, new members 0 allowed, editors and patrons for some reason only 6. I have now set all of the limited up to 250 per day which should in effect remove the limit, without strictly being unlimited in terms of floodcontrol. Thanks Daniel
  4. Could well make sense, sides pulled in as much as you could cold, economic counter block to suit. Obviously Thos Claytons build plenty of counter stern motorboats, but presumably what this boat claims to be, nor as early. Daniel
  5. Wooden boat in need of help! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/198482648086577/ Daniel
  6. Does anyone have an update on this boats or its whereabouts at all? Finding very little online. Daniel
  7. Fair! I use other sites on IPB, vB and XF and certainly neither are perfect! Ditto sites running PHPfree or custom code. Or just a one-off unexplainable thing!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Mike, if you never see outage on any other forum you use, I would suggest either you have either been lucky, or don't use them as much as you do cwdf and simply don't notice the outages as like ours they are few and far between. Either than or they are run on a different funding/staffing model; ie, they have adverts on the site, are part of a club with paid membership, or are a forum where tech knowledge is widely available, etc. We are advert free, free to use for all, with no tiered membership options. We are fully reliant on voluntary donations, which does affect the choices we take in terms of hosting, particularly as we also offer services such as near unlimited image hosting free of charge, and modern professional spec pay-to-use forum software, which many free to use sites do not. These are basically the only two other comparable forum software providers out there. We have looked into both as alternatives on a number of occasions, to ensure we are using good quality software which returns on the investment, both for users and administrators, and it is our considered opinion that moving would not offer a net improvement to the current software. Invision is not perfect, but neither are other providers, even without the complications of migration, if I was to set up a new site now I would use Invision again every time. Daniel
  10. I have not had one on this site, although interestingly I recently had it on another forum I use once, quick refresh and not seen it since. Obviously if the issue persists it is something we will need to look into, however as there have been no recent reports we shal sit it out for now. Rich, thanks as always for looking into this, as well as al the time you have given to date. As per our PMs I will work on finding a replacement, and thank you for the notice and handover period. Daniel
  11. As above, you can set a signature. So far as I'm aware you can't set a default none-standard font for your posts. I've not see this on other forums either. Daniel
  12. Speaking to a friend I understand it was spotted in the staffordshire area towards the end of last year, all well with it as far as I know. https://canalplan.org.uk/boat/89364 Daniel
  13. Appears to be a link to a Wikipedia article?
  14. DHutch

    Scout boat

    And genuinely, if the levels where to rise again, then having a good plan in-place to refloat on the next rise would not be stupid. I expect it would involve a securing the boat to the bank with strong ropes of a suitable length, and then either getting another suitable rope from the boat to the off side bank to hold it off, or suitable props which could be deployed from the near bank to push and then hold it out while the waters dropped. You might well want a good long 'spring' from the boat, running up river at a shallow angle, such the the force of the flowing water was not resulting in pushing the boat inwards. I don't know how high the waters got, or how fast they were flowing at the time to know if that is a sensible or practical proposition. However if it was such that standing on the grass area, perhaps in waders, was reasonable safe, and the flow was such you could push it outward, your on to a winning course. Daniel
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