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  1. DHutch

    Boat Safety Exam

    Sadly, the website has been poor for some time. It was fine, but when it required update it failed miserably.
  2. DHutch

    Historic Boat "Pinner"

    Having done a days riveting with Joe in NB Pinner, I can confirm it is the not the craft photographed above. Daniel
  3. DHutch

    Insurance for Dog

    Interesting. I'll have a look at that, although we have already selected the new vet having moved. Thanks
  4. DHutch

    Anybody Recognise This Lock?

    If the lock was lost in 1912, then as you say, if anything the remarkable thing is that there is (atleast) two photos of it that have survived. Daniel
  5. DHutch

    Anybody Recognise This Lock?

    Cracking job! I was going to say, if that cottage remaina the chimney be roofline is very characteristic. Daniel
  6. DHutch

    Insurance for Dog

    We have a rescue lurcher, been with use nearly two years and is now just over eight in age. Rightly or wrongly we had a quick look at the pet insurance plans and decided not to bother. Everyone is different, but we are both still in work but have voved to hold back an amount for if there is a 'rainy day' be that urgent uninsured car/house or vets bills. Obviously to an extent it's a lottery as to if he gets ill, and hopefully it won't happen the same time one of our cars conks out, and when paying cash rather than making a claim you would maybe think slightly longer if it's a for check for X or a uncertainty of Y, but we shall see. Daniel
  7. DHutch

    Insurance for Dog

    Any reason for that?
  8. DHutch

    Open fire, smokeless zone, options?

    Good information. We have just picked up 6 bags of Blaze from B&M home and garden (the normal store didn't have coal) before calling in at Lidl who also had it 'while stocks last' we'll see how that goes. Expect pest is lovely, but it's uber none sustainable which doesn't sit overly well, even in the context of burning coal on an open fire. Daniel
  9. DHutch

    Open fire, smokeless zone, options?

    Ok. Good information, flames are good, and tend to go with ease of lighting. Thanks
  10. DHutch

    Thread Contamination

    Obviously Brexit is going to effect a lot of things, it's hard to talk about things like house/fuel prices, boat sale trends, travelling abroad, without it. However at the same time obviously a lot of things carry on as was, you can talk about alternators and toilet freely, and we do have fr&g which which preclude 'primerally political topics' and an element of decorum that it isn't bought up for the sake of it, much as you would in conversation with friends/colleagues. If there are blatant breaches or rules, or particular repeat offenders the site staff may be able to have works if posts are reported to their attention, however a many lower levels it is down to the members and op to self regulate as with any other behaviour. Thanks Daniel
  11. DHutch

    Open fire, smokeless zone, options?

    Ok. Will look out for some supertherm at the local merchant. Slightly supprised you recommend mixing with anthracite? For a nice fire with flame, and or easier lighting, I would have been avoiding the harder coals. Ok, we have all the above mentioned stores reasonable close. Are Blaze and Brazier the same product with different names, or just similar?
  12. Having moved we are now in a smokeless zone and wondered if the collective had any suggestions for what we can burn that is reasonably compliant while also nice to burn. Previously I've enjoyed burning domestic house coal from the local merchants, easy to light, right amount of flame which is half the point, and not actually that smokey once going. So far we have had some unbranded smokeless fuel which gave no flame at all looked naff and left a huge amount of ash, tried burning some steam coal which is certified smokeless but tends to sit there and sulk, and perhaps the smokiest slightly damp housecoal from the garage. Going out again to try some more tomorrow. Daniel
  13. DHutch

    Chop saws for DIY uses

    Let us know how it goes.
  14. DHutch


    Ah right. Apologies.
  15. DHutch


    There was about four replies to the other one. Daniel

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