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  1. We use canalplan and find it's estimates very good. I suspect we're slightly quicker on locks, but slower overland than the defaults, but it averages well over a day/week.
  2. Great news. Does anyone have contact details for Paloma Bob please? Our unit has decided for its 30th birthday it would like to be intermittent in turning on for the shower. Fine for normal taps. Hopefully can get it serviced and or looked at. Daniel
  3. Also slightly depends what you mean by 'flexible' panels. Are we talking about the type you can roll up, or the type bonded to a stainless steel plate, which with care can be mildly curved to follow the contour of the roof. As said, I understand you can get issues with heat built up, especially if you cannot maintain a small air gap for cooling. However obviously as you way, there are also both pros and cons to bulky 'domestic' panels littering the place! Daniel
  4. I am late to this thread, but stumbles on it google image searching for something else, what a lovely looking boat! Are you able to update us on progress? Daniel
  5. Might have to do this one day! Daniel
  6. Also true! Some very interesting information here, a part of the waterways system I have been past many times, but never ventured on. Partuarly the comment about fast-moving levels at the limit of navigation, I guess you would then be stuck for an unknown about of time! I see in another post the fee for Pomona lock was £21 in 2009 which seems fairly reasonable, presumably per boat, do many boats go through. Something I would like to do I think. Daniel
  7. Sounds fair to me. Does anyone have an update on the current costs/process to book a passage? Thanks Daniel
  8. Click on your name, profile, then click on the profile image, and upload an alternative. Exact details depends if your using a mobile/tablet/computer so if that isnt enough lead let us know what device you are using, Daniel
  9. Interesting, I wonder if that is the bow section of the boat, which has been refitted and re-sterned!
  10. Did ours the other day, code in the post, online forms where quick and easy. Daniel
  11. I suppose the one remaining question is, does anyone know what happened to the engine and boiler? And or as I never saw it, does anyone have any photo of the steam plant and or cabin etc. Might drop Roger a line. Daniel
  12. The images are gone, but below is a copy of eBay description to save it for reference. Sold in Jan 2016 for £642, 7 bids, 3 bidders. Location Rugby. Seller "12.terry". Title; 20ft half shell off a canal steam boat swaliow a conversion project Desc; "this steam canal boat was cut in half for scrap and gutted leaving just the shell as seen in the photographs it is 20ft long the open end is 73in wide x85in high i just had to rescue it for a project,it is unique ,and would make a small holiday home ,sun cabin ,office,studio observatory, bird hide, play house,t
  13. I have no answers, other than I agree that a) its the paddle gear I know well as I am also a local to the area b) it is bloody good paddle gear! Daniel
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