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  1. I have no answers, other than I agree that a) its the paddle gear I know well as I am also a local to the area b) it is bloody good paddle gear! Daniel
  2. Please see above thread. I will now lock this one rather than merge is that is ok with people. Thanks Daniel
  3. It now appears to be down again, pages of chinese characters for 'cure select' which is a shame. I wonder if someone can secure a complete copy of the site and or domain name and re-host it for him? Daniel
  4. You are not the first, and no doubt are not going to be the last!
  5. Moved from Tech & Account Support to Boat Maintenance. Thanks
  6. Its not a perfect poll...... pick which one you fancy for me, else maybe lean towards the more costly of the two, likely the inverter. Daniel
  7. No poke without smoke...... as you say, aint running a DPF there are they!
  8. There appears to be potential for not everything to be as it appears, however as yet we are unable to confirm any details or the true status of this boat. The topic has continued in the below thread: Thanks Daniel
  9. How odd, especially is something which has happened before. I will try and look into it.
  10. The washer doesn't take the (tensile) load off the shank and threaded interface of the bolt, it distributes it more evenly over the surface of the clamped material, in this case the steel plate of the boat. You will fail the aluminium well before you pull the bolt through it, let along the 5mm steel plate. I expect the bolt would fail in tension before than happened, even if you used A2-80 grade high-tensile bolts. However, its likely not in pure tension, and its not going to be the bolts or steel plate the fail anyway! On the other hand, I am glad to see you appear to have bedded
  11. A very interesting find. We need to replace out leisure batteries this spring, and I have been looking into where and what to buy. The old set have managed 13 years but having limped through last years reduced schedule (there 14th year) are well and truly failing to store charge now! Daniel
  12. Sadly I know of several businesses, from small sme's right through to household brands, where the covid measure are woeful and or far worse than then need to be. Limited or no distancing, face to face meetings, public transport usage, staff who could work from home being made to work in the office, either through straight out narrow mindedness, or a total failure to take even small and inexpensive steps to modify IT systems. On the other hand, I am literally crawling the walls 'working from home' and would give my left arm (maybe even literally) to be able to go back to any sort of
  13. Great news the the police have been able to help with jump starting some power into the situation. Daniel
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